How to Impress with Kraft Gift Boxes

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Most people think the simplicity of kraft boxes means it’ll be harder to impress people with them.

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But you might be surprised by how easy it is to create impressive gift boxes, even if they’re made of kraft paper. The simple nature of a kraft paper gift box is why you can use it to impress the recipient.

Why? Because it’s very easy to customize.

In this article, you’ll learn valuable tips that’ll help you transform kraft gift boxes to use them to impress the recipients.

Kraft Boxes Send an Important Message about Your Brand

The act of giving gifts is already a powerful message. It tells people that your brand is successful enough because it can afford to give stuff for free. Either that or you’re confident your business can grow enough to recover the cost of giving gifts.

Kraft Gift Boxes

But this message becomes even more powerful depending on your gift and the gift boxes you use to deliver it.

So if you use a kraft paper gift box that also sends a message to the recipient, the kraft gift packaging will say two things about your brand.

Sustainability And Environmental Impact

At first glance, kraft boxes look sustainable. The brown paper board exudes an eco-friendly vibe. It looks natural and free from toxic materials, not to mention that it is recyclable.

All these qualities make custom kraft gift boxes appealing to customers. Sustainability is a big thing nowadays. Customers have expressed their willingness to support companies that use eco-friendly gift boxes.

That means using custom boxes made of kraft paper, and you’re painting an image of a green business. You’re showing that your company can be completely sustainable.

It also tells your target market that you pay attention to the manufacturing process of your packaging. You make a conscious effort to support companies in the packaging industry that positively impact the environment.

This will positively affect the image of your brand.

It’ll make your market respect you and trust that you make the right decisions to minimize your business’s carbon footprint.

Creativity and Simplicity

creativity gift boxes

Custom kraft gift boxes are quite plain and ordinary looking. But that’s good because it shows your customers you’re not afraid of simplicity. You are confident that even though your gift boxes are made of brown kraft paper, they’ll still stand out.

Besides, the plain gift box gives a lot of room for creativity. It’s easy to add design elements to make it look festive. Kraft gift boxes are like a blank slate. You can add accents and accessories so the recipient will feel excited to open it.

This says a lot about what your business can do to achieve customer satisfaction.

3 Ways to Impress People through Kraft Boxes

If you want to impress people with your gift, you must put it in the best packaging.

It could be in boxes or bags – it doesn’t matter. The outer packaging plays a huge role in setting the tone for how a gift or product will be received.

When it comes to custom kraft gift boxes, there are three ways you can set them up to impress the recipient.

The Materials

If you want to impress, use the best raw material you can find.

Since kraft gift boxes are made of paperboard, you want to ensure they’re thick enough to be sturdy and durable. You want it to protect your gift.

But beyond the thickness, you also want to ensure the materials are taken from the right sources. This should be easy if you partner with an FSC-certified packaging supplier. The Forest Stewardship Council requires certified companies to get paper products from responsibly managed forests.

Not only that, but the certification allows you to put the FSC logo on your gift box. This will prove to people that you’re serious about your eco-friendly ways.

kraft gift boxes

The Design

Kraft gift boxes can be as plain as they can be – or you can litter them with many accessories like ribbons, tags, and stickers.

But before you decide what to do, ensure you’ll end up with a design for your boxes that’ll blow away your customers

For instance, if you’re giving a gift to a business associate, putting fun stickers on the box might not be a good idea. It could make the gift look childish. It has to be something that suits the personal taste of the recipient.

Special events can also dictate the design of your box. If your gift is for a birthday, wedding, or corporate celebration, you can base the design of your gift on that.

The Function

Remember how you want your product packaging to impress potential customers so they’ll buy from you?

The same is true for your gift box. You want it to protect your gift inside so the recipient won’t have a broken present.

Your kraft gift boxes should use strong packaging materials for protection. Make sure any fragile gifts won’t break. You can even wrap the contents in tissue paper to protect it.

If you impress recipients enough with your gift item, it’ll reflect well on your brand.

