The Truth About Luxury Shipping Boxes And How It’ll Set Your Brand Apart

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Luxury boxes aren’t like the ordinary product packaging you see in stores. Sure, it can be displayed on a shelf. But you won’t find them anywhere.

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That’s because luxury packaging does more than protect the product. It also goes beyond marketing the product and brand.

If you want to understand the real power of luxury boxes and how they can set your brand apart, keep reading. This article will discuss luxurious packaging and how you can create the best one for your product.

What is Luxury Packaging?

Luxury products can’t just be put inside any box, bag, or container. It requires special packaging designed to exude a distinctive vibe that impresses customers. This is the true essence of luxury packaging.

Luxury Packaging

Many people think that luxurious packaging is only meant for luxury brands. That’s not true. Even small businesses can use elegant packaging if that’s how they want to position their products. Customers will only identify your product as luxurious if it has the proper packaging.

But what does luxury in packaging look like?

Physical Qualities Of Luxury Packaging

Luxury can be conveyed through the materials and the design of the packaging.

Most luxury packaging you see are rigid boxes with a special coating on the outside and finishing touches that exude elegance. Among the standard designs include foil stamping, velvet materials, etc.

These boxes aren’t too big but come in various styles: drawer type, magnetic closure, or the typical telescope boxes. Inside the boxes are soft linings that protect the luxurious product.

What Sets Packaging For Luxury Brands Apart?

The thing about luxury boxes is it’s pronounced. When you see one, there’s no mistaking that it’s luxurious. You know, even before you see the branding or the product within.

But what exactly sets these luxury boxes apart? If you want to use one, you must ensure your luxury box has these qualities.

They Are Opulent.

Luxury packaging exudes opulence on all sides. It screams wealth and extravagance. It uses elaborate designs and colors of treasure like gold, silver, or any metallic material.

The boxes can have jewels – or representations of them—things like pearls, colorful stones, and other ornaments.

That means when your customers see it, they know it’s precious. The correct target market will anticipate the unboxing experience when they see how opulent your packaging is.

They Have Dividers.

One way to display luxury is by adding inserts and dividers inside the packaging box. You can create custom dividers inside the box and then have them lined with silk fabric.

Luxury Packaging

What are these dividers for? It’s used to separate the different parts of a product. Or if you’re selling a set of products, it keeps each of them in its spot within the box.

Seeing these dividers and inserts will impress upon customers the value of each item in the box. It will take customers to a whole new level in their unboxing experience.

That’s one way to make them experience the luxurious nature of your packaging.

They Are Customized.

Luxury boxes are unique and customized. You want to make it a novelty. Make it unusual and something that customers have never seen before.

You can still follow trends, but these must be applied your way. Feel free to combine multiple ideas to create your custom packaging design.

Just be sure that when you customize your packaging, it still stays true to what your brand represents. So choose carefully.

They Are Personalized.

Luxury boxes should make your customers feel like it was made for them. Before you design your packaging, you must consider the expectations of the people who’ll open it.

What do you think is needed to give them a luxurious customer experience? Do you need to put the product in a soft bag before putting it inside a box?

It would be best to define luxury for your target market.

Not only that, but you should also add a personal note of thanks to your customer. That alone can make them feel special as they receive your luxury product.

They Are Sustainable.

While this isn’t always necessary, making your packaging sustainable can increase its value in the eyes of your customers. They will surely appreciate your efforts in keeping the environment safe.

That means when you are packaging products, you have to choose the materials wisely. Your packaging boxes should be made of eco-friendly materials. Or they should be reusable.

At the very least, make your luxurious packaging help reduce waste.

Why Is It Important To Have Luxury Packaging Solutions?

Luxury packaging is essential if you want your customers to identify you as a premium brand. With recognition, repeat customers will find it easier to see you.

This is why your luxury packaging should be on point. It has to leave a lasting impact on your customers.

