How to Engage Customers with Technologically Advanced Display Boxes

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Technology plays a huge role in increasing customer engagement. The digital age has made it a crucial component in the success of every business - especially in the retail sector. One in-store digital signage is powerful enough to elevate the customer experience as they visit your retail location. 

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But that’s not all. One impactful experience in your store can lead to unwavering customer loyalty.

In this article, you’ll discover the different ways to apply technological advances to your retail display boxes. You’ll also get tips on how to stay sustainable when creating digitally innovative display box designs.

The Role of Technology in Creating a Better Customer Experience

If you look at successful retail industry business leaders, you can see that they’ve embraced technology to improve operational efficiency in their stores. 8 out of 10 brands that use digital signage technology report an increase in sales of up to 33%.

This is clear proof that technology plays a huge role in influencing customer behavior. That means if you want them to have a more positive customer experience, you’d better pay attention to the innovative technology that you’ll use for in-store operations.

For instance, you can allow customers to use mobile apps for a cashless payment process. This will streamline your transactions and lead to a faster checkout process.

digital signage

You can also use customer data to provide personalized assistance. Give customers specific recommendations that are influenced by their purchase history. You can put QR codes on the tags of your products so customers can use their mobile devices to get more information. This will minimize customer calls and leave your staff free to do other tasks.

Use innovative displays to enhance customer experiences. Transform in-store browsing to make room for customer engagement and interaction.

Serve customers in such a way that it’ll make your store memorable to them. Engaged customers are more likely to come back to your retail stores in the future. This is how customer loyalty is strengthened.

7 Tech Applications to Elevate Customer Engagement through Display Boxes

Now that you know the important role of technology, specifically digital displays, in improving customer engagement, how can this be applied in a brick-and-mortar store?

It’s not just about impressing your customers with flashy displays or interactive elements in your store. You want to elevate customer experiences so they’ll keep coming back. If you do it right, you might even transform your existing customers into brand ambassadors. Give them an experience that’s so memorable that they can’t help but share it. This will pave the way for new customers to find you.

The best way to do this is to use technology. Don’t just use a cardboard box to display your products for customers. Give it life by using these seven tech applications.

Integrate Interactive Screens

One way to increase customer engagement through technology is to put interactive screens in your display box. Add a tablet that can serve as digital signage that customers can use. This can guide customers and give them information that’s crucial to making purchasing decisions.

Even a small tablet can fit in counter display boxes. Allow customers to browse different variants or do product searches. You can even use these interactive screens to play videos while nobody is touching them. These videos can be an ad about the product or a tutorial. So if you have a cosmetic brand, you can provide makeup tutorials that demonstrate your product line.

The display can also feature a customer review or testimonial that can convince the customer watching to buy the product.

Apply Augmented Reality

augmented reality

AR, or augmented reality, is a type of technology that adds digital elements to the physical realm. For instance, put a QR code in a toy display box. When the customer scans it, they can interact with a character that’s related to the brand.

Or a clothing retail store can use a dedicated app that’ll allow customers to see how they look wearing their products. The same can be done for shoes, bags, accessories, or jewelry.

These are only a few of the AR applications that can increase customer engagement. Since humans process visual information better, this can effectively influence your customers to buy your products.

Be as creative as you can so you can come up with a unique experience that’ll resonate with your customers.

Allow NFC Connectivity

NFC refers to Near Field Communication. You can increase customer engagement by providing NFC-enabled display boxes in your store. These allow customers to connect their smartphones to the box with just one tap.

It provides your customer access to various information about the product. Things like product details, reviews, materials or ingredients, guidelines, etc. All these can be available with just a tap thanks to the NFC connectivity.

Instead of having the customer call out to a member of your staff, they’ll have the ability to seek answers. This expedites the shopping process and frees your staff to take care of other things inside the store.


You can also make customer experiences fun through this technology. Give them exclusive content and videos that’ll educate customers about your brand. This is a great technology to use if you sell luxury products, gadgets, or even limited-edition product lines.

Use Smart Lighting

Adding smart lights to your display box can also boost customer engagement.

First of all, it can attract the attention of people passing by. When they’re window shopping and they see the creative lights and effects in your display box, that can intrigue them enough to enter your store to look closer. The moment the customer does that, they’re one step closer to buying from you.

The mood lighting can also be used to highlight specific features of the product. For instance, use the lights to showcase the brilliance of the pieces of jewelry that you sell. If a clothing line features a foil print, shine a light on that print so it becomes more eye-catching.

Make sure you use LEDs so your display box remains energy-efficient and sustainable.

Add Audio Features

An effective way to boost customer engagement is to make your display box a multi-sensory experience. This means that, apart from making it visually appealing through a digital screen, you can also add audio features to it.

Of course, when you play a video through a tablet attached to the display box, that’ll already give your target audience some sound. But even if you don’t use a digital screen, put a small speaker within the vicinity of the display box. Let it play music or sound effects that relate to the product you’re trying to sell. There are jingles that people can easily catch on and they play in their minds long after they’ve heard it.

