How To Make Custom Gift Bags Stand Out?

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When it comes to gift-giving, the presentation can be just as important as the gift itself. A beautifully wrapped present is always a joy to open, while a gift bag that's been thrown together haphazardly can easily lessen the impact of your generous gesture.

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Unique and personal, custom gift bags add an extra special touch to any present. Though making your gift bags stand out may seem daunting, with creativity and tactful planning, you can make it happen. Focusing on this customization factor is especially important for brands when hey launch holiday or event-themed collections. 

Receiving a gift show that the giver took the time to think about what you would like and put in extra effort to make sure you got a unique gift. If you’re looking for an extra special way to make your gift bags look great, we got you. Read on for the most practical advice on personalizing gift bags that suit your brand voice. 

Gift Bag

Choose a Unique and Interesting Fabric for Your Gift Bag

Gift-giving is a cherished tradition the world over. No matter what the occasion – be it a birthday, holiday, wedding, or simply to show your appreciation – the perfect gift often comes wrapped in beautiful, unique fabric. But what if you don’t have time to go fabric shopping? Or what if you want to make your gift extra special by creating the wrapping yourself?

Here’s a tip: the first step in making your wrapping gift bags stand out is to choose a unique and interesting fabric for your gift bag. The market is full of mass-produced, cookie-cutter items, so you must pick fabrics that will suit your present types and overall brand personality. 

For example, say you’re using cotton fabric to make a gift bag for a friend who loves gardening. To add a personal touch, you could embroider a pot of flowers on the front of the bag. Or if you’re feeling really creative, you could applique a garden scene onto the fabric before making the bag. The options are only limited by your imagination, so be creative.

Different Types of Gift Bags:

First impressions are everything in branding and marketing. You want your customers to remember your name and your product long after they’ve made their purchase. One way to make a lasting impression is by using custom gift boxes with different handle colors and perfect size ribbon ties. But with many custom bag and box material types available, which wrap right for your brand? Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of different custom gift bags materials to help you understand them more: 

Gift Bag

Custom Paper Bags


  • Custom paper bags are an eco-friendly option that shows you care about sustainable packaging. 
  • A custom paper bag will be lightweight and easy to carry, proving to be a smart custom wrapping paper alternative for retailers who want to offer a convenient shopping experience. 


  • Paper custom bags are not as durable as other options and can tear easily. 
  • They’re also not impermeable, so if you’re selling food items or anything that could leak, you’ll need to use a different type of material.

Canvas Gift Bags


  • Canvas gift bags are incredibly durable, so they’re a good choice if you’re selling heavier items or items that could be damaged in transit. 
  • Canvas bags are also reusable, making them more sustainable than disposable paper or plastic bags. 


  • Canvas gift bags are much heavier than paper bags and can be more difficult to carry. 
  • This material is also not impermeable, so if you’re selling food items or anything that could leak, use a different material.

Jute Gift Bags

  • Jute gift bags are made from natural fibers, so they’re a more sustainable option than plastic or paper bags. 
  • A jute gift bag will also be durable and reusable as canvas. 


  • Jute custom bags can be difficult to carry, especially when filled with heavy items. 
  • Finding unique jute gift bags will go heavy on your pocket: 

Woodgrain Gift Bags 


  • There’s something about wood grain that makes it feel natural, rustic, and earthy. If your brand wants to give off those vibes, then woodgrain gift bags might be the way to go. 
  • Even if your brand isn’t particularly “earthy,” woodgrain can still add a touch of class and sophistication. 


  • The main downside of woodgrain gift bags is that they can be more expensive than other options. But if you’re looking for a high-end look, then woodgrain just might be worth the investment.

Customized Plastic Gift Bags 


  • Customized plastic gift bags are perfect for brands that want to add a personal touch without breaking the bank. 
  • You can find printed plastic gift bags in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes, which means you can really tailor them to your brand’s aesthetic. And since they’re made of plastic, they’re also pretty durable.
  • You can get different types of artwork and printed decorations for bulk plastic bags for an affordable price.  


  • Plastic gift bags are not as environmentally friendly as some other options.
  • This material doesn’t feel very personal since it’s often produced in bulk.

Use A Coordinating Ribbon to Tie the Bag Shut

Gift Bag

You’ve spent hours picking out the perfect party or Christmas gifts for friends and family, but the presentation is just as important as what’s inside. Tying everything together with a coordinating gift bag that displays beautiful artwork not only shows that you care about the details, but it also makes your gifts look extra special. Here’s how you can do it:

Choose a Base Bag Color That Sets the Mood

The overall mood or theme of your Christmas celebration should dictate the base color of your gift bag. For example, red and green gift wrapping would be ideal if you’re throwing a traditional holiday party. If your festivities are more low-key, try a blue or purple bag. And if you want something a little more unique, try an unexpected shade like pink or gold. No matter what color you choose for custom bags, make sure it coordinates well with the wrapping paper and ribbon you’ll use.

