How to Create Luxurious Mailer Boxes to Dazzle Your Customers

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The design of luxury boxes is influential enough to affect the buying decisions of your target market.

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According to a survey, 72% of the respondents look at the product packaging design before they decide to buy something. 67% even said that the packaging materials also influenced their decision to buy.

What does this mean for you?

If you plan to create custom mailer boxes for your luxury brand, choose a design that’ll dazzle your customers. If done right, this won’t just result in higher sales. It can also help improve customer loyalty and secure your reputation as a luxury brand.

In this article, you’ll find out how to maximize the effects of your luxury mailer boxes and get tips to create effective and sustainable custom packaging for your business.

Luxurious Mailer Box

7 Characteristics of a Luxurious Mailer Box

Before creating a luxurious custom mailer box design, you have to understand what luxury means. What are the characteristics that can make a box luxurious?

It’s not about using expensive materials or metallic colors to make mailer boxes exude opulence. It’s about providing a complete packaging solution that elevates the value of your product and brand.

If you want to create a luxurious mailer box, here are the must-have characteristics that your mailer boxes should have.

Uses Premium Materials

Why are luxury items expensive? Because they use premium materials. That’s the foundation of every luxury item out there.

So if you want your custom mailer boxes to exude elegance, use only premium materials to create them.

Even if you only use cardboard for your subscription boxes, it should have the best quality and functionality. It should protect your product without compromising its visual appeal. When the customer touches it, they have to know that what they’re touching is the best cardboard material available on the market.

Shows Brand Alignment

Luxury brands are known for their distinct designs. Think of Chanel, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton. They have specific colors, patterns, and design elements that are unique to them. Even from afar, you’ll recognize that it’s theirs immediately.

custom mailer box with brand

Your customer mailer boxes should reflect the unique designs of your brand. If you don’t have one yet, go to the drawing board and create a design that will represent your brand accurately.

This is the design that will improve brand recognition. Make the design so cohesive and aligned with your brand that when the customer sees it, they immediately know that it’s yours.

Creates a Personalized Experience

Another characteristic of luxury is personalization. When you create your custom packaging solution, the customer should feel like the unboxing experience was created for them. That’s a great way to make it a memorable experience.

How can you do this? Include handwritten notes in your mailer boxes. Put exclusive offers or even small gifts. Make your custom mailer box go the extra mile. This is how you create a connection that’ll lead to customer loyalty.

Focuses on Intricate Details

In the world of luxury, every single detail matters. Every stroke, color, pattern, and material should have a meaning and purpose in your luxury packaging solution.

Whether it’s the magnetic closure, the satin ribbons, embossed designs, foil prints, or even the custom inserts – these should all exude luxury and sophistication. Every detail should contribute to the value of the packaging and the overall experience of the customer as they unbox your packaging.

The intricate details of your custom mailer boxes should tell a story that will elevate people’s perception of your brand.

Prefers High-Quality Printing and Finish

The visual appeal of your custom mailer boxes should exude luxury from all angles. It should captivate customers at sight. When they touch it, your custom mailers should make your customers feel the premium quality of your box.

metallic print box

Use high-quality printing and finish to make this possible. Choose foil stamping and all kinds of metallic print to represent opulence. Create embossed designs to add depth and texture to your luxurious mailer box.

Depending on the design and print techniques you used, choose matte or gloss lamination to create an incredible finish on the surface of the box. Make sure it highlights the print design you used on the box.

Offers Extreme Durability

Creating a durable custom mailer box is an important part of your luxury brand. Why? If your mailer boxes fail to protect your product, it’ll say a lot about your brand’s ability to deliver the best to your customers.

So focus on the durability of your box. Although it’s technically a smaller shipping box, it’s still a representation of your brand.

To offer durability, use strong materials. One of the most cost-efficient options is corrugated cardboard packaging. Choose the one with structural integrity that meets the specifications that your product needs.

Remember, a durable box means your brand is committed to quality. You want your customers to have that perception of your brand.

Promotes Sustainability

This is a new characteristic of luxury – sustainability. With the clamor to produce more eco-friendly packaging, luxury brands should be at the forefront of providing sustainable custom mailer boxes.

There are many ways to advocate for sustainability and show it in your mailer boxes.

Add a tag to educate customers about the idea of sustainability in all your packaging. Use eco-friendly materials to create your mailer boxes. Opt for FSC-certified packaging suppliers to ensure that the materials they’ll use to create your box are from responsibly managed forests.

5 Reasons Why Luxurious Custom Packaging Benefits Your Brand

Let’s be honest. Mailer boxes are just smaller versions of shipping boxes. Why should you go through all the trouble to make it look luxurious?

The answer is simple. Your custom packaging can help your brand stand out by creating a meaningful connection with your customer base.

When done right, your custom mailer boxes can create a powerful and unforgettable first impression.

Here are other reasons why you should invest in creating a luxurious mailer box.

image 132

It Enhances Brand Perception

The custom mailer box design is sometimes the first physical interaction that customers have with your brand – especially if it’s used for e-commerce packaging. It’s the prelude to the product that’s inside the box.

