How to Use Mailer Boxes with Inserts to Enhance the Unboxing Experience

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Pay attention to the overall design and product presentation that your mailer boxes can bring. This is a powerful tool to increase the sales of your business.

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It’s a fact that the packaging of a product plays an important role in increasing your sales. 7 out of 10 consumers are influenced by the packaging design. But this isn’t just about the outer look of the box. It’s also about how the product is presented through the packaging.

This is why mailer boxes are crucial because they provide an opportunity to give customers a great unboxing experience. The moment customers see the custom boxes on their doorstep, it already creates excitement. How can you ensure this feeling will be sustained once the customer opens the mailer box?

This is where packaging inserts come into play. This article will focus on educating you about box inserts and how you can use them to create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers.

unboxing experience

How the Unboxing Experience Increases Brand Loyalty

The importance of the unboxing experience only came to light in recent years. Social media gave customers the platform to show videos of how they unbox the products delivered to them. It has gained so much popularity that 55% of consumers admit that unboxing videos influence their buying decisions.

That’s very powerful. You’re not just impressing the actual buyer of your product. You’re also getting video materials to get the attention of potential customers.

But that’s not the only thing that makes the unboxing experience important. If you do this right, you can increase the loyalty of customers to your brand.

According to reports 60% to 80% of customers will only choose to do more business with a brand if they feel a connection with them. Even if their experience is satisfactory, they won’t do a repeat unless they get this connection.

If your unboxing experience makes customers feel connected to you, it’s easier to increase customer loyalty. Encouraging customers to patronize your products and services in the long run will be easier.

How do custom box inserts play a role in this?

Imagine impressing the customer with a great packaging design. But once they open it, they see the products in disarray. Some of them may even have scratches on them.

Do you think that’s the type of presentation that would leave a connection with your customers? The answer is NO. It may be the last time that the customer will buy from you.

If you want to avoid this scenario, make sure you pay attention to the inside of your mailer box.

4 Benefits of Using Mailer Box Packaging Inserts

Using custom inserts for your mailer box is an effective way to ensure that your customers will be impressed by your products. In case your customer decides to do unboxing videos, they won’t be disappointed by what they’ll see inside. Your brand can benefit from its positive unboxing experience because when it gets posted online, it’ll reach more people. It can encourage others to try out your brand.

DIOR UNBOXING "Darling You Deserve Dior" LUXURY GIFT IDEAS UNDER $500. 12 Days of Xmas Day 3 #Shorts

When others see the video, you’d want them to be impressed with your offer. A mailer box insert makes that possible. You’ll get 4 impressive benefits from using inserts.

Maximum Product Protection

Packaging inserts are also great for providing an extra layer of protection. Although your products may come in their respective containers and even boxes, arranging them in inserts will keep them from being jostled while it’s in transit.

This minimizes scratches, bumps, and other damages. This is most useful when you’re shipping delicate and fragile items. It’s like having a second layer of protection for your products. You don’t have to feel stressed because you know your product has a minimal chance of breaking.

Better Product Presentation

Having mailer box inserts gives customers a visually appealing presentation of the products. It doesn’t matter if it travels over long distances. Your products will still look great. It won’t be jumbled with each other. They’ll be in the same place that you designed them to be.

You can plan how the products will look so it creates the best unboxing experience for your customers. If you want them to look fun, sophisticated, or luxurious, the inserts will make sure that they look just like that when they arrive at your customer’s doorstep.

This will give them a memorable interaction with your product packaging.

luxurious mailer boxes

Organized Contents

Imagine impressing your customers with the design of your mailer box. Then when they open it, they get blown away by how you’ve arranged the products inside the box. How do you think they would feel about your product now?

They’ll think that if this is how you present your products, what other impressive things can they expect from you?

This is how your box inserts hype the whole unboxing experience. Together with the product packaging, it sets up the tone for the customer’s experience with the actual product.

Branding Opportunities

The surface of the custom inserts gives you the perfect opportunity to promote your brand. Apart from the branded packaging, you can personalize the inserts by printing your brand name or logo on it. Feel free to add promotional inserts so your brand story can be shared with customers. Put free samples of products that you want to launch or push to customers. Add branded items that you know will improve the customer’s experience with the product they just bought from you.

