11 Tips for Designing Display Boxes

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For a start, it is worth noting that there are thousands of packaging types available in the market. So, as a business owner, you have diverse options for custom display boxes.

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In the modern era, choosing a packaging material helps you in various ways, including securing products and ensuring that they are presented in a friendly way.

Therefore, the custom display boxes you choose should ensure that they align with the customer’s needs. The goal is to promote your brand and showcase yourself as an authentic and preferred brand in the market. Product display boxes should come with unique designs that include your brand logo and other key components. You should also consider how much space you should use for logo printing on your chosen box style.

Custom Cardboard Display Boxes

When you need to choose the perfect design for your custom display boxes, you need to understand what to look at. There is a need to know what designers want and the particular information you need to give them to come up with a suitable design for your business.

In the subsequent sections, we dive into the details of how each of the custom display boxes should be designed. These are ideal tips you should follow to get the perfect design for your custom display boxes.

1. Plan Your Design Before You Start

You cannot achieve the best results on anything without having a concrete plan. So, always have display boxes that are aligned with your initial brand plan. You must develop a design plan before you start looking for potential designers.

It is always important to consider the different components you should include in your display boxes, such as custom inserts, display container outlook, and elements of your brand story. With a plan that considers all these issues, your display boxes will have the perfect outlook, aligning with your brand’s needs.

2. Use a Variety of Materials to Create Visual Interest

Packaging products also require strictly following certain design elements. As a business owner, you always want counter display boxes that meet your standards. You do not need display packaging that is not suitable for your products or business. In the retail market, you always have to exhibit credible information and perfect designs for your brand.

Display Packaging Box

Clients should be lured to purchase your products when they see the counter display boxes. So, you need to use a variety of materials that help you achieve your desired results. It is important to identify the different materials you would like to use for your display packaging before contacting a package designer or printer.

3. Experiment with Different Shapes and Sizes

Another aspect of designing display boxes is experimenting with different shapes and sizes. This is an important component that ensures you get the right product display boxes. By experimenting with different shapes and sizes, you will be able to gauge which of the display boxes is ideal for your brand.

When designing display boxes, always consider your target audience or customers. Moreover, your marketing strategies should be complemented by the display packaging you choose for your business. Try different shapes and sizes to identify which is the best custom display packaging for your business.

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4. Think about What Will be Displayed Inside the Box

Another important consideration for designing custom display boxes is thinking about what will be displayed inside the box. Knowing the purpose of each of the boxes ensures that you choose the right size, design, and other components for your outer box style. The goal is to have the perfect fit for the product packaging. Also, thinking about what will be displayed inside the box ensures that you have the right color combinations before settling for the design. With the target audience and products to be displayed in mind, you will know how to place different elements of the packaging. Some of the aspects to consider include logos, food product information, the shape of products to be displayed, and printing processes employed by the manufacturer.

5. Pay Attention to the Details

Custom Printed Display  Boxes

Always pay attention to detail when designing display boxes. You need the packaging to be completed in a befitting manner that aligns with your customer’s needs. There are many examples of display boxes that you can check when choosing designs for your brand. By paying attention to details, you will understand where to place the logo, brand information, ingredients, warnings, and other information that you need to include in the package.

Moreover, if there are any images to be considered in the box style, you should ensure that they have sufficient space. Printing should be done on an elaborate display that aligns with your store branding or other key components. With a keen interest in details, you will also ensure that the box style is creative and attracts customers to purchase more from your company.

6. Add a Touch of Personalization

After choosing the material for your display package, make sure that you have a touch of personalization on the design. Your goal is to be unique and have an idea that resonates with customers. So, the package outlook should increase sales and make you stand out. This is not just about being creative, it requires following all components of branding and ensuring the quality of your boxes. Have an image outlook of the personalized package and test if it is ideal for the customers you are targeting. Before the bulk packages are printed, you have to consider carefully the branding components and the quality of the final design. Personalize each aspect to strictly reflect your brand and expectations.

A Personalized Custom Display Box

7. Decide on the Purpose of Your Display Box

Understanding the purpose of your display box will also help you come up with the perfect design. A purpose ensures that every material or idea aligns with your goals. With the purpose of each display box, you ensure that the designer is creative enough to fit into your branding plan. Whether you want shelf display package design or containers to ship products to clients, you can always choose before contacting a packaging manufacturer. Have in mind what you want for your brand and demand for that in the final print or during the customization process. Display boxes can also be used for the storage of goods, so you need to know whether you need the packages for storing products or shipping. This will help you with the customization process and enable your brand to stand out.

8. Choose a Shape That Will Best Showcase Your Items

Another strategy is choosing a shape that showcases your items or products perfectly. Always know that your goal is to stand out and deliver the best quality product packaging to customers. Have inserts to create a professional image for your brand. There are thousands of brands competing against your business. So, make the packaging a marketing strategy and come up with ideas that will always carry the day. Make sure that you align yourself with the best marketing techniques available in the market.

9. Select a Color or Colors That Will Complement the Contents of Your Box

Color choices are also an important aspect of branding. So, you need to choose the right colors that will represent your brand perfectly, always choose from the range of colors and settle for one that aligns with your brand theme. You can also use this color in designing the box inserts and making your cardboard display boxes stand out. Please, understand that you can always leverage the packaging design as a marketing strategy.

10. Find a Style That Reflects Your Taste

This is also important. The style you choose should also reflect your personal taste. Always insist that the designer follow exactly what your brand requires. You do not need to waste time or resources on a style that clients will never embrace. Be strict on the container design and insist that every detail be similar.

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11. Add Embellishments to Give Your Box Extra Personality

Embellishments are also important in giving your brand an extra personality. You always want to be unique and outstanding against competing brands. So, add embellishments to ensure that you remain relevant and outstanding.

Before we bring it to a close, we have a bonus point we would like to share with you.

12. Determine the Size of Your Box Based on What You Plan to Store Inside

You can also determine your box size based on the products you will store or put inside. Always ensure that you have the right size for your product before you make it official packaging.


You can always stand out as a business by choosing the right packaging design. Focus on your specific needs and determine the type of products to be displayed, and what style of boxes suits these boxes. There are different materials that you can choose from, including cardboard boxes, and plastic boxes, among others.

At Packoi Printing, we are determined to offer you the best custom boxes. Talk to our design team today and get the best custom display boxes you can find nowhere else. We are always ready to handle any order size.

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