How to Use Bubble Wrap Properly

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Bubble wrap offers numerous benefits when used as a packing paper for goods. As a business owner, you can protect your fragile items by using bubble wrap as packing paper.

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Bubble wrap can be used with packing paper to prevent dents, scratches, breakage, and damage to delicate items. This is one of the major packing materials you should consider or rely on to safeguard fragile items.

Bubble Wrap Roll

The benefit of using bubble wrap is that it offers protection against external pressure or force. The bubble wrap is fitted with air pockets or air bubbles to give your products maximum protection.

When you are shipping products over long distances or relocating to a new home, bubble wrap comes in handy as a protective material for packing fragile items. With the air pockets and air bubbles within the bubble wrap, pressure and shock that can damage your package are checked.

Another benefit of using this type of packing material is that it assists in protecting glass shelves, wine glasses, and other delicate items. A bubble wrap ensures that your goods are protected, and you can transport your products over long distances without worrying.

While it is possible to pack items without using bubble wrap, the numerous benefits it has make it worth considering. You can always be confident that using materials with air-filled pockets guarantees safety for your packages. At Packoi, we always provide customers with the ultimate guide to enhance their knowledge about custom packaging, especially how to ship glass elements and create a protective layer during the packing process.

Here are some of the core benefits of using bubble wrap as a protective material.

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Shipping Fragile Items? Bubble Wrap is the Best Protection

Yes, we had mentioned this earlier. Bubble wrap is the best packing material to use when shipping fragile goods. Whether the materials are made of entire glass, such as wine glass or glass furniture parts, you can always use bubble wrap for your shipping needs.

Some people use crumpled packing paper in place of bubble wrap. However, this is not advisable because crumpled packing paper can damage your fragile products compared to anti-static bubble wrap.

As the business owner, always have enough bubble wrap to ensure that every customer package is protected inside specialty boxes alongside the protective material. You should also use packing tape to put the bubble wrap in place and avoid any challenges or loose packages in transit.

bubble wrap

The bubble wrap should be held in place on a flat surface or flat side of the box. The goal of ensuring that the bubble wrap is held in place on a flat surface is to guarantee optimal protection against damaging forces.

Bubble wrap is also ideal for packing food items. Packing peanuts and other types of food products can be achieved when using bubble wrap. Use bubble wrap to protect food containers by ensuring the bubble side touches the products. Use bubble wrap this way to give packages optimal protection against external pressure and forces.

It Can Also be Used to Protect Furniture and Appliances During a Move

When you are relocating to a new home or office, you always have fragile goods that need to be protected from damage. It is important to use the right protective material and give your furniture and appliances extra cushioning against damaging pressure.

Some people use crumpled paper to protect furniture and appliances during a move. This is recommended because the sharp edges on crumpled packing paper can scratch your items. The correct way to protect furniture and appliances is by using bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap is beneficial because it eliminates empty spaces in the packing boxes, giving your furniture and appliances ultimate protection against damaging forces. Ensure that the furniture is completely covered with an extra layer of bubble wrap. Using multiple layers to cover furniture with thin stems ensures that you give them the most protection. You can always be confident that your wrapped item will arrive safely and without any damage. The moving boxes will be safe no matter the distance you are traveling.

Bubble Wrap

Use Bubble Wrap as Insulation in Your Windows

Bubble wrap also acts as an insulating material against static electricity. If you want to protect your windows against damage from static electricity, always use bubble wrap. You will always get the best outcome when using bubble wrap.

For optimal outcomes, always use a large-size bubble wrap and wrap properly your windows. This will ensure that you have the best outcomes.

Use Bubble Wrap When Packing a Suitcase

If you are a traveler, you can always use bubble wrap to hold items in place inside a suitcase. When you use bubble wrap to pack a delicate item in a suitcase, you can be sure that you will get perfect protection. Breakable items that are awkwardly shaped can also be protected. Pack with bubble wrap for optimal results when putting a fragile item in a suitcase. If you have an oddly shaped item, use bubble wrap for the best outcome.

Your packages will arrive safely with zero damage. Always pack with bubble wrap when traveling with a suitcase. You can choose the size of the bubbles to have on your wrapping. Depending on the type of product being shipped, you can have smaller bubbles or larger bubbles for extra protection. Sensitive items can be protected with extra padding.

Bubble Wrap Can Also be Used as A Stress Reliever – Pop the Bubbles

Bubble Wrap Popping

This is a bit funny, but it is true. We all get stressed due to work and other business issues. When you have bubble wrap in your office or home, it is an ideal stress reliever for you. Pop the bubbles on the bubble wrap and get your mind off the stress. You will always relieve yourself of unnecessary pressure.

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What Are the Quality Features of Bubble Wrap

Perhaps you are wondering whether bubble wrap is really important when packing items. As a business owner, you might think that it is cheaper to use packing paper and tape. You might just need extra paper to protect fragile items from breakage.

While the idea seems good, it is dangerous and can harm your relationships with clients. Besides protecting packages with packing tape, it is important to use bubble wrap, with the bubbles facing the product. That is, the bubbles should be in direct contact with the product being packaged.

Why is bubble wrap good for packing?

1. Ultimate Protection

The air bubbles trapped in the bubble wrap protect your package. Cushioning your products against external forces is important. With the right bubble sizes chosen, you will get the most out of your specialty box custom package. The bubble wrap protects against shocks, dust, moisture, dirt, and accidental hits.

2. Environmentally Friendly

When choosing bubble wraps, always choose biodegradable ones. It is always important to wrap packages properly and ensure that you recycle and reuse old bubble wrap sheets that are not damaged.

3. Negligible Weight

When packing against heavier, fragile products, the weight of the bubble wrap is almost negligible. Therefore, your custom box size will remain the same.

4. Easy to Use

Bubble Wrap

Wrapping packages using bubble wrap does not require any expertise. Any person can do the job on a flat surface or table. While items come in various shapes, bubble wrap can be used to offer great protection to your goods. Give more cushioning to your products by using this type of wrapping. You will always get the best outcome with bubble wrap as your wrapping material.

Professional movers use this type of material because of its nature. You will always get the best results from using bubble wrap to protect packages. Virtually anything under the sun can be protected using bubble wrap. Wrap the package properly and ensure that it fits in the box. If you need the package to fit exactly in the box, you can use crumpled newspaper alongside the bubble wrap.


Bubble wrap is the best packaging solution for different types of goods. Depending on the size and nature of the item being shipped, you can use a single layer or several layers of bubble wrap. The goal is to ensure the item is well-protected before it is moved or shipped. Valuable items will arrive safely without any damage. The risk of damage is significantly reduced when you use bubble wrap.

At Packoi Printing, we aim to offer customers the best packaging solutions. We are always on the lookout for technologies and trends that can push your business forward. Our packaging solutions include custom boxes, custom bags, and marketing materials. Talk to us now to get the best packaging solutions in the market.

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