The Role of Box Inserts in Product Protection and Display

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The role of packaging in influencing consumer buying behavior cannot be denied. But does that include packaging inserts?

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Some people think it’s not necessary, especially with the growing need to keep packaging waste to a minimum.

But if you truly understand what box inserts can do to elevate the value of a product, you won’t deny how important they are to getting 100% customer satisfaction.

In this article, you’ll discover two important reasons why you need the proper insert for your product packaging. You’ll learn that, without a doubt, box inserts should be an integral part of a product’s protection and presentation.

box inserts

The 2 Main Purposes of Custom Inserts

As a whole, a product’s packaging has evolved to become a promotional tool for businesses. Several studies have proven that packaging can affect a customer’s perception of a product. It can even improve a brand’s image and increase sales significantly.

Don’t think that this is only for the outer packaging. Every part that’s involved in the unboxing experience is relevant and should be included in the marketing strategy. That includes the custom packaging inserts.

When creating packaging inserts, you have to know that there are 2 types of inserts to consider. You have box inserts that help products stay in place. Then there are promotional inserts that serve as marketing tools to provide information and encourage purchases.

In this article, the focus will be on box inserts and their two main functions.

1. For Protection

The first function of packaging inserts is protection. For instance, foam inserts can be molded with the exact outline of the product for a snug fit. This ensures that the product stays in place inside custom boxes. It minimizes the chance that products will get jostled and damaged while being delivered. Even if the insert is used in a display box, it’ll keep the product from falling over in case a customer bumps into it.

2. For Presentation

Box inserts can also help with product presentation. Think about the unboxing experience. When the customer opens the box after delivery, how should they see your product? Or if it’s being displayed in a retail store, how will it be presented to customers?

Unlike promotional inserts, these will have a huge influence on the overall perception that the customer will have of the product.

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5 Fragile Products that Rely on Box Inserts for Protection

In terms of protecting products, packaging box inserts only play a secondary role. The outer box provides the first layer of protection. But that doesn’t render the box insert useless. It still plays a huge role, especially if you’re sending out multiple products at a time.

These inserts are also useful when you’re shipping fragile products. Among the products that’ll benefit are the following:

1. Electronics

The sensitivity of electronic devices means they shouldn’t be shaken. But when it’s being delivered or handled by shipping companies, it can be susceptible to careless handling. This is why having a foam insert can secure the product and protect it from shocks and vibrations.

You can also use paper pulp inserts and plastic inserts, but they have to be thick enough to protect smartphones, laptops, etc. This is why thin paperboard inserts may not be ideal—unless you use the ones with a thicker gsm so they can provide optimal protection.

foam inserts for electronics products

2. Glassware

Anything that’s made of glass should be handled with care. It requires packaging inserts that can keep it protected even from the other glass products inside the box. 

If you’re shipping only one product, you can use foam inserts or even molded pulp inserts. But if you’re shipping more than one, it might be more economical to put compartments or add dividers between the glasses so they won’t hit each other.

3. Artworks

If you’re packaging fragile artworks like paintings or sculptures, use molded pulp or corrugated inserts to provide maximum protection. You need something that can secure the item and keep it from being affected by any jostling or unavoidable impacts while in transit. It might compromise the artwork and destroy the intricate designs.

Choose inserts that follow the outline of the art piece so it can have a snug fit.

4. Ceramics

Although ceramics aren’t as fragile as glasses, they still require extreme protection. You need packaging inserts that can safeguard it, like a molded foam insert. You want to protect ceramic pots, dishes, pans, and decorative pieces from chipping, cracking, etc. If you can use an insert that follows the unique shape of the product, that’ll be a better option.

5. Perfume Bottles

molded pulp inserts for perfume bottles

Perfumes or any liquid in glass bottles are prone to breaking or leaking. This is why you have to choose inserts that can be molded to follow the outline of the bottle. A foam insert is a perfect option that can be customized to fit the product. You can also use molded pulp inserts to ensure the bottled product will arrive safely.

Tips to Create Protective Custom Packaging Inserts During Shipping

The ability of packaging inserts to protect products makes them instrumental to the delivery process, especially if you’re shipping fragile items. Even if you have the strongest and most durable box, if the items within it can’t stay in their designated spot, they risk being broken and damaged. That can cost you a lot—not just financially but also your brand image.

To ensure that your box inserts are effective in protecting products, make sure you follow these three tips.

Choose the Right Box Inserts Materials

When it comes to protection, corrugated packaging inserts are usually the best option because of the thick material and the fluted layer within them. This acts as an effective shock absorber. But it’s not the only option that you have.

corrugated packaging inserts

You can also choose a foam insert if you only have one or a few products to ship out. But if you have several products that need to be delivered in a vertical position, use corrugated inserts to create dividers. This will keep the products from hitting each other. Plastic inserts can also be an option, as long as you choose the thicker ones. Just make sure you choose recycled materials to keep your packaging eco-friendly.

