What Are Mailer Boxes and Their Role in the Customer’s Unboxing Experience

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Creating a memorable unboxing experience through your mailer boxes is a great marketing strategy.

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First, it leaves a lasting impact on the customer. Second, it creates an opportunity to attract more customers. After all, when you impress a customer with your packaging, they’ll deem it worthy of being featured in an unboxing video on social media.

This increases the chances that other people will try your brand.

So if you want to create an unforgettable unboxing experience, read on.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use your mailer boxes to set up a great unboxing experience for your customers – and how that can help grow your business.

The Importance of a Great Unboxing Experience

mailer boxes

The unboxing experience gained prominence because of social media. Social networking platforms allow people to share snippets about their lives.

People started getting into the habit of sharing both positive and negative experiences. One of the things being shared online is the unboxing experience.

Customers create “unboxing videos” where they document the process of opening a package received from the mail. As they open it, they narrate what they see and show remarkable designs and unique elements in the packaging.

These videos are like reviews. It gives viewers a glimpse of what they’ll experience if they buy from your brand.

This is why it’s a powerful marketing strategy that you shouldn’t ignore.

You should create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers for several reasons.

Improves Brand Image

Your packaging is an extension of your brand identity. Whatever your customers experience when they receive your package will reflect on your brand.

If it’s a positive unboxing experience, that can improve their perception of your brand. They’ll feel the same way about your brand if they’re not impressed.

There’s a high chance that they’ll look for another business that offers the same product when they need it next time.

Heightens Customer Experience

Mailer Box

Generally, you want your customers to have a great experience as they use your product. But some businesses fail to realize that this starts during the unboxing experience.

There’s a huge potential when people receive a package for the first time. It sets the pace for how they’ll perceive the product.

Giving them a great first impression will make them feel more positive about the whole experience. They’ll feel a sense of excitement that’ll influence how they’ll use the product.

Make sure they get the right first impression through the unboxing experience you’ll provide. Make it impressive enough so they’ll feel like creating unboxing videos to promote it.

Strengthens Customer Loyalty

If you can give customers a great boxing experience, what comes next? They’ll start to look at your brand in a more favorable light.

And if your product can meet and exceed their expectations, that can build brand loyalty. It’s easier to impress them because they already feel happy about your package. It’s just a matter of making that positive feeling last so you can strengthen their customer loyalty.

Encourages Repeat Purchases

While it’s nice for your packaging to be featured in an unboxing video, there’s one thing that’s better than being posted on social media.

It’s when you create repeat customers.

You see, another benefit of creating a memorable unboxing experience is encouraging people to buy from you again. If you succeed in giving them a great experience, they’ll want to recreate it.

They’ll think of buying from you again so they can receive the same package.

Why Use Mailer Boxes for A Memorable Unboxing Experience

Mailer Boxes

Thanks to the benefits of a great unboxing experience, it’s becoming necessary when designing your product’s packaging.

But with all the packaging options, why should you focus on mailer boxes?

These boxes are made of shipping boxes – just like corrugated packaging. It’s also handy like folding cartons.

Why should you pay attention to a mailer box to create a great unboxing experience?


A mailer box can be created in different sizes and shapes. As long as your product can fit inside, you can create any shape in the box. It can make any unboxing experience interesting.

This custom packaging can also use different types of materials – from kraft paper to white paperboard. You can choose the best material that fits your design and brand image.


A mailer box is also more secure than other types of boxes. That’s because of the way the flaps are positioned to keep the products inside. It’s also quite durable so you can put the product inside, some fillers and it should be ready for shipping.

The walls of the box as thick enough to keep the product from being crushed during shipment.


With its versatility, you can expect a mailer box to be designed in every way. You can give a unique unboxing experience that’ll bring 100% customer satisfaction.

Every design element on the box can be unique to your brand. So feel free to discuss this with your packaging supplier so they can help create the right eco-friendly packaging material for your product.


A mailer box makes logistics an easy feat. It’s lightweight and foldable – making it easy to store. When you use it for packaging your product, it won’t take up much space or weight.

This also means your box will be easy to handle. Customers won’t have to struggle with a huge package. That’ll set everything up for a convenient unboxing experience.


A mailer box is made of paper-based material. If you get it from a company certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), that means the materials used are from responsibly managed forests. This FSC-certified packaging can also be made of recycled materials.

This will help increase customer satisfaction – specifically with your eco-friendly market.


Since a mailer box is lightweight, it becomes more cost-efficient. You can order them in bulk because it won’t take a lot of space to store them.

If you’re worried about the design of the mailer box, you can easily decorate them with custom stickers and labels so they look more unique and personalized.

