10 Reasons Why You Need To Improve Your Branding Sticker and How to Do It

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If you have business stickers and you’re not using them to support your marketing campaigns - then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Your branded stickers can significantly increase the effects of your marketing efforts - but only if you know how to use them well.

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In this article, you’ll learn the different reasons why you should improve your branding sticker – plus a couple of tips so you can make it happen.

What is a Sticker Marketing Strategy?

A sticker marketing strategy is the use of custom stickers to promote your brand or business. It’s just like the other marketing strategies that you do. It’s a way for you to send your marketing message so you can let people know about you and your business, in the hopes that they will buy from you.

You can use customized stickers in different ways.

It can be a great way to create unique designs for your product’s packaging. It can even help your brand and product stand out.

brand sticker

Not only that, but it can be a low-cost giveaway for your loyal customers. You can even use it as a part of a promotion – like a QR code or something that’ll increase engagement for your brand.

You can be as creative as you can be in designing this sticker. The more beautiful or unique it is, the more that your customers will proudly display it. And if you make it durable enough, it can last for a very long time – where a lot of people can see it.

So if you don’t have a sticker marketing strategy, it’s time for you to have one now. It’s time to put more thought and intention into how you use custom stickers for your marketing campaigns.

10 Reasons to Improve Your Custom Brand Sticker

Sticker marketing is a very powerful way to boost sales in your business. Failing to take advantage of that can make you lose great growth opportunities.

If you’re not yet convinced, here are 10 reasons why you should improve the custom stickers for brand marketing purposes.

It’s Great for Increasing Brand Awareness

This is one of the main purposes of marketing. You want to create brand awareness. That way, if they need you, they’ll know that you exist. They’ll know how to get in touch with you so they can buy from you.

With the right design – stickers are a great way to increase brand awareness. You can print the brand name, logo, tagline, or even a slogan. You can print your website or contact details. You can put just about any information in it that can lead the customer back to you – hopefully, to make a purchase.

The more you have stickers out there, the more awareness you’ll get for the brand.

It Connects You to Customers

Another reason to improve your business stickers is for customer connection. You can’t ignore stickers – unless you look away.

You can put them anywhere and people will have a hard time removing them. You can put them in the box packaging of your product. Or maybe even the product itself. It can be small enough to put anywhere.

That’s a powerful quality to have because it means you can put it exactly where your target customers are. The more they see it, the more familiar your brand will be. If you use the right colors, design, and material for the sticker, you can create a connection. You can send a message that’ll resonate with your customers.

It Can Initiate Customer Engagement

If you want to improve customer engagement, a sticker is a great option to do. For instance, you can make it a part of marketing promotion. Or a contest.

Put customized stickers all over the community. Have your customers take a photo of the sticker and post it online with a hashtag. Choose the one with the most photos.

That’s only one of the ways you can use a sticker. Or you can have a special sticker put on the packaging of one of your products. Send it randomly as customers place an order. The ones who receive the packaging with the special sticker win a prize.

Be creative and fun about it. This is a great way to get your customers to remember your brand.

brand sticker

It’s Easier to Customize

Stickers are probably one of the easiest to customize. Printing stickers in various shapes and designs are very easy. Some machines can easily incorporate the unique requirements that you have. This is why improving your brand stickers should not be an issue.

You can change the font, the color, the text, the image, the logo, the message – practically anything. It’s very easy to customize stickers for different purposes. It could be as product labels. Or you can use it for a marketing campaign. You can print a sticker to convert your generic packaging into a seasonal one. You can even choose to use the sticker to close a packaging.

It’s up to you. There are so many things you can do with it and you can be as fun and creative about it.

It’s Inexpensive to Use

In connection with the previous reason, you should think about improving your brand stickers because it won’t cost a lot. You can print huge quantities of one design and it won’t cost you as much as typical packaging would.

But the creation of stickers is not the only thing that makes it inexpensive. The materials are very simple too. And once you print out the design, there’s nothing else for you to do to maintain it. There’s no need to clean it before using it. Just cut and paste the sticker where you want to put it.

