Top 10 Chinese Shopping Bag Manufacturers and Suppliers in 2024

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Last Updated on December 25, 2023 by Packoi Team

Do you want to make the best shopping bag to represent your brand? To do that, you’ll need the best shopping bag company.

Thus, we have listed China’s top shopping bag manufacturers and suppliers based on market share, revenues, product quality, and innovation for you to check out.

Why Are Shopping Bags Important?

Shopping bags are mainly for the customers’ convenience. The bags allow them to carry multiple items with ease and without looking too burdened. However, on the business side, shopping bags are a worthwhile investment. Here are the reasons why:

Shopping Bags

  1. A powerful marketing tool. They are usually designed to reflect your business’s brand and valuable information. As customers parade them around shopping malls and other places, the business gets more exposure. Television, online, and other forms of advertising are quite costly. On the other hand, bags can offer the same level of exposure for the business with relatively less cost.
  2. Stand out from their competitors. In a saturated consumer market, cute and unique bags can be the difference you need for your company to stand out from other businesses, especially these days when people like to document aesthetically pleasing items on social media.
  3. Offer long-term exposure for your business. Reusable bags are mandated in most places these days to help the environment. However, they can also be good for your business; as more people reuse your shopping bag because they like how it looks, the more exposure your business also gets.
  4. Show your business’s concern for the environment. Sustainability is a factor that is gaining popularity among customers. Thus, the more you show that your business cares for the environment, the more customers you can maintain and attract.
  5. Shopping bag designs are dynamic. Unlike traditional advertisements (e.g., TV ads), which have to be long-lasting as they are expensive, it’s easy to change a shopping bag to fit the season. For instance, you can change your bag to reflect a Christmas theme during December, which will entice more people to purchase as the bag fits with society’s current aesthetic.

If designed well, shopping bags can be extremely impactful—even memorable—for businesses. A great example would be luxury brand bags, such as Louis Vuitton’s Imperial Saffron bag and Tiffany’s Robin Blue bag.

Such bags make such great representations of their brands that they’ve even become products themselves. That is, some customers would even resell their bags, and as the bags get handed from one person to another, the business gets more exposed. 

That said, you may read more about how to use bags for marketing in our article here.

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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shopping Bag Manufacturer

You can’t achieve all those benefits we’ve outlined above with a plain, low-quality shopping bag. You must get a bag manufacturing company that can craft custom bags that truly reflect your business’s brand and quality.

To find that company, here are some factors you must consider:

1. Manufacturer Reputation

Reputable bag manufacturers in China are not just those with many customers. They also usually have international certifications, which they only earn after meeting stringent evaluation procedures.

Thus, the more reputed a company is, the greater your assurance that it will deliver a quality custom product. 

2. Material Quality

There are various materials you can use to make your shopping bag. You can have cloth bags, paper bags, or plastic bags, among many others.

paper bags

Each has its pros and cons; for example, paper bags are compostable, which is good for disposal but isn’t so durable. Thus, make sure to choose the best material for your shopping bag.

Then, select a company that uses the best type of material you chose. We would suggest asking for a sample before committing to a manufacturer so you can can assess the quality of their product. 

3. Factory Capacity 

When choosing a shopping bag manufacturer, you must consider both your current and future demands for the bag. For instance, you may need only a few bags now because your customer base is not yet extensive. 

However, if your company grows, would the bag manufacturer be able to sustain its supply? Or will it fail to meet your growing demand?

Note that switching bag manufacturers can be a hassle, as you’ll have to go through the whole selection process again. 

4. Pricing 

You need to pay just enough to your shopping bag manufacturer. That means you should not immediately choose the cheapest suppliers; their material quality and service may do more harm to your business than good. 

However, you must avoid too-expensive bags. Packaging can affect the cost of your product and if you charge your customers too much, they may not repurchase from you. 

Also, consider shipping costs. Some companies may offer cheap products but charge high costs to ship the items to your location, usually, mainland China.