It also won’t cost much to ship these since they are usually smaller than shipping boxes.

How to Design Mailer Boxes into an Impressive Custom Packaging

mailer boxes

Once you’ve decided to use a mailer box for your products, it’s time to figure out the design elements that’ll make the unboxing experience exceptional.

How should you put it all together so you can give your customers the best unboxing experience that’ll make them want to share it on social media?

Pick the Right Materials

If you want to provide a memorable unboxing experience, you have first to choose the right materials for the mailer box.

Pick something that represents your brand well, can protect your product, and satisfy the eco-friendly preferences of your customers.

Choose a Branded Design

Brand recognition is also important if you want the unboxing experience to benefit your brand. After all, it’s your brand that you want the customer to remember.

Creating branded boxes doesn’t always mean an all-over print of your brand logo. You can have branded packaging that only has one logo – as long as it’s positioned in a visible area.

Send a Powerful Message

Use the design of your mailer box to deliver a message. It could be a message of sustainability. Or it could be the story of your brand. You can even stick to an inspiring message that can make a difference in the lives of your customers.

Choose a story that’ll resonate with your customers. If it makes them emotional, that’ll make the unboxing experience special.

Include a Surprise

Don’t just focus on impressing customers with the outer box design. The unboxing experience goes all the way to the inside of the packaging.

Give customers a pleasant once they open the box. Give them free samples. Or make the inner box design a complete contrast to what’s outside. These simple surprises can effectively make the unboxing experience memorable.

Make It Personal

Adding a personal touch to the mailer box is also something that can contribute to the unboxing experience.

What’s great about this type of box is you can easily write on it yourself. Incorporate a space for you to write a note in the design – it could be an inspiring quote or a motivational message.

It’ll be more special if it’s a handwritten note.

Tips to Deliver the Best Branded Packaging Experience

mailer box

To help your mailer box create the best customer experience, you must first understand what happens during unboxing.

Ask yourself specific questions. What does the customer see first? What do they do once they hold the box? How will they open it?

When you understand the process, it’ll be easier to put together the mailer box design so it provides the ultimate unboxing experience.

Start with the Branding Outside

The best way to start the unboxing experience is through brand recognition. The process will begin with the outer design of the mailer box.

Use branded boxes so people will know who sent the package. You can customize design elements like labels, packing tape, etc.

Think About the Product Presentation

After the customer sees your brand in the mailer box, you must set up the product presentation to build anticipation. Add tissue paper to make the product look valuable.

With more layers to unwrap, the unboxing experience will be exciting.

If you can successfully build this sense of anticipation, the customer is more likely to create unboxing videos to capture it.

Customize Fillers

It would heighten the unboxing experience if you choose the right fillers to surround the product. It could be in the form of branded tissue paper. Or something that the customer can use. It could be a branded shirt, stress balls, soft towel, etc.

This would show that you carefully consider the fillers – something your customers will surely appreciate.

Send a Free Gift

Do you love free stuff? If your answer is yes, then you can assume that your customers would like that as well. The customized fillers will give you examples of how to send free gifts to your customers. This isn’t just about giving a surprise. It’s also about minimizing packaging waste and creating a better unboxing experience.

Apart from gifts, you can also provide free samples of other products you offer. It’ll introduce other products that your customers might be interested in.

Encourage Engagement

Providing a great unboxing experience will only benefit you if it can be shared on your brand’s social media channels.

Give your customers a reason to create unboxing videos. Set up a contest or hashtags that they can use when they post. Provide incentives so they’ll be encouraged to share the experience with others.

Add a Thank You Note

This is part of creating a personalized mailer box surprise for the customer. Give the unboxing experience a personal touch by including a thank you note inside the package.

Put it beside the product and include a few tips or instructions so the customers will know how to use it properly.

What’s great about thank you notes is you can use them to start building a relationship with your customers.

Make It Convenient

To complete your mailer box, don’t forget to add a return shipping label to it. This sends a very important message to your customers.

It tells them that you value their comfort even if it means you’ll lose on the sale. Even if the customer doesn’t return the package, they know that you can be trusted to do the right thing. This can lead to brand loyalty.

Let’s Give Your Customers an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience Through Your Mailer Box.

Packoi Printing Is Here to Help.

The importance of an unboxing experience is too great to ignore. But it’s important to take advantage of it so you can improve your brand image, strengthen customer relationships, and increase your sales.

Although a mailer box is a great way to create an unforgettable experience for your customers, there are other packaging options that you can try.

Packoi Printing can introduce you to the different options that you have.

Give us a call so we can discuss the possibilities for you. We’ll get back to you with a fair quote soon.

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