How to Choose the Right Packaging Box for Your Product?

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Choosing the best product packaging can be challenging. In this article, we will discuss 5 choices when packaging Factors to consider.

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There is a lot more to product packaging than just keeping an item safe. It’s an excellent way for a company to set itself apart from the competition, serving as both an introduction to the brand and a showcase for the product’s strongest points.

Product Packaging Box

Your product packaging could be a simple cardboard box with no design or print at all, depending on who you’re trying to appeal to. If you play your cards right, you can make potential buyers fall in love with the bundle to the point where they almost want to buy it separately.

Realizing that the right packaging is essentially a billboard for your product that sits on the shelf next to it makes it abundantly clear that mistakes are not even a chance.

The first step in the process is to gain familiarity with the various packaging solutions. In that case, let’s not waste any time and dive straight into some of the best custom packaging tips.

3 Common Types of Packaging Boxes 

Many people in the packaging industry use terms like “folding carton,” “rigid box,” “set-up box,” “cardboard box,” “corrugated box,” “paperboard box,” and “paperboard box” interchangeably, leading to further confusion.

Numerous in-depth articles are available on this topic, but I’ll do my best to break it down in the simplest words for you here.

In the packaging industry, there are three primary box types. Packoi’s custom boxes come in a range of paper pulp thicknesses.

Types of Packaging Boxes 

1. Folding Cartons

The majority of the product packaging boxes you find in stores are folding cartons, also known as paperboard cartons or paperboard boxes. You can picture this as a standard cereal box but in its folded form.

2. Rigid Boxes

When compared to their folding carton counterparts, rigid boxes (also known as set-up boxes) are more robust and won’t collapse when empty. While not always the case, they are typically a choice for more expensive items where customers place a higher value on appearance.

They’re also a go-to if the item inside is notably bulky or hefty. Rigid boxes are used for things like the iPhone or any other expensive devices.

3. Corrugated Boxes

Commonly known as brown cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes can also be referred to by their technical names: corrugated cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, and combination board.

Shipper boxes, also known as master packs, consist of corrugated cardboard and are ideal for transporting a company’s retail-ready products to retailers across the country or the world.

In the same manner, as folding cartons are frequently used as primary retail packaging, corrugated is also often utilized for this purpose.

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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Packaging Box for Your Product

There are some things to keep in mind when creating the right packaging for a product.

1. Set a Spending Plan and Budget

The amount of money you have available will dictate the type of material, framework, volume, and shipping services you can use.

Custom box prices vary widely depending on your order’s specifics.

Choosing the least expensive packaging option is tempting, but it could compromise product safety and damage your brand.

More robust packaging will protect your products from damage, saving you money on replacements and repairs.

Corrugated Boxes

Furthermore, if a customer receives a damaged product, they may be dissatisfied enough to never buy from you again.

Consequently, if you want to go the custom design route, you should factor in the price of structural design services to guarantee the structural integrity of your products, despite their novel and potentially unconventional forms.

Remember that going with standardized structures is a surefire way to guarantee your products’ security and can save your company money.

Savings on labor costs can be somewhat reduced if you are willing to use better-quality box structures.

On top of that, a custom box that is both high-quality and attractively designed will leave a positive impression on your customers, increasing the likelihood that they will buy from you again.

2. Consider the End Result When Designing Your Packaging

1) Form Factor

The best box packaging has both a pleasing aesthetic and a functional fit for the item it contains.

The product’s layout inside the box might be visualized in your mind if you consider the package size. Instead of depending on bulk or pre-made packaging, you may require a custom solution if your product is particularly large or has an odd shape.

2) Material

product boxes

Products made of glass, ceramics, or other brittle materials will undoubtedly benefit from adding fillers or inserts to strengthen their safety.

3) Weight

Choose sturdy materials like corrugated cardboard boxes if you need to ship a heavy item.

4) Fragility

Some items need to be handled with care during transport. Safe packaging eliminates any potential obstacles to timely delivery.

3. What Is This Package Going to Be Used For?

Will your package be on the shelf on a display table, or will it be shipped worldwide? To choose the right packaging, you need to know the intent of your custom product packaging.

Don’t put in the time and effort to design something extraordinary and eye-catching if the packaging is going to be destroyed or rendered useless before it reaches the consumer.

Extra care is needed for products that have a long shelf life and still need to stand out after being on store shelves for a while. A professional print finish may be the answer. Product presentation on store shelves is just as important as online.

Whenever you’re shopping for retail packaging, keep these things in mind:

  • How much of the packaging will be seen?
  • What would the product look like if stacked next to and on top of other products?
  • How will you make yours stand out from the rest?