Aim for Precision

To provide the utmost protection, the packaging inserts should aim for precision in their design. The idea is to provide the product with a snug fit. That way, movement will be limited, which lessens the chance of breaking. 

Among the examples of a precision design is a molded pulp box insert that follows the exact outline of the product.

Pay Attention to Fragile Areas

Before you finalize the design of your box inserts, consider the most fragile parts of the product. If you’re using a molded pulp packaging insert, make sure that the most fragile part is protected the most. Add additional padding or make that part thicker.

For instance, put corrugated inserts over the sensitive screens of smartphones and tablets. This will ensure that the glass screen won’t break, crack, or end up with scratches.

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6 Products that Use Box Inserts to Elevate Retail Displays

Apart from protecting products, custom box inserts are also effective in elevating retail displays to present products in the best possible way. The more appealing a product presentation is, the more effective it can be in encouraging customers to buy.

If you combine well-designed and functional box inserts with compelling promotional inserts, you’ll have a powerful marketing tool that can increase your sales.

Let’s explore the different products that can benefit from box inserts.

1. Food

Creating an enticing display is a sure way to make people want to consume food. Whether you’re selling sweet delights, savory treats, or other delicacies, use box inserts to highlight the visual appeal of food products.

food display box

For instance, gourmet chocolates can use custom die-cut inserts. Or tubes of candy can be displayed upright and inserted in cavity trays. Add a promotional insert that explains the nutritional benefits of the product. This will tempt customers and educate them about whether the product is safe for them to consume.

2. Stationery

These may seem like simple products that don’t require a creative display, but you might be surprised. A strategic presentation can make people want to buy your stationery products even if they don’t need them!

The display is also a way for you to help customers find what they need. Have die-cut inserts in different shapes so you can neatly arrange pens, markers, sticky notes, and other materials.

3. Jewelry

Presenting jewelry isn’t just about leaving the accessories on display. You have to ensure that each piece can be appreciated by the customer without putting it in danger of being mishandled while they look at it.

Using a transparent display case with fabric inserts would work best for displaying jewelry. It’ll look organized and luxurious at the same time. If you elevate the pieces of jewelry differently, you can improve the presentation of the accessories on the custom box inserts.

4. Cosmetics

The thing about cosmetic products is that they come in different shapes and sizes. If you want to create a display for your whole product line, you’ll have to create custom box inserts that can securely hold different products. Having them all together increases the chance that customers will buy one of each.

Don’t forget to properly label the testers so they can provide space for brushes. Add a mirror as well, so customers can easily try out your products.

cosmetic products box insert

5. Apparel

The packaging insert for apparel should make it easier for customers to see the different varieties of a single design. For instance, the same style of shirt can be offered in 3 different colors. Use display box inserts to show all three colors in different sizes.

Scarves can also be presented in a box with dividers to show the different patterns. The same is true for towels, pants, socks, etc. Your display box should use inserts to highlight all of them and increase visibility.

6. Shoes

Displaying shoes can be tricky. But if you think about the customers that you’re trying to attract, it’ll be easy to figure out the right design for our custom box inserts. For instance, rubber shoes can be positioned in molded foam inserts that mimic the actual shoe. Or a fancy stiletto can be nestled in a fabric insert. Choosing the right material is also important to make the shoe stand out.

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Tips to Customize Packaging Inserts for Display Boxes

Creating the right box inserts can be challenging, but if you know your market well, you can figure out the right design and ideas that’ll resonate with them. If you add the right promotional inserts to your display, there’s a higher chance that they’ll buy from you. Well-designed packaging inserts can also elevate your brand’s image and strengthen their loyalty to you.

To ensure that you’ll end up with the right packaging, here are some tips that you can follow.

Check the Product Variety

Customize the box inserts

Customize the box inserts according to the products that you offer. For some, it’s easier because their products have the same size and shape. But for those with more variety, it can be more challenging.

Just focus on highlighting the different products. You’ll figure out the best way to use packaging inserts to display them.

Prioritize the Aesthetic Appeal

Displays are about aesthetic appeal. You want customers to be intrigued by the product you’re displaying. By positioning your products properly and arranging them by color and variant, people will see how organized everything is.

They can also see what products are available, so they’ll have an easier time making a buying decision.

Use Versatile Inserts

There are box inserts that can adapt to different products. If you want to be economical about this, you might want to use an accordion insert or cavity trays. These can be expanded to accommodate different product sizes.

Let’s Create the Best Box Inserts to Protect and Display Your Products.

Custom box inserts are truly a vital part of your product packaging. They can protect the product from damage and present it in a way that’ll impress your customers enough to make them want to buy again.

If you use this tool right, you can increase your sales, strengthen customer loyalty, and improve your brand’s position in the market.

Do you need help designing the right box inserts? Packoi Printing can help you customize designs to match the specific needs of your products.

Let’s talk about your design ideas. Call us and we’ll get back to you with a fair quotation as soon as possible.

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