10 Gift Box Contents for Women that Make Her Feel Treasured

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Finding gift boxes for women doesn't have to feel like a daunting task. You want to impress the recipient with your gift. Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, or wedding - getting the right gift for a female loved one can be easy.

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The key is to know what your choices are when it comes to the contents and the elegant packaging that you’ll put it in.

In this article, you’ll get a better look at what it takes to give the right gift to women. You’ll get tips about what gift boxes to use and some inspiration on what you can put inside.

The Art of Giving Gifts to Women

Gift Box for Women

When it comes to gifts, the preferences of women range from the casual to the more sophisticated items that you can find. It’s not about typecasting women—specifically in their roles around the house or in their workplace.

Just like with men, the key to giving the right gift is to understand what the recipient needs in their life. One survey revealed that 58% of women prefer getting jewelry as a gift. In the same group of respondents, they also declared that chocolates are the least wanted.

Does this mean you should limit your gifts to pieces of jewelry? Of course not. Some women don’t like jewelry and prefer to get something that they can eat – like chocolates.

The point is, if you want the recipient to appreciate your gift box, you have to give them something that’s aligned with what they do. Even if it’s the most simple gift wrapped in elegant packaging, they’ll surely appreciate it.


Here are other truths that you need to know about giving gifts to women.

1. The Gesture Matters

If you look at several gift-giving statistics, you’ll see that women buy more gifts than men. It’s not surprising because, in most households, it’s the women who like to take on the challenge of buying gifts for everyone.

What does this mean?

It means that women know what it takes to buy gifts. They understand the effort involved in finding the perfect gift to put in elegant packaging.

This is why, above all else, female recipients will appreciate the gesture that you’re making to give them something special.

2. Think about the Content Carefully

Although women can appreciate the gesture, it’s still crucial to find a gift that they can use. This means you have to think about the contents that you’ll put inside. This may be hard to figure out if you don’t know the recipient personally.

If that’s the case, at least get to know what they do every day. What do they do for work? Or do they stay at home? Are they still studying? These things will give you clues on what they can use to make their lives easier. Whatever it is, put it in a gift box and wrap it in elegant packaging.

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3. Know Her Personal Preferences

If you know the recipient personally, it should be easier to think of the gifts that you know they’d want to receive. Observe what their personal preferences are. Do they love to drink coffee? Or maybe they’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Gather their favorites and choose elegant packaging to put them in.

4. Be Creative with Your Choices

As you choose the contents of the gift, try to be creative with your selections. Put enough variety so the recipient will have choices before them. If you don’t know the specific brands that the lady recipient wants, you can choose the popular options.

You can play it safe by putting these in elegant packaging. Or you can be bold in choosing unique gift boxes to delight the recipient.

5. Consider the Emotional Aspect of Giving

There’s always an emotional aspect to giving gifts. It doesn’t matter if the recipient is someone close to you or if you’re giving it to an acquaintance.

There’s a positive emotion involved in giving and receiving gifts. This is why you have to think about what type of emotion you want the recipient to feel once they set eyes on the elegant packaging of your gift. Whether it’s appreciation, happiness, or gratitude, make sure your gift is arranged to evoke the right feelings.

appealing gift boxes

6. Make It Visually Appealing

Once you know what gift you’re giving, find a creative way to present it. Start with the design of the gift box. Will you use elegant packaging, or will you make it look fun by using bold colors and graphics? 

After you’ve determined how the outside will look, think about the unboxing experience. This will give you clues on how you should close the box. It’ll also help you decide on what fillers to put.

An explosive box is a great way to enhance your unboxing experience, and you can find out how to make an engaging explosive box by clicking the word.

Remember, the gift-giving experience starts when the person receives the gift. Make it worthwhile so your efforts will have the most impact on the lady recipient.

Choose Gift Boxes to Elevate the Gift-Giving Experience

Just because you’re giving to a woman, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to elegant packaging all the time. As mentioned, the personal preferences of the recipient will play a role in your choice.

But as you choose the right gift box, there are 4 important things that you need to consider.

1. Set the Tone

Whether you choose fun or elegant packaging for your gift, you have to remember that this will set the tone for the whole experience. The gift box can put the recipient in the right position.

Most likely, they’ll be happy to receive a gift. But the level of excitement that they’ll feel about it will depend on the actual design of the box.

