7+7 Trendy Designs for Mailer Boxes to Impress Your Market

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Unlike product packaging, custom mailboxes must be designed to capture the customer's attention so that they decide to buy the product.

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The customer has already bought the product in the mailer boxes. That means the purpose of the box design goes beyond just convincing the customer to make a purchase.

It’s about making a stronger connection with your target market.

In this article, you’ll discover more about this purpose and the different ways you can make your mailer boxes sell more of your product. You’ll learn about different design trends that can help you impress your target market and increase your overall sales.

Mailer Boxes designs

Benefits of Well-Designed Custom Mailer Box

Compared to shipping boxes, a custom mailer box is a powerful tool that you can use to make your brand more competitive. Whether the customer bought subscription boxes or only planned to make one purchase, this is your chance to make a connection with your target market.

The best way to do that is by designing your custom mailer boxes. From the material choices to the print design, you must impress them with how you crafted your mailer box.

Here are four reasons why a well-designed mailer box is necessary for your business.

1. Speaks Volumes about the Brand

A custom mailer box is a marketing tool. That means you should consider it an extension of your brand. If the design of your subscription boxes is disappointing, your customers will feel the same way about your brand.

If you’re trying to build a luxurious reputation for your brand, use a black box with some foil stamping. These can create a luxurious mailer box. Use fun colors and bold prints if your brand caters to a young market.

The design of the box will reveal if the customer has something in common with your brand.

2. Enhances Unboxing Experience

Custom mailer boxes

If your custom mailer boxes succeed in connecting with your target audience, this can lead to a great unboxing experience. Once they see the mailing boxes and feel impressed by the design, they’ll feel a sense of anticipation.

You can use the design to build excitement as the customer moves to open the box. From removing custom stickers or packaging sleeves to opening the box and seeing what’s inside, you can carefully orchestrate the whole experience to work in your favor.

3. Set the Right Tone for the Product

With a positive unboxing experience, how do you think the customers will feel once they see the product?

There’s a high chance that they’ll be more welcoming of what they see inside the custom mailer box.

This is another reason why you want to be careful about the design of your custom mailer boxes. It sets the tone for the product.

If they feel excited about the opening, it’ll put them in a positive state, making them more receptive to the product.

4. Creates a Strong Brand Recall

After a positive experience with your custom boxes, what happens next? Your customer will have a strong positive memory of the unboxing and product reveal.

Even if they don’t decide to buy from you immediately, that’s okay. The next time they need your product, they’ll remember what it felt like when they opened your package. If they want to feel the same way again, they’ll decide to order from you.

That’s what a great custom mailer box design can give your brand.

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7 Mailer Box Design Trends That Never Go out of Style

There are several design trends to choose from when you’re creating unique mailer boxes for your brand. Some are only good for a specific season. There are also design trends that never go out of style.

If you want to create custom packaging that you can use for a long time, here are seven design trends that you can consider.

1. Functional Product Trays

functional product trays

The main purpose of a custom mailer box is to ensure that your product travels safely to the customer’s house.

One way to do that is by putting a customized product tray in the custom mailer boxes. These are also called box inserts or dividers, and they’ll keep your product in place no matter what.

While this is more functional, it doesn’t have to be boring. Give it a pop of color or print. Use it to surprise your customers when they open the box.

2. Simple Kraft Mailer Boxes

If simplicity is what you prefer, go for sustainable packaging. Choose paper and cardboard packaging for your mailer box design, like kraft boxes.

Simple Kraft Boxes

In the design of the kraft mailer box, it is possible to keep the natural brown color of the box and only print the smallest pattern on it. If you’re using labels and stickers, make sure they are also made of paper to stick with your simple theme.

3. White and Minimalist Prints

If you don’t like the brown color but still don’t like printed boxes, go for white. Request all-white mailer boxes and then choose a small print design in black.

This minimalist packaging design will make your print stand out. So you’d better choose the right text. It could just be your brand name or a tagline that you want your business to be known for.

4. Black and Foil Stamping

If you want your custom mailer boxes to reflect your luxurious brand, use an all-over black design with foil stamping.

Black and Foil Stamping

The combination of black and metallic print will make your custom packaging look sophisticated and elegant. It can increase the value of your box and the product, making the customer feel like they got a premium item from you.

5. Colorful and Fun

You should follow this trend if your target market comprises young individuals. Design custom mailer boxes to be colorful and fun to look at.

You can even use cartoon designs. Choose bright colors and patterns for your mailer box design. You can make your box leave a lasting impression with the right combination.

6. Print a Message Under the Lid

Here’s a great way to add a surprise to your mailer boxes. Put a sweet or inspiring message under the lid of the box.


So the customer will only see it once they open the box. If you understand how mailer boxes are designed, you’ll know that the underside of the lid is the best place to put a surprise. Instead of just leaving it blank, make your customers feel good by choosing the right message for them. Some examples include “You deserve the best in the world” or “Made with love just for you.”