There are a couple of reasons you should ensure you’re using the right packaging solutions.

Luxury Packaging

It gives A Sense of Protection.

All types of product packaging are meant to provide protection. It’s not just for delicate items. All products must be protected, so customers will get what they purchased in perfect condition.

Luxury products take the need for protection to the next level. That’s because luxury screams value. You’re never careless with something valuable.

Your luxury packaging should make customers see your extra effort to keep the products safe. It’ll help strengthen their trust and confidence in you.

Increases The Product Value

When you put perfume in plain corrugated boxes and decorate it with twine and dried lavender, you can sell it for $50 a box.

But what happens if you put the same perfume in a silk-lined rigid box with a matte lamination and decorate it with gold foil stamping? You can probably get away with selling that perfume bottle for $500.

As you can see, the custom packaging of a product is enough to increase its value. Sure, the rigid box is more expensive when you compare it with cardboard boxes. But how it makes the value rise will more than make up for the higher cost.

Elevates The Brand

Your business will benefit from using luxury packaging. Just as it increases the product’s value, luxury packaging can elevate your brand.

If you’re selling watches, for instance, putting these watches in a plain box will still make them sell. But if you use luxurious watch boxes, your customers will look at your brand differently.

Being able to launch a luxury product and support it with suitable packaging won’t just impress your customers. It’ll also tell them that your branding can produce a high-quality product.

That can bring your brand’s reputation to the next level.

Tips When Choosing The Packaging Materials For Luxury Boxes

What defines luxurious boxes isn’t just the design. You need to choose suitable packaging materials.

There are many ways to create luxury packaging boxes. You can choose to use leather, wood, and even silk. Some alternatives can surely keep the costs down as well. You have to be resourceful when you’re coming up with the design.

But as you try to put your luxury packaging together, there are a couple of things that you should consider. These will lead you to suitable materials that’ll give your packaging a luxurious feel.

Luxury Packaging

Make It An Extension Of Your Brand

The packaging materials that you’ll choose should represent your company very well. Remember, the packaging of your product can be a marketing tool. If you’re going to design your custom boxes, it has to convey your brand message.

This could be through the name, logo, or even using the same fonts. By being an extension of your brand, you’re ensuring that wherever this packaging goes, it has the essentials to market your brand.

Think Of The Customers

Consider what your customers want to see as you think about the elements you’ll put in your luxury box. You have to realize that you’re packaging products for them.

They’re the ones who will unwrap it. They’re the ones who will open the packaging boxes. If you want your luxury box and product to set your brand apart, you need to impress them.

Do your research and see what your customers expect from you. Try to meet these expectations.

Opt For Sustainability

Using cardboard boxes to package your luxury product isn’t necessary to achieve sustainability. But you can try to create containers that can be reused.

If you make your packaging attractive enough, customers won’t mind keeping the used boxes as extra storage at home.

You can also opt to use boxes that use recyclable materials. Just talk to the packaging manufacturer and they should be able to give you enough options to make your packaging luxurious and sustainable at the same time.

This will endear you to your market and get more people to market your brand.

Give It A Luxurious Feel

This seems obvious, but it has to be mentioned because a luxurious feel doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be expensive. There are a lot of materials for product packaging that aren’t expensive but still look elegant. These include materials like leather, silk, linen, and wood.

You should choose the right color, design, and texture apart from the material. These affect how your consumers will feel when they see your packaging. It influences their unboxing experience.

Are You Ready To Design Luxury Shipping Boxes? Packoi Printing Is Willing To Help.

Luxurious packaging boxes can be a powerful marketing tool if you use the right design and materials to create them. Admittedly, it’ll be more expensive than the usual packaging. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t cost-effective ways to produce them.

The key to success here is to find the right packaging supplier to help you create the correct box for your product.

This is where Packoi Printing can help. Give us the details of your packaging requirements, and we’ll get back to you with a fair quotation for the boxes.

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