Tips to Find the Best Boxes for Marijuana Products

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Several countries have partially or completely legalized the use of marijuana (also referred to as cannabis or weed). People can now openly take it for medical or recreational purposes.

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Do you know what that means?

It means there’ll be a higher demand for weed subscription boxes. More businesses will be opening to take advantage of this new market.

While that opens more opportunities, it also means the competition will be fiercer.

But don’t worry. There’s a way to guarantee that your marijuana products will stand out in the market.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the packaging possibilities for marijuana products. You’ll learn how to design the perfect monthly subscription boxes to meet the growing needs of your marijuana customers.

What Is a Marijuana Box?

How to store marijuana? A marijuana box is packaging specifically made for different cannabis products. The higher demand has caused this type of business to grow over the past couple of years.

A Marijuana Box

Creating packaging for cannabis depends on what exactly you’re trying to sell. There is a box for every type of product. But there are also boxes meant to carry two or more types of products like pre-rolls, vape pens, oils, etc.

As you know, the use of weed isn’t a one-time thing. Most people use it repeatedly. This is how the weed subscription boxes came to be.

This makes it convenient for people who use marijuana frequently. They don’t have to order every month. They make a subscription once, and the monthly weed boxes automatically arrive at their doorstep, ready to be used.

What’s Inside a Marijuana Subscription Box?

The contents of weed subscription boxes differ from one brand to another. It’ll also depend on your specific target market’s marijuana preferences.

So if you want to offer a monthly box of weed products, you must first choose a specific market to cater to. Get to know what they prefer to get from their weed subscription box.

Some people who prefer to smoke marijuana would want to get smoking subscription boxes. It should contain all the smoking essentials to allow them to use weed properly.

Others want to take it as pills. Some want to use it as oil.

weed subscription boxes

The specific preferences of your market will help you determine what products they want to get from your subscription box. It’ll also help you identify the best packaging design for your marijuana products.

Packaging Design for Different Weed Subscription Box Products

The best weed subscription boxes are those that are functional and visually appealing. As a marketing tool, your box should be eye-catching enough to attract your target market’s attention. That’s the first step to making them want to buy.

But beyond that, you also have to make your cannabis subscription box functional. It should meet the product’s specific needs so customers can use it conveniently and efficiently.

For instance, vape pens require a different packaging design than traditional rolled marijuana that needs to be lit. They’ll both be put in a smoking subscription box. But the vaping box would have different essentials like at least two vape pens, cannabis oil, a cartridge, etc.

The other one would require weed, rolling paper, etc. These products will require different designs, so you need to consider that.

The same is true for marijuana pills or cannabis edibles like gummies or chocolates. These have to pass specific standards and restrictions, specifically child-resistant requirements.

Why Do You Need a Specific Cannabis Box?

If you’re new in the business and you want to keep your costs low, it’s natural for you to prefer using a standard box for your marijuana products.

But this isn’t advised. Using standard packaging for your subscription box will limit your creativity. It won’t give you room to put in the designs you want to impress your customers. You can probably squeeze in your brand logo, but it won’t be exactly as you want it to be.

This limitation will reflect your brand image and customer perception of your products.

How can you expect to get more sales from that?

Durable Cannabis boxes

But apart from the design, other functional reasons make the extra cost of a custom cannabis subscription box worth it.

It Requires Special Protection

Selling marijuana means protecting the product through the whole selling and shipping process.

Because of the nature of the products in weed boxes, you have to ensure they won’t get too much exposure to light.

Apart from that, your cannabis subscription box should leave space for marketing purposes. The use of marijuana should be done with extreme caution. It’s up to you to educate customers so they don’t abuse its use.

If your product is displayed in a store, you can design it so the box can show products without removing them from the box. Put molded trays on the shelves so the products will look organized when displayed.

It Has to Be Child-Resistant

Another reason to use custom cannabis subscription boxes is to be child-resistant. Cannabis is dangerous for children. You can check with your local government to see their child-resistant rules.

Some rules include using durable paperboard for the box so it won’t easily break. If you’re using plastic bags, you should use the type of zipper that is deemed child-resistant.

For pre-rolled marijuana, it’s ideal to use pop-top tubes because it’s harder for kids to open them. If you’re selling marijuana tablets, put them in caps that you need to push and turn before they can be opened. These are harder for kids to open on their own.

