10 Design Tips for Kraft Gift Boxes

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Using a kraft gift box is a sustainable way to give presents away. It’s simple and eco-friendly.

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But as far as gift boxes go, it can be quite boring. If you decide to use gift wrapping paper to make it more festive, you’re just adding to the packaging waste problem. That’ll defeat the purpose of using a kraft box to be more sustainable.

But there’s a way to compromise and solve this problem.

In this article, you’ll get incredible gift packaging solutions to help you design kraft boxes. This will make you end up with a sustainable and visually appealing gift box.

10 Ideas to Design Kraft Boxes

When you’re designing your kraft gift box, it’s important to choose sustainable options to ensure that it stays eco-friendly. If you want your gift boxes to look festive for the gift-giving occasion, you have to choose the right materials to add.

Since kraft paper looks plain and natural, it’s easy to find something that can complement it. To give you ideas, here are some materials that you can use as your gift packaging solutions.

With a Ribbon

A ribbon seems like a great way to design a gift box. You can fashion a bow and attach it to the box lid as decoration.

Kraft gift boxes with bow

Or you can tie it around the box so it helps secure the lid. You can wrap it once or make the ribbon cross each other so it wraps around all 4 sides of the box. Or wrap the ribbon in such a way that it looks like a diamond.

You can find several online tutorials on how to creatively tie ribbons on gift boxes.

With a Twine and Tag

This is perfect for the gift box because it adds to the eco-friendly look. The twine will match the brown color of the kraft material and make it look sustainable. If you use kraft paper to make the tag, this will complete the look.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to the color brown for your gift packaging. Twine comes in different colors. If the gift is for Valentine’s Day, use red. If it’s for the holiday season, use red for the twine and green for the tag. 

Use the different ways to tie a ribbon around gift boxes. You can follow the same guide to tie twine around yours.

With Dried Twigs and Leaves

Here’s another sustainable and eco-friendly way to decorate your gift boxes.

Go around your garden or even the local park and pick up dried twigs and leaves. You can use these to decorate your gift box. If you want it to look more festive, you can glue the twigs and leaves around the box.

Kraft gift boxes with dried twigs

Arrange the leaves to look like a Christmas tree – this is a great design for the holiday season. Or arrange the leaves to look like a Christmas wreath. Draw red Christmas balls to add color to the gift box.

With a Sleeve

Another idea to decorate your gift box is by using a packaging sleeve. This is like a band of paper or cardboard that wraps around gift boxes.

You can use any wrapping paper and cut it a few inches wide and then wrap it around the box. Choose a plain color or printed paper. By choosing the right color or print, you can make your gift packaging suit the occasion that’s being celebrated.

For instance, choose paper with printed Christmas trees for a Christmas gift box. Or red paper for an anniversary gift.

With a Rope

This is a great alternative to twine or ribbons.

Use a rope to tie around your gift box. This gives the gift a raw and natural look.

Using a white rope will stand out on the brown color of kraft gift boxes. It’ll look simple and aesthetically appealing already. But you can still add a bit of color by using different colored ropes.

Choose colors that go well together – or those that represent the occasion.

With Lace

gift boxes with lace

If you want your gift box to look vintage or feminine, use lace instead of a ribbon. Tie it around the box and create a bow on the lid.

Or you can use different types of lace and wrap them around the body of gift boxes. The various lace designs can be used to create a pattern.

What’s great about this option is you can use scraps of lace that you have lying around your house. There’s no need to buy anything to decorate your gift.

With a Note

Decorate your gift box with personal notes for the recipient. This is a great idea if you know the recipient very well – and of course, if you have neat handwriting.

Be creative in writing notes around the gift box. You can also write only on the lid. Create a unique note or copy a favorite poem or quote that applies to the recipient or what’s being celebrated.

This is a unique gift packaging that’ll allow you to express your sentiments, not just through the gift inside the box, but also through your words.

With Cut-Outs

Do you have old books, newspapers, magazines, or other printed materials lying around? You can use these to decorate your gift box.

