What Is Eco-Friendly Packaging? A Competitive Guide

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As a business owner, you should always look for opportunities to reduce environmental impact. There are many areas of your business that you can use to enhance sustainability, and packaging is one of those departments you cannot ignore. With custom packaging, you will always have an opportunity to choose the type of materials to use.

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As a business owner, you should always look for opportunities to reduce environmental impact. There are many areas of your business that you can use to enhance sustainability, and packaging is one of those departments you cannot ignore. With custom packaging, you will always have an opportunity to choose the type of materials to use.

What Is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Eco-friendly packaging refers to packaging with less harmful materials and an environmental impact on humans. These packaging materials are designed to cause less or no pollution. Eco-friendly packaging materials are sustainable and eco-friendly and help address the waste crisis. Every business should focus on eco-friendly packaging materials to reduce waste in landfill sites.

As custom package designers, we gathered great ideas for you from innovators and tech-minded people to help identify eco-friendly packaging materials.

Eco-Friendly Materials for Your Packaging Can Use

There are many kinds of environmentally friendly materials, especially those used in packaging, display packaging, transportation packaging, etc., which can be used in your packaging.

1. Biodegradable Air Peanuts

Biodegradable air peanuts are sustainable packaging materials that help prevent breakage during shipping. They have replaced Styrofoam, which is not eco-friendly but helps to package fragile and sensitive items. Biodegradable packaging materials are less expensive and economically recyclable.

2. Cornstarch Mushroom Packaging

Cornstarch mushroom packaging materials are eco-friendly mushroom packaging materials. The mushroom packaging is done by cleaning and grounding the agriculture waste, then fusing it with the mushroom roots before drying them for packaging. Mushroom packaging can naturally degrade, is petroleum-free, and is eco-friendly. In addition, mushroom packaging can be composted at home and purchased to help lower shipping costs.

3. Seaweed Packaging

Seaweed packaging uses a green solution manufacturing process; substances of algae and seaweed. As a packaging solution, seaweed is eco-friendly and also one of the most sustainable packaging materials. It is readily available and biodegradable. Besides, seaweed packaging materials are sustainable alternatives that might completely replace plastic packaging materials.

4. Organic Ecological Textiles

Organic, ecological textiles are eco-friendly packaging materials that are multi-functional and durable for shipping boxes. Organic, eco-friendly packaging materials take minimal time to decompose, and businesses enjoy their easy availability. It is an excellent, sustainable alternative method that promotes small business owners through affordability. These materials include hemp, which facilitates the bundling of items together during shipping, and linen, which protects products against scratches in the shipping box. In addition, the organic fabrics act as cushioning materials to protect customers’ items against any damage in shipping boxes.

5. Edible Films

Edible films provide more sustainable packaging solutions to the food industry. Imagine a pie wrapped in edible skin. Yes, technology is making it happen. Edible films are sustainable materials that simplify food preparation, packaging, and transportation. Chitosan is an effective product for making edible films and uses eco-friendly materials. Furthermore, it reduces chemical leach from plastic bags.

6. Recycled Materials

Recycled materials are eco-friendly packaging solutions for meeting business needs. These materials include recycled and biodegradable plastics that are easily decomposed. Moreover, the air pillows during shipping use recycled materials. Air pillows are small inflator bags that are cost-effective as they primarily consist of air.

7. Use Recycled Paper Products Whenever Possible

Sustainable Packaging From Recycled Paper

E-commerce businesses regularly ship, which has inspired finding ways to use recycled paper products. The best paper products include packaging such as.

8. Compostable Packaging

Compostable packaging is an efficient eco-friendly packaging that saves the environment and enhances rich soil. It improves with technological advancements and aims at ultimately creating sustainable packaging options. Compostable packaging is an excellent choice for consumers and business owners.

9. Reusable Packaging

Reusable Custom Box Packaging

Sustainably managed forests provide cardboard boxes that are easily recycled. Cardboard boxes are hard and offer small businesses an option of enjoying low shipping costs. Furthermore, cardboard boxes are affordable, available, and eco-friendly.

9 Benefits of Eco-friendly Packaging

1. Customer’s Relationship

Customers create better relationships with brands that focus on eco-friendly packaging. The customer’s care for a brand is experienced once they receive the package and are willing to create a good relationship with a company that reduces packaging waste.

2. Reduces Costs

Eco-friendly packaging creates more sustainable business through various cost reductions. When your business invests in proper paper packaging, it reduces costs through reusable bags. Shipping costs are reduced drastically as packaging small packages is through compostable mailers, and bubble wrap to cover products against breakages. The use of recyclable shipping labels helps the business to reduce costs and carbon footprint.

3. Better Use of All Materials

There is a better use of materials such as corn starch which results in less environmental waste. All materials are converted to usable ones, which creates a better sustainable option for reducing carbon emissions, for instance, cornstarch packaging, food packaging, and recycled cotton.

eco friendly packaging

4. Creation of Positive Impressions

Customers are increasingly focusing on businesses that reduce carbon footprint and are transparent. The customer tends to reciprocate by remaining a loyal customer, and there is sustainability by both parties.

