How to Print an Engaging Program Booklet for High-End Events

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To make a comeback with your event brochure, read our seven design tips for you to choose the right brochure for you.

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Printing booklets for events is starting to make a comeback. According to reports, 88% of companies are starting to plan more events in 2022 and beyond.

If you’re planning an event, it’ll help if you print a little booklet or brochure to provide information about what will happen. This will let participants and attendees know what to expect and guide them throughout the event.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create an engaging program booklet that can elevate the experience of everyone attending it. You’ll get tips on creating a graphic design that’ll represent your brand and put it in the best possible light.

What Does a High-End Event Mean?

The word high-end refers to something that’s exclusive. If you organize this type of event, it’s meant to showcase both sophistication and grandeur—something that’ll bring incredible value to the company and brand.

product launches program booklet

These types of events can be product launches, gala dinners, upscale shows, etc. Since it’s exclusive, you want everyone attending to feel hand-picked to attend the event. This will make them appreciate the thought of being isolated and given special treatment. It’s a great way to strengthen brand loyalty.

Planning such an event will take more than just having the right digital marketing promotion, decorations, participants, and program flow. Part of this will be represented through the program brochure design that you’ll have the printer produce specifically for your event.

Why a Well-Designed Program Booklet Matters to Events

When you create and print an event booklet, it can give the attendees and participants a guide for what will happen. But beyond that, every print and page on the brochure should provide everyone with a sense of anticipation for what is to come.

Printing the event booklet will also give your target audience clues on what they should focus on. If a guest speaker or special person is attending, everyone will see their names on the paper, so they’ll know what to expect.

These are only a few examples of why you need a well-designed booklet for your events. It can bring your event three important benefits.

1. For Information

Printing booklets will give your audience and participants information about the exclusive event. Through the pages of the brochure, you can communicate and share the inspiration and history that led to the creation of the event.

Have the printer print a collection of photos, stories, and behind-the-scenes narratives on the brochure paper so people will have a better understanding of what it took to get ready for the event.

For instance, if the booklet is for a charity auction, you can include details of the pieces that participants can bid on. At the same time, you can also print information about the charity that’ll benefit from the proceeds of the event.

a 64

2. For Branding

Although the print on the brochure will feature details about the event, no rule prohibits you from using it as a marketing tool. People will know more about your company by simply having your brand logo displayed on the paper. Let it use your brand colors, theme, and other elements that’ll increase recognition of your brand.

You can also dedicate one page to describe your business and your role in creating the event. As people wait for the event to progress, they’ll most likely spend time reading the booklet, and that would give them more information about your brand’s value.

3. For Keepsakes

Apart from being a marketing tool during the event, printing booklets can also serve as keepsakes for the audience. A lot of people take home the event brochure so they can look at it again. Some even keep it to remind them of what happened during the special event.

Keep this in mind as you and the printer finalize the design of your booklet. The printed paper should be creative enough that people will want to take it home. Print images that will make them treasure their experience during the event.

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7 Essential Elements In a Program Booklet for Exclusive Events

Now that you know the importance of having well-designed printed pages for your event brochure, it’s time to think about the elements that you need to print on paper.

Knowing the contents will give you clues on the page count of the booklet. It’ll also help you determine the binding method that you can use like saddle stitching, etc.

Some event booklets are thicker than others, depending on the amount of content within. No matter how many pages you end up with, there are 7 elements that you should always have in every event booklet that you’ll print.

1. The Cover

The thing about events is that participants and attendees are there because they’re already interested in what you have to offer. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to make a good first impression. Although the people attending have shown interest, you still need to impress them.

A printed brochure can help you accomplish this—specifically, the cover page. This is what people will see first. If they’re impressed with the print, they’ll feel excited about opening the rest of the booklet’s pages. Discuss with your printer the best ideas to create an engaging cover page. It can be a simple embossed design to give an elegant flair or a metallic print to reflect the opulence of the event.

metallic print cover

2. The Company

As mentioned, your event brochure will be treated as a marketing tool. Feel free to include information about your company or brand. You can even use the first page to tell people about the company responsible for the event.

You can also print this information on the last page and add your contact details so potential customers can get in touch with you.

When you discuss your company, brag about your achievements and share your values, too. This is a chance for you to connect with your market, so make it as impressive as you can.

3. The Sponsors

Acknowledging the sponsors is one way of showing your appreciation for helping you put the event together. It also shows people that you are a legitimate company that’s capable of creating partnerships.

This is one way to add credibility to your brand. When you print your sponsors, you can take the simple approach and just show their company logos. Or you can include a bit of information about them, but this might require more pages from your booklet, so consider this carefully.

4. The Event Outline

Part of the information that your audience will look for in the booklet is the schedule of events. Dedicate a page or two to discuss what the audience can expect from the program. It doesn’t have to be a timed schedule of what will happen. After all, no event happens exactly as planned, so putting the time in might work against you and make your brand look disorganized.

But at the very least, print a chronological order of the activities or guests that people can see throughout the event. The itinerary will help build anticipation and excitement even before things happen. It will also give guests time to get ready and ensure that they can maximize the whole experience.

a 65

5. The Map

If the event will happen in a spacious area, allot a page or two and provide your guests and attendees with a map. Print the activities that’ll happen in each area so the people will know where they should go and at what moment of the event.