7. Add a Window

mailer box with a window

Let the product be the actual mailer box design. Put a window on the lid of the custom mailer boxes to give a peek at what’s inside.

This works best in your product with a big graphic design or pattern. Position it well so the design peeks out the window of the box lid.

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7 Trendy Designs for Custom-Printed Mailer Boxes

There are other trendy designs that you can choose for your versatile custom mailer box. But you must realize that these designs may lose appeal after some time. It all depends on the preferences of your customers.

So make sure you know what they want so you can make the right choice for the design of your mailer box.

Here are seven designs that you can choose from:

1. Wrap-Around Patterns

You can put the same pattern in your custom mailer boxes if your product uses a specific pattern. If not, then you can create a unique pattern using your brand logo and name. This will make your mailer box look unique.

Have this pattern printed all over the surface of your box. Let your customers familiarize themselves with this design so they’ll recognize it as your very own.

2. Hidden Patterns (Inside Surprise)

the print inside mailer boxes

This is just like the previous one—you can use an all-over print of your pattern. But this time, you’ll be putting the print inside mailer boxes.

Have the other mailer box designed in a solid color, with maybe just your brand name or logo. Then, when the customer opens the box, they’ll see the pattern printed inside.

It’ll be like a surprise for your customers.

3. Typography

You can also create a versatile custom mailer box design by using typography. This is a type of art that uses fonts creatively. Sometimes, it’s a mix of different font types in various sizes.

When using this design, you must consider the words and font you’ll use. Don’t use random words. You can stick to your brand name. Or you can use words that your customers resonate with. It could even be words that reflect the product that you’re selling.

4. Colorful Product Representation

Another trend you can follow is using colorful images depicting the product in your custom mailer boxes.

So if you’re selling a cologne with fruity scents, use a cartoon image of the fruit flavor. Or, if you’re selling makeup products, use a colorful drawing of a face. Be as creative as you can be in designing your packaging boxes.

5. Use a Brand Mascot

mailer box with brand mascot

If your brand uses a mascot of sorts, you can use that as the design of your custom mailer boxes. The mailer box design can just have that one mascot in the center of the lid.

Or you can position it strategically in the mailer box, maybe as part of the surprise message under the box lid.

6. Custom Stickers

This is an idea that can make your mailer boxes more cost-efficient. You can order plain-looking boxes and have them shipped flat to you. This will make it easier to store them since they won’t take up a lot of space.

Then you can personalize the mailer box before shipping it out to your customers. Printing customized designs for stickers will help you differentiate your mailer boxes without costing too much.

7. Printed Sleeves

mailer boxes with sleeves

If you don’t like the idea of stickers, use printed packaging sleeves. You can turn any plain mailer box into a printed one.

Create packaging sleeves that are almost as wide as the box and look like you have printed custom boxes. It can also serve as extra protection and security for the box as it travels to your customers.

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How to Choose the Right Design for Custom Mailer Boxes

With all the options for your mailer box design, how will you know which is the right one for you?

While choosing the most popular one may be tempting, you must consider a few things first.

Think about Your Audience

What does your audience expect out of your mailer boxes? Custom boxes allow you to do more than normal shipping boxes.

If they want sustainability, use recycled materials for your durable corrugated cardboard box to make your mailer box recyclable.

If your audience usually buys your products to give them as gifts, create retail-ready gift boxes so they don’t have to spend more on wrapping the present.

Focus on their personal preferences so you can meet their expectations.

Consider the Product

The custom mailer boxes are made to protect the product that you’re shipping out. So, don’t use single-wall corrugated cardboard if you think it requires extra protection. You might want to use sturdy double-wall corrugated cardboard instead. You can even use E flute corrugated cardboard, which will be stronger to protect your product from damage during transportation.

While this will make the box heavier, it’ll ensure that your product packaging is strong enough to ensure that your customer will get their purchase in the best condition.

Align with the Brand

Mailing boxes are considered e-commerce packaging. It’s the first thing that customers will see when your product arrives at their doorstep. This is consistent with the shipping box.

Think about how to make your e-commerce brand better and better. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a great first impression. Choose the right packaging solution that’ll justify the brand image you want to create.

mailer boxes

Stick to the Budget

Finally, your mailer boxes should also be within your budget. Don’t just consider the product packaging materials and design in terms of cost. You should also take into account the shipping and storage of the boxes.

These should all be within your budget, so you don’t make it too costly for your business. Balance cost-efficiency without sacrificing quality.

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Choosing the right packaging solution to create trendy mailer boxes shouldn’t be too complicated. There are several options and inspirations to choose from. Do your research and have a firm understanding of what you want your brand to represent.

When in doubt, make sure you partner with the right packaging supplier.

Packoi Printing has both expertise and experience to offer. We offer full digital CMYK printing, FSC-certified paper products, and even design services.

Let’s discuss how we can help you create the best mailer boxes for your brand.

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