Top 10 China Take Away Packaging Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Searching for take away packaging suppliers with the most experienced teams and competitive pricing? In this blog post, we’ve shared 10 popular custom packaging suppliers from China that are suitable for food businesses and retailers. So, keep reading to make sure you team up with the right packaging partner before the start of the new year!

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What are Take Away Packages and What are They Used for?

Take away packages are food and drink containers, often reusable and recyclable, used by restaurants and similar outlets to sell food to customers who are there to pick it up. The take away packaging is most suitable for home delivery purposes or when the customers are at a food outlet to pick up their order but plan to dine elsewhere (i.e., outside the food outlet).

Why does it matter which take away packaging supplier you choose? Different custom packaging manufacturers offer different solutions. To make sure your customers can carry their foods and drinks safely without spilling any of the contents, you need to offer appropriate packaging. That’s where the right takes away packaging suppliers come in!

There’s a stream of options for take away packaging. From disposal paper plates to recyclable beverage cups made, made of toxin-free and food-grade materials, custom take away packaging suppliers offer a huge range of options. With the best packaging solution, you can make sure your customers’ food remains warm, safe, and convenient.

Overview of the Best Take Away Packaging Suppliers

Finding custom take away packaging suppliers in China wasn’t difficult for us. After all, it’s the world factory with an endless stream of labor, natural resources, capital, and innovative technology. However, we took some time and resorted to valuable factors for considering the most competitive and environmentally charged packaging suppliers for you!

PositionCompany HeadquartersEstablished
1Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co., LtdGuangzhou1998
2Seismo International LimitedDongguan1993
3Taizhou Fuling Plastics Co., LtdWenling1992
4Welm Supply Chain (HongKong) Co., LtdHong Kong2012
5Ningbo MillionPack Co., LtdNingbo2009
6Shanghai Chunkai GroupShanghai1995
7Guangzhou Jianxin Plastic Products Co., Ltd.Guangzhou 2000
8Jinhua Zhongsheng Fiber Products Co., LtdJinhua2010
9Jiangsu Jinsheng environmental Protection Tableware Co., LtdSuqian2010
10Green Olive Environmental Technology Co., LtdDongguan2019

The Top 10 Take Away Packaging Suppliers in China

To help you understand better, we have expanded the summaries of innovative take away packaging suppliers in China. Below, you’ll learn what makes each of our picks worthy of notice and how their personalized packaging services for food brands and retailers are better than the average suppliers in the industry. Here’s more!

Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Packoi Printing

When it comes to creating customized packages for a business, regardless of the industry, Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co., Ltd is the one-stop solution for many. It’s a popular name in the Chinese packaging industry and stands out from the rest of the take away packaging suppliers due to its diversified product range.

The company holds a distinct team of professionals that offers 24/7 technical assistance, 3D product renders, and comprehensive assistance during the product designing phase. Through the experience of packaging experts at Packoi Printing, you can create a personalized take away packaging solution for your business.

Operating out of one of the busiest cities in China, Guangzhou, Packoi Printing ensures short lead times, bulk order deliveries, low printing error rate, and small MOQ. You can request high-quality package samples through the official website or specify printing and labeling requirements on phone.

Main Products

Service Features

Seismo International Limited

Seismo Homepage

Although Packoi is an all-rounder when we talk about the best take away packaging suppliers in China, Seismo International Limited has been in the industry for longer. It started in 1993 and offered bespoke packaging for food, cosmetic, and clothing brands in China. Later, the company expanded and started catering to the packaging requirements of several international brands and businesses.

Seismo has a line of packaging products that is highly suitable for food brands and retailers. The company has an end-to-end service structure that includes raw material sourcing, product designing, production, and delivery. The executives at Seismo provide a full-service experience with quality assurance and seasonal bulk order discounts.

Main Products

  • Insulated bakery packaging boxes
  • Eco-friendly food boxes
  • Waterproof reusable bags

Service Features

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • International client base
  • Strict quality assurance

Taizhou Fuling Plastics Co., Ltd

Taizhou Fuling Plastics

Fuling Plastics Co. is one of the oldest take away packaging suppliers with 5 large-scale factories located across the globe, including three in China. The company gained the official listing on NASDAQ in 2015 with IPO funds valuing over $20 million. However, the company was founded in 1992 in China as a family-owned packaging shop.

With over 30 years of experience, the market leaders expanded Taizhou Fuling Plastics Co. by acquiring large-scale packaging and printing factories outside China. The packaging specialist has two other factories located in Monterrey, Mexico, and Pennsylvania, USA. Employing top-tier packaging specialists, Taizhou Fuling has been expanding its production capacity by a huge margin every year.