High-quality stickers are also very durable. It will last a long time so you don’t have to worry about wasting any of it.

brand sticker

It Can Intrigue Your Target Market

Since you’re free to create custom sticker designs, you can make them as unique as possible. Choose a graphic design or an illustration that is highly interesting to your customer base. Make promotional stickers that jump out to catch the attention of your target audience.

If you put a lot of effort into your design, you can succeed in spreading brand awareness. You can even establish your brand identity through your business stickers. You just have to make sure you’re putting the right message in it to achieve your goal.

It’s Perfect for Micro Marketing

With your ability to customize the design of your business stickers, you can use it for micro marketing. The fact that it’s inexpensive to print custom stickers, you can have different designs meant to target different demographics or locations in your target market.

You can be specific with your messaging, design, and visual appeal. This can make your other marketing efforts more efficient and effective. It’ll be on point with what your target audience needs to hear. That means they are more likely to respond and act on it.

It’s a Great Way to Communicate

Nobody wants to read the long brochures and pamphlets. But if you can keep it short, your customers will read your messages. Where can you print these short messages so you don’t waste paper?

Use your custom sticker to communicate your messages. You can communicate your promo codes, discounts, special offers, and incentives that you want to give your customers. Let them know that they are important to you.

brand sticker

It’s Not Disruptive

Stickers can come in different sizes. But you can also print them to be smaller in size and it can still serve its purpose.

This is another reason why you should put more thought into your sticker marketing strategy. It’s not disruptive that even if you have it in large quantities, it won’t be irritating. It’s the perfect platform to get your message out into the world without making your customers feel overwhelmed.

It’s Nostalgic

You have to admit that using brand stickers can be nostalgic. Before social media, there were a lot of promotional stickers around. These free stickers were all over the place. 

It was in some way, how viral marketing happened. You have decals, bumper stickers, and other different stickers helping even small businesses with their advertising.

So if you’re of age and you see these stickers, you’ll feel a bit of a blast in the past for all the memories it can bring.

How to Make a Marketing Tool out of Your Custom Sticker

Improving your branded sticker is quite simple. But if you want to maximize the benefits that it can bring to your brand’s awareness, you have to make sure that you’re doing it right.

Here are some tips to help you make a marketing tool out of your branded stickers.

Define Your Goals First

Start by identifying what your goals are first. Do you want to increase your brand’s awareness? Increase social media engagement?

If you know what you’re trying to achieve, you can easily decide on the materials, designs, size, shape, and other important details of your sticker marketing strategy.

Set a Reasonable Budget

After you define the goals, you can set a reasonable budget to make them happen. Although stickers are low-cost, you need to think about the return on your investment. It’s easy to print it in quantities but make sure you can use them all.

Choose a Theme or Design for the Sticker.

The theme can be generic or specific but it has to help you reach your goal.

So if you’re going to use it to increase your brand’s awareness, choose a design for brand recognition. If you want social media engagement, you can print a code on the sticker that the customer can photograph and post online with a hashtag. Tie it up to produce the results you want.

The design will also help you choose the right material to use to complement everything.

brand sticker

Plan How You’ll Distribute, Promote, and Track the Stickers

Once the stickers are ready, it’s time to plan how you’ll implement it. Have a clear idea of how you can distribute, promote, and track the stickers.

Know the metrics that’ll help you see if your sticker marketing strategy is a huge success. This will help you gather the data that’ll allow you to improve your branding sticker in the future.

Let’s Start Working on Your Custom Stickers. Packoi Printing is Here to Help

Improving your sticker marketing strategy is a great way to amp up your marketing efforts. It can help you promote and bring awareness to your brand, product, and business.

Make sure you know how to implement this properly. If you have questions, Packoi Printing can answer them for you. We’ve been in the business of printing brand stickers for years.

We can help you create stickers that can meet your specific design requirements. Get in touch with us with your ideas and we’ll give you a fair quotation.

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