Top 10 Sustainable Packaging Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

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Last Updated on December 5, 2023 by Packoi Team

What Are Sustainable Packages, and What Are They Used for?

Sustainable packaging refers to using eco-friendly materials to create products with a better inventory life cycle and the lowest environmental impact. Compared to harmful packaging materials, mainly non-biodegradable plastics, there are many benefits to sustainable packaging, using materials that do not have a negative ecological footprint.

In this modern age, a vast majority of global consumers share a common goal: eliminating environment-degrading packaging materials by replacing them with eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. That explains why many companies are moving towards custom-printed sustainable packaging manufacturers in different parts of the world.

By shaking hands with a reliable, customized, sustainable packaging manufacturer, you can improve your brand’s value and its perception in the eyes of the general public. Simultaneously, you’ll reduce your ecological footprint, resulting in less or negligible environmental damage due to your operations.

An Overview of the Top 10 Sustainable Packaging Manufacturers

In the table below, we have shared our top picks from the Chinese custom packaging industry. In the bid to acquire the names of the best sustainable packaging manufacturers in the said region, we used multiple factors. Some of those factors include experience, product diversity, and sustainability. Here’s more!

PositionCompany HeadquartersEstablished
1Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co., LtdGuangzhou1998
2MST Packaging Co., LtdJiangmen1993
3Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., LtdShanghai1998
4Hefei Sumkoka Environmental Technology Co.,LtdHefei2012
5Guangzhou Oemy Environmental Friendly Packaging Co.,LtdGuangzhou2007
6Jiangsu Yopack Packaging Technology Co., LtdJiangyin 2008
7Shanghai Yifu Packing Products Co., LtdShanghai2007
8Foshan DXC Packaging Co., LtdFoshan2005
9Tiantai Dingtian Packaging Co., LtdTaizhou2014
10Logos Pack Co., LtdFoshan2004

The Top 10 Sustainable Packaging Manufacturers in China

There are thousands of packaging suppliers worldwide, and many of them promote themselves as the best in the industry. However, we took the liberty to review the manufacturing plants and factories in the world factory, China.

We have listed the main products, primary service features, and information about 10 of China’s industry-leading sustainable packaging manufacturers.

1. Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co., Ltd

 Packoi Printing

Packoi Printing is one of China’s most suitable sustainable packaging manufacturers, offering customized, recyclable, and printed products. The company started in 1998, which means the leaders at this organization have over two and a half decades of experience in the custom-printed packaging industry.

If you’re looking for an all-rounder in the packaging industry, Packoi is a great choice. We know that because we researched the company thoroughly. It offers 24/7 technical assistance, real-time client support, multi-industry packaging products, and high-end customization. Furthermore, the company offers competitive prices and a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) if you want to test product samples.

Main Products

Service Features

  • Low MOQ
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Wide variety/customization
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2. MST Packaging Co., Ltd

MST Packaging

Taking the second spot on our list, MST Packaging Co. is also one of China’s oldest custom sustainable packaging manufacturers. It uses various food-grade and recyclable materials to produce sustainable packaging products for several industries.

It caters to the packaging needs of cosmetics, food, and many other industries. MST Packaging has earned a reputation for its durable package designs and high-end finishes. It offers technical assistance and logistics support to ensure smooth coordination. Like Packoi, it also has a low MOQ for those testing product samples.

Main Products

  • Water-soluble bags
  • Recyclable bags
  • Custom-compostable coffee bags

Service Features

  • Extensive package customization
  • Suitable for multiple industries (pet food, snacks, frozen foods, and more)
  • FDA and ISO22000 22000-certified

3. Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd

Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging Co. was established in 1998. It’s quite similar to Packoi in its operations in China. However, one big difference between Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd. and Packoi Printing Co. is that the former has slightly higher prices.

The company has developed innovative packaging methods and offers customizable packaging services. Custom Packaging Co. is one of the finest packaging manufacturers in China, offering 3D design processes and real-time tech support with experienced product concept developers.

The company offers packages for different industries. Although it’s not fully reliant on recyclable and biodegradable materials, it’s planning on becoming more cost- and resource-efficient soon. The experts working for this packaging supplier will listen to your requirements and create a well-suited packaging solution.

Main Products

  • Custom paper bags
  • Recyclable cardboard boxes
  • Custom paper rigid boxes

Service Features

  • FSC Certified
  • 100% recyclable materials
  • Massive production capacity

4. Hefei Sumkoka Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

Sumkoka Environmental Technology

If you’re focused on finding a food industry-oriented sustainable packaging manufacturer, you’ve found one. Sumkoka Environmental Technology Co. offers food-grade tableware for food companies. With over 10 years of experience, Sumkoka has specialized in producing bagasse-based tableware.

The company offers highly biodegradable packaging products, from paper bagasse trays and plates to sugarcane-based cups. The company started gaining notoriety when it marketed itself as producing disposable and environmentally friendly tableware.

Currently, it has an annual revenue turnover of approximately $45 million. Moreover, Sumkoka offers OEM/ODM services and brand-oriented packaging solutions from industry-vetted experts.

