15+ Ideas for Creative Gift Boxes in 2022 You’ll Wish You’d Known About

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Gifting someone can be challenging, especially getting the right gift idea to the gift box. There are hundreds of unique gift box ideas that you can use to surprise someone on their special day. People tend to enjoy various gifts and how your box them can create an amazing unboxing feeling.

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In the following section, we dive into details to explain 15+ unique gift box ideas. The tips act as a guide to make your gifting experience memorable using unique gift box ideas. These ideas are fit for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or any other idea you have on your gift list. If you need an amazing gift box for the holiday season, like boxing a Christmas gift to your family members, you can never go wrong with either of these ideas.

Sample Gift Box Design

A Gift Box Made of Wood with a Sliding Lid

Looking for affordable gift boxes can be tiresome, but a gift box made of wood is an excellent idea. The gift box has a sliding lid which makes the gift look expensive making the receiver feel cherished and special. This gift box can be used to store items with heavier weight, keep items safe from damage and they are durable. They can store such as inner clothes, wine, and yummy snacks, especially for picnics.

A Gift Box That Doubles as a Photo Frame

Photograph lovers this can only be an amazing and thoughtful gift. These gift boxes tend to be clear and are available in various sizes to fit different people’s preferences. These gift boxes can be in art prints or just other designs such as a name for your best friend. They are available online at affordable rates and serve as a fantastic gift package.

A Gift Box with Hot Cocoa Mix Pack

Amazing! Receiving a hot cocoa mix gift is a sweet treat and a warm gesture toward the family member. A hot cocoa mix includes candy canes, a beautiful mug that may contain their name, and a hot chocolate kit depending on their taste. An ideal gift that requires minimal effort to plan for hot cocoa lovers.

A Gift Box Made from a Recycled Book

A recycled book gift box is one of the most thoughtful gifts. The gift box can be purchased online or made at home. When making the recycled book gift box you start by removing as many pages as possible from the book and folding it till you get the desired gift box. Great gifts for book lovers and it’s always a great package.

Coffee Lover Gift Box

Gifting coffee lovers may seem easy, but a special gift always has a personal touch. A fun gift idea includes various assorted items such as baked goods, a warm blanket to cover themselves as they enjoy the coffee, and coffee creams that serve as sweet treats.

A Gift Box That Lights Up When Opened

Gifting someone special at times may be challenging but a gift box that lights up when opened can never stop being a unique gift box idea. It may contain a message such as ”It lights just as you light my life” among other sweet treats.

At-Home SPA Kit Gift Box

Home Spa kit includes essential oils, body scrubs, and sheet masks for relaxation after a stressful day. Home Spa kit is a thoughtful gift idea for self-care and relaxation. Besides, you may include herbal tea to enhance the care package.

Christmas Gift Boxes

Slippers Gift for Men

When it comes to gifting men it seems like almost an impossible task. Men are very choosy and prefer to have unique gifts which fit their ideas. Women admit to having difficulties when selecting gifts for men, especially during Father’s Day. Slipper gift boxes for men include a pair of comfortable slippers along with other treats such as their favorite snacks or jersey for sports lovers. Cozy slippers are a fun way of gifting men, and it requires minimal time to prepare them.

Date Night Gift Baskets

Choosing a gift basket for a date night requires having a creative side. You need to select a gift basket that will enlighten the mood and a fun gift basket. Of course, affordability is a major factor to consider especially for frequent date nights. Fill in your gift basket with sweets and popcorn which help create quality time as you enjoy the snacks.

Aromatherapy Candle Gift Boxes

Aromatherapy candles are known for providing therapy solutions to people under stress. The aromatherapy candles consist of natural ingredients which aim at reducing anxiety and stress. The ingredients contain a soothing feeling and they have intoxicating scents. These candles are perfect gift box ideas for the holiday season and Christmas gifts. The good fragrances make the one receiving them feel good and special. A good gift basket for Mother’s Day.