Top 10 Best Shopping Bag Manufacturers and Suppliers in China

Most of the best yet cost-effective bag manufacturers are in China. Here is a summary table of their information:

Company NameLocationMain Products and Services 
Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co,. Ltd.GuangzhouCustom bags and boxesMarketing materials and design services 
Quanzhou Xinyuan Xin Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.QuanzhouCustom bags 
Zhejiang Feifan Printing Co., Ltd.ZhejiangCustom bags, boxes, and cupsPrinting services 
Wuxi Hualite Paper Products Co., Ltd.JiangsuBags and hangers 
Qingdao Everthan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.ShandongCustom boxes, bags packaging cards, hang tags, paper, and other items
Guangdong Gao Wei Printing & Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.GuangdongPaper bags and boxes 
Zhejiang Cangnan Great Shopping Bags Co., Ltd.ZhejiangCustom bags 
Wenzhou City Lanwan Packing Co., Ltd.Wenzhou Custom bags and suit covers 
Fuzhou Sunny Century Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.Fuzhou Custom bags 
Zhejiang Cangnan Color Bag Co., Ltd.Zhejiang Custom bags and storage boxes 

However, if you want to know more about these Chinese manufacturers, read on for their overviews:

1. Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co,. Ltd.

image 14

Guangzhou Packoi Printing Co. Ltd., shortly known as Packoi, is one of China’s most reputable bag manufacturers. It has had a long history of serving customers and producing high-quality products as it was established in 1998.

This company prides itself in being a one-stop shop for packaging and printing solutions, as well as sustainable practices, fast turnaround of orders, high-quality materials, exclusive designs, and impressive customer service. 

Packoi also ensures that its process is streamlined so you can focus on your business. Indeed, they even have design services, so if you don’t have time to design your shopping bag, the company can do that for you, too. 

Main Products and Services


  • Fast delivery
  • Skilled workers
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Short lead times 
  • Extensive experience
  • Low minimum order quantity 
  • Sustainable materials and practices 
  • Environmentally friendly practices and products 
  • Internationally certified 


  • Does not allow you to return the final product if it doesn’t fit your items
  • Requires upfront payment to begin production 
  • Limited materials and bag functions (e.g., no cooler bags) 
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2. Quanzhou Xinyuan Xin Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

Quanzhou Xinyuan Xin Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., or Quanzhou, does not just boast several certifications or 18 years of experience of being one of the top bag manufacturers in China. 

The company also has an impressive clientele, consisting of known companies across the global market, like Walmart, SM Markets, and M&S. It specializes in environmentally friendly bags, which come in varying shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. 

Its environmental agenda began in 2008 when it began using sustainable raw materials like polyester, cotton, canvas, paper, and jute to make the company’s products.  

Main Products and Services

  • Custom bags (non-woven, vest/T-shirt, shopping, tote, drawstring, cooler, foldable, glossy tote, RPET) 


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Large production capacity 
  • Fast delivery 
  • Wide customer base 
  • High production capacity 
  • Internationally certified
  • Competitively priced 


  • No official/separate website 
  • Limited product lineup (i.e., only bags, no boxes or other types of packaging)

3. Zhejiang Feifan Printing Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Feifan Printing Co., Ltd. has an even longer presence in the packaging industry, with 32 years of experience. It serves customers around the world, from North America to Eastern Europe. 

This company is also among the top paper bag manufacturers in China. Thus, most of its boxes, bags, and cups are made from paper, an environmentally friendly material that easily degrades or composts. 

Zhejiang Feifan also packages a broad range of products from different industries (e.g., coffee, flowers, jewelry). However, its product innovation and expertise are mostly focused on box packaging, rather than shopping or paper bags. 

Main Products and Services

  • Custom boxes (paper gift, food paper, corrugated)
  • Custom bags (food paper bags, paper bags)
  • Custom cups (coffee paper)
  • Printing service (poker cards, stickers, cards)


  • Vetted industry experience and reputation
  • Environmentally friendly materials 
  • Packaging for a wide range of products 
  • Internationally certified 
  • Wide customer base 


  • Limited options for materials 
  • Mostly noted for box packaging rather than shopping bag manufacturing 
  • No official/separate website 

4. Wuxi Hualite Paper Products Co., Ltd.

Similar to Zhejiang Feifan, Wuxi Hualite Paper Products focuses on paper-based packaging, specifically customized paper bags. It uses several, cutting-edge technology, like a 7-color flexo printing machine, an 8-color gravure printing machine, and an 8-color gravure printing machine, to provide customers with fully customized bags and hangers. 

