10 Floor Display Box Design Must-Haves

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Custom floor displays should have a space in your budget. Why? Because these are effective marketing materials that encourage customers to buy your product.

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It has the same purpose as counter display boxes – only this time, the box is positioned on the floor of the retail store. This means your floor display packaging requires specific design elements to make it effective.

floor display boxes

If you want to create display packaging that can help push your products so customers will buy them, keep reading.

This article will give you the must-have elements of floor displays so they can help with your product sales and marketing efforts.

10 Must-Haves for Custom Floor Displays

To create an effective floor display, you have to keep one thing in mind. This is a point-of-purchase display packaging.

The thing is, it’s not like a counter display where customers will see it while they’ll lining up to pay for their items. People will see your brand display on the floor as they walk around the store. This means your floor display should have specific requirements for it to be effective.

Here are 10 of the must-haves that every custom floor display box should possess.

Focus on the Product

The primary goal of your custom floor display is to highlight your product. No matter what design you choose for your display packaging, the focus should always be on your product.

That could mean adding a product stand to set your floor display apart. Or you allot space for a tray to highlight your merchandise.

floor displays

Put the elements in the display box so the people who’ll see it would develop a curiosity about your product. Make them want to pick it up and see if they should buy it.

Eye-Catching Design

Your POP floor display should be able to make someone stop in their tracks to take a closer look. That’s what it means to have an eye-catching design for your display packaging.

Usually, floor displays are put in a space where people pass by. Some of these people may be in a hurry. Some of them may take a leisurely pace.

Whatever pace customers may have as they roam around the store, make sure your design stands out. Capture their interest through your design.

Durable Materials

Another must-have for your floor display box is durable materials. Compared to a counter display, a floor display would be prone to people hitting them by accident.

You want to ensure that even if people stumble upon it, your display won’t topple over or get destroyed. Do your research so you can see the best material options that you can choose from.

This is especially true if you plan to use your display box for a long time. Make it last by choosing the materials carefully.

Relevant Information

cosmetic products display

Since your POP floor display is meant to encourage product purchases, it’s your job to provide the information that’ll help people make buying decisions in your favor.

Fill your displays with printed texts and images that will educate your market about the product. This is important if you’re selling perishable products like food or cosmetic products. The floor display will give customers enough information to help them decide if they will patronize your product or not.

As a brand display packaging, you can add information about your business as well. But the majority should be about the items that you’re selling.

Customer Connection

Choose design elements for your floor display that resonates with your customers. You want your floor displays to connect to them on an emotional level.

That’s one way to make your display appealing to them. You can show a life aspiration that they have. Give them a glimpse of what they can achieve if they get your product.

If your displays can make that connection, it’ll be easier to influence them to purchase from your brand. Even if it’s not an immediate purchase, they’ll remember you as the go-to brand.

Brand Image

As a brand display, your custom floor display should also have printed representations of your brand. While the point-of-purchase floor display should focus on the product, putting brand elements into the display design will make you recognizable to your loyal customers.

Sometimes, people show interest in product displays once they see a logo that they recognize and trust. Don’t miss the chance to make your brand stand out. Make your display recognizable.

a brand display

Right Height and Width

Increasing the visibility of your product display isn’t just about putting it where foot traffic is heavy. It’s also about giving it the right height and width.

Your POP floor display needs to be at eye level with your target customers – or specifically, the ones who make the purchase. So if your product is for kids, your floor displays should attract the attention of the adults (e.g. parents) who’ll buy it for them.

Design the display so the important elements and prints will be the first thing that your target will see. If you have to use a pallet skirt to boost the height, do it.

Protective Coating or Lamination

What happens when a floor display looks dirty? It’ll be pulled out and hidden in the storage room. This is a huge waste.

And the thing is, floor display packaging is prone to dirt and smudges. People can accidentally kick or step on it. Since this is unavoidable, you can protect your displays by putting a protective coating or lamination on the surface.

In case your display does get dirty, it’ll be easy to clean it so the dirt and smudges won’t affect the overall look of your design.

Strong Visual Appeal

To be effective, POP floor displays shouldn’t just be beautiful to look at. It should be memorable. It should have an impact.

A great floor display should be able to captivate its audience after a mere glance.

Because in reality, making your customer do a second look is all you need to declare your display a success. Displays need to connect with people to get them to look again. If a customer felt that connection, it’s easier to convert that into interest – and eventually into a purchase.

Strategic Location

POP floor display

Put careful thought into the space where your POP floor display will stand. Check out the retail settings and see where your display packaging should be positioned.

Find a space where there’s high visibility and foot traffic. Displays at the end of the aisle, in the center of the room, and near the door are among the options that you have.

Putting your floor display in the right spot takes you one step closer to a sale.

Benefits of a Well-Designed Floor Display Box

Why should you pay attention to the design of your point-of-purchase floor display?

Having custom floor displays allows you to push certain products to increase their sales. But there’s more to displays than just selling products. If you do it right, your display can help you accomplish a couple of things.

Highlights Products

Your POP floor display is meant to highlight your product. That’s the primary purpose of your display packaging.

The printed design on floor displays should highlight what your product is about. Include a product tray in the display so people can focus on its features better.

Provides On-Site Advertising

A well-designed floor display serves as an advertisement for both your product and brand. Just like a counter display, the design of floor displays can influence the buying decisions of your target market. Putting the right information on the printed display can sway people to patronize your product and your brand.

That’s how powerful displays are as advertising tools.

floor display boxes

Increases Brand Awareness

Although your POP floor display is meant for your product, it should also represent your brand. The design of your flood display packaging can spread awareness about what your brand can do.

This awareness is only possible if you choose the right design for your displays. Make it memorable so it leaves an impact.

Encourages Purchases

If the design of your POP floor display is done right, it can encourage people to purchase the product. So think about how you’ll position the product tray or highlight the right words on your floor displays.

The way you present the information will have a psychological effect on your target audience. If you make them feel excited about the product, they won’t hesitate to pick it up and buy it.

Are You Ready to Design Your Custom Floor Display Box? Packoi Printing Can Make the Process Easy.

Floor displays are powerful tools that can help increase your product sales and grow your business. You just need the right design for your display.

Creating the right design for your floor display isn’t a difficult endeavor – as long as you partner with the right packaging supplier.

Packoi Printing is a company that has extensive experience and knowledge about display boxes. We can show you samples that we’ve done in the past – and even help design them.

Give us a call so we can show options that you can draw inspiration from. We’ll get back with a fair quote in no time.

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