6 Paper Gift Bag Ideas for Kids(Fun and Imaginative Solutions)

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If you notice, when you give gifts to toddlers, they’re more interested in the wrapping paper, bag, or box that contains the gift than the gift itself.

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Several studies have shown the importance of packaging in the gift-giving experience of kids.

Their fascination has something to do with their developing brains. This is proof that if you want kids to enjoy the gifting experience that you provide, put it in a gift bag that they can have so much fun with.

While gift wrapping is the norm, it can be wasteful. There’s nothing else you can do about it but throw it away. The more sustainable option is to use gift bags.

In this article, you’ll learn about gift bag ideas that you can use to make kids extremely happy with your present. You’ll also get tips on how to make even a plain bag look appealing and interactive.

Why Do You Need Gift Bags for Kids?

The norm is to use wrapping paper before giving a gift. Why should you choose a gift bag instead? A bag is better because it’s harder to reuse wrapping paper. A paper bag, on the other hand, can be used by the recipient (or their parents) as a gift to another person.

Many occasions require you to use a well-designed gift bag to give to kids. These events are already joyous on their own. But you can take the experience to the next level by giving them incredible gift bags to go along with their present.

Here are some of the instances where you’ll need a good bag for your gift to kids.

1. For Christmas Gifts

 Christmas gift bags

The holiday season is a great time to give gifts – especially if they’re for kids. Using a paper bag is more convenient because of all the gifts that you have to give this season. Instead of using wrapping paper on each gift, you can just open a bag, put the gift inside, and close it. Add a gift tag, and it should be good for giving.

It’s faster and more sustainable because of the reusability of bags.

2. For Birthday Gifts

Some kids can go without a party to celebrate their birthday. But you can bet that they’ll want to receive a gift on their special day. Make sure you don’t forget by giving the young birthday celebrant a great-looking gift bag.

Choose gift bags that the kid can play with – they’ll have a greater time with your present if you give them an awesome paper bag.

Birthday Gift Bags

They’ll remember that you made them feel special on their birthday. This will instill in them the value of generosity and thoughtfulness.

3. For Celebrations

Young achievers deserve a reward for their efforts. So if you’re celebrating something, like a graduation or winning a sports event, give the kid a gift bag filled with a toy or item that you know they’ll love to play with.

Add a gift tag with a special note to motivate them to keep reaching their goals. Recognizing the winning moments in their lives would develop their need to achieve greater things in the future.

4. For Party Favors

Some people are debating whether goodie bags should be a staple at kids’ birthday parties. While some parents think that it’s a waste of time and money, the kids don’t feel the same. The young guests feel excited about the surprise party favors that they’ll get. 

Don’t let them go home disappointed. You don’t have to put a lot of favors in there. Even if you only give one party favor, if it’s in a well-designed gift bag, the kids will appreciate it. Skip the cellophane bag and go for the more eco-friendly paper bag. It’s easier to design and reuse.

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6 Tips When Creating Gift Bags for Kids

Choosing the best gift bag for a child goes beyond the design. It’s not like wrapping paper that is only meant to make the gift look more exciting.

Gift bags have the potential to do more than just carry your present. It can be reused and turned into a toy by the recipient of the gift.

To help you get the right reaction from the young recipient, here are important tips that’ll help you pick the right paper bag. 

1. Pick Age-Appropriate Designs

Toddlers and school-age kids have different tastes when it comes to the gift they want to receive. Expect the same when you choose the gift bag design for them.

If you’re giving a gift to toddlers, choose bright and colorful designs. Maybe you can choose one that has their favorite animal or character in front.

For school-age kids, you’d have to pay more attention to their interests. If the child likes sports, give them a sports-themed paper bag. Let it be a prelude to the gift they’ll find inside the bag. If they like dinosaurs or space exploration, choose that design.

character gift bags

2. Turn It Into a Sensory Experience

Kids thrive when their senses are stimulated. To improve the gift-giving experience, let your gift bag stimulate the senses of the young recipients.