5. Durability

Eco-friendly materials are hard, and durable compared to non-recyclable materials. During the shipping of items, when the materials are not strong enough to protect against any damage, the business might incur returning charges, increasing overhead costs. The businesses that use suitable materials for packaging enjoy peace of no knowing that goods are not damaged in transit.

6. Eco-friendly Packaging Materials

The lightweight design eliminates waste and saves business costs, especially during shipping. With lightweight materials, the shipping costs become less, and waste is manageable on the receiving end. The lightweight design focuses on durability and good packaging material to make customers’ lives easier.

7. Understanding Customer’s Desires and Needs

Businesses that understand what customers desire on their receiving end remain competitive in an ever-changing environment. What packaging material suits their needs and desires to accommodate customers’ behaviors and needs to create eco-friendly packaging ideas?

8. Waste Reduction

The collective efforts by businesses to reduce carbon emissions create sustainable environments and reduce strains that result in water pollution. Besides, with less waste, a collaboration between customers and businesses is accessible, thus taking sustainable steps to maintain a harm-free environment.

9. Creating Responsible Behaviors

Eco-friendly packaging is a call to everyone to be responsible toward suitable living environments. Engaging your customers enlightens them, and they reciprocate by being responsible for dumping waste if any. It is a collaboration that aims at freeing the planet from gas, chemical emissions, and plastic bags.

6 Tips to Use Eco-Friendly Ideas to Save Resources and Costs

Generation Z’s purchase decisions are influenced by several factors, including businesses offering sustainable packaging options. Consumers are willing to pay extra charges for brands that use sustainable packaging material. It would be best if you used eco-friendly packaging ideas to save on costs and resources. The tips include:

1. Shipping in Bulk

Shipping in bulk is great, use compostable mailers for smaller packages. It reduces shipping costs and creates more sustainability. The customers identify the value of bulk shipping and, with no time, start engaging in the process.

2. Use Sustainable Packaging Materials

Sustainable packaging options such as corn starch and natural products are easy to decompose. They help reduce waste dumping and facilitate returns of products for exchange or refund when they fail to meet customer satisfaction.

3. Give a Free Return Policy

A significant way to encourage customers to create an eco-friendly environment is through free returns. The company can offer a free return of empty containers for recycling. It creates a sustainability plan and lowers costs associated with sourcing new eco-friendly materials.

4. Offer Free Shipping-Friendly Items

Recycling on behalf of others can save the planet. A company can engage by collecting used products and recycling them for other uses. Recycling saves costs and increases the chances of healthy living as there are no harmful emissions.

5. Reducing Return Shipping and Individual Shipments

Eco-friendly packaging options facilitate better packaging and ensure the items arrive without damage. It is a meaningful way that discourages return shipping; the bubble wrap provides more cushioning to protect the goods in transit. Again, the company can decide how to collect shipments for the return instead of individuals shipping them; one shipping label for many.

6. Invest in Reusable Shipping Containers and Packing Materials

Reusable packaging is eco-friendly products such as pallets, shipping containers, and kegs. Businesses that ship their products using these eco-friendly packaging options save on costs and reduce waste by creating eco-friendly environments.

Compostable Packaging Solution

Compostable packaging is one of the significant trends in eco-friendly packaging. The use of compostable mailers is easy and reduces plastic waste. These include such as cassava and cornstarch.

1. Engage Customers

Customers add value through purchases and by giving their opinions. When shipping the goods, you can include a survey note that they can scan and contribute towards creating eco-friendly packaging.

2. Focus on Long-Term Goals

Eco-friendly packaging is initially draining and can use a lot of business resources. You need to have a budget and work within your limits as it provides long-term benefits. Besides, keeping up with competitors is a healthy tip for winning customers and creating an eco-friendly planet.

3. Choose Natural Fibres Over Synthetic Materials

Small businesses might lack the financial capabilities to invest in green initiatives. It is recommended to use small capabilities by choosing eco-friendly packaging materials. Nature fibers are eco-friendly and biodegradable as they consume minimal energy. In addition, they are light and required for sustainable packaging. An effective packaging solution that has renewability and less waste as they are from animals or plants.


Getting eco-friendly packaging solutions is a continuous process, and businesses must recognize the ever-growing opportunities. Businesses need to take part in being green and help save the planet. Going green reduces chemical emissions and waste of resources, lowers deforestation, creates sustainable practices for businesses, and offers custom packaging to businesses. Besides, it saves human and animal health from carbon print dangers such as respiratory diseases. Eco-friendly packaging materials are available online for sale.

At Packoi Printing, we focus on companies conducting sustainable business. With our recyclable packaging, you will always have a competitive edge in the market. We have the best eco-friendly packaging solution in the world. We create custom boxes from biodegradable plastic and other materials. We also print marketing materials using environmentally friendly papers. Talk to us now and order your custom packaging.

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