Custom Shipping Boxes Wholesale Is Perfect for Any Business

We have a variety of custom shipping boxes to choose from, perfect for your next shipment! We made our shipping boxes from strong and durable materials and can accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes.

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Personalized Shipping Boxes Are a Great Way to Promote Your Unique Brand

We have many types of customized shipping boxes to choose from. Whether you are looking for a simple box or something more complex, we have the perfect option for you.

Fully Customizable: With our fully customizable options, you can create a box that perfectly matches your brand. We have a variety of customization options, including font types and colors, so you can create a box that perfectly represents your business.

Eco-friendly Materials: We make our customized shipping boxes from eco-friendly materials. Our boxes are printed with sustainable methods and are made from recycled materials. We use environmentally friendly ink, so your box will help to protect the earth.

Fast and Easy Ordering: Our online checkout is simple to use, and we accept all major credit cards to make payment hassle-free. We also have a fast shipping option, so you can get your boxes quickly.

Import Custom Shipping Boxes from China to Save Cost

Your business deserves the best possible packaging. We aim to help your business stand out from the competition, and our personalized custom mailer box is a great way to do that.

Cost-Effective: We understand that cost is a major factor in packaging your products. It’s much cheaper to purchase custom shipping boxes from China than it is to buy them in the United States.

Durable: Our customized shipping boxes are made from high-quality materials. This means they’re durable and will provide your products with the best possible protection. They’ll also look great on display, thanks to our printing methods.

Fast Turnaround: We understand ‌fast turnaround is the key to packaging your products. That’s why we offer quick delivery times – meaning you can get your boxes delivered quickly and with no delays.

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Why Make Your Customized Shipping Boxes with Packoi?

With custom corrugated shipping boxes, Packoi is a perfect choice. We offer a wide range of options, and we made our boxes from eco-friendly materials. This means you can save money while still providing the best possible packaging for your brand.

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With Packoi, you can trust that you’re getting the best possible packaging for your brand. Contact us today to learn more about our customized shipping boxes, and how we can help you save money while providing the best possible packaging for your business.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"This is my third order from Packoi, and I'm always happy with the results. It's hard to find good packaging solutions that are affordable, but Packoi does just that. We're a small business, and the custom shipping boxes we ordered from Packoi are perfect for us."
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Michelle O.
"I'm so happy with my recent order from Packoi. The custom shipping boxes I ordered are perfect for my business, and they're made from high-quality materials. They look great with my branding, and I couldn't be happier with the results. "
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Benita R.
Phoenix, AZ
'I'm delighted with the results of my recent order from Packoi. The custom shipping boxes I ordered are perfect for my business, and they're made from high-quality materials. Packoi is the best packaging company for anyone looking for the best possible solutions."
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Wesley L.
Newark, NJ

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled the most Frequently Asked Questions about our products to help you to make an informed decision about purchasing a customized shipping box from us.

There are many benefits to purchasing customized custom carton boxes. First, they are unique and customizable, so each box is unique to the individual customer. They can be a great way to show your individuality and stand out from the crowd. Finally, they can be a great way to increase your brand awareness.

Our packaging is produced in China by vetted suppliers.

In most cases, production takes 12 – 16 days; in large quantities, it may take 16 – 21 days.

Air freight takes 7 – 21 days, while ocean freight takes 26 – 71 days. Consider separating your package between air and ocean shipping if you need some packaging expedited sooner!

It varies! Most packaging types require a minimum order quantity of 300 units or more. The minimum order quantity for mailer boxes and folding carton boxes is 30 units for standard sizes and 100 units for custom sizes.

Yes! Various kinds of samples are available for various purposes. We can help, whether you want to examine your artwork before printing or want to evaluate the dimensions of your packaging.

Sure, we can! Start a structural design project with us to get the ideal insert for your products.

You can get started by entering the form to get a quote right away! The best price to meet your demands will be provided to you as soon as we can.

Not to worry! To ensure you receive the best possible product, we’ve developed dimension recommendations for references.

We’ll do our own inspections to make sure that your product is of the best quality. We’ll contact you if there are any issues with your product.

Custom Shipping Boxes Resources and Articles

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Customized Custom Shipping Boxes Ordering Process

If you’re ready to order your customized Custom Shipping Boxes, follow our easy 6-step ordering process below! We’ll take you through the entire process, from start to finish.

1. Get a Quote

First, get a quotation from our team. We'll give you a price for the customized mailer box that fits your needs and preferences.

2. Request Sample

Once you have a quotation from us, you can request a sample of the box you want. We'll send you a sample of the shipping box you selected, along with instructions on how to send it back if you have ‌questions.

3. Place Your Order

Once you have a sample, it's time to place your order! We'll contact you to confirm your order and to answer ‌questions you may have.

4. Start Production

Once we have your order confirmation, we'll start production of your customized shipping box according to your specifications.

5. Quality Inspection

Once production is complete, we'll inspect to make sure that your box is perfect. If there are any issues, we'll contact you to resolve them.

6. Shipping

We'll package and ship your customized shipping box as soon as the quality inspection is complete! Throughout the shipping process, you will be provided with a tracking number.

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