8 Tips for Designing Attractive Display Boxes

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The purpose of display boxes is to highlight a product that you want customers to buy. It’s not always a new product. It could be an old one that fits your current marketing campaign.

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Whatever it is, retail stores allow brands to create unique boxes that’ll display products in high-traffic areas. This includes check-out counters, doorways, etc.

It’s a great marketing strategy to improve sales and grow your business if you have an attractive display box.

In this article, you’ll learn more about display boxes and how you can design them to attract the attention of your target market – in hopes that they’ll buy from your brand.

8 Tips to Create Eye-Catching Display Boxes

The thing about display boxes is they’re meant to be eye-catching. After all, you display something because you want other people to notice it.

This isn’t the same as product packaging. While it’s meant to hold a product and, at some level, protect them, that’s not the main purpose.

Display boxes

A display box is meant to showcase the product. Think of it as a silver platter that’ll put your product in the best light possible.

To make that happen, here are 8 tips to help you achieve this feat.

Make Your Brand Visible

Start by making sure that people will see your brand. Custom display boxes are meant to be attractive, but you want to focus on your target market.

If you have a loyal following, you want them to know that it’s your brand being highlighted by the box. Once they get brand recognition, they’ll naturally be interested in the product.

In case it’s a potential customer, let your brand reputation pave the way in capturing their interest. Sometimes, knowing that a product comes from a reputable brand makes it worth a closer inspection.

That’s all you need to get consumers to buy.

Highlight Key Words and Phrases

Besides your branding, you should highlight keywords and phrases that’ll resonate with your customers.

Key word on dislay boxes

For instance, if your target market is eco-conscious, highlight texts like “100% eco-friendly” or “approved by…” and then put a reputable green organization.

Even simple words like “New and Improved” or some text that appeals to the life aspirations of your customers will do the trick. Make sure your custom counter display box prints it in a visible place so it’s one of the first things that people will see.

Opt for Special Printing Techniques

Another thing you can do to make your custom display boxes eye-catching is to use special printing techniques.

This is something that you might want to discuss with your printing supplier. Ask them about their digital printing capabilities. If they can do embossed or foil stamping – ask them about it as well.

Using special printing on your designs should look impressive enough to get your customer’s attention.

Match Colors

You can also use colors to your advantage. You can use your brand colors on the display boxes to help customers recognize you.

Colorful dispaly boxes

Or you can go a different route – but make sure it doesn’t go too far from your brand image. The colors of your custom boxes should also reflect the product while appealing to your target market.

So if you’re highlighting perfumes and your market is mostly female, use soft colors like pink, lavender, or lilac.

Consider Unique Shapes

Don’t let your display boxes look boring by sticking to the typical rectangular or square shapes. For sure, there are other boxes on the counter or around retail stores that highlight products.

You want to make your display box stand out.

One way to do that is to create unique shapes. This will depend on the product that you’re trying to promote. If you’re highlighting food products, try to make your display box look like an open mouth – with teeth and all.

Unique Shapes display boxes

That unique shape will make people look.

Create Interactive Counter Display Boxes

If your display boxes are on checkout counters, you have customers waiting in line. Sometimes, it’s a very boring wait. Help them avoid feeling bored by making your design interactive.

Make your custom boxes movable so customers can play with them while waiting. You can extend a movable arm out of the box if you’re selling bracelets. Customers can put bracelets on it.

Or if you’re selling makeup, put a mirror so people can look through it as they try out your products.

Counter Display Box

Put Inserts

This doesn’t refer to marketing inserts like brochures or pamphlets. This is like putting a tray with holes in the box so products fit into it. 

This aims to ensure that products are displayed in an organized manner. No matter how innovative your custom display boxes are, people won’t take an interest if the products look messy.

Display boxes with inserts

Add the inserts so you can protect your products and people can appreciate them better as they’re displayed.

Add Accessories

Putting accessories on the display boxes is also something that you can do. If your display box includes a face, put googly eyes to make it look fun.