You don’t have to use these as gift-wrapping paper. Instead, cut out shapes that you can glue on the surface of the box to decorate it.

boxes with cut-outs

So if the gift is for someone who’s graduating, use a cut-out of a graduation cap. Glue it on the lid of the box. Or you can make it look like a diploma.

With Tissue Paper

There are two ways to use tissue paper to decorate gift boxes – and no, you won’t need it as gift-wrapping paper.

One way is to glue cut-outs of the tissue paper on the box and use it as decorations. You can crumple it and glue it on the box so it adds texture to the whole gift.

Another way of using this paper is by crumpling or shredding it and putting it inside the box. Put it at the bottom of the box, then put the gift on top of it. Add more tissue paper on top.

Use colored tissue paper to make it look more festive.

With Old Photos

Apart from the lace, using old photos can make a kraft gift box look vintage. Feel free to use photos of the recipient. Or you can use cut-out photos from magazines.

Choose the black and white photos for your gift packaging. If you can find images that are related to the gift or represents the recipient, this will give your gift a whole new meaning. They will surely appreciate the effort of personalizing the decorations of the gift box.

6 Kraft Gift Box Styles and How to Design Them

Now that you have clues on how to decorate kraft gift boxes, you don’t have to stress out about your gift-wrapping skills. Even the simplest materials can improve how your gift box will look.

But apart from the design, you should also take into consideration the gift box style that you’ll use. There are many gift packaging options that you can choose from. One way to choose the right style is to consider the type of gift that you’ll give. Make sure the box fits the size and value of the gift.

Lift-Off Lid box

Lift-Off Lid

This is a common style for gift boxes. The box has 2 parts – the box and the lid. The lid is completely detached from the box.

For some, the lid is bigger than the box so it fits the top part. Others have a groove on the top part of the box so the lid fits into it. That way, the side of the box and the lid will be aligned.

Any of these kraft box styles will make for great packaging for your gift.

With Windows

This gift box style can be easily mistaken for product packaging. It’s a common style of baked goods and other food products. These boxes have a window so people can look at what’s inside.

As gift packaging, not all people may like this style. But if you want the recipient to feel excited about the gift you sent, you can let them take a peek by using a box with windows.

Because of its style, these gift boxes won’t let you wrap gifts. So use ribbons or lace to decorate it instead.


Drawer-Type boxes

This is a perfect gift box for small gifts like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry.

The way it slowly reveals the gift as the recipient opens the “drawer” makes the unboxing quite exciting. When the gift is finally revealed, it’ll be a great surprise. The build-up of anticipation will help increase the value of the gift.

This is why drawer-type gift boxes are ideal. The excitement is taken to another level because of how it’s opened.

Tuck-Top Boxes

This is a common style for product packaging. The lid is attached to one side of the bottom part of the box. There are flaps at the edge of the lid – sometimes, there’s only one flap but there are times when there are up to three flaps. These are folded and tucked into the box to close.

This type of gift box is ideal for items that need to be kept in an upright position like wine bottles, perfumes, etc.

To make the gift more exciting, it’s best to cover the gift with tissue or shredded paper so the recipient won’t see the gift immediately when they open the lid.

Tuck-Top Boxes

Long and Narrow Boxes

This type of gift box can also be used for wine bottles but it can either have a lift-off or tuck-top lid. To choose between the two, you have to think about what your gift will need.

If it needs to be upright, it might be best to use a tuck-top box that’s narrow and tall. But if it’s a tall vase that can be positioned horizontally, a long and narrow lift-off box can be used instead.

Consider the best way to protect the gift. That’s how you can choose between the two types of gift boxes.

With Handles

The best way to imagine this gift box is to think about takeaway food boxes. There are gift boxes that you can assemble like a regular box but two sides have flaps that connect to form the handles.

These can come in different forms and styles. Choose the one that fits the type of gift that you’ll be giving.

This will be hard to wrap so choose how you’ll decorate this to make it look visually appealing.

boxes with handles

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Using kraft paper boxes is a great way to package your gift. To choose the right style, it helps to consider the occasion, the recipient, and the gift that’ll be put inside.

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