How to Create Shipping Boxes for Hats to Preserve the Style and Shape

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What is the best way to ship hats? You need a rigid box that can accommodate the shape of the hat and ensure that it won’t be deformed while in transit.

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The thing is, hats come in all shapes and sizes. You have sun hats, fedoras, top hats, etc. What is the best way to create shipping boxes for hats that can protect their style and shape? This is the question that will be answered in this article.

You’ll read about the essential characteristics of hat packaging boxes and how they can bring marketing benefits to your brand. You’ll also get design ideas and tips to create the best custom hat boxes that can meet your retail packaging needs.

Hat Boxes

5 Important Characteristics of Hat Boxes

Before you can design hat boxes, you need to understand the essential characteristics that they should possess. It will allow you to order wholesale hat boxes that can be stored for a long time without compromising their ability to preserve the style and shape of the product inside it.

Here are the 5 must-haves to make a hat box effective.

1. Durability

When you deliver hats, you want to make sure that they reach the customers in good condition. But the reality is, you can’t control the elements and environmental factors that the package will face. This is why you need to create durable custom hat boxes to protect the hat from dust, sunlight, and moisture.

These are the elements that won’t just endanger the shape of the hat. It can also compromise the quality of the materials that make up the hat. You need a durable and weather-resistant shipping box to protect it.

2. Size and Fit

As mentioned, hats come in all shapes and sizes. For every hat that you’ll ship out, you need to put it in a box that fits it snugly. The custom hat packaging boxes should not be too big or too small. For instance, you need a taller box for a top hat, while you need a narrower box for fedoras to maintain the crease on top.

rigid hat shipping box

3. Reinforced Structure

Shipping hats will expose the product to the rigors of travel. There’s no way to know how it’ll be handled during delivery, so you must be prepared to use rigid hat boxes. This means choosing sturdy hat packaging boxes that have reinforced corners to ensure their structural integrity.

4. Inner Padding

As the rigid box protects the hat from outside forces, the inner padding will protect it from being deformed when the box is moved about during delivery. By putting soft cushions inside hat shipping boxes, you can prevent scratches or dents that may result from any rough handling.

This will ensure that the hat will remain in good condition.

5. Branding

Don’t forget that hat boxes are marketing tools. Any type of packaging can be used to promote a brand. This is why you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to use custom hat boxes to market your business.

Do this by putting brand elements on the shipping box. This can be done by printing or embossing your brand name or logo on the top lid or side of the hat box.

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5 Marketing Benefits of Custom Hat Packaging Boxes

Hats have consistently been a staple in fashion and accessories. According to statistics, it’s a $26 billion global market that’s only expected to grow in the coming years. With this growth, it’s also expected that the competition will be fierce among hat or headwear brands.

To help your brand stand out, you need the right packaging to get the attention of your target market.

Hats can fit in standard shipping boxes. Why do you need to create custom hat boxes? There are marketing benefits to be gained if you invest in a specific hat box to deliver your products.

Here are 5 of the most important benefits that you’ll get:

1. Strengthens Brand Recognition

If you put your brand elements in a visible position in the hat box, people will know that it came from you. Whether they know about your brand or not, it can pique their curiosity, especially if your box is very creative and beautifully done.

The moment it attracts attention and interest, you can consider it an effective marketing tool. It can help advertise your brand as it’s delivered to customers.

2. Provides Ultimate Product Protection

The primary role of packaging is to provide protection. Since the style and shape of the hat are important, you need to protect it. An ordinary shipping box may not be rigid enough to provide this protection.

Hat Packaging Boxes

You’ll need custom sizes to give the hat a snug fit. This increases the chances that the product will reach its destination in perfect form and condition.

3. Elevates Brand Value

By investing in specific packaging boxes for hats, you’re sending a powerful message to your customers.

First of all, you’re willing to invest in a box that can specifically meet the needs of the product. Second, the rigid structure of the box will give it a luxurious appearance. Third, you get to be creative in the design of the box.

The visual appeal and functionality of the hat boxes will elevate the value of your brand. It can win the respect and loyalty of customers because they know you don’t cut corners when it comes to delivering quality products and packaging.

