Unwrap The Magic: How to Choose the Perfect Gift Boxes for Christmas Presents

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Many people have a tradition of choosing a Christmas gift basket or box. Over 40% of Americans feel they must send gifts to loved ones during the holidays, often using credit cards and going into debt. However, there are now cheaper options available, such as using a gift box instead of a basket.

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In this article, you’ll learn more about gift baskets and boxes – and how to put together the perfect gift for Christmas. You’ll get ideas on what to send as a gift – and you’ll get the facts about why gift boxes may be better than gift baskets.

Why Are Christmas Gift Boxes Important?

Christmas gift boxes

The holiday season is considered one of the happiest seasons every year. Although it’s also the most expensive, the gift-giving tradition makes it a joyful one.

After all, receiving a gift is always a positive experience – whether you like the gift or not.

Knowing that someone took the time to remember and put together a gift box for you is very thoughtful. It can make you feel special. 

There’s also the element of surprise and anticipation while you open the gift that you received.

The best Christmas gift baskets are festive enough to add to the incredible holiday experience.

Different Materials You Can Use for Your Gift Box

A gift box is a loose term that includes other gift containers like gift baskets, pouches, cans, and even paper bags. It’s not always about using a box. But there are specific reasons why you should opt for a box and not any other gift container.

In the past, a gift basket is an ideal container for holiday gifts. For most people, the best Christmas gift baskets are the big ones that are overflowing with contents.

Christmas gift basket

But the image of a big Christmas gift basket is slowly being replaced by smaller and more economical gift boxes.

These boxes can be made of paper board, corrugated cardboard, plastic, and even a combination of leather and cardboard material. These are customizable, durable, and made to be reused. These boxes can be custom-made to be wrapped in velvet or other fabrics to give them a more luxurious feel.

Although you can still see a Christmas gift basket being given, more and more people are using gift boxes.

Reasons Why a Gift Box Is Better than Christmas Gift Baskets

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to give away Christmas gift baskets for the holiday season. But you might want to consider the benefits of using a box instead of the usual gift basket.

To help you make a practical decision about your gifts, here are 5 reasons why you should consider making the switch from the traditional basket.


The truth is, you can customize Christmas gift baskets. But the level of customization may be limited. Gift boxes, on the other hand, can take on any design, color, shape, and size. 

You can put die-cuts on the lid or any side of the box so the recipient can take a sneak peek at what’s inside.

Compared to gift baskets, there are more chances to personalize your gift if you use a box.


Even the best Christmas gift basket is different from the structure that boxes can provide. Think about a chocolate gift basket. How can you ensure that when the basket is delivered, all the small items and pieces will stay in place?

You can’t. But with a box, it’s easier to arrange the items in an organized way. You can secure everything with adhesive so it all stays in place even if it’s transported over long distances.

Gift box

Protects Contents

Speaking of traveling long distances, a gift box can protect its contents better than a Christmas gift basket. Even if the basket has a shrink film over it, there’s still a higher chance that the items in it will be damaged during delivery.

A box offers more protection because it covers the contents from all sides. If you put the right cushion or fillers, your gifts will remain protected at all times.


The thing about Christmas gift baskets is they are left exposed. Even with a plastic cover or shrink film, these can easily be punctured while in transit. You might have to put the basket in another box to protect the whole thing. 

That can be quite wasteful.

If you use a box, it’s easier to transport and deliver. You can stack them and seal them without using any other material other than tape. They usually don’t come in odd shapes – so they can be delivered with other items without taking up too much space.


The best Christmas gift basket can accommodate a variety of gifts. But so can a gift box. Boxes can be made in different shapes and sizes so you can put as many items as you want.

gift box with unique shape

This makes it easier to customize the contents to suit both personal and business gift-giving purposes. You also don’t have to limit yourself to giving gifts during the holiday season. 

If you order a plain box, you can use it for all types of occasions. You just have to change the decoration to suit the occasion being celebrated.

5 Christmas Gift Box Ideas That Can Inspire You

Whether you choose to put together the best Christmas gift basket or box for your family and friends, what matters most is the contents.