Main Products

  • Custom paper cups
  • Custom-printed paper food containers
  • Reusable plastic food boxes

Service Features

  • Environmental-production method
  • FDA and ISO Certified
  • Massive production capacity

Welm Supply Chain (HongKong) Co., Ltd

Welm Supply Chain

Welm Supply Chain is among the highly competitive take away packaging suppliers going against large enterprises in the Chinese packaging industry. The company operates with cutting-edge technology and highly specialized product-designing teams.

Welm provides brand-oriented packaging solutions. In simple words, the professionals at Welm will talk to you, understand your products and brand tone, provide several packaging ideas, and start production once you finalize your requirements.

In this list of custom designed take away packaging suppliers, Welm Supply Chain competes closely with Packoi in terms of packaging diversity and printing quality. We should mention that although Packoi takes the first spot, Welm Supply Chain has a satisfied client base in China and abroad.

Main Products

  • Customized mooncake boxes
  • Disposal paper cups
  • Food-grade paper bags

Service Features

  • OEM service structure
  • After-sales service
  • International quality certification

Ningbo MillionPack Co., Ltd

Ningbo MillionPack

Ningbo is among the top-tier take away packaging suppliers and customized services providers operating from China. Ningbo MillionPack envisions a food packaging industry that utilizes disposal, recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable methods of containing and delivering foods/drinks.

MillionPack has experienced a massive growth rate of over 50% for the last couple of years. This packaging specialist in China offers bagasse tableware that is fully disposable and recyclable. Despite handing over package customization to its clients, the company utilizes food-grade inks and printing materials to ensure consumer safety.

Ningbo MillionPack is SGV, TUV, and ISO certified. In addition, this rapidly growing custom packaging provider has exported its products to European and Middle Eastern countries along with Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand.

Main Products

  • Custom ice cream cups
  • Recyclable round food boxes
  • Bagasse and paper-based cups

Service Features

  • 1000+ kinds of disposal food packages
  • Global delivery
  • Food-safe materials

Shanghai Chunkai Group

Shanghai Chunkai Group

Take away packaging suppliers have turned to innovative production methods which mainly involve using sustainable materials to produce recyclable and disposable packages. However, Shanghai Chunkai Group is already ahead of some of the best take away packaging manufacturers in China. The company has a long history of creating biodegradable and paper-based packaging – over 25 years of experience!

It’s one of the oldest and highly popular packaging solutions providers in China. The company has a large client base that also includes brands and companies from different countries. The most praised quality of the Shanghai Chunkai Group is its dedicated customer support team and competitive pricing that match the high-standard quality.

The Group divides into three separate business divisions and each one focuses on different aspects of successful business operations. The Shanghai Shenhe Packing Technology Co., Ltd produces paper-based, biodegradable, and food-grade plastic packaging. The other two focus on product R&D and import/export operations, respectively.

Main Products

  • Biodegradable/compostable paper food containers
  • Eco-friendly kraft paper food containers
  • Disposable paper-based water bottle

Service Features

  • Logistics support
  • Strict quality control
  • Responsive professionals

Guangzhou Jianxin Plastic Products Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Jianxin Plastic Products

Jianxin Plastic Products Co. creates take away packaging using brand-new raw materials. The company utilizes newly discovered production methods and cutting-edge factory setups to ensure low printing errors. Along with customized packages, the company provides end-to-end service starting with product R&D and ending with timely delivery.

It’s one of the fastest growing take away packaging suppliers in China. The credit for its rapid growth goes, especially towards the end of this decade, goes to its experienced leaders. Jianxin Plastic Products Co. is available 24/7 for its domestic and international clients.

The company strives for a high client satisfaction rate and a positive market reputation. It has curated a market image that helps it stand out from average take away packaging suppliers. Not to forget, Jianxin Plastic Products Co. has a massive production capacity and short lead times.

Main Products

  • Biodegradable food container
  • Custom corn-starch food container
  • Custom-printed disposal plastic cups

Service Features

  • Free customized samples
  • 24/7 technical/client support
  • OEM/ODM services

Jinhua Zhongsheng Fiber Products Co., Ltd

Jinhua Zhongsheng Fiber Products

Jinhua Zhongsheng Fiber Products Co. is a straightforward company that creates specialized packaging solutions for clients in short periods. The team of professionals caters to many clients, mainly from the food industry. The teams engage in detailed meetings with clients where all packaging requirements are discussed to come up with personalized packaging plans.

The professionals at Fiber Products Co. share cost estimates and delivery timeframes before taking up orders to help clients make informed decisions. Acting as a responsible take away packaging supplier, the company also makes contributions to environmental protection. It does that by using safe, food-grade, and eco-friendly raw materials to produce packaging products.

Main Products

  • Compostable paper bowls
  • Biodegradable food containers
  • 1000ml bagasse-based salad containers

Service Features

  • Large-scale R&D
  • Huge production capacity
  • Fast turnaround

Jiangsu Jinsheng Environmental Protection Tableware Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Jinsheng Environmental Protection Tableware

Only a few take away packaging suppliers make safe and eco-friendly food packaging, and Jiangsu Jinsheng is one of them. Instead of food-grade plastic, the company relies completely on biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable materials to create food packaging and tableware.