However, you need to rethink your packaging if you plan to sell and ship your product digitally. It’s possible that the product packaging will be thrown around or bent, in which case a lot of extra room may be wasted.

4. An Examination of the Ergonomics of Packaging

Whether your product is being sold in a physical store or through an online marketplace, you want your custom product packaging to be eye-catching and memorable.

Designing custom packaging boxes that encapsulate your brand is essential, as it will determine how your customers perceive your firm. As with the goods inside, the packaging now bears equal importance.

Creating a memorable unpacking experience for your customers may increase their overall satisfaction with your product and cement your brand in their minds long after they’ve finished using it. It’s a win-win situation because the right custom product packaging enhances the consumer experience and gives you more room to spread your brand’s message.

Know your target market inside and out before making any decisions about your custom packaging design.

custom product packaging

By doing some market research, check out the shape, packaging material, and design choices of competing companies.

To get a sense of success and response in your field, it’s important to examine current trends. Before going all in on mass production of your custom packaging, choose a design, send it out in small quantities, and gauge the response.

Before starting mass production, most custom packaging firms will let you see samples of your designs. Although the printing quality may be lower, it provides useful insight into the durability of your packaging under specific conditions. You can also solicit feedback from your regular customers by sending out samples of your product.

The customer is always on point, right?

Choosing appropriate packaging boxes can be a breeze if you know exactly what you are looking for. Your box structure and design are your chance to make an impression on your customers, so make it count!

5. Who Is the Final Recipient?

Before starting the design process, it is critical to identify the ideal customer for your product so that your package can speak to them.

Customer personas can assist you in determining everything from what attracts your clients’ attention on the shelf to the packaging materials they like.

Is the product for men, women, or children of any specific age? Who exactly is the target audience? Does it aim at eco-conscious people? Is it more on the affordable side or the luxurious one?

Products for the elderly may benefit from having their text in a bigger font or in bold. Products for the fancy people out there should consist of inherently luxurious materials.

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6 Benefits of Choosing a Professional Custom Box Manufacturer

Product packaging is a crucial part of any industry. A customer’s first impression of your brand will be based on the packaging they receive, which is why it is so important. Big-box retailers and sole proprietors alike can reap the benefits of custom corrugated boxes without breaking the bank.

Here are some of the most significant benefits of choosing a professional custom box manufacturer:.

1. Reducing Expenses

customized product packaging boxes

Custom boxes are a low-cost packaging alternative. Not only are they inexpensive, but they also enhance the quality of your product by adding a personal touch.

In addition, companies have the option of bulk purchasing, which further lowers the already affordable price. Even though customization and labeling raise the price of custom boxes, they are still relatively cheap.

2. Strengthen Product Safety

It depends on the quality of your packing, whether your items are delivered to customers safely, and whether you can keep their loyalty after that. Therefore, you should have a packaging box made specifically for your needs.

Use a thick, sturdy cardboard material to lessen the impacts of transportation-related shocks, vibrations, and shaking. Additionally, a unique form will help prevent your merchandise from shifting around.

3. Adjustable Width and Height

The dimensions and layout of your custom box help to keep your goods secure. Standard box dimensions may not be adequate for the security of your goods.

bespoke packaging boxes

For the secure shipping of your goods, a range of bespoke packaging boxes is offered. They facilitate the consumer’s exposure to the product’s contents. If you want happy customers, you need to pick the right size.

4. Use Accurate Precision

Getting your packaging box from a professional company gives you a wide variety of options for advertising your brand and its products. You can get a simple custom logo on the side, or you can get something more elaborate. Increase consumer satisfaction drastically by showcasing your brand’s messaging and character. For the sake of your clientele, it is also helpful to include a means of getting in touch with you.

5. Use Eco-Friendly Methods

Corrugated cardboard has the highest recycling rate of any paper product, and you might not have known that. That’s why eco-friendly, custom-made boxes are such a good option. We firmly believe in our environmental responsibility. So you can feel good about purchasing bespoke corrugated boxes from us.

6. Differentiate Yourself From the Competition With Eye-Catching Packaging

One of the finest methods to reach out to new customers and wow returning ones is through the packaging you use for your products and boxes. If a company wants to engage and please its customers, it may turn even the simplest cardboard box into a communication channel and a silent salesperson. The correct product packaging can pique shoppers’ curiosity, convince them to add your item to their cart, and eventually lead to brand loyalty.


Packoi provides eco-friendly options that boost brand awareness and spark conversation among consumers. We guarantee that your goods will arrive safely in our custom packaging boxes, too, at an incredibly low cost.

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