Make sure you set the right tone so it paves the way for the right reaction to your gift.

2. Give Color to the Gesture

What color do you want the gift box or elegant packaging to have? The personal preference of the recipient will come into play here. But in case you don’t know, maybe you can choose neutral colors instead?

Using brown Kraft boxes is acceptable. If you add the right accessories to it, you can turn it into elegant packaging. Or you can base it on the season. If it’s Christmas, you can stick to red and green.

christmas gift box

3. Enhance the Value

If you choose elegant packaging for your gift, this will enhance its value. Even if you don’t give them expensive items, if the box looks luxurious, that’ll elevate the value of whatever is inside.

Of course, you can increase the value of your gift even if you don’t use elegant packaging. As long as your gift box uses high-quality materials, it’ll make your gift extremely valuable.

4. Pick the Right Pattern

When it comes to the pattern and design, you can follow the same guidelines as the color. Take cues from what the recipient likes. Or look at the contents of the box. Maybe the pattern can give clues on what’s inside.

The occasion is also something that you can use to help decide on what pattern you can use to decorate the box for your gifts.

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3 Types of Elegant Gift Boxes that Women Can Appreciate

Now that you understand how to choose fun, creative, or elegant packaging, it’s time to choose the first thing that’ll make an impact on any gift recipient – the gift box.

What type of packaging should you choose for your gifts? There are 3 options to choose from.

1. Classic Gift Box

The first option is a classic gift box. This one is timeless because you can use it no matter what the occasion. Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or weddings, you can use this type of box.

To turn a classic box into fun or elegant packaging, you simply have to choose the right accessories. Add ribbons and dried flowers for special effects.

Women can appreciate a minimalistic design for their presents.

2. Themed Gift Box

This elegant packaging option is more in tune with the occasion being celebrated. So if the gift box is for the Christmas holidays, you can choose a box that’s either red or green. A heart-shaped box would be perfect for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day. There are also various shapes of gift boxes that you can try, as long as they are elegant and beautiful.

You can choose customized boxes to make the gift even more special.

Valentine’s gift

3. Personalized Gift Box

This could start with any of the two types of elegant packaging mentioned above. But you can add something to make the gift box more personal.

Maybe you can pick a box in their favorite color. Or if they love animals, choose an animal print. Add a personal note with a heartfelt message. This will make your gift even more special.

7 Occasions that Requires Elegant Packaging for Women’s Gifts

With what you know about the gift box options, let’s move on to the different occasions that merit a gift for a special lady.

Knowing what’s being celebrated will help you determine what packaging to use and the contents that you’ll put in the box.

1. Birthday Gift Boxes

This is an obvious one. Giving a gift to the birthday girl is a must if they’re special in your life. You want them to know that first; you’re close enough to know when their birthday is.

Second, you want to make them feel special on their special day. And third, you love them enough to make an effort to find them a gift to enjoy.

2. Valentine’s and Anniversary Gift Boxes

This is a gift that requires elegant packaging. After all, it’s for a special someone that you have feelings for. You can say that this should be more special than a birthday gift.

As emotional as some women are, they’ll feel bad if you forget to give them a little something on these occasions. It’s like a declaration of love, so make sure you give much thought to what you’ll give.

3. Maternity Gift Boxes

This can be applied in two ways.

First, if you know someone who’s expecting, ask them what they need to prepare for the arrival of the baby. It could even be a spa day for the exhausted mom-to-be.

The second is for those who just gave birth. Give them a gift. Add something for the little one as well. It helps to pay attention to what they need or lack when it comes to the baby.

This moment in their lives can be quite chaotic, so the recipient (including the father) will appreciate your help in completing the essentials of taking care of their newborn.

4. Mother’s Day Gift Boxes

Mother’s Day gift

Mothers deserve all the respect in the world. So giving the maternal ladies in your life a gift during Mother’s Day is a must. It’s the one special day that they’re being commemorated for all the sacrifices they make for their children.

That deserves a great gift in elegant packaging. Choose something that’ll make mothers feel relaxed and cared for.

5. Housewarming Gift Boxes

This is something that you can do regardless of the gender of the recipient. If you know someone who just moved into a new home, give them a gift.

Moving can be tiring, and you can help ease their exhaustion by giving them something that will make their new place feel like home.

