The Power of a Kraft Mailer Box Design (8 to Consider)

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Custom mailer boxes play a huge role in strengthening customer relationships. You have to remember, a mailer box is the first thing that your customers will see.

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It’s your job to make it visually appealing so it leaves a lasting impression on your customers. But that doesn’t always mean you have to be extravagant with your design.

You can use mailing boxes made of simple Kraft materials to impress your customers. These are durable, like shipping boxes, ensuring that your products are well-protected while shipping.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the benefits of using Kraft mailer boxes and why simplicity is sometimes the best design approach.

Kraft Mailer Boxes

6 Benefits of Using Kraft Material for Custom Mailer Boxes

Using custom-printed mailer boxes has its appeal. People like a well-designed mailer box. But here’s the thing:

Even if your custom mailer boxes are plain and simple, they can still leave a positive impression on the recipient.

This is especially true if you use Kraft material to create your boxes.

There are 6 important benefits that you’ll gain by using this material.

1. Simple

We live in a world where everything happens so fast and we’re constantly bombarded with information from all sides. Although it may not be evident, we sometimes crave simplicity at some points.

This is the reason why creating simple mailer boxes is widely accepted by a lot of brands. It’s a welcome relief for our overly stimulated senses.

A mailer box made of kraft material feels so natural and raw. That’s something that people would like to be treated with now and then.

2. Sustainable

We’ve mentioned that mailer boxes feel natural. That’s because it displays the natural color of paper – which is brown.

So the brown kraft mailer boxes are unbleached and usually free from chemicals.

That makes this material sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

simple mailer boxes

But that’s not all. These corrugated boxes have a lower carbon footprint since they are lightweight and can be dismantled and shipped flat. They won’t take up a lot of space and weight to ship out.

3. Versatile

Mailer boxes made of corrugated board are versatile. A custom mailer box can be designed in any shape, size, color, or form.

Of course, you’ll save more if you use the standard sizes that the packaging supplier has in stock. This includes 14”x12”x3”, 10”x8”x4”, or 6”x6”x2” (length x width x depth). But you can choose however you want your mailers to look like. You can also customize the size you want, as long as you determine the box dimension, it is easy.

As long as it fits and protects your product, you can be very creative with your design choices.

4. Sturdy

Kraft mailer boxes are made of durable corrugated cardboard packaging material. This makes it sturdy enough to protect the product while it’s being delivered to the customer. It’s just as strong as shipping boxes.

Corrugated mailer boxes also come with protective dust flaps that close the box. This ensures that the product is secure inside and won’t get damaged.

You can use either a single or double-wall corrugated board – it’ll depend on what your product needs in terms of protection.

5. Highlights Product

By choosing simple materials like kraft paper boards, your mailer boxes are putting the spotlight on the product. Sure, you want the mailer box to make a good first impression.

But if you make it too creative, it might overshadow your product. Worse, it might skew the customer’s expectations of the product. If you make the custom packaging more awesome than the product, it might be the last time that the customer orders from you.

So find a balance. Make your mailer box impressive – but don’t take the spotlight away from the product.

6. Cost-Efficient

Using kraft cardboard for your mailer boxes will also make your product packaging more cost-efficient. The material itself isn’t bleached or anything – making it cheaper to produce.

If you order them in bulk and you choose standard sizes that the supplier has in stock, it’ll cost you even less.

As mentioned, a mailer box is also shipped flat. That means you can pay less to have it delivered. Storing will also be cheaper since it won’t take up a lot of space.

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8 to Consider When Designing Custom Printed Mailer Boxes

Designing custom mailer boxes should be done with a plan in mind. Every decision you make will affect how the box will look and function.

Since your mailer box is responsible for the customer’s first impression of your brand, you want to give them the best version possible.

To do that, you have to nail 8 important decisions concerning your custom boxes.

1. Cardboard Material

There are many types of cardboard materials to choose from. Kraft material is the unbleached version that looks raw and natural.

Using this option will only limit you to using brown, black, or white mailer boxes. If you want a colorful mailer box, you’re better off using the bleached version so you get a smoother finish for your box.

Another thing you have to consider is the raw materials of the cardboard. Will you choose cardboard that’s made of recycled post-consumer content? Or do you prefer that it’s new?

cardboard mailer boxes

If you want your product packaging to be more sustainable, consider using recycled packaging materials. Paper-based materials can be recycled by up to 5-7 times. It’s better for the environment if you choose recycled content.

2. Wall Thickness

It’s important to consider your product when designing mailer boxes. If it requires extra protection, you need corrugated mailer boxes – not just cardboard.

Corrugated material has two thickness types.

One is called the E-flute. This is 1.2mm to 2mm thick. This is the most common thickness used by businesses. It’s great for fragile yet lightweight items like ceramics or glass products.

The B-flute is thicker at 2.5mm to 3mm. This is a great material for mailer boxes that carry heavy products like bottles, etc. 

3. Size and Dimensions

What size and dimensions will your custom mailer box have? To answer this question, you have to look at the product. The length, width, and depth of the mailer boxes should be big enough to fit the product plus some extra space for cushioning materials.

Check the stock packaging of the supplier so you can negotiate a lower price for the boxes.

You should also decide on the mailer box style. Do you want those with dust flaps or not? This will add extra protection if the custom boxes can be securely closed.

