Ideas for Gift Boxes That Your VIP Clients Will Appreciate

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VIP clients deserve to be given special treatment. These are the people who bring real value to your business. They are recurring customers - those you will automatically buy high volumes from you.

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If you want to retain them, you have to make them feel appreciated. Giving them gift boxes every now and then will do the trick.

In this article, you’ll find out more about gift boxes and how you make sure they’ll be appreciated by your VIP clients.

Who are Your VIP Clients?

Your VIP clients are the most important people on your client list. Basically, these are the people who contribute the most to your overall profit. 

It’s not always just one person. There are businesses that have a lot of VIP clients.

In fact, you can consider yourself lucky if you have a lot of VIPs. That means a lot of customers are giving you very good business.

If you’re not sure who these special customers are, here are some of the signs that a client can be considered a VIP.

gift box

They Have A High Order Value

If you have clients who usually buy in bulk, they can be considered as part of your VIP list. 

Whether they use it themselves or they order it for a lot of people, it doesn’t matter.

They help you earn a huge amount of profit for a single purchase order. As long as they consistently order this way, they should be treated as VIPs.

They Have the Potential to Bring Big Profit

Do you have clients who have the potential to bring big profits? 

For instance, the client owns a business. Check if they are in a position to eventually get your company as a supplier.

If the answer is yes, then this person can be considered a VIP. They can eventually order in bulk from you. 

These people may not be as important as the first one – but they have to potential to be.

You can turn that potential into real orders if you treat this client as a VIP.

They’ve Been With You For A Long Time

Check the clients who’ve been with you for a long time. If they’ve stayed loyal to you over the years and they bring consistent business – even if it’s not that big, then these people deserve appreciation.

They can be treated as VIP clients. Their loyalty is something that you should treasure – especially if they’ve been with you when your business was still small.

They’re Influential

Finally, if a client is influential, then they are VIPs. If you have a client who has a huge following on social media or is a bonafide celebrity – consider them as an important part of your clientele.

If people see them doing business with you – that’s a good thing. That can promote your business in a huge way.

You should try to get in their good graces so they can agree to promote you – maybe for free.

What is a Luxury Gift for VIP Clients?

A luxury gift for VIP clients doesn’t always have to be branded or expensive. 

Sure, these clients deserve to be spent on because of the business that they bring to your company.

But there are different types of luxury gifts that you can give them. What’s important is that these gifts tick off one of these three.

High Quality

If something is made of high-quality materials or goes through a special process to give it the best quality, then that could be a luxury corporate gift.

Anyone can appreciate getting high-quality gifts. Your VIP clients will feel the same way. 

So if you want the simplest gift ideas for VIP clients, stick to whatever is known for its high quality.

Leaves A Lasting Impact

A gift can also be worthy of your VIPs if it can leave a lasting impact on them.

This could mean a lot of things. How will you know what type of luxury gift will leave a lasting impact on your special clients?

You have to get to know the recipient very well. This should be easy if they’ve been your client for a long time. 

You’ll know the perfect gift that’ll resonate with them. 

Like if you know that your client recently got sick or someone in their family got ill, send them a care package. 

The act of giving, especially when it’s unexpected will be remembered by your client for a long time.

Beneficial To The Business

You can also choose a gift that you know will reward your business as well. 

For instance, you can include in your gift box a product that you just launched. If they like it, the client can start using it regularly.

Or you can give them a gift that’s so incredible that they’ll feel like they need to reciprocate. 

Sometimes, when we make people happy unexpectedly, they’ll feel the compulsion to give something back to us.

Why is a Luxury Corporate Gift Important?

Luxury corporate gifts will cost you. But this is an investment that can be worth your time and money if you do it correctly. 

There are a couple of reasons why giving your VIP clients a good luxury corporate gift will reward you in the end.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get.

gift box

Shows Appreciation For VIP Clients

When you give anyone a gift, they’ll feel appreciated. That’s the feeling that you want to give your most special clients.

If you make them feel appreciated, they’ll feel good about your business. They’ll want to reward you in return by patronizing your products and services.

Encourages Brand Loyalty

Giving your VIP clients a special gift can also increase brand loyalty. They know that you appreciate them. You make them feel special.

Even if another company comes with the same products and services that you offer, they’ll remember how you made them feel. Guess who they’ll choose to do business with?

