Custom Foam Box Inserts Wholesale for Amazing Deliveries

Order custom foam inserts for boxes and give clients the best product protection while on transit, including an amazing experience while on transit. Whether you are operating a gift store or any merchandise, these custom foam box inserts are strong and durable, with great aesthetic value on product arrangement. 

Personalized Custom Foam Box Inserts For Exclusive Deliveries

Custom foam box inserts are ideal for any business owner. Whether you are launching an ecommerce store or operating a gift shop, these inserts will give your products the right protection during shipping. 

Protect Products During Transport: Our custom foam box inserts use strong material, ensuring that fragile products are protected from breakage. The inserts can also be used to protect products like watches when customers are traveling long distances.

Creating Exciting and Elite Experiences: We have unique designs for our custom form inserts for boxes. We are always dedicated to giving customers a luxury look, with amazing protection on their products with these inserts.

Create Brand Awareness: Our custom foam box inserts include your brand logo and image. This is an effective strategy to create awareness and enhance brand loyalty. Besides protecting your products during shipping, you can enhance your brand awareness by purchasing these inserts.

Buy Custom Foam Box Inserts From China to Save Cost

Our custom foam box inserts come at wholesale price, ensuring that you save costs compared to purchasing traditional types of inserts. These inserts are durable and protect fragile products during shipping. 

In transit, the inserts of custom foam boxes protect goods with stronger materials. We guarantee safe delivery and defect-free products. Packoi aims to give your customers an amazing and fulfilling experience with each delivery.

After designing your custom packages, these inserts come in handy in holding products in place and ensuring that they remain intact, no matter the distance they should travel.

On the customs form box inserts, you can always display your logo and artwork to prospects. Every custom design we have enables you to reach out and increase brand awareness. 

Why Make Your Custom Foam Box Inserts with Packoi

We are licensed and certified to design custom foam box inserts for clients across the world. We have a qualified team and partners who are in China. Your products are usually tailored to fit their size and shape.

As a certified business, we produce custom foam box inserts based on your needs. No matter the size of your order, you can always trust us to deliver outstanding results. Our team considers everything you specify about your products when designing inserts. Our motivation is to deliver quality foam inserts that last longer and fit your demands.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"I launched my e-commerce jewellery store. After ordering custom boxes from Packoi, we realized that we needed inserts to keep our products in place. We are very grateful for what the team has done."
Rosemary Parks
"Our damaged products during shipping decreased significantly when we started using Packoi's foam box inserts. We have more satisfied customers because our products arrive safely without any defects. We are happy for the work."
Paige Hines
"These custom foam inserts are the best in protecting fragile products. No matter where you are shipping to, you can be confident that packages will arrive safely. 5/5 stars."
Taylor Wilson

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find a list of the most common issues raised by our customers regarding custom foam box inserts. The information provides general guidance on issues about our services and products.

Yes, all our products have samples before making official order. After talking to our sales team, request samples so that you can test whether the custom form box inserts meet your needs.

Production time varies depending on the size of your order. Kindly speak to our sales representatives to get the right time estimate when your order production will be completed.

Shipping is from China, where our production centers are located. Before making an order, kindly understand custom laws on your destination regarding importing from China. We can ship to all regions of the world if you meet the legal requirements for your business.

Shipping can take anywhere from 6 days to 90 days or more depending on where you are coming from and the shipping method you choose. You can choose to have accelerated shipping to make your goods arrive faster.

We only commence production of custom foam box inserts after your payment is processed. When our sales team confirms your payments, production starts immediately.

You can get estimate cost on your custom foam box inserts order by talking to our sales team. On our website, click the “Request a Quote” button to get prompt response.

We do not dispatch defective products under any circumstances. We have a quality assurance team that checks across all custom foam box inserts before they are dispatched. Therefore, you will only receive products that meet your requirements.

Before making an official order, kindly order for samples. We do not take liability for any inserts that do not fit your boxes. Please request for samples before your make a massive order.

Yes, we can engrave your artwork on the custom foam box inserts to enhance brand awareness with each delivery. Our goal is to make everything represent who you are as a business.

The standard order size for boxes is 300, with savings available for ordering more. Printed goods are often bought in quantities of 500, and the more you order, the cheaper the price gets.

Custom Foam Box Inserts Resources and Articles

Here is a list of resources and articles about our custom foam box inserts. These resources provide information about our shipping, delivery, production, and other important aspects of our services and products.

Custom Foam Box Inserts Ordering Process

Ordering custom foam box inserts is easy. Follow these six steps and you will be on the right track.

1. Get a Quote

Always fill out the “Get a Quote” form to get estimated costs, shipping time, and production timelines.

2. Request Sample

After getting a quote, order samples of your desired custom foam box inserts to ensure they fit correctly.

3. Place Your Order

Once you prove that the samples are okay, you can now place your order through our sales team.

4. Start Production

Production commences once your payment is confirmed. Please contact our sales team to get a list of accepted payment methods.

5. Quality Inspection

When production is complete, we undertake a thorough quality assurance process to ensure your custom foam box inserts fit your requirements. We do not dispatch any defective products.

6. Shipping

When quality is affirmed, packages are dispatched using your preferred shipping method.

Get Started With Your Custom Foam Box Inserts Order

We are always prompt in action. Talk to us about your custom foam box insert needs, and we will respond immediately.

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