What Are Display Boxes: 3 Types to Make Customers Buy Products

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Display boxes are marketing tools that specifically attract customers, so they take notice of your products.

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It’s a common practice to have display boxes for new products in retail stores, but they’re not only used for that. You can also use a display box to highlight a promotion or campaign that you’re doing to help a slow-moving product sell better.

In this article, you’ll learn more about what a display box is and how it can help you market products to customers.

3 Types of Display Boxes to Market Your Products

Display boxes for retail packaging present an excellent opportunity for businesses to influence a customer’s buying decision.

Think of it this way.

Display Boxes

A display box separates a product from the other items in the store. This separation will naturally intrigue customers. When they see that a product isn’t displayed in the same way as the others, their curiosity will be piqued.

They’ll be enticed to get closer and see why this product has a special box for display.

That interest has already taken them one step closer to buying your product.

If you can impress them with what they see up close, then getting them to buy will be the next thing that happens.

Display boxes come in different shapes and forms. However, there are three common ways to use it to market products.

1. Cardboard Display Boxes

Cardboard Display Boxes

If you’re looking for versatility in terms of the display box design, this is the right option for you. Cardboard box packaging designs are great options because they can be designed in any shape or style that you want.

Since they’re made of paperboard materials, you can print just about any pattern or design on the surface.

The fact that it’s inexpensive means you can change it as often as you want. It’s great for short-term marketing campaigns and promotions.

Best of all, cardboard display boxes are eco-friendly. You can add that detail to the box if you use 100% sustainable materials, including ink and labels. Your eco-conscious customers will notice this and add to your promotion’s appeal.

They’re more likely to make a purchasing decision in your favor.

2. Counter Display Boxes

Counter Display Boxes

Regarding positioning, counter display boxes are the best option to promote your products. As the name suggests, a counter display box sits on the checkout counters of retail stores. It’s sometimes called the POP (point of purchase) display.

The idea is to entice customers to buy something else before they pay, like a last attempt to sell your product.

While counter display boxes are commonly placed near cash registers, they could also be placed in any high-traffic area of a store.

Make these boxes eye-catching and convincing. You only have a few seconds to win over the customer as they wait in line or for their change. Make every design element count, so they’ll decide to add your product to their purchase.

3. Floor Display Boxes

Floor Display Boxes

Unlike the counter display box, these are floor displays. They could be near the cash register or the door. These could even be positioned at the end of aisles, right where the customer turns to the next one.

These are great for huge stores or even trade shows. Since the box is big, it’s highly visible. It’s a great display box for new items you want to promote.

When you’re designing these display boxes, make sure you consider the floor space that they’ll occupy. You want to ensure that these boxes are eye-catching, but they should be so big that they’re already an obstruction.

The retail store won’t put it in high-traffic areas if it could make someone trip.

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3 Important Benefits of Using Display Boxes

If you believe display boxes are unnecessary because you already have product packaging, think again.

Product packaging is great for protecting what you sell. While the design of this packaging helps in marketing the product, it’ll be limited.

So if you want to maximize the chances that your product will be noticed, you need to use a display box to make it happen.

There are three important benefits if you make an effort.

1. For Promotion

The first reason is for promotional purposes, specifically for new products. How will they know about the new offer without using a display box? You might miss out on a sale because customers remain ignorant of your products.

Don’t forget to put your brand in that box. Make it visible so people will know that the new product is from you.

This isn’t just for new products. If you want to promote a marketing campaign your brand is launching, you can also use display boxes.

2. For Positioning

A display box

Another benefit of using display boxes is that you can position them however you want. Typical products in a box will just be put on a shelf with other items. It’ll be harder to get the attention of your target customers.

Imagine if your product is displayed separately, like in counter display boxes. Or by the door of retail or convenience stores. The chances that people will notice it will be higher.

3. For Value

Finally, putting your products in display boxes can quickly increase their value. How these boxes are designed gives you space to highlight the product’s important features.

Use the display box to promote the product and the features that you know your customers will appreciate. Put your brand logo and name prominently, and use them to call out to your current and loyal customers.

By highlighting the best parts of the product, you’re increasing its value in the eyes of your customers.

creative display boxes

5 Rules that’ll Make Display Boxes Effective

Now that you understand the power of display boxes in marketing your products, the challenge is how you can make them effective.

You can’t just copy the product packaging design; print it on a display box and expect it to increase sales of your products.

That’s not how it works.

You have to put together the correct box, from the material to the design. Every little thing matters to ensure that customers’ buying decisions will go in your favor.

To design display boxes for your products, here are five tips that you can follow.

1. Placement Matters

When considering the design of your display boxes, you must also consider where they’ll be placed. The location will dictate how it’ll attract your target market’s attention.

Counter display boxes should be designed differently from floor boxes positioned by the door. When people are standing in line to pay for their purchases, they’re in their buying mindset. You can make your box informative because people have time to spare while waiting.

attractive display boxes

Floor display boxes are positioned in high-traffic areas. People passing by are more distracted because they’re focused on where they need to go next. This means an informative box would do you no good.

It has to be creative enough to make people stop and pay attention. You should also ensure that your brand logo is in a prominent and visible place. That way, your loyal customers will know that you have something new to offer in the display box.

2. Avoid Putting too Much Faith on Impulse Buying

Here’s a scenario. A customer is lining up to pay for the products. As they wait, they see counter display boxes and start reading them. They get to your box, and they become interested enough to pick up your product and pay for it.

That’s it.

Can you say that your display boxes did their job? Not really.

Retail display boxes aren’t just meant to make people make impulse purchases. They should encourage your customers to make repeat purchases.

How? By making your box design represent the product well, the goal is to make sure the product meets the expectations formed when the customer reads the design in the display boxes.

3. Send a Powerful Message

As a marketing tool, custom display boxes can be used to send a powerful message to your customers. Once you’ve gotten their attention, educating them is your chance.

display  boxes with inserts

Put custom inserts in the box so people will know more about your brand. Or give them proper instructions on how to use your product. That way, they can fully enjoy your product’s benefits.

As it improves their customer experience, you can bet they’ll want to buy more from your brand.

4. Choose the Right Materials

Since display boxes can be used to send a message, pay attention to the materials you use. Even how your boxes are constructed will reveal much about your brand.

For instance, if you want to build a reputation as a sustainable brand, choose an eco-friendly packaging material like cardboard. Using cardboard display boxes allows for versatility in the design, plus it’s also sustainable.

Pick a packaging solution that’s aligned with the reputation that you want to have for your brand. This will attract your target customers to you.

5. Make It Durable and Reusable

One way to make your display boxes eco-friendly is to ensure that they can be reused. That means you should use sturdy corrugated box designs.

A strong yet light material ensures the display boxes won’t easily be damaged. It can be used as storage even after it’s no longer used.

This will help keep your packaging waste low and uphold your brand’s reputation for being sustainable.

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Find the Best Display Box Design for Your Products. Packoi Printing Offers Design Services to Assist You.

Using display boxes is a great way to make your customers want to buy your products. But remember, it’s not just about making them buy once.

Design your display box so it can start building a relationship with them. Something that’ll encourage them to keep buying your products.

If you need help designing your boxes, give Packoi Printing a call.

We can help create an eye-catching design for you, and we’ll use eco-friendly materials in the process.

Contact us to discuss your plans, and we’ll get back to you with a fair quote.

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