Custom Shopping Bags Wholesale for All Business Types

Customers appreciate it when their purchases come in beautiful packages. Using custom shopping bags with your business logo on them promotes your brand while improving its aesthetic appeal. Let us help you create custom-printed product bags that’ll turn heads and carry your products further.

custom shopping bags wholesale for all business types

Custom Logo Shopping Bags That Catch the Eye

Custom retail bags give you the ideal platform to promote your brand outside your store, whether you run a clothing store, a coffee shop, or you own a simple candle shop.

Better for the Environment: We make our wholesale custom shopping bags from environmentally friendly materials. Choose a material (paper, fabric, or plastic) that appeals to your clients, matches your brand, and tries to save the environment.

Super Affordable: Having custom-made shopping bags with your brand on them helps you spend less on marketing and advertising for your brand. Many small-scale entrepreneurs cannot afford pricey marketing platforms like radio, television, and billboards.

Versatile: You can order various styles based on the preferences of your potential customers. For instance, if teens are your target market, you may give them bags with hip and contemporary designs.

Buy Custom Merch Bags from China to Save Cost

Custom products can be difficult to purchase from producers. Even getting a sample takes months. Thankfully, you can overcome that by buying wholesale from China.

Every business finds that it’s more practical to order a few product units from Chinese wholesalers. In contrast, a manufacturer’s MOQ for a particular product can be 300 or 500 units.

When you place bulk orders with Chinese vendors, you’ll get the best wholesale prices. Purchasing directly from the supplier eliminates all trading companies, middlemen, and other factors.

When you order from China, two things are certain: quick delivery times and exceptional customer service. The vendors are always ready to assist you and answer your questions. You won’t get this kind of reaction time from trading companies.

buy custom merch bags from china to save cost

Why make your Custom Printed Merchandise Bags with Packoi?

We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all philosophy, thus standard shopping bags are not part of our distinctive range. Packoi wants to provide consumers worldwide with economical and easy-to-use custom boutique shopping bags.

why make your custom printed merchandise bags with packoi

We work collaboratively with new and emerging businesses to provide them with shopping bags that fit their products.

It’s easy to place an order. We can fulfill your requirements, whether you need 500 printed shopping bags or 50,000 custom-printed merchant bags to debut a new product.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"It's always a pleasure doing business with Packoi! I enjoy doing business with them because of their efficient and courteous service. They accept orders of any size, which is the best part"
pexels cottonbro 5990272
Michael Hensley
Tacoma, WA
“Excellent, timely service with a high-quality, reasonably priced product for our business! Will be placing more orders soon.”
pexels antony trivet 12889423
Cory Weaver
Providence, Rhode Island
"I had a sudden need for certain products, and Packoi was incredibly quick to prepare my order. I just placed my second order with them. Excellent work!"
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Angela Day
Mississauga, Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any inquiries for us? The section below has all the information you need to know. You are also welcome to write us a message, and we will respond as soon as we can.

Our MOQ for custom shopping bags is 300 pieces; if you’re printing, it’s 500 pieces. We offer discounts on large quantity orders.

Yes. We offer samples of our custom-printed bags wholesale for a small charge. Once your order is confirmed, you’ll receive a refund of this fee. We have samples of our custom product bags that serve different purposes.

Where is your packaging produced?

We use a trusted network of Chinese suppliers to make our custom shopping bags for businesses.

We accept AI and PDF file formats for logo/brand images. This is so our design services staff can edit it in Adobe Illustrator.

Our wholesale custom bags for retail are 100% recyclable. We strongly suggest reuse instead of recycling while we support recycling initiatives.

We serve a wide range of customers, including huge chain stores, smaller fashion boutiques, conference planners, and event organizers. Feel free to contact us if you need custom retail bags with a logo for your business.

The time frames for shipping through air and ocean are 7–21 and 26–71 days. Consider separating your wholesale custom merchandise bags between air and ocean if you need it fast.

If you want to return any product you ordered, you’ll need to fill out the order form included with your package and return it within 7 – 10 days.

The devil is in the details, so we can serve you better when you give us more information. Minimum requirements include quantity, style, due date, shipping address, preferred finishing, and contact details.

Custom Store Bags Resources and Articles

 The last years have shown that sustainability is not just a fad. We’ve discovered after numerous failures and experiments that manufacturing sustainable packaging requires more than just raw materials and advertising.

Custom Business Shopping Bags Ordering Process

Follow these simple steps to order your customs shopping bag.

1. Get a Quote

Visit the website and start designing your custom shopping bags to get a price.

2. Request Sample

Ask for a product bag sample to test the quality and see if the material suits your brand image.

3. Place Your Order

Order on our site using your preferred shipping option.

4. Start Production

Send your logo to our design team for approval. We usually take 12 - 16 days to approve a logo.

5. Quality Inspection

Our QA team will inspect the finished product to ensure it meets our standards and your specifications.

6. Shipping

After passing through quality control, we'll send your custom retail bag to your shipping address.

Get Started with Your Custom Shopping Bags

Improve your customer’s shopping experience with the ultimate custom boutique shopping bags.

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