Ensure that your weed box complies with every standard so your product and brand won’t get in trouble. Even if it’s not your fault, if a child accidentally ingests your product and it gets in the news, that won’t bode well for your brand’s reputation.

So it’s up to you to design your box to minimize the dangers. That’ll be harder if you are limited to a standard box.

This is why you have to invest in a custom-made cannabis box.

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Packaging Design Tips for the Best Weed Subscription Boxes

Designing weed subscription boxes shouldn’t be rushed. The packaging of your marijuana products will play a role in creating the best customer experience. This is how you turn new customers into recurring ones. With the correct subscription box packaging design, you can also stand out and be recognized despite the growing competition in the industry.

Best Weed Subscription Boxes

You can make your weed box both visually appealing and functional.

Here are some tips to make that possible.

Let Your Brand Shine

Your weed subscription box should be treated as an extension of your brand. Since you’re creating a custom design for your box, make sure it leads to brand recognition.

It has to contain your brand elements to remind your customers that you are supplying them with high-quality marijuana products.

But that’s not all. Branded subscription boxes can also advertise your brand. When other people see the box, they’ll know who created it.

You can quickly establish brand awareness and recall if you put unique elements in it.

Make It Educational

Your weed box packaging is a powerful tool that can be used for marketing purposes. Take advantage of it by including educational materials in it.

As you know, the use of marijuana is a very controversial topic. This is why it’s not yet legal in other countries. This is why your subscription box should include relevant information about the pros and cons of using cannabis.

Include tips on how to use the product properly, like rolling papers or loading cartridges in vape pens.

This will allow your customers to make informed decisions about your products so they can have a positive experience while using them.

Guarantee Quality

Cannabis is salable because it promises that your customers will feel good after using it. Your packaging will carry the burden of convincing potential customers that your products can meet their expectations.

How should you design your weed subscription box so it can assure customers that your products are safe? What will it take to guarantee quality?

First of all, you have to use high-quality materials for your box. It should be resistant to leaks and contamination.

High-quality weed box

If your business has certifications, seals, or approval, put that in your packaging design. This will impress customers and give them a reason to trust you.

Provide Product Protection

There are many ways to create the best weed subscription box. But your first concern should always be the product.

Whatever design you have in mind shouldn’t compromise your products’ integrity. No matter how impressive your box looks, it won’t matter if the customer receives a broken product.

So before you decide on the design, list what your product needs from it first.

Examples of the Best Weed Subscription Boxes

Designing a weed box can seem like a daunting task because of all the regulations that you have to meet. But with the right guide and inspiration, you can find the perfect design that satisfies the needs and expectations of your customers.

Here are some of the best weed subscription boxes that you can consider as you brainstorm ideas for your marijuana packaging design.

Beginner’s Box – Daily High Club

If you want to offer a beginner’s box for customers, check out the Daily High Club box. It contains the smoking essentials that a new cannabis user will need.

The eye-catching design of the box is enough to attract customers’ interest. Once you open the box, you’ll see different, neatly arranged products.

This is a great weed subscription box for people who want to try out different products first before deciding on their specific preferences.

Luxurious Box – Lucky Box Club

luxurious box

If you want a more luxurious monthly weed subscription box, please look at the Lucky Box Club for inspiration.

The packaging is made of rigid materials that can efficiently protect the high-end products inside.

While the products are luxurious, you have to realize that the Lucky Box Club adds value because of its incredible service. They allow customization of the products that’ll be put inside the box.

That’s worth considering as you build the value of your luxurious cannabis brand.

Gender-Specific Box – Stoney Babe Box

The packaging design of your weed subscription box can also cater to a specific demographic in the market.

A perfect example is the Stoney Babe Box. As the name suggests, this is ideal for women who want to use marijuana regularly.

Stoney Babe Box

If you want to go down this route, make sure you understand your market’s preferences. Get to know their age, socio-economic status, etc. This will help your design attract the right people to buy.

Let’s Start Designing the Best Marijuana Box for Your Products. Packoi Printing Is Ready to Assist.

Creating the best design for your weed subscription box will take research and planning. Give yourself enough time so you can learn about the different options that you have. The more you know, the higher your chance of finding the right box design for your products.

If you need help figuring out your options, Packoi Printing is here to help. We can show you the different packaging possibilities for your brand and marijuana products.

Give us a call so we can discuss your ideas. We’ll send you a fair quote in no time.

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