Wuxi Hualite Paper Products is a recommended, top paper bag manufacturer for those in the fashion industry. Not only are paper bags more typical for fashion brands, but you also won’t have to look to another supplier for your hangers. 

However, those outside the clothing industry may find the options offered by this paper bag manufacturer to be quite limited. Besides the changing colors, logos, and other front designs, the look of the paper bags does not vary much. 

Main Products and Services

  • Paper bag (yellow and white kraft paper bags, handmade paper bags, mail sacks, food packaging, carton)
  • Plastic bag (shopping, garment, online shopping)
  • Coat hanger (plastic, wooden, metal)


  • Environmentally friendly products 
  • Utilization of cutting-edge technology 
  • High-quality materials
  • Fast delivery 
  • High production capacity 


  • Limited packaging options 
  • Relatively plain or standard bags 
  • Not secure website 

5. Qingdao Everthan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Among these Chinese manufacturers, Qingdao Everthan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is relatively young, with 10+ years of experience. Still, the quality of its products and services can compete with industry veterans. 

For instance, this company offers several options for packaging, from hang tags to bags and boxes. Therefore, you won’t need several suppliers for packaging needs. 

Qingdao Everthan also takes pride in its meeting international standards, having hundreds of equipment, and employing skilled workers who make it possible to release high-quality packaging products. 

Main Products and Services

  • Custom boxes (mailer, luxury gift, cardstock paper)
  • Custom bags (luxury handmade)
  • Custom packaging (jewelry, makeup)
  • Cards and hang tags
  • Paper (wrapping and tissue)
  • Others (laptop table, folding wagon, mouthguard, EVA mat)


  • Wide variety of packaging options 
  • Free samples
  • Fast shipping
  • Low minimum order quantity 
  • Internationally certified 


  • No official/separate website 
  • Limited options for bags 
  • More specialized for packaging boxes and other materials 

6. Guangdong Gao Wei Printing & Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Gao Wei Printing & Packaging Technology is one of the top paper bag manufacturers in China. Thus, if you are set on having paper bags for your business, consider hiring this company as your paper bag manufacturer. 

Not only does this company have several decades of experience. It also utilizes the latest printing and packaging technology, hires hundreds of industry experts, and strives to meet international standards. 

This company’s products have competitive prices, with bags as cheap as $0.01. However, the minimum order quantity is quite high, often starting at 5,000 bags. 

Main Products and Services

  • Paper bags (special paper bags, kraft paper bags, ivory paper bags)
  • Paper boxes (corrugated, ivory paper cartons)


  • Internationally certified  
  • Specialization in paper bag customization and production
  • Extensive industry experience 
  • High production capacity 
  • Competitive pricing


  • No official/separate website
  • Limited packaging options (only offers boxes and bags) 
  • Limited material options (focuses on paper material) 
  • High minimum order quantity

7. Zhejiang Cangnan Great Shopping Bags Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Cangnan Great Shopping Bags is the bag manufacturing expert. That’s hardly a surprise if you consider that bag manufacturing is what it has been doing for the past 12 years. 

Indeed, this Chinese company offers an impressively broad range of packaging bags, from bright drawstrings to clear PVC, cooler, and laminated bags. Thus, if you want a unique-looking shopping bag for your business, this company would be able to supply you. 

This company can do so through a team of 300 strong and brilliant workers and experts, along with the latest production technology. They all work seamlessly together to produce more than one million bags.  