Main Products

  • Biodegradable bagasse plates
  • Sugarcane bagasse tableware
  • Bagasse food containers

Service Features

  • Responsive client support
  • FDA, BRC, and BPI-certified
  • Organic and biodegradable materials

5. Guangzhou Oemy Environmental Friendly Packaging Co., Ltd

Oemy Environmental

Remy Environmental offers innovative packaging services. Over the last few years, it has become a reliable and trusted sustainable packaging supplier for dozens of brands in China. In addition, it has acquired international clients, mainly from the food industry, to offer personalized packaging solutions.

Remy Environmental Friendly Packaging specializes in OEM and ODM packaging services. It also has a team of dedicated product designers who produce 3D renders for packages for clients. In turn, this leads to low error rates once production starts.

Main Products

  • Custom stand-up pouches
  • Recyclable paper bags
  • Biodegradable food pouches

Service Features

  • Customized printing
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Packaging product diversity

6. Jiangsu Yopack Packaging Technology Co., Ltd

Jiangsu Yopack Packaging

In a highly competent packaging industry in China, Jiangsu Yopack Packaging focuses on the use of biodegradable tableware and recyclable materials. The company’s success ensued primarily from clean technology use, sustainable packaging products, and eco-friendly production methods.

The leaders at Jiangsu Yopack Packaging Technology stick with market trends, spending sizeable fortunes on innovative technology that helps the company stay competitive. It also has a huge research and development team of packaging industry veterans.

This sustainable packaging manufacturer also provides responsive client support, customizable products, and flexible orders as it grabs for the most eco-friendly and biodegradable food-grade packaging.

Main Products

  • Bagasse bowls
  • Custom biodegradable sauce dishes
  • Biodegradable takeaway boxes

Service Features

  • Experience of 10 years
  • Large production capacity
  • Short lead times

7. Shanghai Yifu Packing Products Co., Ltd

Shanghai Yifu Packing Products

Shanghai Yifu Packing, one of the modern companies with the vision of transforming the Chinese packaging industry, uses state-of-the-art technology to produce sustainable packaging for global consumers. Although Yifu Packing primarily focuses on packaging fresh foods and perishables, it relies on sustainable production methods.

Shanghai Yifu Packing takes bulk orders and offers quick deliveries—one of the most demanded service features in sustainable packaging manufacturers in China. In addition, Yifu Packing has multiple accessible outlets in China, which ensure global delivery.

It is also a custom-printed packaging supplier but with limited customization. The company’s main focus is on utilizing eco-friendly materials to produce recyclable and biodegradable products. We should also mention that it competes with large packaging enterprises like Packoi and MST Packaging on a grand scale!

Main Products

  • Water-soluble packages
  • Eco-friendly paper packages
  • High-barrier packaging

Service Features

  • Global delivery
  • Bulk production
  • OEM/ODM services

8. Foshan DXC Packaging Co., Ltd

Foshan DXC Packaging

Is your food company related to coffee and chocolate products? If yes, then you’ll love the customized packaging solutions from Foshan DXC Packaging Co., Ltd. Although it isn’t the oldest, it’s one of the finest sustainable packaging producers in China, gaining a spot in our top-10 listing due to its diversity.

DXC Packaging Co. offers various products, ranging from child-resistant custom-printed bags to recyclable kraft paper bags with high-end printing. The company coordinates with its clients before developing a personalized packaging solution.

The company ensures timely deliveries through the extensive experience and impeccable knowledge of its product designers and packaging team leaders. Association with a few of the best shipping companies enables Foshan DXC Packaging to offer short lead times.

Main Products

  • Custom pet food packages
  • Custom recyclable packages
  • Custom kraft paper bags

Service Features

  • 100% compostable materials
  • Low printing error rate
  • ISO 22000 and FSC Certified

9. Tiantai Dingtian Packaging Co., Ltd

Tiantai Dingtian Packaging

Tiantai Dingtian Packaging advocates environmental protection in the rapidly growing Chinese packaging industry. The company has a competitive edge based on its customized packaging services. The customization process at Tiantai Dingtian Packaging entails assessing client requirements and creating highly personalized packaging solutions.

Although the company was only established eight years ago, i.e., in 2014, it grew rapidly and expanded its production capacity to almost double since. Tiantai Dingtian holds a positive reputation in the market, especially for its molded-fiber packaging products.

Being a modern enterprise, this custom, sustainable packaging supplier values customer satisfaction. Therefore, the professionals at this company spend hundreds of hours working on personalized packaging ideas for different brands. Whether you’re from the electronic or cosmetic industry, Tintai Dingtian Packaging has custom packaging solutions!

Main Products

  • Disposable tableware
  • Customized cosmetic pulp trays
  • Customized paper trays

Service Features

  • Expansive product range
  • ISO 14001, ISO9001, and FSC Certified
  • Excellent market reputation

10. Logos Pack

Logos Pack

We’ve kept one of the finest, highly competitive against Packoi, for the last. It’s among the best and market-leading sustainable packaging manufacturers in China. The company has a team of passionate leaders dedicated to creating sustainable packaging ideas.