8 Impressive Designs for Your Kraft Gift Box

There’s no one rule when it comes to designing kraft gift boxes. But as mentioned, you need to consider the recipient. Just like when you’re choosing what to give them, you also have to think about the gift packaging.

Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how they’ll open their gift boxes. It should give clues on the gift box design the recipient will most appreciate.

To help you along, here are eight design inspirations from which you can draw inspiration.

Sliding Box Type

Drawer-type gift boxes

Drawer-type gift boxes are structured to make the unwrapping quite exciting. The lower part of the box is slowly pulled out to reveal the gift.

The gift box design fills the experience with a lot of anticipation.

You don’t have to use a rigid gift box for this. If the material is thick enough, you can use the typical paperboard to create the sliding gift boxes. It may need lamination – but you’ll have to confirm that with the packaging supplier.

Ribbon Closure

gift boxes with ribbon closure

Custom kraft gift boxes can also be designed with a ribbon closure. This type of box looks like an ordinary one with four flaps. One pair of flaps across each other has ribbons attached to them. This way, when the box is closed, you can tie the ribbon to secure everything like a gift wrapping.

This looks best for small gift box designs.

Unique Shapes

Kraft gift boxes can also come in unique shapes.

You can have star-shaped gift boxes or circular ones. You can even make the box lid very creative. For example, a circular box can have a cake design on the top lid. That way, the box looks like a cake when it’s closed.

a circular box

Be as creative as you can be in choosing your custom box design. Choose the right design so the recipient can have fun with it.

Make it as durable as rigid boxes. That way, the recipient will be encouraged to reuse it. That’ll help lessen our problems with packaging waste.

Box Lids With Windows

What do you think of kraft paper gift boxes with a lid with a window on them?

This is a great option if you want to give the recipient a peek at what’s inside the kraft gift boxes. It’ll help them feel quite excited about opening the box.

But you can make it even more exciting. Wrap the gift in tissue paper. Secure it with a sticker that has a message on it. That way, the recipient will see your message before they open the box.

Cylinder Gift Boxes

Cylinder Gift Boxes

Use cylinder kraft gift boxes if your gift is a bottle – like a wine bottle or something. These will fit the bottled gift.

It also looks different from the typical square gift box type.

Some people may be able to guess what’s inside the box. And sometimes, hinting at what’s inside makes the whole unwrapping experience all the more enjoyable.

Colorful Inner Design

Think about creating plain gift boxes that open up to an incredibly artistic inner packaging. 

Use this idea to make your custom kraft gift boxes more creative. Make it look like a plain custom box on the outside. But on the inside, go crazy with the design – as if there’s wrapping paper inside.

It’ll be an awesome surprise for the recipient on top of the gift that they’ll receive.

Paper Accents

You can add paper accents to your kraft gift boxes to make them more appealing. On its own, kraft paper looks plain. This might not be enough to make your gift look more exciting to open.

But you don’t need gift wrapping to make it look more creative. You can use cut-out paper accents in different designs.

This will add color and artistic elements to your gift boxes. It might even look better than using gift wrappers.

kraft paper gift boxes design

Personalized Sticker Messages

Finally, you can print out stickers that can contain personalized messages that you have for the recipient. It doesn’t have to be just one sticker. Put multiple stickers all over kraft paper gift boxes.

This will make it look like you did some DIY gift box design. It’ll add a personal touch to your gift boxes.

It’ll also make the recipient feel special.

Are You Ready to Create Your Custom Gift Boxes? Packoi Printing Is Here to Assist.

Creating kraft gift boxes is a great way to be eco-friendly while being generous with your gifts. It’s not just sustainable, and it’s also cost-efficient.

But ensure you get your brown kraft paper gift boxes from the right source.

Packoi Printing is an FSC-certified company that sources paper products from responsibly managed forests.

We can help create the right kraft gift boxes for you.

Give us a call so we can talk. We’ll get back to you with a fair quote soon.

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