The Most Complete Guide on Creating Business Logos

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When starting your own business, you must create a logo, which is an essential aspect of branding and creating brand awareness. The logo design is important because it acts as your business identity. So, you need to get a good logo designer who can give you a perfect logo design. There are thousands of logo maker applications across the web. However, you must be keen to settle on a logo maker that will give you an excellent logo design process for the perfect brand identity.

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As you start your journey to find the perfect logo maker, consider what you might need in your design. You must have an idea of the logo symbols, brand values, and logo idea. This is important because it will help you and the graphic designer make the logo come up with the right concepts. When using online logo maker apps, you must equally have an idea of the logo design you want for your business. You can start by surveying different logo designs, probably from competitors.

Some questions you might ask yourself include: What is your expected brand identity? How do you want your logo design to look? What are your brand values? Which app or logo maker will you use to design a logo for your business?

These are important questions that you must answer before you commence the journey of making a modern logo for your business. With clear answers to the above questions, you will know which logo designs to consider and give the graphic designer elaborate information that will aid in the process.

Below we will dive into detail and learn about important details that can help anyone create an outstanding business logo. Whether you are an experienced graphic designer or an entrepreneur looking to get your first business logo, these tips will be helpful.

Logo Design Conceptualization

What is a Logo and What Purpose Does It Serve for Businesses?

A logo refers to an icon, design, or branded symbol that acts as the primary brand identity. The logo design represents the core values and brand personality. Some of the most popular logos include the Nike logo and Apple logo. These logos are known across the world because of the values represented by the respective companies.

There are different types of logos, depending on the business type or preference of the brand. The design a logo can take includes text-based logo, image-based, or icon-based. When the final logo design is availed, it will be used across different marketing materials, like websites, business cards, and product packaging designs.

Why Should Your Business Have a Logo?

While the logo is a small part of your overall branding, it plays a huge role in your firm’s brand identity and success. So, you must create a memorable logo design that can be used across different media. The perfect logo communicates your brand identity and unique mission and differentiates your business from competitors. As a brand identity, the new logo design acts as customers’ main mark of reference to identify your products or services. A proper logo design will forge a loyal following among your customers.

Here are some of the reasons you need a business logo.

Printed Marketing Materials

The business logo is important because it will be used on your merchandise. Some of the popular promotional materials that are used on your business card include branded materials like merchandise, business cards, packaging, posters, and brochures. So, business logo designs should be made with these materials in mind to guarantee perfect results.

Social Media

The logo is also important for your business’s social media handles. As a brand identity, the logo will be included cover photos, watermarks for pictures, social media videos and GIFs, and advertisements. All these are important to ensure you attain better social media campaign results.

Website Branding

Your logo design will also be used on your business website. This includes being used on favicons, email signatures, invoices, and presentations. This is important because it guarantees optimal outcomes for your online promotion.

Logo Designing Steps

How to Design a Logo That Accurately Represents Your Company’s

As the business owner, you want to design a logo that will perfectly represent your brand perfectly. So, you need a logo design expert who understand all the elements you want and can create something professional.

Instead of hiring a graphic design professional, you can use professional logo maker apps like the Wix logo maker. However, using a graphic designer will guarantee better results because they will be able to understand your specific needs and customize every aspect of the logo to your taste.

Using online logo maker apps is quite limiting for individuals because you cannot create something that is not included within the system. You are always expected to use the symbols provided by the app. However, hiring a graphic design expert gives the flexibility of making your logo design unique an outstanding.

Below, we will outline some of the most important procedures you can use to design a logo and make your brand identity stand out.

Specify Your Brand Identity

The first stage is specifying your brand identity. This is an important process to your business and give you a point of starting. It is the drawing board for perfect logo design. You must create a consistent identity that will be showcased across all media or platforms, including the website, social media, and marketing materials. The aim of all aspects of your business is forming a comprehensive picture that surrounds your business.

The brand identity is something that will define you in the market. Brand value and identity includes the unique voice and visual appeal that is associated with your business. In other words, we can say that the brand identity and brand values are the soul of your brand. So, with a brand identity design of your logo, you will have a perfect starting point for your project.

Get Inspiration from Competitors

The second stage is to get inspiration from external or inside yourself. So, the starting point after creating your identity is to explore the logo available in the market. Consider the best logos from popular companies and what you see every day. By surveying the logos available in the market, you will be able to discover aspects that are available in the market, and see what aspects inspire you or identity with your brand.

You want your company logo design to stand out, so this is an opportunity to differentiate your design process and create a good logo. After exploring external sources, you can also look for inspiration within. Ensure that you take time to brainstorm and have an abstract logo concept that aligns with your brand vision. Have adjectives or phrases that perfectly represent your brand and see the best ways you can move ahead with the process.

Choose the Logo Design Style

After getting inspiration, the next stage is choosing or determining your logo style. This entail combination of elements based on your identity and inspiration to create comprehensive abstract logo marks. There are numerous aesthetic styles that you can utilize in your logo, so take time to test different aspect before settling on a specific logo design and style.

Always choose the logo design style following your brand marks, values, and identity. With your own logo style, you will have an easy time selecting the logo colors, and the abstract logo mark that will guide logo designers.

Choose Logo Type

As alluded earlier, there are different types of logo design concepts you can settle for. You can have a plain text logo to the combination of images, symbols, images, or icons. Before designing your unique logo, always consider all these elements carefully in order to know what will make an awesome logo design for you. Consider the great logos you admire and see what features make them stand out.

Do you want to have a company name alongside the logo? Do you want a dynamic logo design or a combination logo design?

The list of logo types you can choose from are many and diverse. You can choose wordmark logo, letterform logos, monogram logos, mascot logos, emblem logo, pictorial logo, abstract logo, combination logos, and dynamic logos. With either of these types, you can choose minimalist logos style, which is quite different from complicates logos.

So, always be keen on the style you choose and ensure that the design process follows that. The goal is to ensure the logo represents what your brand is all about.

Logo Color Psychology Examples

Decide on Color Scheme

After undergoing the above processes, it is not time to settle on a color scheme for your logos. You should understand that the colors you choose pass unconscious message about your brand and what you do. So, always make something that will spur positive emotions from the audience. Choosing the right color scheme for your logos ensures that you get the right reaction from the audience, and you make your brand stand out.


While there are hundreds of logos available, you always want something unique and outstanding. Make it your goal to create a lasting impression with every step you take in the design process. It is important to be specific to your particular brand needs. Do not copy logos from others. Aim to create something lasting, memorable, and trustworthy.

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