Importance of Retail Packaging And How to Use It to Impress Consumers

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Retail packaging is an integral part of any business. With the proper product packaging, brands have a better chance of standing out. They can capture the attention of their market, so they're curious enough to pick up their product and take a closer look.

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If you’re trying to find the proper retail packaging for your business or want to improve your current one, keep reading. This article will discuss the importance of having the appropriate packaging for your products so you can impress your customers.

What is Retail Packaging?

Retail packaging is the thing that covers the product. From the gift box, shopping bag, and even the plastic bag – anything that a company uses to put the product in – that’s retail packaging.

Retail Packaging

Why is this so important?

This is a huge asset because it helps win over consumers. When your product is displayed in a store, the packaging plays a vital role in catching your customer’s attention. It’s the first thing that they’ll see.

Once you have their interest, they’ll come near your product, and you have a higher chance of convincing them to purchase.

And if you use the right design, you can even turn that interest into solid customer loyalty.

As customers leave the store, other people will see them carrying the packaging.

Do you know what that means?

It’s a free walking advertisement for your company.

This is the reason why you should put careful thought when you design this packaging material. You have to make it impressive enough for your market.

5 Reasons to Have An Impressive Product Packaging

Both online retailers and businesses in brick-and-mortar stores need impressive product packaging if they want to stay competitive.

a eco-friendly box packaging

Retail packaging makes them stand out. It can be a powerful marketing tool that retail companies online and offline can use to stay ahead in their niche.

But beyond that, here arefive5 more reasons why you should pay attention to your product’s packaging.

Product Protection

Retail packaging is, first and foremost, for protection purposes. The product packaging has a role in getting the purchased items to their final destinations in one piece.

Whether that product was bought in store premises or through online orders, the packaging will protect it.

If you know that the transit will be far and long, use bubble wrap or packing peanuts as added protection. The more you put in an effort, the more your customers will receive the packaging in good order.

That’s always a good thing for your business.

Brand Engagement

Well-designed retail packaging is essential for another reason – brand engagement. So if you want to strengthen your company’s brand recognition, make sure your retail packages represent you perfectly.

The goal is to invest in a design your market can recognize even from afar. Despite being amid other products on store shelves, people can see where your products are.

Brand Engagement

Information Dissemination

Your product’s packaging can also help provide the correct information.

If you want the customer to know more about the product inside, print the details on the retail packaging.

Include the materials, ingredients, and how-to instructions.

If there is too much content, you can skip using images and just lay out the text to be the packaging design.

Promote Advocacy

Your retail packaging can also be used to promote your advocacy. Some companies use their advocacies to attract customers.

Like if you support eco-friendly methods, use sustainable packaging. Or put a relevant message about the values you believe in.

They’ll gravitate towards your Brand if you’re supporting causes that align with your market. You’ll get consumers who support you so you can keep helping the advocacies they believe in.

Promote Advocacy

Higher Sales

Some companies and retailers fail to realize that retail packaging is powerful enough to increase sales.

When it’s designed properly, it can market itself. It’ll be retail-ready because it has all the information needed by the consumers to make a buying decision.

It’s just like having your marketing manager on the shelf. Your products can sell themselves no matter what store you put them in.

You’ll get guaranteed sales. But the key is you have to use the right design.

7 Tips to Design Custom Packaging That Encourages Brand Loyalty

To have attractive packaging that’s powerful enough to sell the product for you, make sure you meet customer expectations regarding its designs.

Brands and companies should consider what the consumers want to see when they look at retail packaging. It doesn’t matter if it’s to get online sales or store purchases. It’s the customers that you’re supposed to be designing for.

Be Brand Authentic

Why should you use custom branding designs if you design your retail packaging for customers?

It’s because your Brand attracts the right market towards you. This is why you should stay authentic to your Brand’s story.

You want your customer buying trends to stay authentic to your Brand’s narrative.

How can you stay true to your Brand? Use the same font and colors that it uses. Ensure the overall message of your packaging reflects what your business stands for.

