What Is FSC Certified Packaging?

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FSC-certified packaging means you carry proof that you’re implementing principles of responsible forest management. Or, at the very least, you have partnered with one.

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Since packaging materials are sourced from trees, being FSC-certified will ensure your customers the authenticity of your efforts to be more sustainable. It tells your consumer that you want to protect the world’s forests and are interested in forest management. It shows that you are against illegal logging and deforestation.

In this article, you’ll learn more about FSC certification, its meaning, and how to get your packaging certified.

What Does FSC Stand for?

FSC is short for Forest Stewardship Council. They are a non-profit organization that was founded in 1993. The primary purpose is to ensure that we have responsibly managed forests.

Moving lumber in the forest

This member-led organization has headquarters in the US and Germany – among others. They work with local communities on public and private lands to ensure that forests are maintained and exploitation-free.

Why is this important?

Because both humans and wildlife depend on forests, if illegal logging and deforestation persist, it can affect entire ecosystems and the food supply chain. Pollution gets worse, and erosions start to pose a threat to the safety of nearby communities.

About FSC-Certified Packaging

Part of the responsibilities of the Forest Stewardship Council is to provide certification to qualified companies. The FSC certification includes the Forest Management Certification, Chain of Custody Certification, and Family Forests Certification.

FSC-Certified Packaging

If your packaging materials come from FSC-certified forests, you can apply for FSC-certified packaging. It’ll help elevate the value of your packaging and prove to your customers that you’re trying to support sustainability and environment-friendly advocacies.

What Are The 3 FSC Certification Logos?

3 FSC-certification logos prove to your market that you are using FSC-certified packaging. You have the FSC 100% label, the FSC Mix label, and the FSC Recycled label.

But take note not all packaging materials come from FSC-certified forests. So it would be best if you asked your packaging supplier about this. Even if you mix FSC-certified materials, there’s a specific FSC logo. You can put it in your packaging to show your support for the welfare of forests worldwide.

3 FSC Certification Logos

To know which one you should use, here are the FSC labels you can use – depending on what materials you’re using.

1. FSC 100% Label

The FSC 100% label indicates that you only use materials sourced from FSC-certified forests.

Among the other FSC labels, this is the one that best expresses your adherence to sustainability and support of practices that protect forests.

2. FSC Mix Label

The FSC mix label means your packaging materials are a mix of 100% virgin fiber from FSC-certified forests and recycled materials. This label has the recycling symbol at the top, showing the amount of recycled fiber used on the packaging.

3. FSC Recycled Label

The FSC recycled label indicates that the packaging only uses materials that are 100% recycled. Like the mix label, the top left corner shows the percentage of recycled materials used.

Steps to Have FSC-Certified Packaging

To get your FSC-certified packaging, choosing a specific recycled material is not enough. You need to go through a particular process first.

Here are the steps that you should follow to get certified by the FSC.

  • Contact The FSC

Getting FSC certified requires you to coordinate with the nearest FSC-accredited certification body. These are 3rd party certifiers authorized by the FSC to conduct the audit for them.

  • Talk To A Case Manager

Once you contact the 3rd party certification body, they’ll assign a specific case manager to you. This person will help you and provide a guide for the process that you have to go through. They will also help you identify the correct FSC labels that you can use.

The case manager will also be the one to quote you for the certification fees.

  • Be Ready For The Certification

After you’ve finalized the process with the case manager, you must ensure you’re ready to pass the certification. That means you must ensure that your company procedures, staff, and materials are worthy of accreditation.

Do your research to know what qualities you should possess to get FSC-certified materials.

FSC-Certified Packaging
  • Go Through The On-Site Audit

The case manager will schedule an on-site audit to see if you can be FSC-certified. They’ll be checking a lot of things. For instance, they’ll see if the workers along the supply chain that created your packaging are well compensated. They’ll also check if you follow the proper guidelines. 

They will observe all your procedures and documentation to see if you comply with the FSC guidelines.

  • Wait For The Certification Report

After the on-site audit, there’s a waiting period for the certification documents to be processed. All the observations will be drafted, and a detailed report will be done for you.

If everything passes, the certification body sends you an official FSC-certified paper.

  • Get The FSC Certification Label

When you are already certified, you can start using the FSC label. Make sure you know the standards the organization provides when it comes to the label layout. Choose a design that complies with their idols and fits your packaging well.

Do You Want to Have FSC-Certified Packaging? Partner With Packoi Printing to Know More.

An FSC certification isn’t that hard to achieve. Adding this to your packaging design will be an excellent boost to your brand.

But that doesn’t mean you must undergo the certification process yourself. You can partner with an FSC-certified packaging supplier, and they’ll ensure that your packaging will only use FSC-certified materials.

Packoi Printing is an FSC-certified company that adheres to all the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council. Like you, we are committed to providing the most eco-friendly packaging for our clients.

If you want to know more about FSC-certified packaging, contact us. We can help you earn the respect of your customers through your packaging design.

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