For instance, if you are organizing a trade fair, use the center fold of the booklet to print an overview of the venue. Label where various brands are so people will know where to go. This will help avoid confusion and chaos during the event. It’ll also lessen the need to have more staff to guide the attendees because people will know how to navigate the place.

6. The Bios

If your event features professionals and experts who’ll share their knowledge with the audience, provide their bios in the printed booklet. This will give people an idea of why they should listen to and trust the people who’ll be speaking at the event. You don’t have to provide multiple pages for each speaker or special guest. Just enough to ignite the curiosity of the attendees and make them want to pay attention.

If the brochure is for a corporate event, include a bio of the important people in the company. Like the CEO, board of directors, VPs, etc.

7. The Relevant Event Information

If there are other details that you think people need to know about the event, print them in your program booklets.

Choose the ones that you know will excite people and make them stay until the very end of the event. Not only that, include instructions on how they can prolong the experience at your event. Give them QR codes to a website that’ll give them more information about what happened. Or invite them to like your social media page so they can access photos, videos, and other posts about the event.

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7 Tips to Design Engaging Program Booklets for Special Events

Planning an event involves a lot of hard work. It can be stressful and time-consuming as well. This is why, if you want to include program brochures in the mix, they have to live up to the hype that you’re creating for the event. Remember, this is marketing material that people can take home after the event is over. Everything on the paper can remind them of all the great things that happened during the event.

Here are some tips that you can use as you decide what to print on the pages of the booklet.

1. Choose Emotionally Compelling Visuals

One of the most important elements of your program booklet is the images. Although the program brochure mostly details the event, you still want to include relevant images to make the material emotionally compelling. After all, you want your audience and guests to feel excited about what they’ll see and experience during the event.

These images may not be the focal point of the booklet, but they can serve as markers for important information. For example, printing a stop sign before warnings or important reminders will make people pay attention.

You can also use the theme of the event to guide the visuals that you’ll put on the brochure. Elegance, fun, sophistication, creativity—whatever your event is about, the images should support that.

2. Use the Right Materials

event booklet

Using the right materials to create your event booklet is also a must. Think about the paper type that you’ll use for the cover and the inner pages. The cover stock should have a thicker and heavier paper weight. The text stock paper can be thinner, but it is still of good quality.

This booklet will represent your brand and business. Talk to your printer and find the right material that will encourage people to turn the pages of your booklet.

3. Opt for Readable Fonts

This is another thing that you should discuss with the printer. What is the best font that’s aligned with the event and makes the information on the brochure paper readable? In fonts, brochure font and booklet font usage are similar.

For instance, if your event is meant to be exclusive and elegant, use script fonts that exude luxury and sophistication. If it’s fun, make it playful but still readable.

Consider the amount of text that you’ll be printing on the paper as well. If there’s a lot of text, choose thinner fonts that are still readable even if they’re printed smaller. Make the text on the paper easy to see and read, so people will go through every detail you print on the booklet.

4. Set the Mood With the Color Scheme

Next to the font, choose the colors that will appear on the pages. You can have a mix of your brand and event colors, but be sure to keep readability in mind. Having all-black pages could work as long as the text is still readable. This can add elegance to your brochure.

Or you can use soft tones and pastel hues to keep the mood light as the audience looks at the print on the brochure paper.

5. Be Creative With the Fold

Printing booklets don’t have to follow the traditional folds. You can be as creative as you want with it. Combine a gatefold while having the rest of the pages stapled in the middle. When used wisely, you can even use this to add an element of surprise. For example, you can put a pocket at the back of the brochures where you can store a surprise for the guests. Or you can print a QR code that’ll lead them to a surprise on your webpage.

printed booklet with fold

6. Put Text Breaks

A program brochure is filled with text about the event. Use images to create text breaks. Or maybe you can put clock blocks with texts in the middle. Creating these text breaks on the pages will keep the readers from feeling too bored.

It can also give you a chance to highlight important information printed on the paper. Things like schedules, warnings, or even website links that you want the guests to look at after the event

7. Make It Interactive

Maximize the benefits of printing booklets by using them to create a great experience for your guests. Add your website and social media accounts so people can choose to prolong the experience by learning more about the event or participating in the online discussion afterward.

If you do this right, it can serve as a post-event digital marketing campaign that’ll widen the effect of your special event.

Make Sure Your Program Booklet Is Impressive. Packoi Printing Can Provide Booklet Print Jobs and Design Services.

Creating brochures for your event is a great way to enhance the experience of guests and attendees. It can highlight the important parts of the event and showcase your brand’s creativity. You can use it like marketing brochures, so people will know more about what you can offer.

If you need help putting together an engaging program booklet, Packoi Printing is the perfect partner and printer for this task. We can show you several materials that will allow you to choose the paper weight and thickness that will suit your booklet requirements. Our design team can also help you create an engaging and memorable design.

Give us a call so we can talk about the details. We’ll get back to you with a quote right away.

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