4. Encourages Reusability and Sustainability

If you use cardboard hat boxes, you’re using one of the most popular eco-friendly packaging materials. You’re promoting sustainability through your packaging choices.

And since you’re creating durable boxes, you can easily encourage customers to reuse the packaging. It could either be used to store the hats or be used as hat gift boxes. The more visually appealing the box is, the more people will want to keep it around.

5. Creates Memorable Unboxing Experience

By choosing a great design for your hat packaging boxes, you can create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. This strengthens their brand loyalty and can also encourage repeat purchases.

If the customer decides to do an unboxing video, this can market your brand further and help you reach more people.

10 Design Ideas to Create Stylish Custom Hat Boxes for Shipping

Creating stylish custom hat boxes is worth the investment because it can put your brand in a positive light. But you can only maximize the benefits if you choose the right design for the hat packaging.

Remember, it has to be visually appealing and functional at the same time. Here are 10 design ideas that you can use as inspiration as you plan to create your packaging for hats

1. Vintage Hat Boxes

Vintage Hat Boxes

This is a timeless design that’s perfect for all types of customers. You can use faded floral patterns that look antique. When the customer opens the box to reveal the hat, it’ll give them a nostalgic feeling that’ll make the experience more endearing.

This is a great hat box idea for berets or bowler hats.

2. Elegant Hat Boxes

Even if most hat packaging is made of cardboard boxes, you can still give it an elegant feel. Just add satin or velvet to the surface. The texture would convey luxury and would make the box feel sophisticated. You can even add gold accents to make the box look more opulent.

This is a perfect option for fedoras or top hats.

3. Colored Hat Boxes

Your hat box can also have fun with colors. Use color psychology to create an unboxing experience that’ll evoke feelings of joy, calm, happiness, and even excitement. Of course, you’ll have to take cues from the type of hat that you’re packaging.

A sombrero reminds people of fiestas and celebrations. A fedora is all about style. A beret is about artistry. Match the colors with the type of hat that the customer ordered.

Of course, you can also stick to your brand colors if you want to promote your business.

4. Uniquely Shaped Hat Boxes

Uniquely Shaped Hat Boxes

To preserve the style and shape of the product, hat boxes should have a snug fit. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a unique shape that shows your brand’s creativity or even humor. You can deviate from the typical square shape of shipping boxes or the round hat boxes.

You can opt for a hexagonal or octagonal shape to make it different. It’s not the same as a round shape, but it can accommodate the typical shape of a hat. But you can also have fun with the top lid. You can put creative designs that pop out of the lid—something that’ll delight customers when they see your box.

5. Black and White Hat Boxes

Black and White Hat Boxes

You don’t have to be too creative with your custom hat boxes if you want them to be stylish. A simple black-and-white box can deliver a powerful statement that can elevate your brand. It’s elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

This is a great option for top hats, fedoras, and even bowler hats.

6. Monogrammed Hat Boxes

Another idea for your custom hat packaging boxes Give it a monogram design. You can do an alternate of your brand logo and name. Or you can just stick to the logo of your brand. This will help increase brand recognition.

Whatever design you use to implement the monogram, that’s the image that’ll impress the minds of your customers.

7. Textured Hat Boxes

Textured Hat Boxes

Here’s something that you can combine with the monogram idea. You can emboss or deboss the monogram design onto the surface of the boxes. This will give it a bit of texture that will make the packaging look luxurious. The multi-sensory experience is a great way to create a memorable unboxing experience.

8. Patterned Hat Boxes

If you don’t like monograms, you can use other patterns like stripes, geometric designs, or random flowers. This will give your packaging boxes character. It will also make the box look like a gift box. Customers can recycle it during the gift-giving season. It can also be a great storage option.

9. Transparent Hat Boxes

Using a transparent lid can only be applied to certain hats. Some types of hats will require protection from sunlight, so they can’t use these types of packaging.

Transparent Hat Boxes

But if your hat isn’t sensitive to light exposure, use a transparent lid to allow customers to easily peek at what’s inside the box.

10. Seasonal Hat Boxes

Hat packaging boxes can also follow certain seasons or holidays as the design theme. If it’s Christmas, you can follow the colors of the season. If you’re delivering a sombrero, using festive designs will fit the packaging.

