Tips Before Buying Wholesale Packaging or Cosmetics (And How It Increases Your Profit Margin)

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Have you ever thought about buying your cosmetic packaging in bulk? We all know the incredible benefit of buying anything wholesale. You get to pay a cheaper price for every piece. That means you get the chance to increase your profit margin for your cosmetic products.

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If that interests you, read on. This article will provide important insight into buying wholesale packaging for your cosmetic and beauty products – plus tips that can help you maximize your earnings for every product you sell.

Why Consider Buying Wholesale Cosmetic Packaging

There are two main reasons why you have to consider buying wholesale packaging for your products. The main one is financial reasons. But practicality should also play a role in your decision to buy your packaging requirements in bulk.

Let’s go through the 2 reasons in detail.


The general rule in selling is when you buy a lot, you get to pay a lower price per piece. The same rule applies when you buy cosmetic packaging.

The wholesale prices of the packaging get cheaper the more quantity you buy. That’s because the price of setting up the machinery for production gets distributed to a greater number of packaging.

What does this mean?

It means the overall cost to produce your cosmetic product as a whole is lessened. It results in a higher profit margin per product sold.

The bottom line? More profit for your business.


Another reason to order your product packaging in bulk is for availability purposes.

Once you’ve established that a product for your beauty brand is salable, you’ll naturally want to keep it on the shelf for a long time. That means you may have to replenish your stocks now and then.

The replenishment will come easier and faster if you already have the packaging available on hand.

You don’t have to add the production of the packaging to the waiting time before you can replenish your stocks.

There’s no need to worry that your customers might stop waiting and buy something else instead.

Is Bulk Packaging Advisable in the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry?

cosmetic package

Yes, the beauty and cosmetics industry should buy packaging in bulk. Beauty brand products can last a couple of seasons before people choose to stop using them.

As long as people are still buying your product, you’d want to continue producing it for them.

Of course, this isn’t for all product types. There are beauty products that are only good for a couple of seasons.

But there are those that people will always want to have as a staple in their beauty and personal care kits.

These include makeup items like natural foundation, red lipstick, lip balms, and personal care items like lotions, moisturizers, deodorants, etc.

There are products that some people refuse to change no matter what because they found that they matched their skin or preferences well.

Consider what these are so you can buy bulk packaging for these cosmetic items.

What Type of Packaging Can You Buy in Bulk

While buying packaging in bulk is a great idea for a cosmetic product business, it doesn’t apply to all types of packaging.

For example, if the product is meant for a seasonal release only, then you should only buy enough packaging.

An example of this is a gift product for the holidays. Once the holiday season is over, the product might not be salable anymore. The same is true for products for events like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.

Consider carefully what products can have packaging on hand. Otherwise, you might end up wasting money instead of saving it.

To give you ideas on what you can buy in bulk, here are the type of packaging that is safe to get wholesale.

Product Boxes

This refers to the actual box where your product will be stored. In most cases, these have the same design as the container of the beauty or cosmetic product.

So if you have a bottled perfume, the box design usually compliments the design of the actual product.

You can buy this in bulk but only if you know that this product will last for a long time.

Not only that, but you can also buy packaging for products that you intend to sell wholesale. That means your buyers won’t buy just one or two pieces. They buy a lot.

You need to have enough supplies for that. In case you run out, replenishing your stocks will be easy because you have the packaging available.

Shipping Boxes

Since shipping boxes are only meant to protect your product while in transit, it doesn’t require the same design as the outer packaging of cosmetic products.

That means you can choose a generic design and order this in bulk. You can use it to transport different products – whatever your customer or large retailers chose to buy.

Of course, you want the shipping box to appear visually appealing. It’s the first thing that customers will see.

At the very least, put your brand’s logo there. You can also use custom packing tapes.

Make sure that you also put instructions there for the courier. That way, the delivery guys will know that the product they’re carrying is fragile and requires careful handling.

Mailer Boxes

These are boxes used to protect products in transit – but they are different from shipping boxes.

Mailer boxes are cheaper and more durable when it comes to delivering cosmetic products to your customers. It’s also more cost-efficient to ship products this way.

It comes in different sizes so make sure you check your products to make sure they’ll fit inside the boxes. You want to ensure that all your products will be kept safe inside the mailer boxes.

You can have these boxes printed according to what you like. So feel free to design these to be more visually appealing. Let it be a great preview of the cosmetic product within.

Packaging Supplies

packaging for cosmetics

These refer to everything that you use to secure the product packaging for cosmetics. You can order these in bulk because these usually don’t require any markings in them.

But that doesn’t mean you can leave them plain. Feel free to add your branding or even just your beauty brand logo so customers will know the package is from you.

These packaging supplies include tissue paper, packing tape, fillers, paper bags, and even plastic wraps. If you want to decorate your packaging with labels, ribbons, and tags, you can feel free to order these in bulk.

Tips When Buying Packaging for a Beauty Brand

The beauty industry is all about visual appeal. This is why you have to be careful when you’re buying packaging for your beauty and personal care products.

