Custom Marketing Materials

Custom Marketing Materials For Effective Brand Promotion

Packoi designs and prints explicit marketing materials for effective brand promotion. Our designers are dedicated to giving you perfect branding with our personalized marketing materials.

Buy Marketing Materials from China to Save Cost

Our guarantee to all clients is value for their money. We are always dedicated to giving excellent marketing materials at wholesale prices. You will get the utmost effective brand promotion at cheaper prices.

Our marketing materials are printed with your brand in mind. We offer brochures to help you reach out to potential clients with information about your product or service. Packoi prints with eco-friendly materials to minimize your carbon footprin

We recommend using these marketing materials if you are an environmentally conscious business. We use soy-based ink, which has minimal environmental impact compared to other ink types.

You can always trust us to handle your marketing strategy effectively. We have the right technology to produce massive marketing copies at fair prices. 

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Why Make Your Marketing Materials with Packoi?

We are fully licensed and certified to print these custom marketing materials bulk. Our production centers in China are fully equipped with the right technologies to print these branding materials.

why make your marketing materials with packoi

Packoi aims to give you the best marketing strategy. We design and produce marketing materials based on your needs. As our customers, we aim to represent your brand professionally, ensuring that every aspect is convincing to the audience. We have a qualified team of designers to guarantee quality prints on your brochures, catalogs, and booklets.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"We needed marketing materials to promote our new e-commerce brand. After contacting Packoi, they helped us print brochures, catalogs, and booklets. We got exactly what we wanted."
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Mary Keith
"These marketing materials look amazing. All the information we wanted on our brochures was included. We love what Packoi did after our request. Excellent."
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Donald McCarthy
"If you are second-guessing where to print your marketing materials, I recommend Packoi. They are the best in the business. Whatever you need, they will deliver as promised. 100% recommended."
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Johnson K

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the commonly asked questions about our services. You will find guidelines and information on how you can order marketing materials and other services we offer.

You can request samples of all our products, including marketing materials.

Shipping is by air, ocean, or rail. We can always send you to your destination no matter where you are located. Contact us to specify your preferred shipping method.

Printing of marketing materials can take up to 4 weeks, depending on the size of your order. Our team always notifies you of the estimated timelines for printing and shipping.

Unfortunately, printing commences once your payment is confirmed. We only start production of your materials after receiving your payment.

Yes, we offer free estimates on orders. After getting your estimate, you can decide whether to proceed with the order or not.

We do not ship defective materials or products to our clients. Before dispatching anything, we assess every printed copy to ensure that they suit your expectations and goals.

Yes, you can order brochures, booklets, and catalogs simultaneously. We have a well-equipped production center that can handle any order size.

Please send your artwork in PDF or AI format. If you need help, contact our team to link you with our designers.

Shipping time varies depending on the mode of transport or location. If you need accelerated shipping, notify our team upon making your order.

Yes. All the materials we use are environmentally friendly. We also engage in sustainability activities like waste management and tree planting.

Custom Marketing Materials Resources and Articles

Below is a list of resources and articles about our marketing materials. These resources provide information about printing, shipping, delivery, and quantities you can order.

Custom Watch Boxes Ordering Process

Ordering marketing materials from us takes only six steps, as described below.

1. Get a Quote

Always request quotes through our website to get cost estimates and shipping timelines.

2. Request Sample

After a quote is generated, kindly order samples to ensure that samples meet your requirements.

3. Place Your Order

After confirming that the samples suit your marketing needs, you can place your order.

4. Start Production

Once your order and payment are confirmed, we will start printing your marketing materials.

5. Quality Inspection

Quality assurance is undertaken after production to ensure consistency in your requirements.

6. Shipping

Once the quality is assured, your marketing materials are shipped to your specified destination.

Get Started with Your Marketing Materials

We are always ready to start printing your order. Contact us and let us know what marketing materials you need.

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We can provide Free Standard Samples for you to check the quality and printing options.

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