Consider the design of your packaging material or look for something that’ll compliment the product that you’re selling. Make sure it works well with the packaging material that you used. If you do this well, you can leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Importance of Attractive Custom Display Boxes

Why should you go through all the trouble of creating unique custom display boxes? While it’s true that custom display boxes require a bit of effort and investment, they’ll give you incredible rewards in return.

This can be a powerful marketing tool that’ll allow you to increase your sales. It can also put your brand in a positive light.

Here are 3 important reasons to plan your display box design carefully.

Emphasizes New Offers

If you have new product offers, custom display boxes provide a great opportunity to introduce them to your target market. You can also use them to highlight products that are aligned with your current marketing campaign.

Make sure that your display packaging design is aligned with your product packaging. That way, when your customers see it for the first time, they’ll see the association. They can be blown away by how your custom display boxes and your product is connected.

Add your brand to the mix, and you won’t just promote the new product. You’ll also emphasize your brand.

Encourages Buyers

Attractive Custom Display Boxes

Custom display boxes are influential enough to make your customers buy from you. You can convince someone to add your product to their basket with the right design, packaging materials, colors, and text.

Make your counter display boxes compelling enough so you get more sales from people giving in to the temptation that your product is giving them.

Establishes Recall

Even if customers are strong enough to resist the lure of buying your product, your custom display boxes should be memorable enough to establish recall.

Use a creative design that’ll leave a lasting impression on them. Even if your counter display boxes fail to make them buy your product, they won’t forget you.

When the time comes that they need your product, they’ll remember the design of your display box. There’s a higher chance that they’ll buy from your brand.

What to Consider When Designing Custom Counter Display Boxes

Designing the perfect display box doesn’t just happen. You have to carefully plan what you’ll put in it. There are also a lot of considerations so your box can help you reach your marketing and sales targets. It varies depending on what type of box you’re doing.

For the next set of tips, the focus will be on custom counter display boxes. But these considerations may apply to other box types as well.

Align It with Your Brand

If you’re designing counter display boxes, start by considering your brand.

After all, this box will be an extension of your brand. That means you have to put branding elements into it. You can choose to put only your brand logo, name, slogan, etc.

Putting your brand as part of the design will help boost recognition in your market.

Promote the Product

Display boxes with same details

Whatever design you decide on, make sure it primarily promotes your product. Counter display boxes are there to promote your product. That means it should be aligned with the product packaging.

You can use the same details if you use patterns on your packaging. This will allow people to associate the box with your product.

Make It Resonate with Customers

If you want customers standing in the checkout line to notice your counter display boxes, you have to choose a design that’ll resonate or call out to them.

By design, that means choosing the right patterns, graphics, illustrations, colors, text, and even font. It has to jump out and make customers pay attention. Make your display box communicate with customers so they can decide to include your product when they pay for their items.

Be Informative

The text matters in the overall design of your counter display boxes. Once you’ve gotten the customer’s attention, it’s time to convince them to buy.

The information that you’ll put in the box will make this happen. Of course, you don’t want to flood the box with much text. So you have to choose the words and phrases that’ll cause people to make a buying decision in your favor.

Informative display boxes

Use High-Quality Materials

Finally, choose the right materials when you’re creating your counter display boxes. Ensure it’s only high-quality materials so the box won’t get damaged easily. Remember, if it does get damaged, the retail store might pull out the box and replace it with something else.

Use only durable materials and make sure they’re sustainable, too.

Have You Thought About Your Display Box Design? Packoi Printing Is Here to Assist.

With all the information that you got, are you ready to get started on your display boxes? You don’t want to miss out on using this as your brand’s marketing tool.

If you need help coming up with the right design, Packoi Printing is here to help. We have extensive experience and expertise in helping clients develop packaging solutions that lead them to incredible sales and business growth.

Give us a call so we can discuss your ideas. We’ll get back to you with a quotation soon.

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