You can even add a personalized note to thank them for their purchase.

a personalized note

These are all examples of how you can increase the customer’s interaction with your brand. Giving free samples and gifts will also improve their perception of your business and everything associated with it.

5 Types of Custom Packaging Inserts for Mailer Boxes

Now that you more about the important role of mailer box inserts in your sales and marketing strategy, it’s time to learn about the different materials you can use to create them. Choose the best material that’ll complete the unboxing experience. Align it with the design and functionality of the custom packaging that you used.

While you can be very creative with your inserts, here are the common materials that are effective custom packaging inserts.

Cardboard Inserts

If you want your packaging inserts to be sustainable, this is the most common option that you can choose. Cardboard and other paper-based materials come from a renewable source – trees. As long as you get your materials from the right supplier, you can help minimize the damage caused by deforestation and illegal logging.

This is also practical if you’re using cardboard as the material for your mailer boxes. You can get the inserts from the same company that supplies your custom boxes. It’ll make the process simpler and you’ll be working with a company that knows your preferences. This might even lower the cost of adding the inserts to your mailer box.

Cardboard Inserts

Not only that, using cardboard means you can be as creative as you want with the inserts. You can have it in any color that you wish and you can print any design on it. This is suited for cosmetic items and other skin care or beauty products.

Pulp Inserts

This is another sustainable option that you can use. Pulp inserts are simple molded pulp made of recycled fibers. Think of it like paper mache. When paper material is recycled, they’re broken down into several pieces. They are then shaped into different forms and used for something else.

The great thing about molded pulp inserts is you can have them in any shape or form that you want. You can be as creative as you want with its design. They can be custom-fitted for your products and any other items that you’d like to add to the box.

Because of its composition, these are great for electronic products because they’re lightweight and great shock absorbers. This is a great addition to your sustainable packaging and your customers will surely notice and appreciate it.

electronic products' pulp Inserts

Personalized electronic packaging is also a good way to protect electronic products, you can click here to learn more.

Foam Inserts

This may be a far cry from the previous sustainable options but don’t worry. There are bio-based foam materials that are eco-friendly. These custom inserts are ideal for delicate products that you want to ship out. They are lightweight and quite popular for glassware and electronic products. These are also effective in shielding products from extreme temperatures – making them the ideal insert for mailer boxes traveling long distances.

The foam inserts are great for luxurious products because they exude elegance. With the right texture and firmness, you can elevate the value of your product and the overall packaging design. It won’t cost a lot to ship out products because as mentioned, these are very light and weigh almost nothing.

Foam Inserts

Plastic Inserts

If you think that plastic inserts can be sustainable, then you’re just not looking at the right places. In case your packaging needs can only be satisfied by using plastic, don’t worry about its sustainability. You can stick to your sustainable packaging initiatives. There is biodegradable plastic that can be a good alternative for your box inserts.

These can be customized into any shape or size that you want. While it won’t offer the same protection as the other options mentioned here, it still keeps your product from moving around the box. This is a great option if you’re selling food products or even medical equipment and devices.

It’s also lightweight so using it won’t add too much to your shipping costs. But it might not have enough support for heavy items. You’re better off using pulp or cardboard inserts for that.

Customized Inserts

Apart from all these options, there are other packaging inserts that you can use to create a great unboxing experience for your brand.

You can use fabric and other cushioning inserts like branded tissue paper, etc. If you’re shipping out luxurious products like jewelry or expensive tech devices, you might want to be more careful with what material you choose.

Take the opportunity to create promotional inserts that can promote your brand and elevate the value of your business.

personalized Inserts

How to Create Mailer Box Inserts for a Great Unboxing Experience

Just because you know the packaging materials for your mailer box inserts, that doesn’t mean your customers will get a memorable unboxing experience already. You still have to plan how you’ll put them all together.

Remember, the customer journey towards a great unboxing process starts the moment they see the packaging arrive. When they carry it inside the house, put it down on the table or counter, and as they open it – all these are part of the whole experience.

It all comes into a climactic finish when they open the box to reveal the product nestled in your custom inserts. You want your mailer box and inserts set up in such a way that builds the feeling to the last moment. This is how the best unboxing videos go viral. It has to make the viewers also feel the anticipation as the unboxing happens so they are compelled to share it and order the same product from you.