This brings us to the next part – the closure.

4. Closure Type

Mailer boxes are usually designed with a lid that’s attached to the rest of the box to close. The lid has a front flap that tucks into the body of the box.

If you need extra protection for the mailer box, you might want a lid with dust flaps. These are like extensions of the lid that folds into the box. The dust flaps are found at the front and side of the box.

Some mailer boxes also have “ear-like” extensions to the front dust flaps that allow the boxes to be closed securely. Even if you only have a small sticker to close the mailer box, the extra flaps will keep it from opening.

5. Color Printing

Simple mailer boxes sometimes need color printing as well. You can reinforce the brown color of the kraft material so it looks more vibrant.

colorful mailer boxes

What you have to consider is the method of printing that the packaging company will use on your custom mailer box.

If you’re choosing a kraft material for your box, you’re after simplicity. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with just brown. Black and white are also options that you can have.

You should also check the type of ink being used. Request for soy-based ink for your packaging. This will keep your mailer box recyclable and sustainable.

6. Coating

Not all packaging suppliers offer this for kraft paperboard so you need to talk to your supplier about this.

To educate you, here are the two options to coat mailer boxes.

The first option is lamination. This is a plastic coating that can keep a corrugated cardboard mailer box from tearing or cracking. The problem with this one is it’s not eco-friendly. Even if you use recyclable materials, they’ll be compromised by the lamination.

If you want a more eco-friendly option use varnish. This is a water-based coating – but it won’t provide the same protection as lamination.

There are eco-friendly options for plastic lamination – but it might cost extra if you use it. Check with your packaging supplier for the best alternative that’ll allow you to be sustainable. 

7. Finishing

The finishing affects the feel of mailer boxes to the touch. Like coating, not all packaging suppliers offer this for kraft corrugated cardboard. But to inform you of your options, here are the types of finishing you can use.

Glossy looks a bit shiny. This makes the box look reflective – but it’s also prone to showing more fingerprints.

Matte gives your mailer box a smooth and softer feel and look. It doesn’t have the same shine as the glossy finish. There’s also an option to make the matte feel softer like velvet – but you’ll have to specifically request this from the packaging supplier.

If you want a mix between matte and glossy, choose the satin finish.

8. Inner Packaging Options

 inner packaging

Once you’ve finalized the outer part of your custom mailer box, you need to consider what you’ll put inside.

Your inner packaging can include dividers or molded product trays to keep items from getting jostled during delivery. Tissue paper, crinkled paper, foam cushions, and air pillows are other cushioning materials you can use on your mailer boxes.

Choose attractive inner packaging materials like you would for gift boxes. It adds to the overall unboxing experience of the customer.

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6 Simple Design Ideas for Kraft Mailer Boxes

Even if you want the most simple design for your custom mailer boxes, that doesn’t mean you should just go for a plain brown box.

You can come up with a visually appealing mailer box. Plain corrugated cardboard materials can transform into beautiful gift boxes. You just need the right design.

Here are some of the options that you have.

1. Brown Outside, Bold Colors Inside

Kraft mailer boxes can be all brown inside – but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some color on the inside.

This will satisfy your need to keep your mailer box simple. But it’ll also give you room to unleash your creativity.

You can choose bold colors on the inside of the box. Or you can put prints in there as a contrast to what’s on the outside.

2. Brand Name and Nothing Else

If you don’t want to play with colors, just put your brand name on mailer boxes – nothing else. You can also add the logo if you wish.

Print it in the middle of the mailer box so people won’t miss it. This simple design will keep all the focus on your brand.

3. Foil Print of Logo

Here’s a simple way to design your custom mailer box while still being artistic about it. Put your brand logo on the outside of mailer boxes and use foil print. You can print a small logo or a big one at the center.

Even if you print only a small logo, the foil print will make sure people will take notice.

4. Inspiring Message

message on mailer box

If you don’t want the mailer box design to focus on your brand, that’s okay. You can print a simple message on the box to inspire customers.

The lid of mailer boxes is a great place to put even one-word messages like freedom, love, peace, and joy. Or it can be a full quote that you know will resonate with your customers.

5. Sticker or Stamp Design

Using stickers or stamps all over your mailer boxes is also a great design option. Apart from your brand name and logo, choose words, images, and other design elements that reflect both the product and your business.

Print stickers or create stamps for them. The stickers can double as something to close the mailer box, too.

6. Black and White Cartoon

Black Cartoon

Mailer boxes would also look great with black-and-white cartoons or any linear art. Keep the brown color of the kraft material, then print relevant cartoons on the surface of your mailer box.

Choose a design that fits the preferences of your target market. Make it as fun, feminine, or bold as you want. As long as it still reflects your brand, your customers will recognize it.

Are You Ready to Create a Simple Kraft Mailer Box for Your Brand? Let Packoi Printing Help.

Creating custom mailer boxes that’ll impress your customers isn’t as complicated as you think. Using kraft materials is also a great option if you want your box to be both sturdy and sustainable-looking.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t put a design on your corrugated mailer boxes. There are many simple yet visually appealing options for you to choose from.

Packoi Printing has a lot of samples that you can draw inspiration from. Let us know what your preferences are.

Give us a call and we’ll get back to you with a fair quote.

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