Gift Bag

Pick a Pattern That Pops

Once you’ve decided on a base color to decorate your small gift bag, it’s time to add some personality with pattern. A coordinating patterned gift bag ties all of the elements of your presents together and makes them look cohesive. If you’re going for a playful look, choose a bag with polka dots or stripes. For a more elegant feel, opt for houndstooth or plaid. Floral patterns are also lovely, particularly if you’re giving gifts to gardeners or plant lovers. And if you really want to make a statement, go for a bag with shimmery glitter accents. 

Tie It All Together with the Perfect Ribbon Bow

The finishing touch on your fabulous and fun gift bags is a beautifully tied ribbon bow. Start by Cut 4-6 pieces of ribbon, each about 18 inches long. Stack the pieces on top of each other and tie them in the middle with an overhand knot to create one long ribbon. Spread the ribbons out so they fan evenly around the center knot and then twist them clockwise until they start to curl in on themselves. Flip the bundle over and arrange the ribbons or washi tape into a bow shape, leaving enough slack in the center so that the looped edges stand up tall. Take one end of the ribbon stack and thread it through the center loop from front to back before pulling tight and tying another overhand knot to secure everything in place. Finally, fluff up your bow and trim any uneven ends before attaching it to your custom gift bag. 

Add A Personalized Tag or Sticker to the Front of the Bag

A fun way to add a personalized touch to your gift bags for special events is by attaching a custom tag. You can either purchase tags for professional looking gift bags from a stationery store or make them yourself at home if you want to go the extra mile. If you make tags to complement the gift inside, you only need cardstock, scissors, and string or ribbon. Once you have all your materials, simply cut out the shape of the tag you desire and punch a hole in the top. Then, thread the string or ribbon through the hole and wrap it around the bag’s handle. Now you have a cute bag that is just the right size for large or small gifts.

Another option for sprucing up your own gift bags is by applying a custom sticker. This tip is even easier than making your washi tape tags because if you have custom stickers and a surface to stick them on, you’re good to go. If you want an added touch of luxury, try using gold or silver foil stickers. These look amazing on plain brown paper bags that you might use for special events, but they would also look great on colored bags as well. 

Fill The Bag with Tissue Paper or Shredded Paper to Keep the Gift Protected

Forget about those boring, store-bought tissue paper packets and gift bags. When you stuff a personalized gift bag with tissue paper or shredded paper, it adds a fun touch of color and personality. Not to mention, it’s a great way to protect your gifts without using a lot of tape. Here are a few tips on how to make your filler:

  • Choose tissue paper or shredded printed paper in colors that complement the gift bag and the occasion. For example, red and green tissue paper would be perfect for a Christmas gift bag.
  • Fill the gift bag about halfway with shredded paper or tissue paper. Use your hands to fluff it up so it looks fuller.
  • Arrange the shredded paper or tissue paper so it peeks out of the top of the gift bag for added effect. You can also curl the edges of the tissue paper for a more polished look.
  • If you’re using shredded paper in the gift bag, consider mixing in some confetti or glitter for extra fun. Just be sure to use biodegradable confetti in these small gift bags so you don’t damage the environment.
Gift Bag

Make Sure the Gift Is Wrapped Securely Before Placing It in the Bag

The last hack you can follow to make your printed or plain small gift bags feel thoughtful is ensuring the presents are securely wrapped. Here are some tips to make your finished bag look secure:

  • Measure the dimensions of your gift and choose an appropriately sized piece of wrapping paper. Make sure to leave enough paper on all sides to fold it over the edges of the gift. 
  • Fold the paper over the top of the gift and press it firmly so that it stays in place. You can use double-sided tape or regular clear tape to secure the paper if you want. 
  • Fold over the sides of the paper and again crease them firmly. Once all the sides of the gift bag are taped or secured, you can start decorating. Add a bow, ribbon, or anything else you like to make your gift bag look extra special. 


By now, you’re well-equipped with the knowledge required to give your printed custom gift bags an edge. From selecting durable packaging and materials to choosing good-quality stickers, ribbons, and bows, you have all the tools to make a lasting impression on your customers. Creating memorable and eye-catching customized gift bags has never been easier thanks to our helpful guide. So why wait? Start personalizing your shopping and gifting experience today. Whether it’s for birthdays or anniversaries, corporate events or weddings, using good-quality personalized gift bags will show your recipients that you put extra thought into their special moments. Show that extra bit of love with unique packaging –the possibilities are endless. 

Add a special touch to any gift by using personalized gift bags with various sizes and shapes. At Packoi Printing, we take each request into our hands and craft the perfect wrapping solution that will fit your preferences. If you want high-quality custom gift bags for your next special occasion – get in touch with us today. We offer different materials and designs as well as flashy illustrations or simple logos you can use to customize each packing experience just the way you want. You are in charge every step of the way in designing your gift bags; simply tell us what you’re looking for and let Packoi Printing help you bring that thought to life. 

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