How Can Custom Boxes With Inserts Help Your Product Packaging?

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Whether you run an online business and want to protect your packages during shipping, it is time to get custom packaging inserts. Using custom packaging inserts is a great way of impressing your clients. Besides that, more advantages can arise from using custom packaging inserts.

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There are different types of custom box inserts, including custom foam inserts, cardboard inserts, corrugated inserts, or promotional inserts.

The right custom packaging inserts can help you tell your brand story beyond protecting packages when shipping for long distances. Many clients appreciate the attention to detail offered by brands that safeguard their packages with custom box inserts. In this article, we will explore some of the advantages of using custom packaging inserts and how they can help you with your product packaging.

Before we dive into the details, it is important to understand what custom boxes with inserts are.

An aesthetically appealing box insert design

What are Custom Boxes with Inserts

Custom boxes with inserts use custom packaging inserts to protect packages from damage or any other form of damage. The packaging inserts can help protect the package from external shocks. However, businesses can utilize these inserts for boxes to promote their brand values and other important aspects of their business.

There are thousands of packaging inserts manufacturers across the world. So, when considering packaging inserts for your boxes, always consider the type of material used for the inserts and whether you can print important business information.

While the primary role of using packaging inserts is to protect the products being shipped, it can improve your brand presentation. When shipping multiple products within a single box, you can utilize the inserts to keep every package in its place for an outstanding unboxing experience.

However, custom packaging inserts can include important branding information and unique designs that excite customers. Here are some reasons why custom box inserts are important for your business.

Why Does a Custom Box with Inserts Matter for Product Packaging?

When considering making packaging inserts for your boxes, consider the following advantages.

Custom Box Inserts Can Help You Build Connections

As a business owner, it is always important to stand out from the crowd and build lasting connections with your customers. You always want to give customers the best unboxing experience when they receive your package.

With custom box inserts, you will enhance your brand trust by including special messages and designs that make you unique. Always add text and imagery in your packaging inserts to impress customers. The images and patterns included should align with your brand personality and values.

In this way, you will increase brand loyalty and make your business memorable. When the designs for packaging inserts are amazing, customers feel obliged to share them with others. This is an effective way to get new customers, expanding your brand reach and value.

Product Packaging is the First Thing Customers See, and It Can Make or Break a Sale

When you are packaging products, have in mind that the packaging is what customers interact with first. So, you always want packages that stand out and impress customers from the start. Having packaging inserts designed uniquely can make your packages attractive to clients. It is the basis of creating a lasting and memorable experience from the first unboxing experience.

You can also use custom box inserts to include product details and showcase your product catalog. Always use the right materials to ensure you have sufficient space to share important information about your brand. In order to make a lasting impact with your packaging inserts, choose a type of insert that can help you share messages with clients. Using paper inserts is a great way to promote your brand.

Box Insert With Messaging

Custom Inserts Create an Attractive and Professional Look for Your products

Nothing is more important to a client than seeing your brand as credible and professional. You need something that is not only outstanding but also attractive to customers. This is one of the most important custom packaging tips to propel your business to another level. Custom inserts can help you pass important messages about your brand by turning them into promotional materials. Instead of using traditional packaging insert ideas, design custom box inserts. You will give your products a professional look and definitely stand out from the crowd. Custom inserts can include brand logos, special discounts, and brand values. The approach is not only a cost-effective way to market your products but guarantees repeat purchases.

Custom Inserts Keep Your Products Safe in Style

When you are shipping products for long distances, it is important to keep them safe. You can use corrugated boxes and add custom inserts for extra protection. The inserts giving extra protection can help style your package design. The goal is to make customers feel happy when unboxing the packages. No matter the type of packaging inserts you use, always aim to be stylish in your package presentation. do not just place inserts for the sake of protecting packages but include designs that give an aesthetic appeal. Another important packaging inserts materials is Styrofoam packing peanuts or bubble wrap. When these are used properly, they can also provide a perfect aesthetic appeal for your audience.

Custom Inserts Can Help Educate Customers

If you want customers to learn about something, you can use custom inserts to pass the message. Custom box inserts provide a unique opportunity to give customers value by educating them about your brand, product offerings, and important information about the package you are shipping. The information on custom box inserts can include ingredients, safety measures, and other important aspects.

Custom Box Inserts Can Help Establish Brand Loyalty

As an e commerce brand business owner, you always want to have loyal customers. This is important because it ensures that you always have a ready market for your product offerings. So, having custom packaging insert designs can make your brand stand out from the crowd and create a pool of loyal customers. When customer expectations are fulfilled in the package design, especially the type of custom box insert ideas you use, you can take your business to the next level. Always give customers an outstanding boxing experience that they will never forget.

Custom Box Insert Designs Help Your Protect the Environment

Cardboard Box Inserts

With challenging issues like climate change and environmental degradation, it is important to make your business econ friendly. Having unique packaging insert designs is important. Instead of following the traditional ways, you can use environmentally friendly materials to make your inserts. Some of the most environmentally friendly inserts include corrugated inserts and foam inserts. Using eco-friendly packaging materials can encourage customers to share your brand with others.

Custom Box Inserts Design Can Encourages Customers to Follow You Actively on Social Media

This is perhaps the most undermined advantage of custom box inserts. If you have the right design, packaging inserts can help you expand your social media reach. When including information on the inserts, always have social media handles alongside your brand message. In this way, the inserts will expand your social media reach and equip you with the extra power to increase customers.


With many types of packaging designs available, it is always important to consider what aspects to leverage to reach more customers and enhance brand value. Using inserts to share an important message about your brand is also important. It is a neglected strategy you can use to reach more customers and build a massive following. Use every packaging idea to give a unique unboxing experience for your customers.

At Packoi Printing, we are committed to giving clients amazing value through unique package designs. Our offers include custom foam box inserts at wholesale prices. We also have hundreds of custom product boxes available. Get in touch with us today to get a quote on your order.

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