You can also provide a personal message for your customer. Greet them or give a spiel about why they should buy your product.

Promote Social Media Exposure

This is a type of technology that’s commonly used for user engagement. Put a hashtag or a QR code in the display box so customers can share their interactions with your products. Have them use a sample, take a photo, and upload it on social media with the appropriate hashtag.

digital displays

This type of customer engagement should come with a reward, like a discount or a gift. Or maybe, 10 entries will win something.

Attach a contest to this so it can connect different customer experiences. This won’t just engage your customers, it can also create a buzz on social media.

This is a great way to promote, not just your product but also your brand.

Gamify the Box

This is a fun way to improve customer engagement. Gamify your digital signage. One way to do that could involve the use of your social media platform, as mentioned previously. Or you can allow customers to answer puzzles, AR games, quizzes, and challenges that they have to perform while interacting with your display box.

Use the digital signage to provide the instructions and get customers to participate.

This is a great idea if you’re selling toys, gameboards, etc. The more time customers spend interacting with your display box, the more they’ll remember the experience. This can even help you turn new customers into loyal ones. They’ll surely appreciate the effort you put into giving them a great experience.

Tips to Combine Sustainability and Technology in Display Boxes

Do you know what’s better than technologically advanced display boxes? Make them sustainable. While using the latest tech on your display boxes will surely improve customer engagement, you’ll impress your market further if you do it sustainably.

Nowadays, it’s essential to do things in an eco-friendly way. It provides various benefits. You’ll impress your customers with your advocacy. This is also good for your brand image and it’ll help with customer retention. Several studies have shown that people prefer to support companies that practice sustainability.

So if you want to make the customer experience very impressive, consider these tips to make your tech display boxes sustainable.

Choose Eco-Friendly Materials

The best way to start is by choosing eco-friendly materials for your display boxes. A common material you can use is cardboard. You can still increase customer engagement even if you use cardboard as the base material of your display box.

cardboard display boxes

Paper-based materials like cardboard are recyclable and compostable. You even have the option to use recycled cardboard for your display box.

The great thing about this material is that it’s very versatile. You can cut it to attach lights, speakers, and a tablet for your videos. Corrugated cardboard is thick enough to carry the weight. You can color and design it any way you want to meet customer expectations.

Do your research to look for innovative and eco-friendly materials like algae ink for printing or cellulose lamination. You can use these materials to make customers more interested in your display.

Be Energy-Efficient

Since technology requires the use of electricity, you want to be careful about how much energy your digital signage and box consume. Choose energy-efficient gadgets, lights, and equipment for your display box. Opt for LED lighting so it consumes less energy

There are many benefits to being energy-efficient in your store. You don’t just save money on overhead costs. You also reduce your carbon footprint, which is another thing to think about when you’re using technology to impress every customer who walks into your store.

Keep an Eye on Carbon Emissions

There’s no getting around it. Your carbon emissions will rise because of the added energy that your tech display box will consume. That’s the price you have to pay for higher customer engagement.

But don’t worry. If you use energy-efficient components, you can still minimize it. Not only that, you can implement carbon offset practices.

To do this, you have to calculate the carbon footprint that your business operations produce. Then, look for projects that counterbalance your carbon emissions. These include reforestation or renewable energy initiatives.

You can also source your display box materials from FSC-certified companies. These companies practice sustainability, and they’ll ensure that everyone in the supply chain implements eco-friendly measures.

Whatever effort you put into offsetting your carbon emissions, make sure you advertise it. This will encourage your eco-conscious customers to support your brand.

Opt for Smart Packaging Solutions

digital signage QR

There’s a way to increase client engagement and be sustainable: reduce the need for excessive printing. By using QR codes or NFC tags, you can put product details and other important customer information on a website or landing page. This eliminates the need to print the information on the display box.

This also gives the customer the option to access important information that they can save and access in the future.

Using AR is another option that customers will love to use. They can get a better idea of what they can get if they decide to purchase your product.

Make It Reusable

As you think of creative ways to design your display box for customer engagement, keep reusability in mind. Keep certain parts of the display box reusable, like the base or the gadgets that you’ll use for the tech.

By keeping the box detachable in some areas, you can choose to repurpose and reuse certain parts in case you decide to give your display box an upgrade. Or if you have a new campaign in mind.

Increase Customer Satisfaction through Hi-Tech Display Boxes. Packoi Printing Has Innovative Solutions to Make This Possible.

If you’re ready to impress your customers, think about creating innovative display boxes to boost customer engagement. There are many technological developments that you can use. Research new measures that you can use to impress your customers.

In case you need help creating the next display box that’ll catch the attention of your customers, give Packoi Printing a call. We are FSC-certified so we can help you create a sustainable and highly technological display box for your store.

Let’s talk about what you can do to increase engagement with your customers. Call us and we’ll get back to you with a quote in no time.

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