To help you with this, here are the 3 things you should pay attention to:

Choose the Right Material for Inserts

This process starts with the right material for your packaging inserts. With the options you’ve seen, which one can protect and complement your product the most? What material will build your brand with the reputation that you’re aiming for?

More importantly, what material will give your customers the best unboxing experience? These are the questions that you need to ask if you want to impress your customers during the actual product reveal.

Create a Cohesive Box and Insert the Design

As you consider the box inserts, it’s important to tie it up with the mailer box packaging design. The exterior of the box should give customers a preview of what they’ll expect inside. So if you’re using a cardboard box, it might be a good idea to use cardboard or paper pulp for your inserts as well.

This will align everything with your sustainable brand narrative. That way, when the unboxing experience reaches the product reveal, customers won’t be distracted by the sudden change in material.

a Cohesive Box and Insert the Design

Turn It Into an Effective Marketing Material

While the focus is to give your customers a great experience so they’ll share it on social media platforms, use this opportunity to push your brand story forward. Give customers a branded unboxing experience. Put your brand on the custom inserts. Add something that’ll strengthen customer loyalty. Share promotional inserts that might be included in the unboxing videos that customers will post online.

Turn your mailer box into marketing material so you can get free mileage from your customers.

3 Sample Applications of Custom Box Inserts

To help you understand how powerful these box inserts are, look at the different ways that companies are using them. Compare them with those that don’t add it.

Which one can provide a better unboxing experience? You must consider that as you plan the inserts that your mailer box will use.

Here are 3 sample applications that you can draw inspiration from.

Sustainable Skincare Products

Imagine a sustainable skincare product that’s packaged in a simple kraft mailer box that boasts of using eco-friendly ink to print its brand and design elements on the surface. They reinforced his commitment by choosing pulp packaging inserts.

With the right labels and the organic ingredients of the skincare product, it’s a sure hit for eco-conscious consumers.

a skincare products mailer box

Fragile Jewelry Pieces

Imagine a jewelry brand that creates artisanal pieces. It’s all handcrafted with fragile-looking gems. It’s packaged luxuriously in a rigid mailer box with magnetic closures. When opened the jewelry is nestled on a custom foam insert that’s colored to look soft and elegant at the same time.

This combination makes the unboxing feel precious – like unwrapping a treasure.

jewelry box with foam insert

Gift Box Presentation

A study revealed that unboxing a gift is neurologically proven to give people a positive experience. That means you don’t have to do much to make it a great unboxing experience. But if you want a brand that’s known to go the extra mile for customers, use packaging inserts that’ll make gifts stand out.

Customize it to bear your brand elements. Use colors and patterns that will make the gift look even more appealing.

Put Together the Right Mailer Box with Inserts

With the 3 inspiring applications, it should be easier for you to come up with unique box insert ideas that’ll give your loyal customers the best unboxing experience. You have to realize by now that this is powerful enough to influence repeat purchases. With a stellar experience, people will also share their experience with your brand with others. That’s free advertising for you.

To make sure that this is the reaction that customers will get from your brand packaging, here are 3 things that you should do.

Consider Customer Preferences

Start by understanding what type of unboxing experience your customers want to have. Get a survey out there and ask their opinion about your current mailer boxes. Be specific about the inserts. The feedback you’ll get should give you clues on what custom inserts you should add to your packaging.

Determine Your Budget

Although you want to impress your customers, you have to consider your ROI as well. Your box inserts will be an added cost to your custom packaging. Do the math and find out how much you can afford. Your budget will guide you in selecting the right materials and elements to add to your packaging design.

Find the Right Packaging Supplier

Everything that you’ve learned so far will only help if you can find the right supplier to create the right box inserts. Don’t just look for expertise in a packaging supplier. Make sure they’re also practicing sustainability.

The best place to start is with the company providing your mailer boxes.

Ready to Get Your Own Mailer Box?

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Get Your Custom Packaging Inserts from the Right Source. Packoi Printing has Samples to Share.

Creating custom box inserts may seem like a trivial thing but when you consider the overall effect of your mailer box in the unboxing experience – it’s worth paying attention to. Don’t underestimate how it can help your brand grow.

If you’re looking for the right partner to create the best packaging and inserts for your products, Packoi Printing is here to help. We are FSC-certified and that means we only source our materials from sustainable sources.

Give us a call so we can talk about your packaging needs. We’ll get back to you with a quote in no time.

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