5 Killer Product Packaging Ideas to Stand Out

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As a business owner, having eye-catching custom packaging is essential. Killer packaging is any custom product packaging designed to help your product stand out.

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Many people have created custom product packaging designs to align the branding elements with their core values. Custom packaging allows you to align all brand elements with your product’s needs and expectations.

Custom packaging design is a complex and technical field. Different knowledge elements are required when developing product packaging designs. Killer product packaging merges artistic, engineering, and scientific elements. You should get all these components right to succeed in your branding needs.

Whether you are operating an e-commerce brand or you just need a unique product packaging design for your business, you should get it right from the start.

unique product packaging design

The product packaging solutions you choose become an integral part of your business. Product packaging influences the branding and promotion of your services or products.

Whatever your services or products are, you want something that will stand out and show off your brand personality. Custom packaging design centers on creative packaging solutions from branding experts. As a business owner, you want product packaging that makes your product stand out. Great packaging has the potential to attract new customers.

The design elements should focus on your product size, brand identity, company core values, and message you would like to pass on to prospects. So, always have creative packaging ideas that capture these elements. A creative packaging design will make your brand attractive and appealing to customers. It will also offer the best unboxing experience upon delivery of your products.

What are some of the killer product packaging box ideas you can use for your brand? Here are some of the best things you can consider when developing creative packaging ideas.

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Idea 1: Unique Shapes and Colors

1) Have Unique Shapes and Colors

To stand out with your packaging design, you should focus on having unique shapes and colors on your packages. Promoting your products requires a professional approach when choosing the right package design. Do not use conventional colors and shapes when designing custom boxes for your store. Consider elements like brand, core values, uniqueness, and attractiveness. These will inform the shape and color of your packaging design.

2) Make Your Package Stand Out

unique shapes of product packaging boxes

Always aim to have something that stands out. A creative packaging design considers diverse elements during the design process. The goal is not just to come up with a custom box, but something designed by a professional designer.

3) Make the Package Fit the Shape and Size of Your Product

Unique shapes and colors require you to understand the shape and size of your product. It is also important to know whether customers require discreet packaging or conventional packaging.

4) Analyze Your Products and Market

Therefore, undertake a genuine analysis of your products and market to ensure the choice of package design aligns with the customer. What you choose can make all the difference between your brand and your competitors. A creative packaging design process will give you the best package design for all your products. The final packages should be appealing and capture all vital information about your brand.

Idea 2: Eye-Catching Designs

1) Have an Attractive Design

Another killer product packaging idea has eye-catching designs. As brand owners, you need something that will give customers an unforgettable experience. Always focus on a package design that is attractive and appealing to customers.

eye catching product boxes

2) Leverage the Power of Social Media

Recently, many companies have been leveraging the power of social media to promote their brands. Customers can record unboxing videos, which can be shared on their social media handles using hashtags. To make these videos share-worthy, make packages appealing and eye-catching. Create packaging designs that are aligned with the desires of your target market. Always aim to give customers a good impression of your brand by simply looking at it.

3) Go Beyond Appealing to Store Shelves

Your product’s packaging design should always go beyond appealing on the store shelves. Your goal is to have a package design that communicates your brand’s core values and elements. For example, tissue paper can have an appealing package design through discreet packages like fruit shapes or other elements that appeal to customers.

4) Align Design with Brand Theme

So, the package design should align with the products and brand theme. Always avoid using the plain brown box when packaging goods. Be creative and develop outstanding designs that meet your customers’ expectations.

5) Consider Packaging Design that Meets Brand Needs

Packaging design is the primary source of brand marketing from the selling point onward. So, always consider packaging options that meet your brand’s needs. Always have promotional items captured in your packaging design. This includes information about the product that is included within the design scheme. The packaging option you consider should be attractive and eye-catching. They will act as a way of attracting potential customers who will likely purchase your brand.

Idea 3: Clever and Humorous Slogans or Taglines

1) Slogans and Taglines

packaging with clever and humorous slogans

Another essential aspect you can include in your packaging options is having clever and humorous slogans or taglines. This is an essential consideration because it directly connects your brand and customers. The messages or information you include on the packaging should directly relate to the customer’s needs or expectations.

2) Communicate Customer Interests

Besides being attractive, the customer packaging should communicate the customer’s interests. For example, tea bag packaging can include humorous slogans communicating the benefits of using your tea bag.

Slogans are among the key things you should have in your brand’s packaging. They keep clients informed and make your brand unforgettable.

Always use memorable, brief slogans that capture what your brand is all about. Besides having a good package design, ensure that the features are captured effectively.

Idea 4: Use of Materials that Are Unusual or Unexpected

1) Use Unique Materials

unique materials with packaging boxes

Another aspect you should have in your package branding is using unusual and unexpected materials. Always consider what your prospective buyer would like to have. Some materials include kraft paper, bubble wrap, and origin markings. These are important in making plain brown boxes attractive.

2) Surprise Customers with Amazing Packaging

Always surprise your customers with outstanding packaging that reveals how your brand is unique. Do not just focus on creating unique designs, but also consider elements that will make your box appealing and share-worthy for buyers.

A good design and style will make your brand stand out. However, having unique and unusual materials in your packaging gives your business an edge over competing brands. Go the extra mile and create something worth buying. The quality of the materials used on your package also determines how aspects like the logo, product quality, and other information will appear on your packaging. So, choose unusual and unique materials to create outstanding packages for your brand.

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Idea 5 Interactive Elements that Encourage Customer Participation

Consumers always want interactive elements that make them feel appreciated. When designing your packages, you can include interactive elements like competitions that invite customers to share their experiences.

1) Include Pamphlets and Puzzles

Interactive elements include pamphlets with questionnaires that customers can leverage to share their experiences. They can also give input about what your product is all about. You can also be creative and include puzzles where customers answer questions about your brand. Customers can win prizes by answering these puzzles and sharing them with your team. Always aim to interact with customers when creating packages.

2) Limited Editions or Seasonal Products

Seasonal Products

Create packages for seasonal products and limited editions. This is important to keep customers engaged and attracted to your brand.

Whether you are selling food products, cosmetics, or any other type of good, have limited editions where you encourage customers to engage with your brand actively. Limited editions and seasonal products can be done through campaigns targeting specific year periods.

You can customize packages that specifically meet the demands of the period. Always include information about the benefits of the limited-production version. Consumers should understand the benefits they get from purchasing these limited editions. As a company, have a proper schedule for seasonal campaigns where you create packages intended to connect with customers. This can include religious campaigns that help you achieve your brand goals.


Getting suitable packages is essential to helping your brand reach customers effectively. Whether you are simply operating an e-commerce website or have a physical store, you need quality packages to impress customers and make sales. Always have a strategic approach to designing killer packages that attract customers to your brand. A good package should be elaborate and attractive. The style and design of your custom packaging should stand out and align with consumers’ expectations. Your goal is to ensure that you remain relevant in the industry by applying professional designs when creating packages for your products.

At Packoi, we aim to give customers the best custom packaging design. We are always dedicated to creating stunning packages with unique shapes. With us, you can always have peace of mind that your packages will perfectly represent your brand. Our goal is to make you stand out and make your products memorable. So, always trust us to deliver the best packaging designs.

Want custom packages for your business? Talk to us today. We have a qualified team of professional designers who can create amazing custom packages for you. We are always ready to help you stand out by creating killer package designs for your brand.

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