Designs that resonate with specific events and holidays will make people feel emotions that can get them excited to open the box.

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10 Tips When Designing Hat Shipping Boxes

Designing custom hat boxes is just like any other packaging. You have to consider the product, the customer’s expectations, and your brand’s values.

To help you make this packaging strategy successful, here are some tips that you can apply during the design process.

1. Consider the Hat’s Shape and Size

When designing custom packaging boxes, it’s always a good practice to start with the product. So if you’re designing a hat box, you should consider the shape and size of the product first. You want to ensure it fits snugly. For instance, a sunhat would require a bigger box compared to that of a fedora.

Measure the hat and start figuring out the perfect design from there.

2. Design Secure Closures

Include the closure in the overall design of your hat box. You can use magnetic closures so the lid of pop-up hat boxes won’t come off during delivery. The magnetic closure will also give the packaging a luxurious feel. For example, a Panama hat box can have a magnetic flap to keep the product secure inside.

Or you can use ribbons to keep the box closed.

3. Put Inner Cushions for Padding

The inner cushions work well to prevent damage and preserve the shape of the hat. You can use recycled foam or even soft fabrics. These will protect the material of the hat and keep scruffs and scratches from happening.

4. Promote the Brand

If you’re ordering wholesale hat boxes, you need a timeless design that can be used across different seasons. In this case, you can stick to your brand elements as the main design of your hat box. A simple print or embossing of your logo can enhance the box and brand recognition at the same time.

5. Choose Sustainable Materials

hat corrugated boxes

Think about the environmental impact of your custom hat boxes. Use only sustainable materials like eco-friendly kraft or corrugated boxes. Add recycled fabrics as the inner lining of the box. Add a card to discuss how you only used recycled materials. This will help promote the ideas of recycling and sustainability.

You can also practice sustainability by partnering with FSC-certified packaging companies that only source paper-based materials from responsibly managed forests.

6. Think of Colors and Coatings

Colors and the coating will play a huge role in the overall design of your hat boxes. If you want to create personalized hat boxes, you should consider the design and color expectations of your customers. It has to resonate with their tastes and preferences.

If they expect luxury, use colors that reflect that, and give the box a glossy coating or finish. The glossy coating can also make the box design look vibrant, which can appeal to a younger market.

7. Add Custom Inserts

Use your hat box to promote other items in your product line. For instance, add a brochure that discusses the other hats and accessories that your brand sells. Or you can add a voucher or discount coupon to thank the customer for their purchase.

These little additions will put your brand in a positive position and can strengthen customer loyalty.

8. Pick the Right Printing Method

There are several printing methods to choose from if you want to create a custom design for your hat packaging. Your choice should depend on what output you want to have. For example, digital printing allows intricate designs with multiple color variations. This is great for eclectic designs that are meant to give off a fun and playful vibe.

custom hat shipping box design

9. Make It Stackable

This is not just for shipping purposes. When you order hat boxes wholesale, you need to store them. Some of these boxes are collapsible, but others are not. Make sure the boxes can be stacked on top of each other without damage, so you won’t waste your packaging investment.

This will also allow customers to collect different hats from you and keep them secure in the hat boxes.

10. Use Labels and Handles

Keep in mind that this packaging is for shipping hats. Whether you use rigid or cardboard boxes, make sure they’re properly labeled so the shipping company will know how to handle them. You should also add a handle or something similar so the box can be held with ease.

Let’s Work on the Design of Your Hat Boxes. Packoi Printing Has a Design Team Ready to Help.

Designing for wholesale hat boxes should be done with careful consideration. You want to protect the investment you make by creating custom sizes and designs that you can use across multiple hat products.

Focus on reusability and sustainability to ensure that your packaging has a positive environmental impact.

If you need help in creating unique yet sustainable designs for your hats, Packoi Printing is an FSC-certified company ready to offer our expert packaging services. From designing or sourcing eco-friendly materials, you can trust that we will deliver high-quality to meet your packaging needs.

Give us a call so we can discuss your packaging requirements. We’ll get back to you with a fair quotation right after.

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