In What Way is Packaging a Marketing Tool?

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Yes, your product packaging can be an effective marketing tool. But you have to understand the specific elements within your packaging that’ll help you use it as part of your marketing strategy. If you can do this right, your packaging can work for you.

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It’s free brand advertising that’ll get you more customers and sales.

In this article, you’ll learn more about the role of packaging materials, what makes them an ideal marketing tool, and how you can include them in your overall marketing strategy.

The Role of Your Packaging Materials


In the past, there were 4Ps in marketing. 

The Product is what you sell. 

The Place is where you distribute your products. 

The Price is the cost. 

And Promotion refers to the channels you use to advertise your product.

But in recent years, 4 more Ps were added to the list. 

The People refer to your target market which includes customers and influencers. 

The Positioning includes your brand identity, reputation, and even culture and the community. 

The Process is all about the supply chain and the logistics of the business. 

The last is Packaging or the materials that you use to deliver your product to the customers.

As you can see, the packaging is no longer just a part of the product. On its own, your packaging holds its weight in the overall marketing strategy.

If you fail to use it properly, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to market your brand’s message.

This is the reason why you have to be careful when you’re choosing the elements of your product packaging. As a tool in your marketing department, packaging can be a powerful way to hook your target market.

What Makes Packaging an Ideal Marketing Tool?

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Packaging creates opportunities. That’s why it’s an ideal marketing tool. It’s the first thing that customers will see. Sometimes, it might even be the first physical interaction that you’ll have.

You want to make sure that it’ll give the right impression.

Beyond that, here are 4 reasons why your product packaging is an ideal marketing tool.

It Builds Your Brand Narrative.

Today’s brand narrative is all about convincing your customers to want your product. To do that, you have to tell them your story.

Establish future brand recognition through the narrative that you’ll provide.

What emotion do you want them to feel when they get it? Whatever that is, it’ll set the tone for your customers. If they feel excited, it’ll translate to when they open the packaging and see your product. If they feel bored, it’s the same thing.

Use your custom packaging to evoke the reaction that you want. Make it authentic. Establish a connection with your customers through great packaging.

It Sets Your Brand and Product Apart.

Unless you’re a complete maverick and trailblazer, chances are, there are other products the same as your offer.

This is why you want to use your packaging to help your brand and your product stand out. An attention-grabbing packaging wins half the battle. If the customer has brand recognition because they’ve encountered your brand story before, that’s another win for you.


So make sure your packaging will help your product stand out and represent your brand well.

It Enriches the Customer Experience.

If you know about the unboxing experience trend, then you know that your product packaging is an important part of the customer experience.

It sets the tone for what the customer will feel when they open your package. So make sure you nail the first impressions.

But beyond that, a great customer experience can lead to loyal customers. They’ll want to replicate their experience with you.

And best of all, if that customer leaves a positive review on social media platforms about your business, it’ll attract more consumers and encourage them to buy from you as well.

It Allows You to Communicate with Customers.

Your product packaging can be a form of advertisement for your brand. So whatever design or text you put in there should be well thought out. It should get the undivided attention of customers.

If you want to use packaging as a marketing tool, every angle should tell a story that strengthens the important information about your company. Don’t let the front view tell a different message than the back view. That’ll confuse potential customers. 

Use your packaging to provide clear guidelines, warnings, and even educational information that’ll help consumers enjoy the product better.

How to Make Your Product Packaging an Effective Marketing Tool


To use product packaging as a marketing scheme, you need to meet certain requirements and elements. Here are 5 things that you should focus on.

Make It Stand Out

Choose to do something different from what other people are doing. If others are using plain kraft boxes, fill yours with incredible designs.

If they’re using black and white shades, make yours colorful.

This may feel like a risky thing to do but if it catches the attention of your target audience, then it’s worth it.

Just make sure the design of your custom packaging fits your brand narrative.

Make It Meaningful

Good packaging should also be meaningful. It has to connect with your customers if you want your packaging as a marketing arm.

It has to inspire them. So if you have environmentally conscious customers, make sure your packaging is aligned with their values and advocacies. It has to call out to them.

If your packaging has elements that resonate with your customers, you’ll get their loyalty. With loyalty, you’ll get recurring sales. They can be walking endorsers for your brand, too. This is a great opportunity to grab.

Make It Recognizable

Your packaging plays an important role in advertising your brand. So make sure that it’s recognizable. That means that although its design follows a theme or a seasonal trend, it has to reflect the very essence of your brand.

That’s how your customers will recognize it. Not only that but if you have existing campaigns, add custom packaging to the marketing mix.

The goal is not just to make your custom box stand out. You want it to be recognizable to the ideal people that you know are loyal to your brand.


Make It Informative

When you use packaging as a marketing arm, use it to send a message. This isn’t just about your brand message.

It can be anything that’ll help your customers enjoy the experience of using your product. It could be a how-to guide on its use. Or it could be tidbits of information that’ll allow them to appreciate what your product represents.

So if your product is eco-friendly, provide factual information that proves that. Your customers will enjoy the details that you’ll provide.

And with the right font and layout, you can make the text the actual design of your custom box.

Make It Trendy

There are many ways to use seasonal packaging as a marketing design. There are no rules about it.

You can go over the top with your holiday design. Or you can be very subtle with your efforts in making your custom packaging trendy.

But what’s important is you stay true to your brand. It’s okay to be wild with your choices – as long as it doesn’t deviate from what your brand represents.

This will keep your customers from feeling confused about your brand.

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