Tips to Choose the Right Product Box for Your Brand

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Choosing the correct product box is crucial to increase your sales. But having custom packaging for your products takes more than just adding a few designs to a generic box.

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The packaging solutions that you’ll use should be carefully planned and integrated into your overall marketing strategy. After all, your product packaging is an essential tool that can promote your brand.

With the right design, you won’t just entice new consumers to buy. You can also improve your brand image while turning your audience into loyal customers.

In this article, we’ll dig deeper into product boxes so you can design them in such a way that’ll grow your business powerfully.

Why Is a Custom Packaging Design Important?

There’s nothing wrong with using generic packaging for your product. All types of boxes are generally able to protect a product. That should be good enough.

If you want to grow your business, impress your customers, and position yourself as a top brand, you need powerful marketing tools to make it happen.

One of these tools is custom packaging boxes.

There are four important reasons why you should invest in creating custom packaging designs for your brand.

Custom packaging boxes

It Sets Your Brand Apart

The thing about custom packaging is you can turn it into any form, shape, size, color, and design that you want.

You can make it so attuned to your brand identity that people will get a glimpse of it and automatically know it’s yours.

That’s how you create a powerful marketing tool out of your packaging. It increases brand recognition and recall. Your product can be displayed among many products, and your target market will still be drawn to yours.

Once there’s recognition, people are more likely to buy your products.

It Meets Specific Requirements

Your product box packaging has specific requirements primarily dictated by your brand, customers, and the product itself.

You have to create box packaging that can efficiently meet all these needs – while staying within the standards and regulations in your industry.

It’ll be hard to make that happen if you’re limited to generic packaging.

Through customization, you can inject the correct elements to satisfy all requirements. You can blend them to create a look that’s so unique that your customers won’t be able to take their eyes off it.

It Helps Impress Customers

Imagine plain corrugated packaging. Even if you put your brand name on it, do you think your customers will be impressed?

The only way that you can impress your market with such simple packaging is if that’s the branding strategy that you’re aiming for.

But if you’re building a fun brand that keeps up with the trends and continuously evolves and innovates, you need a well-designed custom box.

product boxes

And another thing, let’s eliminate the idea that simplicity doesn’t need adequate planning. It does. You still have to ponder how to impress your customers with your simple design.

That doesn’t just happen. It has to be thought out. Otherwise, you might end up with boring packaging not standing out.

It Increases Your Sales

The proper packaging will help you increase sales. How?

By letting your product stand out.

The design of your product box should be eye-catching and captivating enough to make your customers stop in their tracks and investigate.

The box should be able to call out to people even if put in the middle of a display table with other products. It should make a connection with your target market.

If your packaging can accomplish this, it wouldn’t matter if people don’t buy immediately. Once they need your product, they’ll remember the customized box you designed for them.

4 Types of Product Boxes to Choose From

If you’re looking for the proper packaging for your product, the first thing you need to consider is the type of box you’ll use.

While you can use paper or tote bags, there’s something about boxes that makes a product stand out. When you put them on display, it looks so sturdy and put together. The structure of the box gives retail products stability and security.

So, use boxes if you want your product to establish a connection with your market based on trust. Here are the four options that you have.

Corrugated Cardboard Box

Corrugated Cardboard Box

Regarding durability and cost-efficiency, corrugated cardboard boxes are usually the best choice. These boxes are made of 3 layers – 1 rippled cardboard material between 2 flat cardboards. This means you get a box that has a thick wall.

This is why this type is a popular option for shipping boxes. The thicker wall of the boxes allows it to protect the product inside. It can withstand the rigors of a long delivery.

If you want complete protection for your product, go for the one that shipping boxes typically use.

Folding Carton Box

This is the thinner version of the corrugated cardboard. Instead of having three layers, you only get one flat paperboard to protect the product inside.

Folding carton boxes

While that may seem pretty flimsy, the paperboard used in creating carton packaging is quite sturdy. You can choose the thickness that you want your box to have.

What makes this an excellent option for a custom box design is that it’s easier to print creative designs on a flat paperboard surface.

