Pros and Cons of Uniquely Shaped Gift Boxes (Plus 11 Gift Boxes You Can Try Out)

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How can you make a gift box look appealing and memorable? You don’t need gift wrapping paper or creative patterns and designs.

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Sometimes, all you need are unique shapes. Use your imagination and all your creative juices to create a unique shape for your box.

If you’d like to know more about that, keep reading.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of using uniquely shaped gift boxes and some examples of choosing the right one.

What Are Uniquely Shaped Gift Boxes?

A gift box usually comes in a cube or square shape. It can be plain, printed, or covered in gift-wrapping paper.

The uniquely shaped gift boxes that’ll be discussed in this article will be none of that. It won’t come in the form of a square box.

It wouldn’t be using the typical materials even if there were squares. You’ll get gift box ideas beyond the typical cardboard or rigid boxes.

You’ll discover that there’s a lot of room for creativity when it comes to designing the perfect gift box.

Unique box

5 Advantages of Using Custom-Shaped Gift Box

Designing the right gift box may seem like a huge challenge to your creativity. It might make you feel like you’re doing too much for the packaging of your present.

But if you do this right, you’ll benefit from it.

Here are five advantages that a custom-shaped gift box will give you.

Makes Your Gift Box Stand Out

Imagine that it’s Christmas time. Your gift box is right in the middle of the other boxes. It’s a busy season for gift-giving, and you have a lot of eager customers wanting to find something to give their loved ones.

What will it take to make them choose your box? Is it a gift-wrapping paper?

No. It’s going to be the unique shape of your box. You’re going to stand out by being different.

That’ll surely get you higher sales for the season.

Gift box

Eliminates the Need for Extras (Like Wrapping Paper)

When you choose unique shapes for your gift box, your customers won’t have to wrap gifts before they give them to someone else.

Even if you decide to give them as your gifts, there is no need to get a gift wrapping paper to make it presentable.

All you need are some gift tags and maybe additional tissue paper to make everything look sophisticated.

Then you can send it. That’ll save money and give more room for other gifts.

Increases Brand Recall

Customers and receivers will remember your brand strongly thanks to the box’s distinctive appearance in your presentation. This is why you must put your brand name and logo in a visible area in your custom packaging.

Make sure people know who put together the gift.

The fact that you chose an unconventional shape will make people remember your brand.

Creates a Memorable Unboxing Experience

If you got a uniquely shaped gift box, what would you feel? You’ll feel excited. If so much thought was put into the gift box design, that would be enough to make you feel the anticipation for what’s inside.

Gift box

That’s the type of unboxing experience that you can give through your gift packaging. This isn’t something that a gift bag can do. That’s a type of experience that’ll be etched in the memory and emotions of the recipient.

Encourages Reusability

Using uniquely shaped boxes is also a way to keep your gift boxes sustainable. Why?

Because your gift box will be too pretty to throw away, if you design it just right, the recipient will surely find other ways to use it.

This will reduce packaging waste. It’s much better than gift-wrapping paper that will be torn off and thrown away.

Just ensure the material you’ll use is sturdy enough to allow reuse. Get thicker or more rigid cardboard boxes so people can reuse them as storage or as decorative pieces in their homes.

2 Disadvantages of Unique Gift Boxes

While having a unique gift box is incredible, there are disadvantages that you have to be aware of. If you want to make the right decision about your box options, you’ll want to get to know what these are.

To help you decide if you’ll invest in a unique box design, here are the two disadvantages that you should consider.

Too Costly

An uncommon gift packaging means the supplier won’t use any stock boxes. It won’t be a simple case of using their generic boxes and printing your unique design on them. They might even have to recalibrate their machines to create your box.

This will cost you money. If you don’t have the budget for it, this won’t be a practical packaging solution for you.

Cardboard gift boxes

Caters to a Specific Market

No matter how impressive your creative gift box is, not everyone will appreciate it. There are still people who like the gift-wrapping process.

How can they enjoy that if the shape of your box will make it hard?

Or if you’re giving it as a gift, how will you know that the recipient won’t take offense? Maybe they don’t like the ostentatious shapes and would prefer a simple kraft paper.

This is why if you want to use this option, ensure you know what type of shape your customers or recipients will appreciate.

5 Things to Consider When Creating Unique Gift Boxes

If you think that the pros outweigh the cons of using uncommon gift packaging, then it’s time to start planning how you’ll do it.

Just because the box is unique, that doesn’t mean it’ll be a success. You don’t want to end up with oddly shaped items that people will find weird.

You want to blow their minds with well-thought-out packaging for the present you’ll give them.

To make that happen, here are five things you must consider as you design your box.

The Contents

Start with the gift inside the box. It should do more than just accommodate the gift. It should also reflect the value of the gift.

If you’re giving a luxurious gift, you need to have a luxury gift box to put it in. Make everything look extra valuable by using tissue paper to wrap them and not the tacky-looking bubble wrap.

Remember, the present and the box should complement each other. If not, the unique packaging will just look weird.

