How to Make Your Gift Boxes Sustainable (Plus 9 Ideas That’ll Impress The Recipients)

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Gift-giving is always a good thing. You do it to make people happy. But you can also give gifts to showcase your advocacy - like sustainability.

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In this article, you’ll learn essential tips that can help you promote sustainability through your gift basket, box, or even your gift wrapper.

About Sustainable Gift Boxes

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Giving gifts doesn’t just happen during the holiday season. You can send thought packages to people you want to show appreciation to – like a family member, a friend, a colleague, or a client.

While the gift recipient will appreciate the gesture, they’ll probably enjoy it more if you send them sustainable gift bags or boxes, especially if the recipient is very vocal about their eco-friendly ways.

But what does it mean to send eco-friendly boxes?


People in general, especially Americans, throw a massive amount of waste. So to reduce waste, use items that you can recycle. 

Promote sustainable practices by using wrapping paper that can easily be recycled. Or you can put recycling instructions somewhere in your gift box. That way, the recipient will know what to do once they’ve used the contents of the package they got from you.


Another way to be eco-friendly is to promote reusable items. Give low-waste gifts by putting them in a container that the recipient can reuse.

Examples of these are gift bags or gift baskets. People can reuse the bag for small items, while the basket can be used to put fruits or knick-knacks.

Beautiful Christmas gift boxes

For gift wrapping, you can also look for fancy old clothes in a thrift store. Be very creative with the materials you use.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Using natural materials is also a great way to give sustainable gifts.

If you want to use a gift wrap, that’s okay. Just make sure you use eco-friendly gift wrapping materials – like kraft paper.

This might be a bit challenging if you want to give a gift basket. Usually, people use plastic to cover the whole thing and keep things in place. But there are alternatives like beeswax wraps or those fragile tissue papers that are nearly transparent.

There’s usually a great alternative if you’re diligent enough to research.

9 Ideas For Sustainable Gift Bags, Wraps, And Boxes

There are many ideas for packaging your gifts to be more sustainable. You can use gift bags, baskets, or boxes. You can also use a gift wrap if you want.

Let’s go through some of the best options you can use.

Kraft Boxes

Exquisite gift box

Regarding giving sustainable gifts, kraft boxes are usually included in the list. The plain brown box makes it look like an eco-friendly gift.

Although it might look plain, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your gifts festive. You can decorate it with ribbon. Maybe you can try wrapping the contents with paper.

Add a personal touch to make the recipient feel more special.

Recycled Shipping Boxes

Recycled Shipping Boxes

Anything that’s recycled is eco-friendly. Using old shipping boxes to put your gifts will make your gift box sustainable.

If you’re hesitant because it might affect the overall look of your gift, don’t worry. Just because it’s a used box doesn’t mean you can’t make it look good.

You can decorate the box with dried plants and some ribbons. Feel free to choose decorative elements that celebrate the holiday season that you’re celebrating.

Stamped Wrapper

Stamped Wrapper

Using gift wrapping paper seems like a waste. After all, you’ll throw that paper away. But if you stick to eco-friendly paper like tissue or even toilet paper, these can end up being recycled paper.

The problem is these might look too plain. But there’s a solution to make this look more personalized and special.

You can order a custom-made stamp with a unique design. Use the logo all over your eco-friendly gift wrap. You can make the plain-looking paper look colorful. It’ll make your gifts look creative and unique.

Brown Paper Wrapper

Brown Paper Wrapper

Using kraft paper is an eco-friendly option to wrap your gift. Don’t think the gift wrapping will make the package look boring just because it’s brown and plain.

It won’t. You might be surprised that some people appreciate using natural materials such as wrapping paper.

Besides, there are many ways to make the brown wrapping material come alive. You can use stamps – as discussed previously. Or you can add cinnamon sticks to add a bit of natural fragrance to your gift. Adding dried flowers, leaves, or twigs can make the plain brown paper wrapper look elegant.

Reusable Canvas Bags

Reusable Canvas Bags

If the recipient likes practical gifts, they’d love to use canvas bags to contain their talents. These eco-friendly gift bags can be reused after the contents are used or taken out.

Choose a sturdy fabric as the material for the gift bags. You can choose any design that you want – even drawstring bags.

Decorate our gift bag with art to remind people that you gave the gift. Put a cartoon design or even Japanese art. Use your creativity to make the gift bags feel more personal.

Biodegradable Paper Tape

Biodegradable Paper Tape

Sometimes, using eco-friendly gift wrapping isn’t enough. Using biodegradable paper tape to fasten the wrapping paper together will take your sustainability efforts up a notch.

Choose a paper tape with custom-made designs when you wrap presents. Even if you’re using plain wrapping paper, it’ll make the gift look more visually appealing.

Cloth Wrapper

Cloth Wrapper

Have you ever thought about using fabric wrapping material instead of paper? It’s a great option as an eco-friendly gift wrap.

You can use any fabric to do this. You can use a tea towel, unused cloth, and even pillowcases for wrapping gifts. Tie them securely and put decorative items to give the design some life.

Add ribbons or dried plants, flowers, or twigs to make it look more festive.

Gift Basket

Gift Basket

A gift basket is another option for giving sustainable gifts. What’s great about gift baskets is the recipient can reuse them around the house.

They can put it in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. Make sure you use a suitable material to wrap around the basket. Most people use plastic to keep the contents in place.

Use more sustainable alternatives like beeswax wrap.

Glass Jars

Glass Jars

Sustainable gifts mean using packages the recipient can reuse. Glass jars are one of the options that you can use. It’s a great way to give food gifts that the recipient can snack on, like nuts and candies.

Just tie a ribbon and add a decorative tag. Add a handwritten note to make it more personal and unique to the recipient.

Want To Know More Tips For Sustainable Gift Boxes? Packoi Printing Has Multiple Ideas To Share With You.

Using eco-friendly gift-wrapping options isn’t hard to accomplish. It doesn’t take much to make your gifts sustainable. You have to know your options when it comes to the packaging materials.

If you’re looking for the best options for sustainable gift boxes, get in touch with us.

Packoi Printing has years of experience in producing packaging materials – even sustainable ones. Just give us the details of how you want your gift to look. We can provide you with the best options to choose from.

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