It also comes in different styles, like straight tuck end boxes, two-piece boxes, or reverse tuck boxes. That makes this an incredibly versatile option for your product box.

These are also collapsible. You can order these in bulk, and it won’t bring you any storage problems.

Mailer Box

What’s excellent about mailer boxes is having them with either a corrugated or flat paperboard material. You can choose based on what the product needs and your budget.

Mailer boxes, like subscription boxes, are very sturdy. Even if it’s the only packaging you’ll use for your product, it’s strong enough to protect during shipment.

Some designs allow the box to tuck into itself to close and secure the product inside. There’s no need for additional stickers or tape. This makes it incredibly cost-efficient.

Unfortunately, these boxes are only meant for small products. So if you have big products, this might not be an option for you.

Rigid Box

rigid boxes

Use rigid boxes if you have a luxury brand and want to impress customers with your opulence. These are incredibly durable. They are made of very thick paper board.

Rigid boxes add incredible value to your product. It can be turned into an elegant box with foil stamping and metallic prints. You can also use a black box to increase the luxury level.

While rigid boxes add value to your product and brand, it’s also quite costly. So if you plan to go down this route, ensure you have the budget to make it happen.

5 Considerations When Designing Custom Boxes

You need to have a plan to choose the proper packaging for your product. This isn’t something that you decide on a whim. You don’t decide to have a new product box because you saw another company do this or that.

If you want your packaging to take your business to the next level, you need to consider five things as you design your custom boxes.

The Brand

Everything about your product should reflect your brand. That includes the custom boxes that it’ll use.

Ensure they align with the brand image you want to uphold, from the color to the font and all the illustrations you’ll use.

Your brand will help you make the right decisions about your packaging. Choose sustainable packaging materials if your brand wants to build an eco-friendly reputation. Choosing a rigid box for your packaging might be best if you want to be deemed an elegant and luxurious brand.

Elegant product box

Think about how you want your brand to be represented. It’ll help narrow down your options.

The Product

Since the box is for your products, you must consider its needs. Think about the size of the product. The box should be big enough to hold the product and some cushioning materials. This is needed if your product is very fragile.

If your product is breakable, choose a material that’ll make the box durable. It should be able to protect the product while it’s being delivered or carried from the store to the customer’s home.

Make sure you also consider the weight of the product, too. You don’t want the box to give way because it is too heavy.

The Customer

You can also design custom packaging boxes to be functional enough to provide more than just protection.

The packaging for your product should enhance the customer’s experience with your brand. For instance, your product packaging can be used as storage. Or you can design it to heighten the unboxing experience of your customers.

Think about what your customers are expecting out of the experience. If you can meet and exceed their expectations, they’ll want to repeat the experience by buying from you again.

Packaging boxes

The Budget

You’re in business to make a profit. That means if you’re going to spend on your product packaging, make sure it’s planned so it’s aligned with your financial capabilities.

If you don’t have a big budget for this, choose cost-efficient packaging materials. Opt for corrugated cardboard. Or you can use a mailer box to get a product box and shipping box in one.

Do your research you’ll have an idea of what your options are. Packaging suppliers are getting very innovative with their packaging designs. You might come across an option that’ll define who you are as a brand – without breaking your business finances.

The Purpose

There are usually three purposes for product packaging ideas. You need to understand each purpose so you can design the product box accordingly.

The first is for shipping. When a product is being shipped, you want to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged along the way. Damages result in additional expenses. It can also stain your brand’s reputation. Make sure your product box is made of robust quality.

Product box

The second is for display. If the product box is meant for display, you want it to be visually appealing. This will make your product stand out, so there’s a higher chance of buying it.

The third is for storage. Not all products get shipped out or displayed immediately. The box should be made of sturdy packaging materials so they can be stacked on top of each other.

The ideal product packaging can meet the requirements of all three. Consider that as you think of your box design.

8 Important Decisions that’ll Form Your Product Packaging

Creating the proper packaging for your product requires you to make a lot of decisions. The first step is choosing a box for your packaging. But after that, there are other details that you should focus on.