What can you give that the recipient will appreciate? Here are some ideas that you can use as you put together the perfect Christmas gift.

Food For Christmas

The Christmas season is filled with a lot of get-togethers and parties. Why not give the recipient the ingredients for a meal they can put on the table?

Put together the ingredients for making a pasta dish. Or maybe you can put some deli meat and cheese in a box so the recipient can create a charcuterie board for a party. 

Recipients would surely appreciate gourmet gift baskets they can share with others.

After all, the best Christmas gift basket or box can be enjoyed with family and friends.

Snack Bar

Food will always be a great choice for your Christmas gift box and another option you can consider is assorted snacks.

It’s not just about giving them chips and unhealthy junk food. Give them healthy snacks like mixed nuts and the makings of a popcorn factory. Put flavors in the box so they can create cheese or caramel popcorn at home.

Christmas gift box with Snack Bar

There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to this gift idea.

Sweet Treats

This is a perfect option for someone’s sweet tooth. Give them assorted sweet treats. Put together a chocolate gift basket. Include chocolate-covered pretzels, cookies, and even hot chocolate treats.

While this would look great in a Christmas gift basket, you can easily arrange these treats in a box. Just put fillers in the box to ensure that they won’t get mixed up while being handled or delivered.

Wine and Drinks

The holiday season is not completed without a bottle of wine. But don’t stop there. Your Christmas gift basket or box can have an assortment of drinks like coffee, tea sampler, hot chocolate drinks, etc.

This is a great partner for gourmet gift baskets so if you want to be generous, add chocolate-covered pretzels or a cheese gift for the recipient to enjoy while they spend time with their loved ones.

Just be cautious about the sizes of the items you’ll put in the box. Make sure they’ll all fit inside so you can arrange them properly.


Putting spa essentials in a box is a classic choice for a gift. You can add cozy blankets, scented candles, and even sweet treats like cookies and some tea sampler kit.

Amidst all the activities that the recipient will go through during the seasons, giving them the essentials to help them relax will be a welcome relief. It’s truly the best Christmas gift box that you can give because it shows that you care about their well-being.

7 Tips to Choose the Perfect Gift Box for Christmas Presents

When choosing the best Christmas gift basket or box for your loved ones, you want to make sure you’re giving a gift that they can use. While anything you put in your gift basket or box will be appreciated, you don’t want to waste your effort.

Here are 7 tips you can follow to ensure that you’ll be giving the right gift this season of giving.

Consider the Recipient’s Personality

Your gift basket or box should consider the recipient’s personality. After all, they’re the ones who will receive the gift. You want to ensure that the contents of your gift basket are aligned with their wants, interests, and personal preferences.

You can take simple cues from their career, gender, age, etc. Make sure you consider their health as well. You don’t want to give a chocolate gift basket to someone battling diabetes.

Identify the Gift Box Contents

Once you have an idea of what the recipient would like to receive, it’s time to make a list of the gifts you’ll put in your gift basket or box.

Start by coming up with a theme. Will it be filled with spa essentials or food items? Will you make it jam-packed with snacks and healthy treats?

Remember, although the box is important, the contents will ultimately define what the best Christmas gift basket is.

Pick the Right Size

gift basket with wine

With all the items that you plan to put in your gift basket or box, make sure everything will fit. If you plan to put long items like a wine bottle, you might have to choose a gift basket instead.

But if you can put everything in a box, then you can easily secure it to protect the items inside. Just make sure that it’s not too big either.

Pick the right size so you don’t have to add too many fillers in the box.

Choose Sustainable Materials

Sustainability is a big thing right now. So if you can choose sustainable materials for your gift basket or box, it would certainly impress the recipient.

Your gift basket or box could be made of recycled materials or paperboard. If you have to use plastic, make sure it’s biodegradable so it won’t bring harm to the environment.

Research companies that use only eco-friendly materials. For instance, Packoi Printing is an FSC-certified company that sources paper-based materials from responsibly managed forests. You can trust that all materials used to produce your gift box are sustainable.