Your business.

And if you give them a very impressive gift, it’ll make them feel more confident about your capabilities.

Strengthens Client Relationships

Giving luxury corporate gifts will also strengthen client relationships.

When you give something without expecting anything in return, it makes the recipient think that you really care for them. Especially if you give them a personalized gift. 

Or something unique that they know you handpicked just for them.

That’s one way to strengthen your relationship with them.

Elevates The Brand’s Value

Who gives luxury corporate gifts? Obviously, it’s businesses that have the extra to spare. These are the businesses that have achieved success and profitability.

That’s the message that you’re giving if you send a client a premium corporate gift. 

It sets you apart and it keeps you on top of their mind.

10 Ideas For Luxury Corporate Gifts

There is a multitude of possibilities when it comes to what type of luxury corporate gifts you’ll give to your VIP clients.

While you want to make sure that it personally appeals to the recipient, there are categories that you can choose from to make the selection easier and faster. 

Admittedly, the list could be endless. The more that you know the VIP recipient, the more options will be available to you.

But to get you started, here are 10 luxury corporate gift ideas that you can consider.

For Formal Events

Most of the time, VIP clients live affluent lives. Or they hold positions that require them to attend formal events.

That could be a great starting point when you’re trying to decide what to put in a custom gift box

Pick out something that the client can wear during a black-tie event. Or a gala. Or a fancy charity function.

Make sure you choose something that makes them feel confident. Something that’ll affirm their status.

Gift Box Examples:

Think about expensive perfumes in small bottles. Something handy that they can bring. 

Or maybe you can give them cufflinks or something that the client can show off.

Put these in a minimalistic black and white gift box that exudes elegance.


Here’s an idea that’ll make your special clients remember you. Give them keepsakes. Something that they can use for a very long time.

If that happens, the client will remember you as long as they’re using your gift. 

You can put a print of your brand name – but make it small and discreet. If you put a huge print of your brand, the client might not feel at ease using your gift. So just make it a small print.

Gift Box Examples:

Among the gift options that you have includes ceramic mugs, matte-colored tumblers, wooden cutting boards, or any decorative items that the client can use. 

Engraved pens can also be a great option.

You can even choose to follow gift box trends here. Or you can stick to the classic gifts that you know anyone can enjoy.

Mini Versions

While VIP clients deserve special treatment, it doesn’t have to be huge and extravagant gifts. You can create mini versions of what you think they’ll enjoy.

Even if the gift is small, you can always compensate by going big with the design of the box packaging.

Gift Box Examples:

Consider the things that your clients love to eat or drink. You can create mini versions and give them as gifts.

Maybe they love chocolate-covered nuts. Fill a small glass bottle with it and include some coffee packs. 

If you package it right, these simple gifts can become luxurious and fit for your VIP clients.

Self-Care Packages

You can’t go wrong when you send self-care packages. It’s actually very easy to put together and you know that anyone can enjoy them.

With the way people live their lives now, it’s guaranteed that your VIP clients will enjoy your gift box. 

It also shows that you care about their well-being.

It’s a good way to make your clients feel that you want what’s best for them.

Gift Box Examples:

You can give your special clients gender-specific spa treatments – like skin care products. 

Or it can be something that promotes relaxation. Like eye masks or oil infusers that’ll make their home or office smell good.

Celebratory Gifts

gift box

Is your client celebrating a win in their business? Or maybe they just got through a personal milestone? Make them feel that you’re happy for their success. Send them a gift.

The great thing about this is they’ll remember that you celebrated with them while they’re still feeling the high from their win. 

In a way, they’ll associate the positive feeling with your business as well.

Gift Box Examples:

What celebratory gift can you give your VIP clients?

Give them wine and personalized glasses to accompany it. Send games and food snacks that they can munch on.

You can also send them something that relates to their win. It’ll mean more to them if you do.

Office Essentials

Your clients spend most of their waking moments in the office. Sending them office essentials as a gift makes a lot of sense.

Not only that but there’s a higher chance that they’ll use your gift. The more they use it, the more they’ll see the value in being your client.

Gift Box Examples:

This is a gift box that’ll really give you a lot of options. You can send high-quality notebooks, engraved pens, coffee mugs, etc.

Emboss the name or initials of your clients so they’ll know that it’s a gift that you specifically got them.

You can also send them snacks. 