You have to carefully select these details so you’ll end up with custom boxes that’ll represent your brand effectively.

Here are the important details that you have to finalize for your product box.

The Shape

There’s no rule regarding the box structure of your packaging. A box isn’t just square. It could be a rectangle. It could be any shape that you want.

If you want your packaging boxes to stand out, choose a shape that fits your product but isn’t the usual square or rectangle. Use a hexahedron. The six sides of this box will surely stand out. Use other shapes that defy the norm.

 Six sides of product box

Of course, if your budget can’t afford unique box packaging shapes, it’s okay to stick to squares and rectangles. As long as it compliments the shape of the product that you’ll put inside, it’s good enough for this detail.

The Size

The great thing about custom packaging boxes is they can be created specifically for the size of your product. So if you have a long product or a wide one, the size of the box can follow that.

The size of the packaging needs to be just right. Not too big nor too small. You should also remember that the packaging should be big enough to accommodate the product and other materials.

Give enough room for fillers like packing peanuts, shredded paper, bubble wrap, or tissue paper. These materials can protect the product from within.

The space can also be used to insert marketing materials like brochures, instruction manuals, or even a surprise gift.

The Material

When you’re choosing the material for your product packaging, it’s important to consider the most economical material that can protect your product.

But don’t stop there. You also have to choose eco-friendly materials.

Study shows that consumers prefer to support companies that practice sustainability. By choosing eco-friendly alternatives, you can win over these customers. It’ll also be good for your brand reputation. Your customers will recognize your efforts to be more environmentally friendly with your packaging options.

The Lamination

The lamination of your product packaging provides extra protection for the box itself. It can protect the surface from scratches, scruffs, etc. Because of the lamination, it’s easier to clean dirt and smudges that may end up on the box.

Lamination product boxes

But there’s one thing you have to consider if you want to keep your packaging eco-friendly. Make sure that the lamination that you’ll choose won’t compromise the recyclability of your product box.

Choose an eco-friendly lamination – something that’s plant-based and biodegradable. Or you can choose reusable plastic films.

The Color

The color of your packaging plays a huge role in making your product stand out. But you don’t have to use bold colors to do that.

You must stay true to your brand and the product you want the packaging to promote.

The safest route is to choose the colors your brand typically uses. But you can also choose colors that your target customers can resonate with.

So if you’re selling a product that targets women, choose feminine colors like pink, lavender, etc.

Colorful product boxes

The Text

The proper packaging isn’t just visually appealing. It’s also informative. You have to give your customers the right instructions so they can use your product properly.

You can use the surface of your product boxes to provide this information. But don’t just print them on the box.

Use typography to make your text look like a part of the packaging design. Use fonts creatively so it can enhance the overall look of the packaging.

The Labels and Stickers

One way to be more cost-effective with your packaging is to order plain generic boxes with minimal print.

Don’t worry about making the boxes unique to your products. You can still get custom boxes by using labels and stickers.

Print unique product information on labels and stickers, then attach them to the boxes. That’ll help distinguish your products even if you use generic boxes.

Just make sure your labels, stickers, and adhesives are all eco-friendly. Research bio-based or plant-based alternatives that you can use.

Product box with label

The Shipping Guidelines

The last thing you must consider when creating your product box design is the shipping guidelines of couriers.

For instance, if you’re using corrugated cardboard, ensure it passes the burst strength and ECT (edge crush test) standards.

You should also consider the size of the boxes that you’ll create. The bigger the box, the most costly it’ll be to ship out. So to be cost-effective, don’t make your boxes too big.

Have You Figured Out the Product Box that You Want to Use? Packoi Printing Can Help.

Your brand’s packaging can be a powerful marketing tool to promote your product. If you want to take advantage of this mileage, choose the right packaging.

Your product box is influential enough to help increase your sales and, eventually, lead to the growth of your business.

If you’re ready to create your packaging, Packoi Printing can show you the best options. We have eco-friendly materials that you can use for your box.

Give us a call so we can talk about your specific packaging requirements. We’ll get back to you with a fair quotation soon.

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