The company sources high-quality, biodegradable, and 100% recyclable materials to create custom packages. Logos Pack is strongly connected to the Chinese packaging industry. Offering bespoke packaging solutions for brands, the company specializes in food, non-food, and liquid packaging.

Main Products

  • Eco-friendly spout pouches
  • Custom paper pouches
  • Compostable PLA and kraft paper bags

Service Features

  • End-to-end service
  • ISO and BRC-certified
  • Endless customization
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How to Choose the Right Sustainable Packaging Manufacturer for Your Needs

What makes packaging sustainable? Should you change the way you consider business packaging suppliers? Answering these and similar questions can help you choose the best customized sustainable packaging supplier from the list of 10. Here are a few important factors to consider in your search:

1. Safe for Users and Communities

The best sustainable packaging manufacturers supply products that are safe for individuals and communities as a whole. Packaging is considered sustainable if it’s safe for individuals throughout its lifecycle.

It should be easy to use for the distribution and delivery of products in different marketplaces. In addition to being useful throughout its lifecycle, subsequent waste from it should be easy to clean and manage for communities.

2. New Packaging Materials

In your search for the right sustainable packaging manufacturer, consider reviewing the packaging materials, design process, and overall cost of production. The supplier should be operating on cost-efficient production processes and design ideas.

What’s more, you should also consider how your chosen sustainable packaging manufacturer chooses materials and its suppliers. Furthermore, inquire about the supplier’s resource optimization.

sustainable packaging boxes

3. Reduced Fossil Fuel Usage

It’s a great tactic to look for a sustainable packaging manufacturer in China that relies on renewable sources of energy more than non-renewable sources in most stages of its business operation. For example, if a manufacturer relies on biofuels, bio-power, wind, hydroelectric, or solar energy, it’s a great win for your brand!

4. Better Product Recyclability

What makes sustainable packaging is the use of recyclable materials with the lowest negative ecological footprint. In simple words, choose a custom packaging manufacturer that supplies packaging that is retrievable and recyclable after use. Modern consumers believe using renewable and bio-based materials ensures decomposition and resource conservation.

5. Clean Technology Reliance

You’re screening the best sustainable packaging suppliers in China, right? Then, it would be best if you always considered reviewing their production methods and technology use. For packaging to be truly sustainable, using bio-based or recyclable materials is not enough.

Sustainable packaging should come from using clean, or “green” technology. We’re talking about technology that doesn’t produce toxic by-products and doesn’t contribute to environmental degradation.

sustainable packaging materials

6. Harmful Substance Use

Consider that your chosen sustainable packaging manufacturer provides customized packaging based on recyclable materials at competitive pricing. However, the provider uses toxic-containing coatings and color printing. Are the packaging products sustainable after that? You should consider the stages of production and what happens at each one of them.

What type of adhesives, inks, coatings, and additives does your chosen sustainable packaging manufacturer use? In what amounts does it use them? Turn to the company’s client support for such inquiries, which will also give you an idea about their responsiveness.

5 Benefits of Choosing a Chinese Box Manufacturer

With many sustainable box suppliers and customized packaging manufacturers in the US, why should you pay attention to Chinese manufacturers? It turns out there are huge benefits to working with Chinese box manufacturers. We have listed a few of those below to help you understand:

1. Proximity to Asian Markets

The most underrated benefit of working with sustainable packaging manufacturers in China is that it grants you proximity to Asian markets. Access to those markets is cost-efficient and time-consuming because you can distribute and deliver products from China rather than your origin country.

2. Cost-Efficient Production

customized packaging

In general, Chinese manufacturers have low costs of production. It’s mainly due to the availability of a large workforce, abundant natural resources, and market-leading technologies. The lower costs of producing sustainable packaging translate into lower prices for clients. After all, opting for cleaner and greener packaging solutions shouldn’t be too expensive for your customers.

3. Shorter Lead Times and Quick Deliveries

Chinese sustainable packaging manufacturers enjoy offering short lead times and fast deliveries. The primary reason behind that involves China’s rapid infrastructure development, which has largely assisted the courier industry. China has one of the world’s best transportation structures, from high-speed railways to expressways, airports, and seaports.

4. Extensive Printing History

The Chinese paper-based packaging and printing industry is centuries old. The natives there have a rich package printing history, mainly paper substrate-based. In addition, the extensive packaging and printing experience has allowed Chinese manufacturers to offer the largest product varieties to cater to a wide range of industries, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food.

5. Center for Innovation

Unsurprisingly, ideas, concepts, and professionals from China influenced world-changing technologies. The country is central to economic progression, technological innovation, and human development.

China is said to become the world’s biggest economy, surpassing the United States of America at number one soon! With cutting-edge technology, it’s quite easy to find sustainable packaging manufacturers that offer eco-friendly packaging products.


We think that Packoi Printing is one of the best sustainable packaging manufacturers on the list. It’s an all-rounder in the Chinese custom packaging industry that offers a diverse packaging product range, competitive pricing, customization options, quick deliveries, and short lead times.

If you wish to test the product quality of Packoi Printing, you can request a small packaging order. The company offers reasonable prices and has a low MOQ. Contact Packoi Printing today through the official email or contact number.

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