Main Products and Services

  • Custom bags (cotton, non-woven, shopping, canvas, jute, foldable, drawstring, mesh)


  • Internationally certified
  • Wide variety of bag designs and materials 
  • High production capacity 
  • Low minimum order quantity 


  • No official/separate website
  • Limited packaging options (only offers bags) 
  • Relatively expensive 

8. Wenzhou City Lanwan Packing Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou City Lanwan Packing is another leading bag manufacturer in China, but this time, based in Wenzhou City. It is best known for its polyester drawstring, cotton, cooler, and non-woven bags, which are all reusable. 

The company’s focus on reusable bags is because of its sustainability agenda. It encourages reuse, repeat, and recycling, even utilizing plastic bottles to craft some of its bags. 

Another impressive part about this company is its ability to produce more than 30,000 bags per day, which are shipped across the world. Such a feat is made possible by a skilled team and advanced equipment. 

Main Products and Services

  • Custom bags (RPET plastic bottle, canvas/cotton, non-woven, polyester, cooler, PP woven, cosmetic, jute)
  • Non-woven suit cover 


  • Advance production equipment
  • Wide customer base 
  • Mostly reusable bags 
  • High production capacity 
  • Eco-friendly products and agenda 
  • Moderate minimum order quantity 


  • No official/separate website
  • Limited packaging options (only offers bags and a suit cover)

9. Fuzhou Sunny Century Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

For 17 years, Fuzhou Sunny Century has been dedicated to producing eco-friendly yet high-quality bags. Its partners or clientele include many brands that are well-known, like Coca-Cola, Lenovo, Dell, and Nestle. 

Its environmental protection agenda may play a part in attracting such famous brands. Indeed, as you can see from its list of main products,  Fuzhou Sunny Century focuses on producing eco-friendly, recycled, or reusable bags. 

Another point in its favor is the room for customization. You can’t just customize the look or material – you can also choose a function, like waterproof or foldable features. 

Main Products and Services

  • Custom bags (eco-friendly shopping, drawstring, foldable travel bags, canvas)


  • Eco-friendly products and agenda 
  • Extensive industry experience 
  • Well-known partners/clientele 
  • Customization of design, logo, material, and function 
  • Low minimum order quantity 


  • No official/separate website
  • Limited packaging options (only offers bags and a suit cover)
  • Relatively expensive 

10. Zhejiang Cangnan Color Bag Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Cangnan Color Bag is best known for its customized cotton bags, which are reusable and, therefore, eco-friendly. These bags come in a variety of looks and colors, with some having rope handles. 

The company’s bags are of high quality and competitively priced. For instance, a custom logo cotton canvas bag has a low cost of $0.6 to $1.8, as long as you order 1,000 pieces. 

There are even cheaper items, with the cotton folding shopping tote bag costing only $0.3 to $1.2 per piece, with the same minimum order quantity. 

Main Products and Services

  • Custom bags (cotton/canvas, drawstring, recycled PET, non-woven, PP woven, cooler, wine, cosmetic, women’s fashion tote)
  • Storage box


  • Eco-friendly bags 
  • Fast delivery 
  • Customizable products 
  • High production capacity 
  • Varying minimum order quantities 


  • No official/separate website
  • Limited packaging options (only offers bags and a storage box)
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Final Thoughts

Businesses have varying needs. Therefore, the best shopping bag manufacturer for others may not be the most appropriate for your needs. 

Thus, you must compare and contrast the companies carefully. You can start with our table, to see which company offers the services you need. 

Then, evaluate each of their offers, look into the customer reviews, and assess their samples. Once you have found a company that can cater to your demands, you can order from them! 

Why Choose Packoi for Your Projects? 

There are many renowned shopping bag manufacturers and suppliers in China. However, Packoi stands out from them for its extensive range, quality assurance, and excellent quality of services and products. 

For instance, you can avail of a design service, which brainstorms shopping bag designs for you. Packoi will then seek approval for the designs and materials before producing the product. 

Thus, from start to end, you can ensure that your shopping bag is highly customized to reflect your brand without investing too much effort. This relieves you of additional burdens, leaving them with more time to improve their businesses. 

If you are interested in a reliable manufacturer of packaging solutions, explore our website more. You’ll see all that Packoi has to offer to make your business stand out from competitors using packaging. 

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