Why Use Gift Bags Instead of Wrapping Gifts?

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Hardly anyone would give a gift without making them look presentable first. The question is, what do you use to make the gift-giving experience more special?

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Some people would choose to use gift bags. Other people would use gift wrapping paper before giving their presents.

While both of these will make the recipient appreciate your effort, using a gift bag may be more convenient and practical.

In this article, you’ll learn the different reasons why you should opt for gift bags instead of wrapping gifts.

Difference Between Gift Bags and Gift Wrapping Paper

Avid gift-givers know the importance of choosing the right packaging for presents. It’s not just about showing off.

Red Gift Bags

Part of the excitement of receiving gifts is the opening. It’s like the unboxing experience when you buy something.

You want to make sure the recipient will feel the anticipation. As it builds up, they’ll feel more positive about the gift they received.

But here’s the thing. Which of the two do you think will give the most satisfying “unboxing” experience?

Gift bags or wrapping paper?

A gift bag is like a paper bag that can be plain or printed and decorated with ribbons and tags.

A gift wrapper is a type of paper used in wrapping presents. It’s ideal for boxed gifts. Wrapping paper can have festive prints on it, or it could be plain and decorated with ribbons as well.

Both of these are acceptable when giving gifts – but you might want to consider using gift bags more.

4 Benefits of Using Gift Bags Over Wrapping Paper

What makes gift bags better than wrapped gifts? Both of them will look good anyway. Wrapping paper comes in different colors, prints, and patterns. If you want to use the plain ones, you can add ribbons and other accessories to them to make them more festive.

The same is true for gift bags. You can buy bags with different designs. You can also add ribbons and tags as well.

gift bags

Despite these similarities, some people still think that using a gift bag is better than taking the time to wrap presents.

Here are 4 reasons why this is true.

It’s Faster

Think about this scenario. It’s the holiday season. You’re busy keeping up with the work you must finish before offices close for the season. Even if you only have weekends to buy the gifts, how will you get them ready and under the Christmas tree in time?

You won’t have enough time to gift wrap all the Christmas presents individually.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to that.

You can use gift bags. There are bags designed specifically for the holiday season. You can also choose simplicity by buying red or green paper bags and adding ribbons.

You simply have to put your gift in, tape the bag close, add a gift tag, and you’re ready to give your gift.

It’s Simple

Wrapping presents isn’t as simple as cutting paper, folding it around the gift, taping it securely, and then adding ribbons.

If you want to impress the recipient with your gift, you need some impressive wrapping skills. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with a creative mind. Sure, you’ve got a lot of inspiration coming from Pinterest.

But can you implement what you see online?

You’ll have to do intricate folds and add accessories. If you have the time to do it, maybe you can make it look like what you saw online. If not, then it might make your gift look funny.

Instead of taking a chance to gift wrap your presents, just use a bag. Get a well-designed paper bag and put your gift inside. It won’t require a lot of skills to do.

It’s Sustainable

Gift bags are more sustainable than wrapping your presents.

First of all, it doesn’t require a lot of materials. Wrapped gifts usually start with box packaging. Then you get wrapping paper that’s secured by tape, ribbons, and all sorts of materials.

Using a gift bag wouldn’t require you to use many materials. Some bags won’t even need tape or a ribbon to close. The straps can be used to close the bag. If you want to make it look fancy, you can just add tissue paper. That’s it.

It’s Reusable

The only way to open a gift wrap is to tear off the paper and everything else that comes with it. Most of the time, everything but the gift is thrown away.

That’s a lot of waste.

But with a gift bag, it doesn’t have to be thrown away immediately after they’ve taken out the gift inside. As long as the bag is opened carefully and there are no marks on it, recipients can choose to reuse it. This will save them both time and money in the long run.

You’ve just done them a huge favor – and it’s also good for the environment.

When to Use a Wrapping Paper Over a Gift Bag

The benefits of using a bag won’t eliminate the fact that a wrapped gift is completely unnecessary. There are times when it’s more practical to gift wrap your present.

For instance, if the gift boxes are too bulky, they might not fit a regular-sized paper bag. Instead of searching for a bigger bag, you might have just to gift wrap it.

gift bags with ribbon

In case the gift is fragile, it’s usually best to put them in a box first before wrapping them. This will give the present an extra layer of protection. If it ensures that the recipient will receive the wrapped gifts in good condition, then the effort should be worth it.

Finally, if the present recipient is a child, just wrap gifts for them. They take joy in tearing out the paper and finding the surprise inside. Don’t rob them of the unwrapping experience.

When a Gift Bag Is the Only Option

Just as there are instances when wrapping presents is the best option, there are also reasons why the gift bag route should be considered.

There are a few factors that’ll confirm this. Here are some of them.

When Giving Clothes

If your gift is clothes or any fabric, it’s better to use a paper bag than to wrap it in paper. If you use wrapping paper, you must use a box to put the clothes in. That’s the only way to wrap it and make it look good. 

This is why using a paper bag is the better option. There’s no need to use a box. Maybe you can wrap the present in tissue paper to protect the fabric and then put it in a gift bag. You’ll still save on the cost of making your gift look presentable.

When It’s An Odd Shape

This is just the same as the clothes. If your presentation has an odd shape and won’t fit in a box, don’t make it complicated for yourself.

Just use gift bags instead of trying to find a box to fit the present in and then wrapping it up with paper. It’s a simple thing just to put it inside a bag.

When It’s Edible

It’s also okay to use gift bags if your gift is something edible. Usually, edible presents must be refrigerated to ensure they don’t spoil.

This means they can only be packaged right before giving them away. It’ll be easier to do that when all you have to do is just put them in a bag, and then it’s ready to be gifted.

How to Choose the Right Gift Bag

There are many types of gift bags to choose from. How will you know which one is the right option for you?

If the present is a personal gift to someone you know, then you just have to consider your taste and the recipient’s preference. You can be as bold, fun, extravagant, or simple in the bag of your choice.

gift bags

But if you’re doing this on behalf of your business or brand, then you need to consider the type of image that you want to build. What reputation are you trying to uphold? Of course, you want to consider the taste of the recipient. However, the bag should represent your brand as well.

That means you have to make sure your gift bag looks presentable. Use tissue paper to make it look fancy. Add a branded ribbon or tag.

Give the recipient an “unboxing” experience through your gift.

Are You Looking for the Right Gift Bag for Your Presents? Packoi Printing Is Ready to Help.

When it comes to choosing the right gift bags for your presents, you need to be careful when selecting the design and material of the bag.

Your choice will influence how the recipient will feel about your gift.

If you want to make it count, make sure you know what your options are. Packoi Printing is ready with samples and options for you to choose from.

Get in touch with us so you can find the perfect gift bag. Call us, and we’ll get back to you with a fair quotation soon.

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