Choose a paper bag with texture. Or you can choose one that uses metallic print. Add soft ribbons and fabrics to the gift bag so it can engage the senses of the child.

3. Focus on a Theme

This applies to party favors or the holiday season. If you have to give a lot of gifts to kids, you can choose a theme to make it easier to put the gift bag together.

Maybe you can stick to a Christmas-themed design. Or you can choose DIY gift bags with paper crafts for your child. Choose a generic and gender-neutral theme that most kids would enjoy receiving.

4. Choose Eco-Friendly Materials

When it comes to packaging, it’s always a good idea to use eco-friendly materials. Even if you’re giving it to a young recipient who might not understand what sustainability means, use your gift bags to educate them about it.

A brown paper gift bag won’t look dull if you add the right accessories. It’s better than using wrapping paper or a cellophane bag because it can be reused and recycled.

brown paper gift bag

This will set a good example that kids can emulate.

5. Make It Interactive

This is a great idea for kids’ birthday parties. Make the party favor bags interactive. Put paper crafts inside that the kids can use to decorate the gift bag. Or you can print on the gift bags games, puzzles, and other activities that they can do during the party.

Turn it into a game with prizes that they can put inside the paper bag. This will make the bag do more than just carry goodies. It can be the main activity during the birthday party.

6. Mind What’s In the Bag

While the outside of the gift bag is important, you should also consider how the design is tied to the contents. Think of it like an unboxing experience. The paper bag is the prelude to what they will see inside.

If you have your heart set on what the kids will see inside, make your gift bag reflect it. The same is true for any party favor that you plan to put in it. Since this is for kids, make sure it’s safe and clear of any allergens that could cause harm.

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How to Make a Plain Paper Gift Bag Exciting for Kids

Just because you’re putting together gift bags for kids, that doesn’t mean you can’t use anything plain or brown.

With the right add-ons, a brown paper gift bag can be just as exciting as a colorful gift wrap. It’s also more cost-efficient to just order a generic, plain paper bag that you can personalize to fit the interests of the recipient. You can even use this when giving gifts to kids and adults.

Here are some tips that you can use to make a plain bag look exciting for the young ones.

1. Add a Character

If you are great at drawing, do a freehand sketch of characters that kids like at the moment. If it’s anime, sketch these characters.

For those who are not gifted with an artistic hand, that’s okay. You can search for characters that are all the rage right now. Print it and paste it on the gift bags.

2. DIY Design

You can also provide the young recipients with DIY gift bags that they can decorate on their own. Include the paper crafts and art supplies with the goodies so kids can have fun with them. The DIY gift bags can be part of the activities for the kids. Include some wrapping paper, character printouts, glue, ribbons, stickers, markers, and other design materials for the little hands to get busy on.

DIY gift bags

3. Put Their Name on It

Don’t underestimate the power of a simple gift bag with a name on it. The kids would love to see their own gift bags on the table. Even if it’s a name tag or a simple print of their name on the bag, it’ll make them feel excited to know that it’s theirs to take home.

You can even turn it into DIY gift bags by printing the outline of the kid’s name. Provide them with stickers, coloring materials, and other arts and crafts supplies so they can design their name. The most creative design can win a special prize.

4. Add Accessories

Finally, you can add accessories to make the plain gift bag look exciting. These could include colorful tissue paper, some ribbons, stickers, and personalized gift tags. These simple add-ons can make gift bags look delightful for kids.

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If you’re starting to prepare for the holiday season, it’s time for you to consider what gift bag you’ll use for kids. Remember, you don’t have to put a lot of prints on it. Whether it’s a simple bag or not, what matters is you choose the design that specifically holds the interest of the young recipient.

If you want to get design ideas, Packoi Printing can help. Apart from producing gift bags, we have a team of designers to assist in finding the right packaging design for your gift recipients. If you need design services let us know.

In case you have other packaging requirements, let us know. Call us so we can discuss the specific packaging design you prefer and we’ll get back to you with a fair quote in no time.

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