6. Weddings and Bridal Gift Boxes

The wedding gift should be something that both the newlyweds can enjoy. But most people usually consider the preferences of the new lady of the house.

But with a bridal gift, this is intentional for the bride-to-be. Choose something that can make them feel good about the new chapter that they’re about to start. Put it in elegant packaging in honor of the occasion being celebrated.

7. Wellness Gift Boxes

If someone is sick or recuperating from a medical procedure, sending a gift will make them feel loved and cared for.

A wellness gift can also be given to someone who deserves a break and requires some relaxation kits to recover.

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10 Gift Box Contents that Women would Appreciate

With all the options that you’ve seen so far, it’s time to proceed to the contents of your gift box. The contents will help you decide if you’ll get elegant packaging or a more unique design for your box.

As mentioned, your gift will depend on who the lady recipient is. You want them to feel treasured by your gesture, so make sure you choose a gift that fits their personality.

Here’s a list of possible gifts that you can give.

1. Spa and Self-Care Kits

Women are natural nurturers, and sometimes they prefer to put others before their own needs. Giving them spa and self-care kits would remind them that someone wants them to take care of themselves. Among the items you can include are body lotion, candles, bath salts, essential oils, and even facial masks.

Self-love is important, and sometimes people need to be reminded of that. This is a great option for birthday, wellness, and even maternity gifts.

spa kits

2. Relaxation Materials

This type of gift includes items that people can use to relax and meditate. You can include in the packaging a scented candle, soothing music, meditation books, and even some wine.

These would be great gifts for colleagues, clients, and suppliers that you’re acquainted with in the workplace.

Here are also some suggestions for choosing a gift box for employees, click here to learn more.

3. Bath Necessities

This is another birthday gift idea. Give a lady the necessities for a relaxing bath. Give her some bath salts and bombs, hair masks, lotions, organic soap, and scrubs.

You can package this using cardboard or wooden boxes with shredded brown paper.

4. Beauty and Make-Up Essentials

Most women use makeup daily. Some more than others. By putting even the most basic beauty and make-up essentials in elegant packaging, you’re providing the lady recipient with what she needs to make herself presentable every day.

beauty and make-up gift box

5. Personal Care Products

Women have a lot of personal care products. They have something for the hair, nails, skin, teeth, etc. This means you have several options for what to put in your gift packaging.

Try to observe what they usually take care of. If they’re particular about their nails or their hair, you can send them items that can help them take care of them.

6. Fashion Accessories

You’ve got several options if you decide to give a lady recipient some fashion accessories. From pieces of jewelry to bags, hats, and scarves, the options are quite significant. You also don’t have to worry about getting the right size. Put any of these gifts in fun or elegant packaging, depending on who you’ll give them to.

7. Gourmet Chocolates

Giving chocolates seems like an impersonal way of gifting, but that depends on the type of chocolates that you’ll give. If you choose her favorite brand of chocolate or the gourmet ones, it’ll surely be appreciated. Wrap it in elegant packaging and give it as a birthday gift.

It can be a sweet gesture if given properly, especially if you add some wine.

chocolates gift boxes

8. Crafting Supplies

If the recipient has sewing capabilities and loves stationary crafts or other hobbies – that could be a great gift to give. But be careful with your selections. It has to be just what she’s expecting or what she uses as a hobby. This would have a big impact on her – especially since it’s something that she likes to do.

9. Home Decor

This may seem like an impersonal gift – but if you know the recipient well, it can easily be converted into a personal one. Choose something that will beautify their home. Or maybe, you can build something that’ll be unique to her. A drawing of her or a place that she’s been to. Put it in a frame and give it to her to hang at home.

10. Cooking and Kitchen Items

Apart from home decor, you can also give gifts that can be used for cooking. Choose kitchen items that the recipient can use to cook for loved ones. You can even give them the ingredients for their favorite meal and put it in elegant packaging. This will show just how much you know them.

Let’s Put Together the Best Gift Box for the Special Women. Packoi Printing Is Here to Help.

Giving a gift to a woman is more than just wrapping it with elegant packaging. It requires careful thought and consideration – especially if you want to get the right reaction from your efforts.

Of course, the gifting experience starts with the packaging itself. Make sure you give the right first impression by using the right gift box. Packoi Printing can help with your options.

Give us a call so we can discuss the specifics of what you need. We’ll get back to you with a quote in no time.

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