The Guide to Subscription Box Packaging Design

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A custom subscription box can bring magic to your customers and add luster to your brand.

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Subscription boxes were introduced about a decade ago. Since then, they have greatly transformed the way people shop and engage with businesses. With the emergence of e-commerce, subscription box packaging has become one of the most important avenues for promoting brands and building loyalty.

If you have an established brand, subscription boxes are a great way to keep your customers and ensure that you increase brand loyalty.

Subscription box packaging

Subscription box packaging is a type of custom packaging that is intended to reach customers. When subscribers open their latest custom subscription box, it is always an exciting experience. They always look forward to discovering what the latest subscription box packaging has brought them.

Another advantage of using subscription box packaging is that you can customize it to suit your brand. You just have to have a subscription box design and use them as shipping boxes for your subscription packages.

Custom subscription box packaging goes beyond the product shipped alongside the box. Your packaging is the only physical touchpoint customers will have with your business. So, creating custom packaging that is worth sharing is the base. It is the basis for enhancing brand awareness and making your subscription box business thrive.

What Are Subscription Boxes?

food subscription box

Subscription boxes are a form of custom packaging used by many e-commerce brands. With subscription box packaging, businesses can reach more customers by giving them an unforgettable unboxing experience.

A well-designed subscription box packaging can make a brand grow, besides making customers feel special. With the growth of social media marketing, custom subscription box packaging is a basis for enhancing your brand presence online. Many customers are always ready to share unboxing videos.

A person opens a subscription box while they record the moment with commentary about the products. As they comment on the packaging and items shared, it can greatly increase your sales.

When designing custom packaging, always look for authenticity and quality. It is important to note that people can easily tell whether a brand is authentic or not. So, always be honest by engaging with your customers and understanding their needs. This will inform you of what to include in a subscription box.

Also, look for companies that can give you an outstanding subscription box packaging design. The goal is to give yourself a competitive advantage in the market. Excellent subscription box businesses engage with clients and work closely with influencers.

simple subscription boxes

Designing custom packaging for your subscription box business also requires proactive efforts. As a business owner, you need to look for custom boxes that fit your products and customer preferences. Subscription boxes should have proper brand elements and aesthetics that are appealing to customers. When recording unboxing videos, ensure that customers will be ready to promote your subscription box business on their social media handles. This is achieved by making shipping boxes that are amazing in both design and aesthetics.

Another aspect to consider when choosing the type of package is industry trends. Many people shop online and rely on the internet to evaluate products. With the power of the internet, you can easily influence customers through the use of unboxing experience videos.

Custom packaging comes in handy with internet marketing. You can design aesthetically appealing subscription box packaging. This will motivate clients to record unboxing videos and share them on their social media.

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How to Choose the Right Type of Packaging for Your Product

If you want to start selling products using subscription boxes, here are some guidelines you can follow to get the best custom packaging. Subscription box packaging needs effective strategies to manage shipping costs using the right mailer boxes.

Getting the right your-own subscription box ensures that shipping costs are minimal and mailer boxes meet the customer’s expectations. You should always choose the right box size for your products.

A subscription box campaign is good for your business because it allows you to take advantage of the seasons. So, you will be imitating the euphoric emotions and joy experienced by your customers. Your packages can curate unique experiences that align with customer preferences. When customers order a subscription box, they can get unique products such as clothes, plants, or other valuable products that align with their brand.

subscription boxes

Before choosing the type of packaging for your subscription box campaign, it is important to understand what your brand will represent. Creating custom mailer boxes is not the main issue. The aim is to have a positive brand image by demonstrating your values to clients.

To have a competitive advantage, it is important to research what other companies in your niche are doing. This will give you a clear picture of what you should do to win more clients and remain at the top level. The custom box size should align with your brand story and values. It is the basis for showcasing yourself to potential customers and telling them what you are capable of doing.

Here is a guide to the subscription box service business.

3 Types of Boxes

Having a custom box design for your subscription packaging is vital. You can always redesign the outlook of your brand. When you are creating a subscription box campaign, consider these box types.

1) Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes are the best for subscription boxes because they are strong. They can hold packages safely while having an appealing design. They can be easily customized into different prints to suit your campaign needs.

2) Rigid Boxes

Another ideal custom box choice is rigid boxes. This is an ideal package for packaging electronics and can act as a retail gift box. They can be designed with a magnetic closure to guarantee the safety of your packages while in transit.

3) Folding Carton Boxes

Folding carton boxes are the best for holding lightweight products and packages. They can be used in the subscription box industry for transporting light products. They are the best packaging options for your campaign because they have fantastic designs and outlooks. Some of the items that can be shipped using folding carton boxes include candles, beauty products, food products, candles, and medical items.

3 Packaging Enhancements

After launching your subscription box campaign, you should also enhance your product package. The product should be packaged appealingly. Here are some suggestions you can follow when arranging your custom box.

1) Custom Box Inserts

subscription box with inserts

With any box style and size, having custom inserts will give your subscription box packages an appealing look. Inserts are intended to keep products in place and secure as they are shipped. After packing your mailer box, you should use inserts to hold products and give them an attractive look. Custom box inserts are usually designed to fit the shape of the products. Therefore, when arranged with the inserts, they will remain appealing and attractive

2) Custom Box Dividers

When you are sending subscription boxes, you can include different items in the packages. Depending on the box size and shipping methods, you can include box dividers. Box dividers are important to give your custom mailer box style and appeal. Instead of sending products in separate boxes, custom box dividers save shipping costs by allowing you to send packages in one mailer box.

3) Custom Stickers

With custom stickers, you give your box a personal touch to your subscription box. You will always entice your customers with appealing stickers around your products. It adds swag to the unboxing experience.

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Why Are Subscription Boxes So Popular?

Subscription boxes are important for marketing and promoting your brand. In the digital era, there are opportunities to expand your brand reach through subscription boxes. Many consumers want ease and convenience while shopping. So, always stick to your brand guidelines and entice online shoppers with amazing design elements. Your subscription boxes can be a source for enhancing brand image and loyalty.

Many shoppers prefer shopping online and always grab opportunities to save money. So, as one of the e-commerce brands, embrace subscription services to enhance your brand position in the market. As customers share their unboxing experience, your brand reach expands, generating more conversions.

Subscription boxes are also effective when you are marketing products using influencers. You can easily reach many customers through influencers. With a custom design of subscription packages, you will always optimize your business reach.

Luxury items will be presented with eye-catching packaging designs.


Subscription box packaging campaigns are effective in promoting your brand. When you choose the right design and packaging, you will get box sizes that fit your brand. Packoi is a company that offers a simplified format for custom packages. The experts can help you with the design process to ensure that you get the right packaging size. With subscription box packaging designed by Packoi, you will ship fragile items and other items stress-free.

With the right strategy for subscription services, you will enhance brand loyalty and reach more customers.

Get the best design for your subscription box packaging campaign. At Packoi, we are dedicated to making your brand shine. Get in touch with our team now to get the best custom packages.

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