Think about the Design and Add-ons

The best Christmas gift basket is the one that makes the recipient excited even at a glance. They don’t even have to look at what’s inside. They already feel happy just looking at it.

This is why you have to think carefully about how you’ll decorate it. This is also one of the reasons why it’s better to have a box than a gift basket. You have more options to decorate it.

The surface of the box can be printed with different Christmas designs. That way, you only have to add a ribbon and a tag and it should be good to go. Or you can keep it simple by using Kraft gift boxes. Just add a colorful ribbon and a Christmas tag to complete the look.

Make It Practical and Reusable

Christmas gift box

Another thing you can do for your gift basket or box is to make it practical and reusable. This is another way to make it sustainable.

A gift basket can be reused. But it’s mostly for decorative purposes. The recipient can put fruits and vegetables in it and keep it in the kitchen. But a box is even better to use as a reusable container. It can be used to store items and it can be stacked with other boxes.

The recipient can also use it as a gift box for someone else.

Add a Personal Touch

If you want to give the best Christmas gift basket or box, make it as personal as possible. Don’t make it look like a generic gift that you put together for everyone (even if it’s true!).

You want the recipient to feel that you singled them out and spent time to make the gift basket unique. A handwritten note or quote is enough to be considered a personal touch. It would make your gift extra special and exciting.

Step-By-Step Guide to Putting Together a Christmas Gift Box

Putting together a gift for a family member or close friend should be a fun experience. Especially if you focus on how they’ll feel once they get your gift basket.

Imagine seeing their eyes light up and feeling overwhelmed by happiness because they like the thought of you remembering them during the busy Christmas season.

Of course, getting that reaction requires you to put together the right gift. Here is the step-by-step guide to help you create the perfect gift to give this Christmas.

Arrange the Gifts Inside the Box

Start by organizing the different gifts inside the gift basket or box. Try to balance the different sizes and make sure each gift can be seen at first glance.

Put the bigger gifts towards the back and the smaller ones in front or on top. Sometimes, the layering creates an illusion that there’s more in the box than meets the eye.

Secure the Contents

Since there’s more than one item in the gift basket, secure each one with tape, tissue, or crumpled paper to keep them in place. Any fragile items will have to be wrapped delicately so they won’t break.

The gift-giving vibe would be ruined if the recipient opens the box to a jumbled mess or worse – a broken gift.

gift box with content

Put Fillers

The next step involves the fillers. Putting fillers in a gift basket will have to be done carefully so it doesn’t ruin the look. This is why a gift box is better. The fillers will act as a protective shield to keep the items from damage – while making the gift look visually appealing.

Fill the empty spaces with colorful tissue paper or shredded paper. You can also use old fabrics with colors that’ll make your gift stand out.

Cover the Box

The thing about a gift basket is you can’t cover it. That means there’s no element of surprise. But with a gift box, you can prolong the excitement by hiding the gifts inside.

This is why the cover of your box will have to be well-thought-out. Think about how your family member or friend will unwrap the gift. Don’t make the unwrapping too hard. But don’t make it too easy. Balance the idea of style and aesthetic so the recipient will have a grand unboxing experience.

Add Decorations

The last step is to put the decorations on the gift baskets or boxes. Since it’s the Christmas season, you want to be as extravagant as you can – without being too wasteful.

Add ribbons, tags, and even Christmas ornaments. Put dried twigs or leaves to decorate the box. Be as creative and sophisticated as you can in putting together the overall look of your gift.

Christmas gift box

Are You Ready to Put Together Your Christmas Gift Box? Packoi Printing Can Show Incredible Samples to Choose from.

It’s never too early to start thinking about the Christmas gift basket or box that you’ll give to your loved ones this coming season. Just focus on the joy and excitement that you’ll be giving the people around you. That’ll motivate you to put together the perfect gift for everyone.

If you want to know more about your gift box options, we at Packoi Printing can help. We have a huge selection of boxes for you to choose from – and we can print any design that you want on it.

Give us a call so we can discuss your options. We’ll get back to you with a fair quote as soon as possible.

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