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Custom Boxes Wholesale for Your Business

Give your customers the best unboxing experience with custom printed boxes from Packoi. We provide a one-stop packaging solution and a range of custom boxes ideal for all businesses.

Purchase Custom Boxes from China to Save Cost

We promise to give our customers value for their money. Our custom packages come at wholesale price, saving you money while enjoying the benefits of great packages.

All packages are available at wholesale prices, which saves you money compared to relying on conventional packages.  Another core advantage is that Packoi uses environmentally friendly materials to design custom boxes.

So, using our custom packages improves to sustainability strategy as a business. It helps in reducing carbon emissions and making your business environmentally sustainable.

You can always trust us with your packaging needs as your business grows. We ensure your brand artworks are printed well to increase brand awareness and loyalty. 

purchase custom boxes from china to save cost

Why Make Your Custom Boxes with Packoi?

Packoi is certified and licensed to produce custom boxes for customers worldwide. Our production centers in China are fully equipped to design and produce any package.

why make your custom boxes with packoi

We design and produce custom boxes based on your requirements. Our goal is to represent your brand professionally, guaranteeing credibility. Packoi has a qualified team of designers to ensure that you have high-quality packages for your products. Our goal is to deliver packages that are durable and environmentally friendly.

What Our Customers Have to Say

”After starting my online store, we searched for custom packages to fit my products and represent the brand effectively. Packoi did just that. After ordering our samples, we were convinced that there was a suitable package for us.“
pexels rodnae productions 8123892
Tom Taylor
”Packoi is the best in making custom boxes. Whatever you need, they will deliver as promised. Their materials are also strong and durable. I rate them 5/5 stars!"
pexels nati 13339330
Kate Johnson
”These custom boxes look amazing. Their printing is perfect for all our products. I thoroughly recommend Packoi to any business looking for custom packages. They are the best in making branded packages.“
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Rosemary Dickens

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the commonly asked questions about our services. While understanding that every order is unique, the information provides general guidelines and information about Packoi.

Yes, we provide samples for all our custom boxes. This will allow you to ensure that packages fit your product dimensions.

We ship through air, ocean, or rail. The method you choose influences the time and costs of your products. If you need your packages faster, we recommend using air transport for shipping.

The production can take between 1-4 weeks, depending on the size of your order. We start production immediately after your order is confirmed.

Unfortunately, we initiate production after payment is done. Your order is confirmed for production once our sales team receives payment. Please use the provided payment methods to process funds.

Yes, we provide quotes once you tell us what packages you need. Please request a quote through our contact information or fill out the “Request a Quote” form on our website.

Please send your artwork in vector format editable in Adobe Illustrator. We accept either PDF or AI formats for your artwork.

Our quality assurance team ensures that no defective packages are shipped to clients. So, we guarantee all packages will fit the requirements you specify before production commences.

No. We recommend that you request samples before making your final order. Only pay for packages that fit within your packages.

We allow clients to order their preferred number of orders. However, note that you save money by ordering many packages. Always request a quote through our website.

Yes. Our packages are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We ensure that our environmental impact as a business is as low as possible.

Custom Watch Boxes Resources and Articles

Below is a list of resources and articles about our custom boxes. The resources give information about delivery, shipping, production, and other vital issues about Packoi.

Custom Watch Boxes Ordering Process

Ordering custom boxes from us is easy. With just six steps, you will get the best packages for your products.

1. Get a Quote

We provide free quotes based on your package requirements. Click the “Request a Quote” button and make your request.

2. Request Sample

After getting a quote, we recommend that you order samples to ensure that custom boxes fit your products.

3. Place Your Order

After guaranteeing that the samples fit your products, place your order in liaison with the sales team.

4. Start Production

We commence production once your order is confirmed. Please process your payment using the methods provided to you upon requesting a quote.

5. Quality Inspection

After finishing production, our quality assurance team cross-checks all packages before shipping to ensure they meet all your expectations.

6. Shipping

Shipping is done using your chosen method. If you need expedited shipping, please inform our sales team beforehand.

Get Started with Your Custom Boxes

We are always ready to start working on your order. Talk to us about your business and package needs.

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We can provide Free Standard Samples for you to check the quality and printing options.

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