Be Timeless

The design of your retail packaging should also be timeless. That means it doesn’t adhere to one season or occasion alone.

Don’t make it look like holiday gift boxes if you want to sell it all year round. If you’re going to the theme, stick to your Brand or take cues from the product itself.

That way, consumers can relate to it no matter what time of the year.

a simple and beautiful gift

Be Reusable

A vast number of consumers nowadays want to reduce waste. So if you can use retail packaging that your customer can reuse, that would be a good thing.

It’ll make them feel good about their purchase because they know the product is good for the environment. Instead of adding waste, they get a new container that they can use at home.

Be Earth Friendly

Apart from being reusable, you can also use earth-friendly materials to attract the eco-conscious share of the market. These include kraft boxes, recyclable containers, etc.

It helps if your actual product is also environmentally friendly. You can use this theme for your retail packaging.

It can put you in a good light compared to other brands in the store.

a eco-friendly gift box

Be Inspiring

A retail packaging that’s inspirational? That’s one way to impress your consumers.

You can use your packaging to send your intended brand message. Tell them what sets you apart from other brands.

Let them know you’re not just giving them a package because they purchased it. Use it to uplift the life of your customers.

You might be surprised how your customers will appreciate a simple message from you. Especially if that message can help them use your product properly.

Be Functional

Functionality means your packaging helps consumers use your product well. Whatever the product is, your packaging should assist in giving a positive customer experience to your market.

That means the entire process – from the moment they see the product, how they open it, and how they handle it, be sure it’s a smooth and pleasant unboxing experience.

Not only that, if the product is sold from the store, the packaging should make it easy for the customer to carry it home.

a nice looking gift box

Be Unique

If you want your products to compete well with other in-store brands, make them unique. Of course, it must stay true to your brand narrative and what your customers like. But it also has to stand out on the shelf.

That way, it can catch the consumer’s eye and keep them from looking at other products. You want to attract customers, so they will only focus on you – and not compare you with other items.

3 Retail Packaging Design Elements That’ll Impress Your Customers

Looking at the store shelf, you’ll feel like it’s all the same packaging. But that shouldn’t happen to your product. You have to set yourself apart from other retailers.

You want to have eye-catching packaging that promises a great customer experience. It has to meet consumer expectations.

How can you do that?

Consider these three essential design elements.


The text plays a vital role in your packaging. It can convince consumers to pick your product among all the other items competing for their attention.

But it’s not just about the message the customers will see on the packaging. How the text will also look matters. So choose the correct positioning and font.

Retail packaging significantly impacts if you highlight the right words and phrases. That way, the people looking at it will only have to glance, and they already know what’s inside.

Whatever your highlight should pique the interest of the consumers so they’ll be encouraged to read more, the more they know about your product, the more likely they’ll buy.



The retail packaging should also consider using the right colors. Of course, your first option should include your brand colors. But that doesn’t mean you’re limited to that.

You can also consider the colors associated with your product and what your customers prefer to purchase.

If you have a cosmetics line for a young crowd, you want to have fun and maybe have a few flirty colors. Blend it well with your Brand’s colors to get a unique look.


Finally, the images play a massive role in making your retail packaging attractive.

From afar, it’s the first thing that your customer sees. So it has to be interesting enough and resonate with your market.

The images you choose don’t have to be about the product. It can be about the aspirations associated with what you’re selling.

What if your text occupies a lot of space?

That’s okay. You can use the text to be the design of your packaging. Use typography to make your packaging visually attractive.

Are You Ready to Create Retail Packaging That’ll Impress Your Customers? Let Packoi Printing Help.

Your retail packaging has a considerable responsibility to impress your customers. They’ll look the other way if it doesn’t meet their expectations.

Or the customer will look at the following product on the shelf.

The good news is you can stop this from happening. You can ensure that your product will jump out from the shelf so people will pick it up and decide to buy it.

That’s the power of your packaging.

If you want to know more about creating the best packaging, Packoi Printing has the expertise and experience to help.

Let us know the details, and we can help you produce the right packaging design for your products.

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