The company offers almost all tableware essentials that fast food and takeaway restaurants need. Jiangsu Jinsheng’s lineup ranges from 100% sugarcane fiber-made plates and trays to biodegradable and disposable bamboo cups. It’s dedicated to achieving a positive environmental impact by providing eco-friendly take away packaging products in China.

Main Products

  • Compostable bagasse cups
  • Compostable disposable bagasse clamshells
  • Compostable bagasse plates

Service Features

  • ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certified
  • Toxin-free/biodegradable materials
  • Quick delivery

Green Olive Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

Green Olive Environmental Technology

Taking the final spot on our top-10 list, Green Olive Environmental Technology Co. is a renowned packaging producer in China. It’s among the highly reputable take away packaging suppliers in China. In addition, the company only offers high-quality food packaging products, ranging from biodegradable bagasse plates to disposable paper straws.

The company’s first phase of production involved only 5,000 tons of packaging products. However, the current packaging output weighs around 70,000 tons. The company is expanding at an exponential rate and has ambitions to gain a sizeable market share in the Chinese food packaging industry. It also caters to international clients, offering worldwide delivery, 24/7 customer support, and flexible order capacity.

Main Products

  • Biodegradable salad boxes
  • Compostable cutlery sets
  • Eco-friendly paper straws

Service Features

  • Extensively-funded R&D
  • Bulk order capacity
  • Accurate cost estimates

How to Choose the Right Take away packaging supplier for Your Needs

We know there are dozens of eco-friendly and reliable companies that have the potential to be in the top-10 list for take away packaging suppliers. However, you only need one suitable packaging manufacturer for your business. Below, we’ve highlighted a few helpful factors that you should consider when choosing the right take away packaging supplier.

● Material Selection

Choosing the right take away food packaging manufacturer isn’t easy, but it almost always starts with ‘material selection’. Take away packaging comes in various forms and sizes to serve different purposes.

For instance, there are compostable, biodegradable, and paper-based/reusable food packages. Similarly, those materials are utilized separately or in combination to create cups, cutlery, plates, trays, and more. So, choose a take away packaging supplier that meets your requirement.

● Packaging Quality

When we talk about quality, we’re strictly referring to the sturdiness and durability of packages to hold hot meals, salads, cold beverages, and so on. After all, you don’t want your first customer to complain about your packaging when you’ve already spent thousands of dollars on it!

● Appearance and Printing Quality

It’s highly advisable to ensure custom printing if you’re planning to stand out from the competition. Many take away packaging suppliers offer customizable color and logo printing, and some even offer detailed labeling depending on your products. However, you should spend a considerable amount of time researching the inks and other materials used by take away packaging manufacturers.

● International Food-Safety Certification

Last but not least of the most important factors for consideration, make sure that the company you’re working with is FSC, ISO, SGV, and TUV certified. It’s advisable to look for as many international food-safety certifications as possible to make sure you’re working with a food-safe and transparent take away packaging supplier.

The Benefits of Choosing a Chinese Box Manufacturer

If you’re wondering why to go for Chinese box manufacturers when there are so many take away packaging suppliers in the USA and other major countries, read below.

● Extensive R&D Funding

China is spearheading a lot of technological innovations that are changing the discourse of some of the hyperactive consumer industries around the world, including the food packaging industry. With that in mind, it’s favorable to team up with Chinese boxes and take away packaging suppliers because they’ll have better opportunities and proximity to technological innovation and product trends.

● Global Delivery Systems

China has developed high-speed transportation networks across the Asian continent, and also across the South/East China Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. Through these expansive transportation networks laid out by the government, Chinese manufacturers enjoy quick and convenient delivery passages for goods and resources.

● Asian Market Access

Working with Chinese take away packaging suppliers will allow your brand to explore the Asian market. If you’ve not established a market standing in the most densely populated continent on Earth, teaming up with a Chinese manufacturer could give you that chance. Remembering that China has a vast transportation network across Asia, you can sell your products/services to Asian countries right out of China.

● Cheaper Packaging Production

In China, there’s an endless stream of labor, tech innovation, and natural resources for creating eco-friendly products, including packaging. Since the country is replete with the three essential constituents required by all modern companies, it significantly brings down the production costs for Chinese manufacturers.

Those low production costs translate into lower product prices, which leads to you enjoying favorable price cuts compared to other countries’ take away packaging suppliers.


Finding it difficult to pick one from the list of 10 take away packaging suppliers? Why not start with the best one? There are no production delays, delivery discrepancies, or hidden costs with Packoi Printing.

The company is FSC and ISO-certified and provides personalized packaging solutions for every client. You can get accurate cost estimates for your sample orders. Contact Packoi Printing today for high-quality packaging services.

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