15 Things You Can’t Forget When Ordering Custom Paper Bags

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Today’s marketplace is as competitive as it can get. To get ahead of the curve, businesses need to pay attention to many things– especially their strong and memorable branding. There are a myriad of opportunities to establish your brand recognition. Even your packaging and custom paper bags can create an impression. 

Simply put, don’t order your packaging and custom paper bags haphazardly. To avoid wasting resources, inaccurate specifications, and subpar quality, be more thoughtful and strategic when choosing packaging solutions. 

In this article, we’ll explore 15 things you shouldn’t miss when ordering custom-printed paper bags. First, let’s learn how to find a trusted supplier of custom paper bags, and let’s get started!

How to Find a Reliable Supplier of Custom Paper Bags

Custom Paper Bags

Not finding the right paper bag supplier can lead to costly mistakes and avoidable frustrations. Follow the steps below to ensure that you’re working with the right paper bag supplier that can meet your needs and budget:

1. Define Your Requirements

Before you even begin the search, the key details should have already been pinned down. For example, you should determine the quantity, size specifications, color, and customization ideas beforehand.

If the customization part is still under consideration, don’t worry because many packaging companies like Packoi offer full customization services as well. 

2. Conduct Online Research

Do your due diligence and look up the prospective companies’ reputations online. Check the reviews, testimonials, and even what other customers are saying on social media. 

3. Check for Experience and Reputation

Experience usually breeds precision and reliability. Work with paper bag companies with established expertise in the field. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your personalized shopping bags are in good hands.

4. Assess their Sustainability Practices

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Check the sustainability section above and see if they have some of the listed certifications. More and more consumers appreciate sustainable packaging and are keeping away from single-use plastic, so keep this in check as well.

5. Check for Certifications and Compliance

Especially if you’re dealing with sensitive items like food, compliance can’t be understated. Double-checking and triple-checking these certifications allow you to ensure quality, environmental responsibility, and product safety.

6. Start with a Trial Order

Negotiate a trial order not only to check the company’s suitability but also to test whether or not the specifications you have in mind are appropriate for your operations.

When starting out, you are still to on everything– including the size, material, design, and overall feel of your brand’s packaging.

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15 Things Can’t Forget When Ordering Custom Paper Bags

Your packaging is an extension of your brand. The following are the important considerations you shouldn’t forget when ordering your first batch of personalized paper bags.

1. Reliable Supplier

brand paper bags

A reliable supplier covers all the bases, from high-quality print and packaging to timely delivery and great customer support. You’re not just looking for a vendor, but a business partner that will be a core part of your business for years to come. In the previous section, we covered the key steps to consider when choosing the best paper bag supplier for your business.

2. Bag Size

size of paper bag

When choosing the sizes of the paper bags you’ll procure, consider the largest item you’re selling, how many items customers are likely to carry, and the size your clients can comfortably carry around. If you’re selling a lot of items with different sizes, you also need to order different sizes for both large and small items. At some point, you’d have to set a limit and establish at what point your staff should offer a second or third bag.

Besides the size, its overall shape and form should match the intended use, be it paper shopping bags, gift packaging, bags for baked goods, mailing bags, or just small bags for retail stores.

3. Type of Paper

The type of paper packaging and paper material you need depends on the aesthetics, smoothness, and toughness you want to go for. Most paper bags are made of:

Type of Paper
  • Kraft Paper- Kraft paper bags generally convey an environment-friendly image, which can be great for your branding. Practically speaking, it also has high tensile strength, which makes it more durable than other types of paper. Even the food industry makes use of a lot of brown kraft paper bags because of their grease-resistant properties, and they also help the food stay fresh.

  • White Cardboard It’s more expensive than a plain kraft bag, but it definitely is more durable and looks cleaner and more sophisticated. If you’re selling a premium product, pairing it with premium packaging can be a branding opportunity that can set you apart. 

  • Coated Paper– if you want an even more elegant and sturdy option, go for coated paper bags. It’s a great choice if you’re running a special event or seasonal or holiday promotions. And since it’s coated, there’s better reflectivity that makes your brand’s logo and images look brighter and sharper. 

  • Offset Paper– This is more affordable than other coated or specialty options. Nonetheless, it’s still a functional type of paper with a clean and neutral look. Plus, it’s very easy to source, being a very common material for custom paper bags.

  • Eco-Friendly or Recyclable Paper Bags– If eco-friendliness is an intimate part of your branding strategy and company values, eco-friendly or recycled paper bags are the way to go. 

  • Newsprint Paper– Newsprint paper bags ooze a vintage or retro feel that could be perfect if they match your brand’s personality. Add a laid-back charm to your branding strategy by giving newspaper bags a try.

There are different kinds of printed paper bags. There are even tissue paper and art paper bags, but just make sure that your custom paper bags match your needs and budget. Besides your budget and company philosophy, don’t forget to think about your customers’ needs and preferences when choosing the perfect paper types for your customized bags and packaging.