If you create luxury packaging, the customer will assume that the product inside is luxurious as well. It sets the expectations and can enhance their perception of your brand on sight.

Since luxury is about excellence and quality, your customers will associate it with your brand as well. That’s a great first impression that’ll surely resonate with your customers.

It Creates an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

Custom mailer boxes offer the chance to set the right tone as your customer begins the unboxing experience. It marks the beginning of their journey with you.

If you want to impress them with your luxury products, you can’t do that by putting them in a substandard mailer box. You have to make your box exude the same level of elegance and sophistication as the contents within.

When customers see the premium materials and the high-quality printing techniques, it creates excitement within your customers. It ignites a positive emotion that’ll carry them through the unboxing experience. This is something that your customers will remember for a long time.

It Gives You a Competitive Advantage

The memorable unboxing experience that you’ll create through your custom mailer box is powerful enough to put your brand ahead of your competition.

First, the unforgettable experience will boost brand recognition. Second, it’ll set you apart and make your brand stand out in the market. It’ll demonstrate to customers that when it comes to their experience, you’re not cutting corners. Your mailer boxes are meant to impress and that’s the commitment that you’ll give no matter what.

If this is the impression that your box will leave, your customers will forget about other brands and just focus on yours.

It Improves Your Product’s Value

custom mailer boxes

Creating luxury in your custom mailer boxes will reinforce the value of the luxury products within. Remember, the packaging will set the tone for how the customer will experience your product.

If you make them happy with the foil-stamping design of your box, that positive feeling will continue when they see what’s inside. If you impress them with the premium materials you use, they’ll feel like the price they paid for your product is already worth it.

The attention to detail that you put on the box will also assure the customer that you’ll put the same effort into your products. That builds trust and customer loyalty.

It Encourages Social Media Promotion

Custom printed mailer boxes offer the chance to promote your luxury brand. How? The visual appeal and the promise of a great unboxing experience encourage people to promote it online.

This is beneficial especially to luxury brands like yours. Studies show that 75% of luxury shoppers use social media to browse options.

If you provide customers with luxurious-looking product packaging, they’ll want to brag about it online. That’s free advertising to help you reach more customers.

How to Create a Luxurious Yet Sustainable Custom Mailer Box

Now that you understand why it’s important to create a luxurious custom mailer box design, there’s one thing that you need to do. Make sure your luxury box is sustainable.

Here are 6 tips that can help keep your luxury subscription boxes sustainable.

Opt for Sustainable Materials

Sustainability starts with the materials. It doesn’t matter if you use corrugated boxes – it has to come from the right source for you to claim that it’s sustainable.

Your custom mailer boxes should use environmentally-friendly alternatives like recycled cardboard, compostable paperboard, and other biodegradable materials. Don’t forget to include the inserts and fillers. These have to be eco-friendly as well.

Stick to Minimalism

sample mailer boxes

Part of being sustainable is minimizing waste. While luxury is oftentimes associated with opulence and extravagance, you have to realize that minimalism can also be considered luxurious. So don’t write off a minimalistic design for your custom packaging.

Create your custom mailer boxes using high-quality materials. Design it with functionality in mind. They’ll still exude luxury even if they’re in plain colors with minimal decorations.

Keep It Functional

If you have to use excessive design elements in your custom mailer box, at least make them functional. Use fabric for fillers so the customer can reuse it for something else.

Make your box beautiful so it can be reused to store jewelry or other small items around the house. The design of your custom boxes should encourage customers to reuse them instead of throwing them away.

Make It Educational

Your custom mailer boxes can be used for multiple purposes. It protects your products and takes them to the customer safely. But you can also use them to educate your customers about sustainability.

Add a tag or insert in the box that’ll educate your customers about how they can properly dispose of the mailer box. You can also give them a link that provides tips on how they can reuse the box.

Use Eco-Friendly Printing Methods

Even if you use sustainable materials for your custom mailer boxes, it won’t matter if you use toxic ink to print on them. Do your research and familiarize yourself with eco-friendly printing methods. Check out non-toxic ink that you can use to print on your mailer boxes.

Talk to your printing supplier and ask them about their printing process. Make sure they practice sustainability so they can help you create eco-friendly boxes.

Partner With the Right Packaging Supplier

custom mailer boxes

To make it easier for you to create sustainable custom mailer boxes, make sure you partner with the right supplier.

Choose a supplier that’s FSC-certified. These companies are proven to implement sustainable practices. They also get the raw materials for custom boxes from responsibly managed forests.

Let’s Create Luxurious Custom Mailer Boxes. Packoi Printing Is FSC-Certified and Ready to Assist.

If you create luxurious and sustainable custom mailer boxes, you’re taking the right step in building a great reputation for your brand. Although mailer boxes are basically shipping boxes, these are powerful tools that can build a massive following for your products and brand.

Don’t underestimate what custom packaging boxes can do for your business. Packoi Printing has been producing custom boxes for years and we completely understand how it can help grow businesses.

Talk to us about your luxury mailer box requirements. We are FSC-certified so we can show you eco-friendly alternatives for your packaging needs.

Give us a call and we’ll send you a fair quotation in no time.

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