Tissue paper box

The Recipients

The design of your gift box should also consider the recipients. Even if you plan to sell the box during the gift-giving holidays, you have to think about the recipients of the gift boxes.

What would they prefer?

Do they want the fun-looking shape? Or maybe they want the box’s surface to look eco-friendly like it’s made of kraft paper?

Focusing on the gifts’ recipients is a great way to narrow your design options. You can focus on what you think they’ll appreciate.

The Brand

If you want to be generous with your gifts, ensure your business will benefit. Make the gift box design reflect who you are as a brand.

So if you want to be known as a premium brand, your gift packaging should be in a shape that’ll reinforce that. If the gift is jewelry, use a diamond-shaped box. That’ll be an incredible prelude to the gift inside.

The Occasion

The design of the gift box should also echo the occasion being celebrated. If it’s a gift for the holidays, give the recipient a happy box. That means something that’ll make them think about the season of joy. A simple kraft paper box may not look festive, but a tree-shaped box would take things to a different level.

Star-shaped gift box

Choose the right materials that’ll celebrate the occasion to make the recipient feel excited about it.

The Budget

Your budget will be important in defining what you can or can’t do with the gift box. For instance, if your gift is expensive, that requires a luxury gift box. It needs to be wrapped in tissue paper to protect the gift. It adds to the value of the gift.

If you don’t have the budget for this, you must balance the expenses for your gift, box, and everything else you’ll add.

As mentioned, uniquely shaped boxes will cost money. Be ready to pay for it so your gift will look extravagant.

Unique Gift Box Shapes to Try Out

What gift box design should you choose that best represents your brand, excites the recipients, and protects the gift?

You definitely won’t need gift-wrapping paper for that. You also don’t need extravagant gift bags.

What you need is a well-planned and designed box for your presents.

Here are some of the options that you can draw inspiration from.


If you’re giving gifts for the holidays, you can use shapes that commemorate the season. Among the examples you can use is a star-shaped gift box. Fill it with chocolates and other goodies that’ll delight the recipient.

Or you can use a box shaped like a candy cane. These all represent the spirit of the Christmas season.

Candy cane boxes


The best shape that represents this occasion is a heart. So if you’re giving someone a present on Valentine’s Day, use a heart-shaped box.

You can even have flowers attached to the box cover to make it extra special.

Heart-shaped box


A birthday isn’t complete without a cake. If you want to send a gift box to a birthday celebrant, put the present in a cake-shaped box.

A simple way to do this is to print a cake design on the cover of a circular box. Or you can be really creative about it by creating triangular gift boxes that look like a slice of cake. Put several pieces together to form a whole cake.

That should be a fun gift box to open.

Cake gift box


If you know someone is graduating, and you want to send a present to celebrate the occasion, use a graduation cap box.

It’s a simple black circular box with a flat board on top of the cover. Add a tassel so it looks like the real thing. This will look cool – so much so that the recipient might end up keeping it as a decorative piece.

Graduation cap


Remember the birthday cake? There’s a type of cake-shaped box that fits a wedding gift.

Use a circular box but instead of just printing the cake on the cover, do a 3-tiered cake. The bottom will be the bottom cake, while the two smaller cakes can be crafted and attached to the cover. When put together, it’ll look like a 3-tiered wedding cake.

That’s a great gift box that any couple would want to use to decorate their new home together.

3-tiered cake

Bridal Shower

If you need a present worthy of a bride-to-be, give them some sexy lingerie. Make the gift box extra special by taking inspiration from Bloomers Lingerie.

It’s a type of packaging that opens to look like a flower. Right in the middle is the gorgeous lingerie present. That’s a great idea to implement in your gift box.

Lingerie packaging

Baby Shower

What can you give during a baby shower that you know will be appreciated by the recipient?

A baby cradle filled with baby essentials would be a great present. But a real baby cradle might be too expensive.

But you can create a gift box that looks like a newborn cradle. It’ll take some arts and crafts skills, but it’s doable.

Baby cradle


If you want to be eco-friendly with your gift box options, there are a couple of things that you can do.

Some gift boxes use eco-friendly materials – like kraft paper. Or you can get inspiration from hay packaging that’s made of dried grass. Another is made of eco-friendly material that’s woven into a box.

Eco-friendly boxes


Do you need ideas for gift boxes that your clients will appreciate? Here’s s drawer-type box that can contain several gifts.

What’s great about this box is that it can also be used as a storage space. This is something that clients and even employees will like and reuse in the workplace or at home.

Drawer-type- box

Are You Ready to Explore Unique Gift Box Shapes? Packoi Printing Has a Lot of Samples to Share with You.

Using unique gift boxes may be risky and costly – but if you find the right shape that resonates with the recipient, they’ll remember your present for a very long time.

If you position your branding well, it could elevate their perception of you. This is a great way to spread positivity while promoting your business.

Do you want to know more about this? Packoi Printing is ready to assist you in discovering new shapes to surprise people with.

Give us a call, and let’s discuss. We can get back to you with a fair quotation in no time.

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