4. Handle Type

handle of paper bags

The handles can provide both function and aesthetics. The common handles used are rope or grosgrain ribbon handles. Rope handles can be made of cotton, nylon, or paper (twisted handles). Nylon is definitely the most durable, but if your items aren’t that heavy, you can also go for the wonderful touch of cotton or the straightforward appeal of paper. If handles aren’t really necessary, you can also just opt for no handle and just fold the paper bag to close like those paper grocery bags. The customers will just hold it from the top. 

5. Durability

There are a lot of things that could affect your paper bags’ durability. The type of paper used, the paper bag size, and whether or not it’s overloaded are some of the factors to consider. That’s why it’s very important to test the bags beforehand. Before you order a large quantity, go for a minimum order and consider the weight and size of your products and the ways you can reinforce your custom shopping bags. To make packaging materials sturdier, you can consider the following:

  • Double wallpaper bags
  • Bottom board
  • Higher GSM paper
  • Better handling qualities

There’s a sweet spot between budget-friendly custom bags and reliable functionality. By testing it out beforehand, you can create the perfect solution that fits the bill.

6. Print Quality

high-quality paper bags

Your paper bags are actually walking advertisements for your business. Don’t let poor print quality ruin it and make sure to work with an experienced printing company or custom paper bag manufacturer that can pull off your desired print quality. The quality of the print depends on the paper of your choice, the quality of the ink itself, and the printing process involved, like screen printing. As long as you’re working with the right suppliers, you should be good to go. Just make sure that once you’re satisfied, the printed paper bags’ quality remains consistent.

7. Color Scheme

The color of your paper bag should be based on the emotion you want to evoke. For example, green exudes a sense of calmness, health, and eco-friendliness. Blue feels serene, stable, and professional, and red screams energy, passion, and urgency.

If you don’t want bright colors and prefer a sleek and minimal look, you can also opt for neutral colors or simply brown kraft paper. Overall, it should tie into your niche and your existing brand styling.

8. Design & Artwork

designed paper bags

It’s best to work with a professional designer or choose a packaging supplier with a team of talented designers who can work out the right colors, bag designs, and artwork that match your brand’s personality. A good supplier will work closely with you to finalize the design and the overall layout of the custom-printed paper bags.

9. Brand Messaging

paper bags with brand

Again, consider your paper bags as free marketing. The better your custom packaging, the better brand affinity you can establish. When other people see your customers carrying around your awesome paper bag, they’re likely to remember you, and if your custom packaging is just so good, they’ll be determined to check out your store and pay a visit for some in-person shopping. Don’t underestimate the right bag, because the most eye-catching ones can tell your brand’s story and win new customers.

10. Quantity

Many businesses have a minimum order requirement, so expect that you’d need to order in bulk. The exact number depends on the number of sales you usually perform each month and whether or not you have the space to house a huge order. So, consider your real estate, your actual needs, and your cash flow as well to avoid overstocking.

11. Production Time

Speaking of quantity, you also don’t want to order just enough. You need to set a buffer because most paper bag manufacturers have a specific lead time. You don’t want to run out of custom paper bags as that could only hamper your day-to-day operations and branding consistency.

12. Shipping & Handling

shipping of paper bags

Paper is not a fragile item like glass, but it’s definitely prone to damage if not shipped and handled properly. You don’t want to end up with bent, creased, or torn paper bags. Thus, consider the reliability of the carrier and insurance options for a secure transit. Before you choose a paper bag manufacturer, you may ask in advance how they package the paper items and whether or not they provide enough cushioning to protect the paper bags from impact and harsh weather conditions. 

13. Sustainability Certifications

It’s easy for manufacturers to claim that their products are indeed eco-friendly. To validate their credibility, you can ask about their sustainability certifications. As for whether or not their products have any of the following:

  • FSC Certification
  • Sedex Membership
  • GOTS Certification
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • GRS Certification
  • UKFT Membership
  • ISO 9001 & 14001 Certification
  • Higg Index membership

14. Cost

order paper bags

While it’s great to have the best packaging, you also need to think about revenue. The key is to choose a practical option that still supports the branding and identity you want to uphold. It’s best to carefully consider all the factors above right from the start and avoid changing paper bags too often because the longer you use the same packaging, the more memorable your brand will be. 

15. Legal Requirements

Perhaps your region has established recycling programs that prohibit the use of plastic bags and promote recycled and eco-friendly bags. Make sure to consider that as well to comply with the requirements of your area. In terms of procurement, before you send a deposit, there should be a contract in place with warranties and indemnification clauses to protect you against product liability. 

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The quality, relevance, and aesthetics of your custom-printed paper bags represent your brand’s attention to detail. It may not seem like a major facet, but it can actually be a game-changer depending on how you present it and who you’re working with to bring the best quality and packaging design to life.

Custom Your Perfect Branded Paper Bags with Packoi!

Elevate your brand’s presence and create a lasting impression with Packoi’s custom paper bag solutions. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your retail packaging, stand out at events, or promote your business in an eco-friendly way, Packoi is here to turn your vision into reality. With our commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovative design, we offer a seamless process to customize paper bags that not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations.

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Let Packoi help you make a statement with packaging that speaks volumes about your brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

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