Baking Gift Baskets

A gift basket idea for people who love cooking and trying out new recipes. It’s essential to understand the kitchen side of the person you’re gifting spends quality time and doing what so to choose a perfect gift box. You may include themed items such as bowls for making cakes, spoons and baking items.

Breakfast Kit Gift Box

It’s important for your gift box ideas to match the time or season. When gifting someone in the morning a breakfast kit can never go wrong. An ever-satisfying kit that’s served with a bottle of wine, sugar cookies, pancake mix and orange juice. A way of lighting someone’s morning when you give such a kit.

Workday Wellness Pack Gift Box

A gift basket that has accessories and self-care items for those who are committed to keeping fit. These gift baskets include a full-size bottle, mini carpets and a wellness band. These are just a few things to include and are not limited to other items of choice.

Holiday Cheer Gift Box

An amazing gift basket during the holiday season or a Christmas gift. Christmas gift shows love and good wishes during the festive. The gift baskets include delicious deserters, chocolate mix bars and a gift card.

There are other gifts that cannot be packaged in boxes, which is why it is important to have a basket. There are numerous gift basket ideas that can be used based on the occasion. When choosing from the following gift basket ideas, always consider the gender, the occasion, and what type of gift you are giving.

Super Snack Gift Baskets

Fantastic gift baskets for picnics or just chilling out with friends. It includes assorted snacks as per your friends or family’s preferences. This can also serve as a dinner party’s gift basket idea.

Victory Gift Basket

A surprisingly great gift especially for men and can serve during father’s day. A victory gift basket includes men’s accessories such as watches, ties and socks. It serves as a valuable gift basket in various circumstances.

Gift Basket for Appreciation

Saying thank you can never be enough and people prefer to wrap a thank you note in form of a gift. The gift basket may contain but is not limited to lip balm, hand sanitiser and chocolate bars. Besides, if sending the gift basket during the morning hours a dish with pancake mix can be a great deal alongside a free message card.

Ribbon Gift Box

Recovery Gift Basket

A recovery gift basket varies as per an individual choice. It may be for an employee or a friend who is just recovering from a loss or sickness. When selecting a gift basket for those suffering various losses, always include a card of encouragement.

Sports Gift Basket

Sports lovers’ gifting must include items relating to the game they like. Here you just sort outs as per the person you’re gifting such as jersey, hood and energy drinking. The sports gift basket is always the simplest to prepare.

Wedding Gift Basket

Everyone focuses on appliances, essential home items and bedding when preparing a gift box. It’s so confusing and tiring to figure out the perfect gift for the new couple. Worry not! A best wedding gift basket contains some wine and champagne, a cocktail kit and a message card. A great way of wishing the new couple well and never-ending happiness.

Housewarming Gift Basket

What do you bring in for a housewarming party? A perfect gift basket that includes a personalized message for the receiver alongside a candle. Besides, you may include arts which welcome people at home such as ”Welcome home”.

Loss Gift Basket

A gift basket to a family that is undergoing the loss of a family member, dog or transition is necessary as a way of comforting them. It usually includes personalized messages and scented candles to help them relax.

Baby Shower Gift Basket

People like celebrating babies before or immediately after birth. This gift includes baby items and a time hot chocolate kit may be included to help the mother with the weaning process. Items such as clothes, and feeding bottles among others.

Corporate Gift Basket

How do you get to appreciate your superiors at work? Select a gift box that’s unique and presentable. They include coy candles and glaze cups.


It’s critical to understand the various gift box ideas as a way of selecting the right gift. First, consider the receiver of the gift, what is your relationship with the receiver, what type of event, affordability and the purpose of the gift. To better understand gift ideas continue visiting our website for well-researched, simple but thoughtful ideas.

At Packoi Printing, we are committed to offering customers amazing gift box designs. No matter what you want, we always have a solution ready for you. We have several custom gift box designs and other types of custom boxes for your business. Reach us now and talk to us about your needs.

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