These won’t last as long as the other options. But it’ll still be appreciated especially if you give the client something that they love to snack on while working.

Necessities At Home

Giving something that your client can use at home is also a good luxury corporate gift idea. You might want to consider giving them something that can be shared with the rest of their family.

If they have a home office, you can also use that as an inspiration on what to give them.

What’s great about this is the opportunity for the client to remember your business even while they’re at home.

Gift Box Examples:

Decorative items, kitchenware, art pieces, and even an espresso machine. 

These are things that your client can take home and enjoy while they’re relaxing away from the office.

Make sure you consider the lifestyle of your client as you decide on what to give.

Year-End Favors

This is a must for businesses – give gifts at the end of the year. It’s not just for your VIP clients. 

Try to give your loyal customers a gift to show your appreciation.

What’s great about year-end favors is you’re not just saying thank you to your clients. You’re also wishing that they’ll stay with you until the next year.

Gift Box Examples:

Year-end gift ideas can include something celebratory in nature. 

Give the client a bottle of champagne and personalized flutes. 

Add some sparklers and even confetti cannons that they can use during their year-end party.

Cocktail Kits

Cocktail kits are a great luxury corporate gift idea that any one of your VIP clients will really enjoy. They can use it when they celebrate in the office or they can opt to take it home for their personal bar.

It can even be a perfect compliment for end-of-the-year or celebration gifts. 

There are several premium products that you can choose from if you want to opt for this gift type.

Gift Box Examples:

Cocktail kits usually come in sets of drinks, gourmet snacks, and bar accessories. These accessories include mixers, shakers, and stirrers.

You can also add martini glasses so the client gets a complete package.

Accessories For Electronic Gadgets

Finally, you can opt to give your clients accessories for any electronic gadget that may own. It could be for their desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device like tablets, smartphones, etc.

This is a great gift box idea especially if you have tech-savvy clients. 

Or if your VIP clients are mostly online, there are many things you can give them.

Gift Box Examples:

There are many accessories for electronic gadgets. The options include Bluetooth speakers, headphones, USB ports, wireless gadgets, etc.

Try to be observant of what your clients use and you should have an idea of what accessory they would appreciate.

Tips When Planning A Luxury Gift Box

Planning luxury gift boxes shouldn’t be done on a whim. You have to be careful because the corporate gift is for a VIP client. You want to impress them so they can keep making your business stronger.

Here are helpful tips that you can use when you’re looking for luxury corporate gift ideas.

Make Sure It’s Relevant

Think about gift ideas that resonate with the recipient.

If you have VIP clients in the tech industry, you want to make sure it’s something that they can use at work.

In case the recipients are from different industries, think about what they have in common. 

Do you think they’ll appreciate a good cup of coffee? 

Or a cocktail kit? If they can use it, then that’s considered a relevant gift.

Personalize It

Generic gifts are okay but personalizing gifts takes on a whole different level.

Simply engraving the initials of the client or putting their name artistically on the gift – speaks volumes about how much you’re trying to get to know them.

It doesn’t take much to do. You can even put a handwritten note there and it should be more than enough.

Value Over Price

Don’t always think that you need to make your luxury corporate gift expensive.

A luxurious gift can be impressive as long as it’s something valuable to the recipient.

For instance, if someone appreciates a good drink every now and then, they’ll appreciate an expensive bottle of champagne. 

But if a person doesn’t like drinking alcohol, they won’t find any value in that expensive bottle.

Think about the value over the price if you want your clients to be happy with your gift.

Give Beyond The Holidays

gift label

Giving gifts isn’t only for the holiday season.

Sure, we all ramp it up a bit during the holidays. But you can give gifts any time of the year.

In fact, doing so increase the impact of your gift. If someone gets something out of the blue – that’ll be a memorable gift.

Your clients will remember your sweet and thoughtful gesture.

Do You Need Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas? Packoi Printing Has the Expertise to be of Assistance.

Giving clients a luxurious gift can be a great business strategy. It’s actually very powerful – especially if it helps you gain the loyalty of high-quality clients.

Don’t ignore the possibilities that this can bring.

Give your clients something impressive so they can remember and keep you on top of their minds.

If you need help putting together luxury gift items, Packoi Printing knows a thing or two about it.

Allow us to help you impress your VIP clients. Give us a call and we can go over your ideas.

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