Custom Bags

Amazing Custom Bags Designed and Printed by Packoi

Give your customers the best shopping experience with our custom bags designed and printed by Packoi. We are providers of one-stop packaging solutions for all types of businesses. Packoi is fully licensed to print custom bags for different types of products.

Purchase Custom Bags from China to Save Cost

At Packoi, we guarantee customers value for their money. Our custom bags come at wholesale price, saving you money while your customers enjoy the benefits of a great shopping experience.

Compared to other bags, custom bags are available at wholesale prices.  Ordering custom bags ensures that they will be delivered safely without defects since we use strong and durable materials.

In addition, custom bags are made using eco-friendly materials and technologies. As a result, using these packages enhances your company’s sustainability strategy.

We can always help you with your packaging needs as your business grows. Your brand will stand out with these cutting-edge designs. Because we focus on your business needs, you can always trust our word. 

Custom Bags

Why Make Your Custom Bags with Packoi?

We are fully licensed and certified to operate the designing and printing business. Packoi production centers have the right technologies to handle different order sizes. 

We design and produce custom bags based on your needs. Our goal is to represent your brand professionally, guaranteeing credibility. Our team of qualified designers ensures that you get the best and high-quality custom bags for your customers. We promise your customers will have the best experience with every bag you purchase. Our goal is to deliver bags that are durable and environmentally friendly.

What Our Customers Have to Say

I needed custom bags for my retail business. When I contacted Packoi, they gave me the best offer available nowhere else. I was able to get samples on time before I ordered.
Thomas Johnson
United States
These custom bags are amazing. The materials are stronger, and the designs look amazing. I love everything about these gift bags. I fully recommend Packoi to anyone looking for strong and durable gift bags.
Amy Beatrice
You can always trust Packoi to deliver the best for you. I have made more than 3 orders for my businesses, and I can say that they are the best. I 100% recommend their services to anyone.
Tracey White

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the commonly asked questions about Packoi services. Since every order is different, we treat each customer differently as a business to ensure satisfaction. Learn more about typical problems from our clients below.

Yes, we provide samples for all our custom bags. Before making your official order, ensure you have tested the products and that they meet your expectations and business needs.

The shipping method depends on your location and preference. We allow clients to ship through ocean, rail, or air. Please note that the method you choose influences the time and shipping costs. If you need your custom bags faster, message us for accelerated shipping.

Production time usually depends on the size of your order. Ideally, it can take between 1 to 2 weeks, but always contact our sales team to get more information about your order.

Unfortunately, production commences after payment is processed. So, always make your payment and get in touch with our team for any challenges you experience. We will always provide a payment method that aligns with your needs.

Yes, we provide quotes once you tell us the size of your order and custom bags. Click the “Request a Quote” form on our website to get an instant quote.

We do not ship any damaged or defective custom bags. We have a quality assurance team that dispatches packages that meet the specified requirements on customer orders. Before shipping, we confirm that all custom bags meet your desired specifications.

No. Please order samples before making your official order. Our samples allow you to test whether the bags fit your products.

Send you artwork in PDF or AI format. We design and resize our artwork using Adobe Illustrator, so always send in these specified formats.

Order sizes vary depending on your business and needs. So, we prefer handling customized orders for clients. Do not hesitate to contact our sales team for guidance and cost estimates on your request.

Yes, we design our custom bags using environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials. We ensure that we have the lowest environmental impact as a business.

Custom Watch Boxes Resources and Articles

We have provided a list of resources and articles about our custom bags and other services. The information offers information about production, shipping, and delivery.

Custom Bags Ordering Process

Ordering from us is easier and more efficient. If you need these custom bags, follow these six steps.

1. Get a Quote

Always request a quote based on your custom package. Our sales team is always ready to send you to cost estimates.

2. Request Sample

Before making an official order, request samples to ensure that products fit the custom bags.

3. Place Your Order

After checking samples, please make your order through our sales team.

4. Start Production

Production starts once your order is confirmed. Kindly process your payment using the provided methods for easier and faster production.

5. Quality Inspection

Our quality assurance team checks every custom bag before shipping.

6. Shipping

Shipping is through your preferred method. If you need accelerated shipping, inform our team when making your order.

Get Started with Your Custom Bags

Our team is ready to start working on your custom bags order. Talk to us about the type of packages you need. We are ready to serve you and deliver the best custom bags you will find nowhere else.

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We can provide Free Standard Samples for you to check the quality and printing options.

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