It’s important to plan this properly – especially when you want to buy in bulk. One mistake in the design can waste a lot of packaging materials.

To help you avoid that, here are helpful tips that you should consider while planning your product packaging.

Choose the Right Packaging Based on the Product

The product has to fit the packaging that you’ll buy. It’s not just about the size.

You have to remember that the product packaging is meant to protect the product. It has to make the product secure.

So if the product is made of glass, the packaging should keep it from breaking. Or if there’s liquid inside, the packaging should keep the product from moving about so it does not leak or spill. If the product is a moisturizer, it’ll require air-tight containers to ensure that it won’t get contamination.

Make sure the packaging uses the right materials so it can keep the product safe every time it’s being handled.

Consider the Functionality

Think about your target market and how they’ll use the product. The packaging is part of what the customer will handle when they use it.

Whether it’s the outer or inner packaging, think about the specific actions that your market will do.

How will they open the product?

If it’s something that the customer will use while taking a bath, you have to remember that they’ll be wet while handling the product. Make sure the packaging of the product is waterproof.

Or if it’s makeup, the customer should be able to handle it without struggling with the packaging.

Check Your Budget

Every expense in your business should have an appropriate budget allocation. The same is true for your packaging.

Set a specific budget based on how much you sell products. If you can avoid smaller profit margins by buying wholesale prices for the packaging of your beauty products, go for it. But do your calculations carefully.

You want to be sure that the cost of buying more will give you the returns that you’re looking for in your investment.

Because if it turns out that you’ll be wasting the bulk packaging that you’ll order, then you’ll lose.

So do the math and check your budget to ensure that this will lead to more financial rewards for the business.

Think About the Storage Space

This is also very important. Don’t buy bulk packaging for your beauty product if you don’t have storage space for it.

There are some packaging that requires proper storage – like those made of glass or those that shouldn’t be contaminated. Do you have enough space for that?

But even if you’re just storing boxes, these will just gather dust if they’re not stored well. So think about this before you buy a lot of packaging for its wholesale price. If they will just be destroyed or compromised in storage, it will only make you lose more money.

Remember, you can’t sell your product if the packaging is damaged. No customer or wholesale buyer will take them. Give the storage space a lot of thought.

Make It Eco-Friendly

Have you considered choosing an eco-friendly packaging type for your beauty product?

You should. 

It could attract the attention of potential retailers – specifically those who support environment-friendly advocacies.

But beyond being able to sell more and having a competitive edge, using eco-friendly packaging will always be beneficial. You’re making your contribution to ensure that the environment is safe.

This is always a good way to improve the image of any beauty product company.

Use kraft boxes as often as you can. You can use kraft boxes and just use labels and stickers so you can differentiate beauty products from each other.

Buying Bulk Generic Packaging in the Beauty Industry

packaging for cosmetics

Sometimes, it makes sense to buy generic packaging like a blank box that you can use for all of your products. Of course, you have to consider the size of the product that you’ll place there.

But if the products you’re selling have the same sizes and can fit in the same type of packaging, then buy a generic one.

Then, you can just add something that can make it unique to the actual product that you’ll put inside. Even a generic box can look like well-designed packaging as long as you choose the right elements to add.

Here are some ideas that you can use for the generic packaging that you can buy wholesale.

Put Sticker Labels

Sticker labels are versatile design elements. You can put them anywhere. Not only that, it’s cheaper to produce even if you only need a few of them.

This is why this is a great alternative for making unique packaging for your different products.

So if you sell different moisturizers, lotions, and other gel products – you can package these in a tube so the customers can easily squeeze the product out.

You can buy a white or transparent tube and a white plain box for all these products. Then, just have separate designs for each of the products to differentiate the moisturizer from the lotion and the other products.

Stick it on the appropriate product and it should be good to go.

Add Packaging Sleeves

Another option you can use is packaging sleeves. These are wrapped around the box of the product. It gives a generic box a specific design to separate it from the other products.

Since this wraps around the packaging, you have enough space for the brand and product information. Use it to educate your market so they’ll know more about the ingredients used in the product. You can also inform them about the proper way to use the product that you’re selling.

Of course, this sleeve is only for the outer part of the packaging. For the inner part, you can use sticker labels instead.

Hang Tags

Finally, you can hang tags on the product as an added design element to the generic packaging that you got for a wholesale price.

Like the packaging sleeve, this is usually added to the outer layer of the box. But if you have a bottle and you want to add a special message or information about the product, you can hang the tag near the opening of the bottle.

Do You Want To Buy Cosmetic Packaging In Bulk? Packoi Printing Supplies Wholesale Packaging.

Buying cosmetic packaging in bulk can be tricky. But if you know the look that you want to achieve and you understand your market and product very well, you won’t waste time deciding on what to order.

You can save money in the process and you’ll still end up with packaging that many other retailers would want to buy in bulk, too.

Of course, partnering with the right packaging company can make this decision easier to do. They can give you options that you can choose from.

This is what you can expect from Packoi Printing. We can give you the best options that fit your budget without sacrificing visual appeal.

If you want to get started, let us know. We can discuss and give a fair quote based on your requirements.

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