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Have you ever used custom tissue paper to add to your product packaging? You should!

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It’s not that hard to design your very own tissue paper. All it takes is the right paper, an inkjet printer, and incredible creativity.

This article will reveal 5 steps to create an incredible design for printed tissue paper – and why you should emphasize this.

printed tissue paper

5-Steps to Creating Your Custom Tissue Paper

If you want to create custom tissue paper, make sure it represents your brand properly. Every little thing that you put in your packaging matters.

Take tissue paper as an example. There are customers who say that having an extra layer of tissue paper to unwrap makes the whole unboxing experience more exciting. It feels like they’re receiving a special gift.

Don’t deprive your customers of this experience.

Here are 5 steps that’ll help you create custom tissue paper.

printed tissue paper

Step 1: Think About Your Customers.

While the custom tissue paper should reflect your brand, it must also resonate with your customers. That means you have to think about what they want to see.

How do they want you to use the tissue paper? 

What method do they prefer in the unboxing process? Do they want to unwrap it from the product? Or do they want to see it as a filler?

Whatever it is, it’ll give you clues on how to use the tissue paper. It’ll also help you identify your need to make the design more prominent.

Step 2: Consider Your Packaging Story.

Your packaging tells a story about your brand and your product. Make sure your tissue paper fits that story well.

Once again, you have to consider your customer here. Ask yourself what you want them to feel when they open the packaging. Does it matter to you if they have fun? Happiness? Professional?

The design of the tissue paper can help make your customers feel this.

If you have a luxurious brand or want to tell the story of your advocacy, make sure your tissue tells that story.

Step 3: Show off Your Brand Logo.

One of the best ways to design your custom tissue paper is by incorporating your brand logo.

The question is, how can you do that?

You have it printed like a monogram. Or you can print just one big logo.

What’s important is you should make sure it makes your logo stand out.

That way, your customers have no doubt that this is your product and that the unboxing experience they’re getting comes from you.

Step 4: Add Visually Appealing Patterns.

Let’s get one thing clear. While your tissue wrapping paper is an important part of the packaging, it’s not exactly the focal point.

So if you decide to put patterns apart from your brand logo, be subtle about it. Make sure it’s your logo that stands out.

Of course, the patterns should still be appealing. It has to fill up the space on the tissue paper. But don’t let it distract the customer from the real star – the product and your brand.

Step 5: Play Around with Colors.

It’s not just patterns that you can add to the design of your tissue paper. Consider the color of the paper that you’ll use.

You can choose the same color shade as the main packaging. Or you can follow the color of the product. You can also stick to the color of the brand and the business.

Have fun with different ideas for your color combination.

Why Custom Tissue Paper is Important

If you’re wondering why you should bother with custom tissue paper, think about your customer for a moment.

Imagine what it would be like opening your packaging.

They get the box. They open it. And there, nestled in soft tissue paper, is the product they’ve been waiting for. When they touch the tissue, they see how you’ve carefully thought about every detail.

printed tissue paper

Why do they think this way?

Because of your custom tissue paper.

Sometimes, we fail to realize the small details that matter.

Here are other reasons why this should be given careful thought.

It Creates an in-Depth Message.

Believe it or not, the right tissue paper can help deliver an in-depth message to your customer.

It tells your customers that no small detail is unimportant to you. That meticulous way of designing your packaging speaks volumes about how much you deliberate on every move you make.

It gives the idea that you’re serious about what you do.

Your customers will notice this and feel impressed by the effort you give.

It Adds Value to the Brand.

Even with just one layer of tissue paper, it already feels like the product is more valuable. The tissue shows how much care you want to put on the product.

That’s how it increases the value of the brand and the product. While it’s just the perception of the product that increases, it still matters.

It Encourages Sharing on Social Media.

If you impress your customers, guess what?

They’ll share the unboxing experience with others. This is why you should think about tissue paper because it adds to the overall experience that your customers will get.

When they post it online, it’ll help encourage others to buy from your company.

It’s Cost-Effective.

This is the best reason to think carefully about your custom tissue paper.

It’s pretty cost-effective. For a fraction of the cost of your overall packaging budget, you’re increasing the value of your brand.

It’ll leave a lasting impression on your customers.

printed tissue paper

Get Your Custom Tissue Paper from Packoi Printing.

Custom tissue paper is not a trivial thing that you should ignore. It can improve the overall message that you want your packaging to have.

Do you want to know more about this?

Get in touch with Packoi Printing. We can help you find the right tissue paper design to complement your brand, product, and packaging solution.

You’ll get a quote from us in no time at all.

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